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cute blackberry

Okay! Edward is yours.

10/19/2016 #91


10/19/2016 #92

For my canon character, I'll take Mei Rin

Name: Rei Carmichael

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Birthday: (Day, date, month and year) October 21st, 1868

Orientation: (gay, straight, lesbian) Straight

Nationality: (English, Chinese, etc) American but immigrated to England with her father.

Species: (Human, reaper, demon, etc) Human

Contract: (To demon or human) None

Social Status:(Noble, upper middle, etc) Middle upper class

Occupation: (Earl, Baroness, Teacher, etc) Lady

Appearance: Rei is 5'5'', has hazel eyes, and mocha colored skin. Her hair is black as a raven and she usually wears it in a braid that is then wound up into a bun on the back of her head. She wears a midnight blue and white dress that shows off her curvy figure. The top half of her dress is almost in a low cut fashion and around her neck is a silver necklace that has a wolf charm on the end. On her feet she wears black ankle boots with a short heel.

Personality: She's very cheerful, shy, and gets along with just about everyone but she can be cruel and cold hearted to those she despises.

Relationships: Her father, Viscount Druitt, her aunt, and a few close friends.

Love Interest: Sebastian

History: Born to an English father and African-American mother, Rei came to London with her father after her mother died when she was 8 years old. Her father is a member of Parliament and very well respected. She lives in a three story Victorian house with her father on Victoria Street where some other Parliament members and non-Parliament members live. She currently engaged to the Viscount Druitt, Aleistor Chamber thanks to an arranged marriage set up by her paternal aunt.

Extra: Rei is a very talented artist and can play the piano. She has also been in the midst of getting Kenjutsu training (the art of Japanese swordsmanship) by a Japanese woman that only goes by the name of Miyako, and is progressing quicker than it would usually take. Rei likes to shop at Harrod's and other local stores. She even has a rose with thorns tattoo on the back of her shoulder blade (her father doesn't know and she got it because of losing a bet to a friend.)

10/26/2016 #93
cute blackberry

Both accepted. I'll play The Viscount of Druitt since she's engaged to him.

10/26/2016 #94

Thanks and where can I start?

10/26/2016 #95
cute blackberry

I can't exactly say. We just TS but everyone is still at Ciel's townhouse at the moment.

10/26/2016 #96

I posted in the chat thread.

10/26/2016 #97

Name: (First and last)

Charles Shax





Birthday: (Day, date, month and year)

December, 5, 1866

Orientation: (gay, straight, lesbian)


Nationality: (English, Chinese, etc)

English and Scottish

Species: (Human, reaper, demon, etc)


Contract: (To demon or human)


Social Status:(Noble, upper middle, etc)


Occupation: (Earl, Baroness, Teacher, etc)


Appearance:(Hair color, clothes, etc)

Charles stands at 6'5'' with slightly pale skin and he has a lot of scars all over his body but he covers them all up and he does not seem to have any scars on his face he also has a very lean build. he has a mix of red and brown hair that is kind of long and it long enough to completely slicked back and he also has dark blue eyes. He will never be seen wearing the same clothing twice he is always wearing something new with the exception of a heavy coat he commonly wears that seems to be colored black.


Charles is a very reserved fellow who has very few interests but he seems to really into hats. He seems to be very serious most of the time and usually talks about business. He gets very angry when someone insults his mother almost to the point where he will most likely pull the weapon he as on him at the time. He can also be pessimistic about most things at least that's how he talks. Hate thinks everything should be equal and eye for and eye even if it means plucking out his own eye.


Well everyone he knows that he is related too is dead so...N/A

Love Interest: (Optional)

None at the moment.


Charles was not born into nobility really after all he was the son of a prostitute. His mom worked hard to give Charles a good life at least as good as the lower class could get. His mother worked as much as she could until it eventually killed her but before she died he sent a letter out to Charles father. He did not see Charles until Charles was already 12 and he was sick when his father finally found him so he took him home. That's when he came into nobility because his father owned one of the largest cloths making companies out there and Charles was an only child because his father's wife and child had died recently which was the reason why his father found him. Charles did not find that out for a long time but when he did he slowly killed his father in secret plying off like some sort of sickness and when his father died Charles took over. Before Charles was taken in by his father Charles started his own gang where all of the members were orphans. They dealt in almost anything except drug they all decided that too many children were orphaned by drugs they they would have no part in it. When Charles took over the gang grew in power and the queen took notice. So gave Charles a choice to become the snake of England's gangs exposing them and stopping them and she would let his gang continue or he would lose all his power including his gang. So he chose to keep his power and become the snake under the queen's orders.

Extra: (Optional)

He always has either a knife or a revolver

Could I claim Lau for my cannon and let me know if i should fix or change anything.

11/18/2016 #98
cute blackberry
(Every thing is good - accepted! Yes, Lau may be your canon :))
11/19/2016 #99
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