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cute blackberry

The sparkle was lit up once and Aleistar smiled brightly. "I say you have yourself a sealed my love." Oh many ideas was gong through his mind on how beautiful he was going to decorate that ball room and how lovely the invitations were going to look. He would just have to narrow his list now. Happily, he followed Rei inside the quaint park.

1/3/2017 #271

As the two walked along the brick path, Rei looked at the trees that still has some of their leaves on them. They were beginning to turn brown and fall off. After a few minuets of silence she spoke up. "I was thinking after we become married, we can hold off on having children for a couple of years."

1/3/2017 #272
cute blackberry

"Hm." Aleistar hummed absentmindedly, amethyst eyes watching brown, gold-ish red and yellowing leaves falling from barren (some not fully) trees. Grass on the ground was hidden by the leaves but left many uncovered. "Hm," his eyes narrowed in deep thought at Rei's statement. "I suppose it wouldn't hurt, my dearest Rei. Though, if I might inquire as to why wait some years. Most woman aim to be with child on their wedding night."

1/8/2017 #273

"I know that but I was thinking we get used to married life before bringing a child into the world. Being parents is a huge responsibility, and I just want to make sure that we're ready to take on that role." Rei replied. With Aliester's question as to why and his reaction to her question, that automatically told her that the man was planning on trying to get her pregnant while they were on their honeymoon.

1/8/2017 #274
cute blackberry

"Ah! I see!" Aleistar chirped, as if the concept was an entirely new thing to him. "I believe that is a splendid idea my dearest Rei." the man commented with a nod before looking off to who knows and who cared. Well, at least she wasn't the type of woman wanting kid right then and there. That would give Aleistar sometime to handle some ongoing affairs he had that a child would disrupt. The Viscount wasn't thrill at the hassle of keeping his...things out the hands of a child.

1/10/2017 #275

A chilly wind suddenly blew through the park and Rei shivered a little. "It's colder out here than I originally thought." stated Rei as she pulled her cloak tighter around her body. She was relieved at the Viscount's answer though. It would give her some time to try and convince him to stop messing with London's underworld and stop having such an obsessive nature with the dark arts. She didn't want their child to happen upon something that would hurt or even kill him or her.

1/10/2017 #276
cute blackberry

"Yes, it is." Aleistar refrained from a grimacing as the unmerciful winds swept across them. "The winter season is defiantly lurking upon us, isn't it?" the Viscount remarked once they were on the other side of the tiny built bridge and on a more lively part of the park.

1/13/2017 #277

"It sure is." Rei replied. "The only thing I truly like about winter is Christmas and New Years. Everything else is dead and gone until the Spring time." she looked at what used to be rows of hyacinths. "And the skies are even greyer and heavy with snow waiting to fall."

1/13/2017 #278
cute blackberry

Aleistar glanced up at the graying skies, eyebrows knitting in extreme curiosity. "Did it snow often where you lived in North America, my dear Rei." He queried, softly as a tiny flake of white graced his cheek before sliding onto the ground.

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1/14/2017 . Edited 1/14/2017 #279

"When it was winter in Chicago, it did snow a lot." Rei said as she watched the snow begin to fall after she had spoke about it. "When I came here to London when I was ten years old, I was surprised that it didn't snow as much."

1/14/2017 #280
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