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cute blackberry

Please note the only species allowed are- Human, Demon, Angel, Reaper and half demons. Now, I know the word demon can be a very broad thing and I will allow some leeway. However, let's not have 'cute cat ears' or 'fluffy tails' popping out every single time. I except most demons or half demons to mainly be that of the series, again I will allow leeway because the word demon is very broad also there will be some world building as far as Hell goes. So, I believe having different races of demon is fair.

However, don't push the line.

I will also add NO OCs who work for Ciel or Alois! No, OC relatives (i.e Daughter of Sebastian, Brother of Claude etc.) of any canon! I am not about to have the forum overrun with that nonsense! Be creative!

Name: (First and last)



Birthday: (Day, date, month and year)

Orientation: (gay, straight, lesbian)

Nationality: (English, Chinese, etc)

Species: (Human, reaper, demon, etc)

Contract: (To demon or human)

Social Status:(Noble, upper middle, etc)

Occupation: (Earl, Baroness, Teacher, etc)

Appearance:(Hair color, clothes, etc)



Love Interest: (Optional)


Extra: (Optional)


7/14/2016 . Edited 10/26/2016 #1
cute blackberry

Name: Zoe Lucille Rowell

Age: 14 (may vary)

Gender: Female

Birthday: June 3rd 1874

Orientation: Straight.

Nationality: English and something else.

Species: Half demon

Contract: Noah Cale

Social Status: Noble

Occupation: Non-royal Duchess

Appearance: Zoe is girl who stands at 5'3, her eyes are a dark brown and has long chestnut colored hair falling to her back with some pulled up with black bow. Zoe's skin is slightly dark, old scars travel from her stomach to her legs. She wears dark dresses (mostly black) that have long sleeved and closed necklines. She wears black gloves to hide her black fingernails and black stockings. Her heels are black with white ribbons, a diamond choker is always worn around her neck. She has a plain blue contract seal on her breast.

Personality: Zoe can be seen as bull in a china shop with no care of what happens or the outcome. She hates the polite society and doesn't mind letting them know it either, she much more kinder and softer around those of the Underworld, but is not blind they could turn on her as well. She hates being called a weakling and will do anything to prove otherwise even that means injury. Zoe is a loyal girl, but better not take advantage of that or you may see a bloody end or receive similar treatment.

Relationships: Noah Cale (Contracted by birth, very friendly relationship. Similar to father and daughter) Duke Claire Hubert Albert Rowell (Father, 'deceased' has little memory of him) Duchess Leslie Anne (nee Ashburn) Rowell (Mother, whereabouts unknown, has little memory of her) Ciel Phantomhive (Fiance, friend, has respect for him and loyalty though isn't blind he could use her at any given time) Queen Victoria (Heavily disliked)

Love Interest: (Optional) Ciel Phantomhive.

History: Zoe was born in result of a contract her father made with her mother. She was to be the 'perfect and talented heiress', she didn't disappoint the late Duke. When, her father died Zoe took over the title Duchess Rowell at age four. She inherited three of her father's charities throughout London and mother's underground businesses. Zoe had started doll making factories from England, France to North America. But her true source of income comes from the jobs given to her by the Queen.

Extra: (Optional)

Is talented at playing piano, violin and guitar.

Has a beautiful sing voice.

Has stomach issues.


Name: Noah Cale.

Age: 1,000 plus (looks 21)

Gender: Male

Birthday: February 14, year unclear

Orientation: Gay

Nationality: Unknown, perhaps Hebrew? Still its unknown, what he's nationality as human was.

Species: Demon (formerly human)

Contract: Zoe Rowell by birth.

Social Status: Low

Occupation: Butler

Appearance: Noah is a tall male who sports expensive white butler suits, his hair is pure white, normally combed back though at times his bangs are forward. His eyes are blue and kind smile is always painted on his lips.

Personality: Noah is the type who is seen hiding in the darkest corner of a party, he dislikes being nearly humped by men and women, and declines with apologies unless pushed. While, truly kind Noah holds another personality. Something much darker and crueler that only those close or in the line of fire has seen.

Relationships: Zoe Rowell (Contracted by birth, father and daughter like relationship) Sebastian Michaelis (Ahem...blushes) Duke and Duchess Rowell (wasn't fond of either of them)

Love Interest: (Optional) Sebastian Michaelis

History: Noah was contracted centuries upon centuries upon centuries, okay you get the idea, by two sisters. By terms of the contract Noah is to serve every eldest female of the line known as 'Abilene'. And, he still does today and is quiet happy.

Extra: (Optional)

Noah can dance nearly every dance known to man.

Noah has a nice singing voice, but rarely sings.

He can play the violin, cello, flute, trumpet, clarinet.

He loves to paint and can be found tending a small garden of strange blue flowers to very back of Rowell garden.

EDIT- 2016/9/21

7/14/2016 . Edited 9/21/2016 #2

I think I may take Ciel, though I'm not entirely sure about my OC yet.

8/6/2016 #3
cute blackberry


8/6/2016 #4

If possible, I want to temp Sebastian until someone else comes to claim him. I know he's like an important character and it would be hard to get the ball rolling without him.

More importantly, what I need to know since Ciel is with your OC and Sebastian is like with your other one, what is their relationship like and how would you like them to be played?

8/6/2016 #5
cute blackberry
That would be perfect! Well, Ciel and Zoe relationship is like a brewing wine I'd say. Their having to grow on each. Sebastian and Noah, their relationship is romantic but secretive of course. As far them being played, um, they can be their normal selves.
8/6/2016 #6

Alright. So like Ciel and Zoe are sort of just figuring things out as far as romance towards each other goes and Sebastion and Noah are like already sort of full ball park?

8/6/2016 #7
cute blackberry
8/7/2016 #8

Okay~. Anyway, I'm not putting a huge focus on whatever OCs I use, so even though I haven't made them yet, whenever you start the rp I'll jump in and whatever you need temp controlled, just let me know.

8/7/2016 #9
cute blackberry
Okay! I'll start the rp off late today.
8/7/2016 #10

Name: (First and last) Hollis Shay D'Civille

Age: 14-16

Gender: Female

Birthday: (Day, date, month and year) May 18 1872-1874 ((I'm not entirely sure about age))

Orientation: (gay, straight, lesbian) Bisexual

Nationality: (English, Chinese, etc) French and Chinese

Species: (Human, reaper, demon, etc) Human

Contract: (To demon or human) None

Social Status:(Noble, upper middle, etc) Nobel

Occupation: (Earl, Baroness, Teacher, etc) Daughter to an entrepreneur. Her family produces items such as the latest luxury carriage, cameras, and most importantly clothing.

Appearance:(Hair color, clothes, etc) Hollis is exactly five feet tall. Her hair is waist length and a very questionable reddish pink and her eyes are a pale blue color. She has a petite build and likes to wear clothing of the latest fashion as well as very bold and questionable clothing. She usually wears her hair in a bun with a braid around it as well as a few small braids in her bangs while two long pieces of her hair are left out on each side, going down the front of her.

Personality: She is very eccentric and kind of a bitch. She doesn't know too much about personal space and likes to act bold and like a true fashionista. She's basically a bit of a spoiled brat, but despite that, she loves to make friends.

Relationships: Earl Cornelius D'Civille (father) Fang D'Civille (mother) Jean D'Civille (brother) Lau (friend) Alois Trancy (best friend, fiance ((Not a huge fan of season two here, but I really want them to drive Ciel and Zoe crazy with 'fun' activities. XD)

Love Interest: (Optional) I don't know if I could call it a love interest, but she's Alois's fiance

History: A few generations ago, her great-great-great grandmother on her mother's side was tricked by a demon. He acted as if he were some traveler that needed help. They soon 'fell in love' and she bore his child. When the child was born, he revealed himself and threatened to kill the child if she did not sacrifice her soul as well as three others. Being pressured, she made the deal to save her child. The only way that this affected Hollis is her hair color. She doesn't have any powers or anything like that, and each new generation of her family is visited by the demon and must get out of being tricked by him. So far they have been successful, but in turn they are aware of the existence of the other beings.

However when it comes to Alois, it was her knowledge on fashion and bold attitude that made him want to choose her for his betrothed. She met him at a party and they became good friends. She likes to stick around at his manor, though her family owns a mansion in England which is where she likes to stay, since their main branch is located in England being as it was the best country at this time in History. The main D'Civille manor is in France.

Extra: (Optional)

Hollis is both a masochist and sadist

She's heard stories about Ciel and his betrothed from Alois and can't wait to meet them

She doesn't really like Claude that much since she knows that he's a snake and Alois seems to like him better than her

She loves parties and dressing up

She also likes to go by Holly, Hollie, or Shay


8/8/2016 #11
cute blackberry
8/8/2016 #12

Hooray! XD

8/8/2016 #13

Can I temp Alois and a few others that may be around? I don't know exactly what will happen on if people will come or not, but this rp won't get to much places if we just play the people we're playing.

8/12/2016 #14
cute blackberry

Yeah sure! I'm also looking into who I'll be temping, just tell me who else you'd like.

8/12/2016 #15

Okay~! And I'm not sure how you handle temping, but when I like 1x1 rp the temp characters could like be played by anyone at anytime. Like let's say I pick up and play Soma and he's like in the scene or whatever, but I'm not really doing much else with him, you could like totally just take the reigns with him. That sort of thing. That way it keeps things interesting.

8/12/2016 #16
cute blackberry
I've only briefly temped before XD However, your way sounds interesting so we can give it a shot.
8/12/2016 #17

It's easy. -u- And if people do come along, we won't have to do that anymore. But it is fun using lots of characters!

8/12/2016 #18
Nightmare Alchemist
(Well, since the rules state a Canon must be claimed first, I'll claim the Burnette Butler(I think that's what he called himself), Grell Sutcliff.)
9/10/2016 #19
cute blackberry

(Yes, for a short time. Sorry, memory a little hazy in certain areas)

9/10/2016 #20
Nightmare Alchemist
I know he was Madame Red's butler until she refused to kill Ciel. Then chainsaw to the chest.
9/10/2016 #21
cute blackberry

Yes. I recall much sadness even still ; - ;

9/10/2016 #22
Nightmare Alchemist
Also, I can't decide what I want my oc to be. For the most part, I'd like my oc to have a sword, like a katana. But I'm not entirely sure.
9/10/2016 #23
cute blackberry

There is no rush on the OC. Take your time to ensure the most detail as for a sword as long as its fairly believable they can have one.

9/10/2016 #24
Nightmare Alchemist

Name: Grayson Rhodes

Age: 500(died at 16)

Gender: Male

Birthday: 31st of October 1374 (guessing this is correct for birth year based on previous posts.)

Orientation: Bisexual

Nationality: English

Species: Grim Reaper

Contract: None

Social Status: Noble(formerly)

Occupation: Viscount(formerly) Retrieval Division

Appearance: He has long, blonde hair tied into a French braid over his left shoulder; chartreuse, phosphorescent eyes; wears grey, rectangular rimmed glasses, dresses in a butler's attire, making sure he looks as presentable as possible.

Personality: Distant, prefers to distance himself from Sebastian and Noah(though, it never seems to work out), but does hold Ciel and Zoe in high regard, especially for having the courage to form a contract with a demon(in Ciel's case), or continue the contract(in Zoe's). He believes in many of the Grim Reapers' customs, but holds no real prejudice towards Demons, and will even come to Sebastian and Noah's aid, if they so need it.

Relationships: None.

Love Interest: None in particular.

History: Grayson was born into the Rhodes family, and became a Viscount before his 16th birthday. He had a happy childhood, but not as much a spoiled one as others. While he received his heart's desires, he was taught to respect the work others put forth for him and his family. Because of this, he would often help the servants in their work, and soon became well loved by all who lived in the manor. However, on his 16th birthday, he lost his parents in a horrible accident. Even the servants could not bring him out of his state of depression and despair. He soon took his own life, becoming a Grim Reaper, and started trying to atone for his sin. He is presently wandering the streets of London, posing as a lowly butler, searching for someone who he believes is "constantly followed by Death itself."

Extra: Grayson prefers the name Gray, as he finds his given name tedious and would rather write out four letters instead of seven. His Death Scythe is modified into a bladestaff with the top blade curving into a scythe blade, and the bottom blade being straight like a spear.

9/11/2016 . Edited 9/11/2016 #25
cute blackberry

The birth year can be any year XD Accepted :3 Given it before 1888 depending on the OC.

9/11/2016 . Edited 9/12/2016 #26
cute blackberry

Name: Nona Marie Abbott

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Birthday: September 28th 1874

Orientation: Straight

Nationality: English

Species: Human

Contract: None

Social Status: Noble

Occupation: Lady of Abbott manor

Appearance: Nona is a pale girl with fair hair and gray eyes. She often wears green dresses of varying colors and small purses around her wrists.

Personality: Nona is a very clueless girl who doesn't observe her own surroundings very well. She can come off as very annoying and nosy. A smothering friend.

Relationships: Marquess Charles Henry Abbott (Father) Marchioness Harriett Leigh (nee Bradley) Abbott (Mother) Earl Elmer Scott Abbott (Older brother) Lord Russell Hugh Abbott (Older brother) Marchioness Beulah Mae (nee Abbott) Stanley (Older sister) Countess Vera Anne (nee Abbott) Wesley (Older sister) Lord Homer James Abbott (Twin brother) Lady Lottie Kay Abbott (Younger sister) Lord Ralph Vicks (Fiance)

Love Interest: (Optional) Ralph Vicks

History: Nona's family are family friends with the Rowells. So needless to say she very close to Zoe or at least in her head. There isn't much else to say about Nona, she is a typical high society lady.

Extra: (Optional)

9/12/2016 . Edited 9/13/2016 #27


9/27/2016 . Edited by cute blackberry, 9/29/2016 #28
cute blackberry
(Since Joshua is a prostitue, his social status needs to be low. Prostitue is bottom of the barrel.)
9/28/2016 #29

(I clarified some things. Sorry about that, I wasn't paying attention when I filled out the class section, and I wasn't very clear about his occupation either. He doesn't just have sex with people. He sells herbs and medicine, and performs massages and acupuncture and things like that. The whole dick-sucking bit is extra.)

9/28/2016 #30
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