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This forum is dead. Only reason I'm keeping it is for memories.
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cute blackberry

Sorry for such a long delay guys. One of the hinges on my laptop is broken (do to my own stupidity) and I'm still waiting for it to be finished. Takes like twenty hour for the glue to dry. So, I've been using my mother's desktop to get online but I haven't been visiting all the forums I need too since I don't like hogging her computer. Plus, I've breaking the habits of spending half my life staring at fanfic and youtube.

So, don't worry I have not abandoned the forum or such. When my laptop is finally fixed, then I will come more. However, not as often as again I'm breaking the habit of living on the internet. I pray everything will be semi normal sometime this week, it'll just depend.

3/19/2017 . Edited 3/19/2017 #661

Am I accepted yet?

3/20/2017 #662
cute blackberry

You need to audition for a canon(s), see about having them approved. Then you'll be accepted, fully.

3/20/2017 #663

Where can I audition?

3/21/2017 #664
cute blackberry

Canon/Temp Auditions.

3/21/2017 #665

Okay I auditioned.

3/22/2017 #666
cute blackberry

You need to be a canon who isn't claimed....

3/22/2017 #667

It's okay, Rei, we understand! I do hope your laptop works fine now- the internet is a good friend for homework when there are no libraries close to you.

I'm around, playing Fire Emblem Heroes, so maybe my replies will be a bit slow today.

Shinko, why don't you try going for a side character? Since they're side characters,they aren't as fleshed out so you don't have to be so accurate with them.

3/23/2017 #668
cute blackberry

Okay, first arc has been posted.

3/29/2017 #669
cute blackberry

I have posted some of the guide. Right now it only has information of half-demon, wtiches/warlocks will come at an later date. Go ahead and take a gander at the half-demon section and see what ya think :3

e. Half-demons aren't perfect and I will add more later.

4/2/2017 . Edited 4/2/2017 #670
cute blackberry

I'm sorry guys but real life is kicking my ass and I can only be on a coupe days of the week, etc. So, I'm going to have to stop the forum here.I have no idea when things will get normal I'm banking August yet even then that birth month and a shitload is going to be happen afterwards.

I just don't have time to take of a forum of my own....I'm disappointed since I wanted this place to thrive, I also hate leaving ya'll but nothing I can do now. Hope ya'll understand, hopefully I will come back here someday.

4/12/2017 #671

I wish you the best!

4/12/2017 #672

Oh, don't worry about that, Rei! The forum had kinda stopped on the first arc when nobody posted, so is also our fault for not contributing much- unlike Saki, who I also sorry I didn't post nothing for, since I feel like that way would could have helped move things there. Regardless, I do hope you have at least time for yourself there! OAO/

4/17/2017 #673
cute blackberry

All right announcement time and a long on coming. I am back things have settled down slightly but my return isn't the reason for this announcement thing.

After a long and I mean a long time of thinking and trying to find where I went wrong here, I've decided to deem this forum as dead. I'll explain why I'm doing that, this isn't the first Black Butler forum I've made not twice or thrice to be honest this one would be my sixth attempt. Sixth. Eighth if you count the times I've restarted this place since 2016. I've tried inviting people here to the rp, they either deny, don't answer or show up as if they'll stay we are with a graveyard I loathe naming an rp.

Attendance is the next problem faced. Even when people do stay its seemed to be a very short amount of time before they vanish in thin air. Yeah, I know people have lives, however, it gets old 'cause its like one person stops showing up two to three follow behind them then another then another it gets absurd. Of course, the rp freezes 'cause you're excepting the people who left to return only to find two months later they're not, everyone else has left since the rp got stalled for so long. Before, this forum's restart it seemed nobody could say how long they be gone (I thank the ones who have) and even then I have people who never stated departing.

Then there's the problem of people not liking to rp in just one topic through the whole story, change it then nobody shows up. People want more species selections, open it and they leave. They want a modern rp I give it to them, they leave. I've open a forums in Summer, Spring, Fall, and Winter and the same happens, they die. They hate one liners make a more serious rp, do that they still leave. Its like a never ending cycle of trying to make people happy and no cigar.

I know some of you may be thinking, "Come on, Rei is it that bad? or Okay, you need to cool it, girl." The answer is yeah, its that bad. If this place was meant to be a one on one type deal then I wouldn't be as annoyed, but since this place is suppose to be a community it becomes a large pain in the backside. I suppose Black Butler is a fandom that has run its course as far as roleplaying goes. I know the archives would lead some to believe it to be a booming fandom, sadly that's not the case my BB forums follows the same exact fate as every other fandom forum, dead. For how I wanted this rp to be I needed help for running, I've had four mods and they all drop off the face of the earth. I'm tired of that too.

If not for the fact I have tried literally almost everything to keep this place alive, I'd ask ya'll what could be to help, it just isn't happening. The cycle continues and continues and I'm beyond tired of watching my forum die within a few months. I can't say this place lasted a year since I had to restart twice!

Sorry, if this pisses anybody off or if somebody feels I'm attacking/calling out past members but its the stone cold truth. I can already hear some of you say, "Rei, you're the admin its your job to keep the forum active or the place died when you vanished." How on earth can I keep a forum alive when I've done everything possible to make it comfortable and invited countless people to join? Me, vanishing one time wasn't the death. This place was already a skeleton I was determined to force living.

I've about given up on Black Butler Forums, none of them ever work out and I'm flat tired of it. With this announcement, This is Hell is dead since it hasn't been active enough to even deem it retired. I will leave the OC creation opened so people can retrieve their OCs. I will delete this forum by the middle of May, so if your OC gets deleted, oh well.

4/26/2017 . Edited 4/26/2017 #674

It's okay Rei, I'm thankful for having the chance to roleplay with nice people like you guys, though, I am sorry for my slow responses and nearly lack of them.

I agree with your comment on Kuroshitsuji forums; they die quickly, which is quite odd given it's fandom. My only guess for that is the fact they are looking for something where they can ship mostly, since those types of forums for the fandom are the ones to last longer- just a little more than the average forum.

I have taken my OC from the forum already, so I don't really have to worry that much on that. I hope your other forums goes better than this one, Rei! OAO/

5/7/2017 #675
Wade Amore

Welp, this place is dead........................... Oh well:

*Puts this up for anyone who comes by this post: The Evrensel Conflict Forum FanFiction*

*Puts up small pitch next to it: Robots are trying to make their own universe. All fandoms welcome.*

I realize this seems very dickheaded of me. But Rei's on my forum, so I doubt she'll care.

5/18/2017 #676
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