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cute blackberry

1) Read and accept rules! Nothing you do will be approved otherwise.

2) This forum is set strictly in Victorian Era meaning no modern AU rps.

3) This forum is set to follow primarily the manga/original story arcs. The anime can be used to some degree.


  • Godmodding : taking control of another player's character during roleplay. It's frowned upon and with good reason: you only control your character and no one else's.
  • Powerplaying : having your character dodge every attack in a fight scene, or automatically making all of your attacks hit another person's character.
  • Metagaming : making your character know information that they should not know, or have figured out yet.


6) Before your OC is accepted, you MUST audition, yes, audition for the canon you wish to use. I, for one am not fond of seeing the canons personality be slaughtered or not used to their full potential. Just as your OC the canon as to be in character at all times. No half-assing! If you are merely tempting a canon I won't be on your tail as hard, however, I still don't want to see slacking there either. For the ones who have been active on the forum i.e. rping, you still have the canon you've claimed and do not need to audition if you wish not too. Though, I except you to handle your canon with care as well. Once, deemed suited for a character your OC will be accepted and you may RP.

7) If you decide to claim a major canon or have an important OC, please be active or tell someone how long you may be gone. Nobody likes rps being stalled for ungodly amounts of time! If the inactive party remains unheard from as in they never stated they would be gone, for a week the rp will go on without them. I will also add if you are gone over two weeks without explanation of why, your canons will be handed over to somebody else to temp. If you are gone a month without explanation kiss your canons good-bye and your characters will be deleted.

8) This is not a one-liner rp! We are all here to have fun, but to keep having fun you're going to need to give at least two or three sentence absolute minimum! This keeps the rp from growing old and stale, overall making things much more enjoyable! If you join this forum you better give more than a puny one-liner.

9) Use proper spelling and grammar! Even if it takes you a bit longer to reply, its far better than have to pull out a code decipher to figure out what the hell somebody's reply says. I do not want to hear the excuse I'm on my phone or bound to strictly a mobile device. Sorry, that still isn't reason enough. Either, post correctly the first time or I will demand you fix the post. If times proves your spelling and grammar is lacking, you will have to improve on your problem before being allowed to rp again.

10) Swearing is allowed; though don't go overboard with gender or racial slurs.

11) Yaoi and Yuri is allowed. If you have a same-sex relationship, no flaunting it publicly. As obvious as it may sound same-sex relationships weren't considered to exist in Victorian society, though they most certainly indeed did. In other words, the relationship has to be in secret and avoid anybody prying/witnessing as results will be….Well, go look up laws on homosexuality during that time….

12) Characters both OC/OC, canon/canon or canon/OC pairings are allowed on the forum. This works as a first come first served deal, whoever calls before is given the pair they want. No, bugging somebody to break their relationship because you want it or don't like, your character will simply have to remain having a one-sided crushed on the character they love. No one's pairing is endanger of removable due to one person playing the other significant is inactive, either. Your pairing is intact, so don't worry about it! I will also add no 'family relatives' of canons either, I will not have my forum overrun by all of Sebastian's sons and daughters or Ciel long lost sibling that nobody mentioned until now for whatever reason. Canons will not have a long list of past flames, only one past flame limited per canon. Sorry, if that's a harsh rule but I'm doing this since that seems to everybody's MO. Your OC is not allowed to be a worker for Ciel, Alois, etc.

13) The accepted non-canon species are half-demons and witches/warlocks.

14) Fill out the OC sheet completely.

15) Lemons go to PMs.

16) There is a main rp and side rps. The main rps are for people who want in on all story goodness action and side rps are for people who don't want that but still like to rp. Also, it can be used for periods of down time. There will always be a main arc and each arc will last thirty-sixty days (one or two month), after that the arc will end regardless of post count and story progression unless there are enough voicing it should remain open longer in that an additional month will be added. After that the arc will end on whatever terms suitable and a new arc will started. So, it be in best to be active if you want an arc to shine at its fullest potential. You will find the name, date and summary of an arc in the very first post.

17) Rules may change.


Mod Rules

1) If you wish to be a mod you have to be an active forum-goer. If you cannot do this, please don't ask to be a mod.

2) You can approve characters and canon claim.

3) You are trusted with the power of banning; don't let it go to your head. Any unbanning must be discussed with me.

4) If you fail to follow both member and mod rules, your mod power will go bye-bye.

Mod(s) will also receive list of banned persons with brief telling on why.


Here are links to topics to help you get started.

Canon/Temp Auditions. (You must audition for a canon and wait to be accepted))

New Character Creation (Please submit your OC here.)

Pairings (See who is in a romantic relationship.)

Moderator Sign Up (Sign to help out with the forum)

3/30/2016 . Edited 3/29/2017 #1

I accept. -u- However it would be helpful to know if there's a limit on curse words or the rating of this rp in general. Just curious, because sometimes I can get slightly inappropriate, and I want to know if I should avoid that.

8/6/2016 #2
cute blackberry

There is no limit on cursing, however, not every single thing a character says should incorporate it. The rating of this rp is older teen, anything above will need to be move to PM for site purposes.

8/6/2016 . Edited 8/6/2016 #3

I see. Thanks for the info!

8/6/2016 #4
Nightmare Alchemist
I accept!
9/10/2016 #5
cute blackberry


9/10/2016 #6
Nightmare Alchemist
I just have one question. Are there other Canons?
9/10/2016 #7
cute blackberry

Assuming you mean in this universe, any outside characters are not approved of. You can claim or tempt a canon if you like. Right now there is only a few canons in use.

9/10/2016 #8

I accept, but, uh.. I actually don't know if I can do any canons from this fandom well ;-;

9/26/2016 #9
cute blackberry

Its alright. Just try your very best! :)

9/26/2016 #10


9/27/2016 #11
cute blackberry
Welcome to the forum :D
9/27/2016 #12
Aruba Bloom

I shall welcome these rules with open arms!

10/5/2016 #13
cute blackberry


10/5/2016 #14
Aruba Bloom

*bows* thank you

10/5/2016 #15


10/25/2016 #16
cute blackberry


10/26/2016 #17

I accept!

11/2/2016 #18
cute blackberry

Welcome :D

11/2/2016 #19

I accept the rules and regulation of this forum

11/11/2016 #20
cute blackberry
11/11/2016 #21

I accept once again.

1/22/2017 #22
cute blackberry
Sorry, I forgot to tell say ya'll don't have to accept rules again (You and Pyro). But, thanks anyways.
1/22/2017 #23
Magnificent Demon King

I accept these rules.

2/1/2017 #24
cute blackberry

Hey, welcome to forum!

2/1/2017 #25

I accept, hello all

2/3/2017 #26
cute blackberry
Hello and welcome!
2/3/2017 #27
Hope of the Future

I accept!



Huh, feels weird just saying 'I accept' and leaving that be. I have to say something else so I don't seem bland... Hm...

My favorite character, as unpopular an opinion as I think this is is Alois?

2/5/2017 . Edited 2/5/2017 #28
Kitana Lunara

I accept~

2/5/2017 #29
I accept!
2/11/2017 #30
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