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cute blackberry

In order to request a canon or temp permission, you must audition to see if you play the part accordingly. Writing out what the characters say in the manga or anime is not allowed and will earn a warning. You must make up a scene in which the canon in question is interacting with another or something to the like. No, less than five sentences - the bigger, the better it will be on the judgement.

Proper, grammar and spelling! If your audition contains too many slip-ups with spelling of words you must repost a cleaner, polished version. You have twenty-four hours to do so. If you are temping, remember that character can be requested at anytime. Please, check OC sheets for canon relations - maybe it will aid you in the audition.

Note- This does not include people who already have canons/temps.


Here is the list of taken canons

Finnian-Rei Amane

Mey-Rin- Saki20


Alois- The Sage of 10000 Games

Queen Victoria-Phantomhive-King of Illusions

John Brown-Phantomhive-King of Illusions

Sebastian - Kitana Lunara (Since Sebastian's claimer has not come back, Sebastian is up from temping. Once a full month has passed I will allow him to be reclaimed)

Undertaker - SeverinadeStrango


List of tempt canons (All temp canons are free to claim at anytime. Seriously, if they were wanted they would be claimed fully.)

Viscount Druitt aka Aleistor Chambers - Rei Amane

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Magnificent Demon King

(Audition for Queen Victoria and John Brown. Victoria has just retired to her study after dinner, with john.)

Victoria sat in the chair behind her desk gracefully, despite her age. She had a small stack of letters slightly to her right, they were the few that John felt were worthy of her personal attention. She picked up the first one, and saw that it was sealed with the Earl of Phantomhive's crest.

She breached the wax and opened the letter. Yes, this was indeed Ciel's handwriting. It looked a bit sloppier than normal, and upon noticing that, she thought; perhaps he was tired when he wrote it?

She skimmed the first bit- the pleasantries nobles were expected to give when they write letters, especially when the recipient is of a higher social status. Then she got to what she was after, at the start of the second paragraph.

It was a simple message, that went something like: That unusually elusive serial rapist you sent me after turned out to be a noble. Baron Grale Avoline. I 'convinced' him to hand himself over to the Scotland Yard, along with a full written confession to his crimes.

She smiled as she read of his success in dealing with the man. Then frowned at the thought that a supposed noble would do such things. It was then she was struck with a thought, I only gave him that mission two days ago. To have completed it so fast... he must have not been getting enough sleep. No wonder his handwriting was a little sloppy.

She sighed minutely, thinking about how dedicated young Ciel was to his job. He deserved a reward for his hard work.... but she'd think about that later.

Setting that letter to her left, she picked up the next one. It was marked with the Rowell family crest. She smiled as she cracked the wax on it, eager for more good news.

She set that letter aside as well, once she had finished it. It seemed that Zoe had completed her task as well- also in a oddly short amount of time. They're such good kids, Albert would have... she trailed off in her own himd as a wave of grief washed over her. She couldn't even think his name so many years later. It was still to painful.

Noticing her begin to tear up, John stepped out of the corner he had been silently standing in and pulled out his Albert hand puppet. He moved it cheerfully, but spoke in monotone. "Cheer up Victoria, the news can't have been that bad."

The queen shook her head as she looked at the puppet. "It's not that it was bad news Albert... it's just... I thought you'd like those kids. Ciel and Zoe. They're so dedicated- just like you..."

John had the puppet pat her on the shoulder as he replied, "You're right- I do like them. Their dedication, their intelligence, their loyalty to the crown... I'm very proud to call them nobility in our country."

Victoria gave the puppet a radiant smile, as she dried her eyes with a handkerchief John had given her using his free hand. "I knew you would." She them turned to pick up the next letter, and continued reading.

2/2/2017 . Edited 2/2/2017 #2
cute blackberry

I think this is pretty legitimate. Everything seemed in order from Victoria reading the letter to her grief over Albert. John was done well too.

Both are accepted.

2/2/2017 #3
Magnificent Demon King

Yay! Thank you.

2/2/2017 #4

(Audition for Undertaker.)

The woman's face had maybe once been beautiful to her husband, to her family and friends, perhaps - but now, she was beautiful only to him, and him exclusively. There was no other who would find such art in the blackened edges of her charred face, eyelashes burnt to the roots, tissue and muscle exposed.

"Closed-casket, then," Undertaker mused, with a hint of both disappointment and glee at the same time. This would mean that he would not be able to fully enjoy the process of reconstructing her face, of sewing wounds shut and patching up rot, but the fact that her body had been mauled to this degree - ! Oh, yes, that was exciting indeed, just the turnaround needed for such a drab day at work.

Thin, long-nailed hands carefully tugged down the shoulders of the bloodied nightgown the woman had been found in - or what remained of the garment, anyways. The edges of it were burned away, just like her flesh and her once-golden hair.

"Burned, were you...?" Undertaker asked the corpse, conversationally. "Incinerated? I do wonder how it happened - was it an accidental house fire, perhaps the fireplace snagged hold of the curtains...?"

Undertaker perched himself on the top of another casket, tapping his finger to his chin experimentally. "Or," he said, "or it was done deliberately - perhaps it was done by you, madam? Self-immolations are so unfortunately rare these days..."

Reaching over, he gingerly lifted the deceased woman's wrist, clasping her mauled, raw and rotting hand in between both of his own, one of his too-eager smiles nearly splitting his face in two.

"Now, dear, why don't you tell me everything?"

((Okay, got that done :D I hope it's alright!))

2/3/2017 #5
Magnificent Demon King

I think that's pretty accurate, and I know I could imagine it happening quite easily.

So, unless Rei see's any issues- I know I'm generally on the lenient side- Approved.

2/3/2017 #6

Ah, thank you :)

2/3/2017 #7
Kitana Lunara

Audition for Sebastian Michaelis (if you want, I can submit a character sheet as well)

"I admit, this isn't ideal, but I suppose it'll have to do," Sebastian sighed, looking over what he had managed to put together in time for this evening's guest. For once, the three servants had done their jobs adequately, something he was actually grateful for considering he'd only just found out about the guest that afternoon. He shook his head a bit as he recalled his master's tendency for last minute notifications. 'I wonder if he's aware that even I have limits.' He thought to himself as he exited the dining room to begin work on that evening's dessert.

There weren't a lot of mundane tasks he actually enjoyed doing, but he found baking and creating desserts was an exception. In truth, he found the precise process rather relaxing, especially since Bardroy was never allowed to mess with the desserts. It was strictly his job. After all, one can only take so many... brulee themed desserts. He was just whipping the meringue for the mousse when the study bell called his attention. 'What now?'

Making his way through the manor, he knocked thrice on the heavy door before entering and bowing at the waist before his lord. "You called, young master?"

2/5/2017 #8
cute blackberry
I don't see anything wrong here. Accepted!
2/5/2017 #9
Hope of the Future

(Audition for the Queen's Spider, Alois Trancy. Scene takes place before even the first episode.)

"Master, it's time to get up." Alois' eyes fluttered for a few moments before lazily looking over to the side of the bed. His grogginess was evident, given that he had thought it was Claude who had spoken to him; no, it was her. Alois made a disgusted face but it soon turned into a crazed, worried expression as his head turned in all directions, obviously looking for his favorite butler.

"Hannah, where's Claude?!" This wasn't right. Claude was always the one to wake him up, so why...? Perhaps he had...

Left him?

"I'm afraid I don't quite know, Master-" Hannah was cut off from finishing her sentence when Alois, still barely dressed, grabbed her throat and slammed her on the bed.

"Then go get the triplets and go look for him!" His voice cracked from the pressure he was feeling; he would not be left alone again. When Hannah nodded, Alois let her go, dragged her to the door, opened it and literally kicked her out of his room. Once she was gone, he began pacing back and forth, even forgetting to breathe sometimes.

"Where are you, Claude? You wouldn't just up and leave me...would you? Was I not enough for you? Not entertaining enough?!" Letting his emotions get the better of him, Alois began kicking everything in sight; his bed, the wall, the door, the desk near his bed which, forgotten to him in his tantrum, had a lit candle on it. He had an obvious fear of the dark, so he would always have Claude leave one by his side when he went to bed. Seemed that bitch had forgotten to put it out before she woke him (Or more like he kicked her out before she could XD).

The candle fell off of the desk and unsurprisingly landed next to the bed, lighting the blanket on fire; soon, it spread to the floor, causing Alois' room to be enveloped in flames. He stepped back with a look of horror. What did he mess up this time? Couldn't he do anything right? Still in a state of shock, Alois tripped over himself and began crawling slowly to exit the room, but then stopped before reaching it.

"I...don't have a reason to open that door, do I? I've lost my brother, and now...I've lost my Claude. No one here cares for me, nor do I care for the others here, so..." With a tired sigh, Alois simply crawled over to the wall and slumped down against it, staring back at the fire in front of him. That was certainly a reminder of the situation he had to deal with as a child... The village he had hated so much was burned to the ground along with all of those other shitheads. He got what he wanted.

And Luka paid the price. He had lost everything that day. He quite literally had nothing left. He didn't even know why he even bothered living after that point; he was alone, no one to look after him, no one who even cared about him. But then...his fate changed when he had found Claude. He may have been a Demon, but to Alois, he was the most saintly angel he had the pleasure of encountering. He gave his life a new purpose, and allowed him to feel again... Yet, now he had left too. Once again, he was left with nothing, no one to care for him, no one who cared about him. Letting a single tear fall from his eye, Alois closed his eyes and accepted his fate.

That is, until a few moments later, when he heard swooshing sounds. He opened his eyes and found the room completely fine, as if there wasn't even a remote sign that it was on fire mere moments ago; not just that, but the room had been filled with bluebells of all things. And of course, the perpetrator behind this act was in front of him; Claude Faustus.

"C-Claude... How did you-" He was shushed when Claude walked up to him and buttoned up the top of his shirt which just so happened to be unbuttoned the entire time.

"I turn day into night, sugar into salt, creatures to corpses, silver into gold, and on this occasion, flames into beauty. If I couldn't do this, I would be undeserving of your soul. After all, this is what makes me a Trancy butler." Alois stared at him for a few moments before grasping Claude's hand tightly.

"Claude, this is an order... Never leave my side again."

"Yes, Your Highness."

(Ah, and if you're wondering about the bluebell situation, I'd just go with this: Claude overheard Hannah talking to the twins about a gift to Alois, and she had chosen bluebells. So, Claude thought to do it first because he wanted to be a dick to Hannah. That's my version. XD)

2/10/2017 . Edited 2/10/2017 #10
cute blackberry
2/10/2017 #11

Audition for Fred Abberline. This crime in particular is not based on any real crime commited in London...maybe.

Fred Abberline was a man of the fine arts, particular those pleasent to the eye made with a fine paintbrush; be them the fine colos of the dress Medea wore, to the earth colors in Ophelia that helped made clear the somber backrground of the painting.

This, however, was a work of 'art', he certainly didn't appreciate.

Laying on the ground, probably long gone by now, was a woman of beatiful dark chocolate hair, sprawled carefully on the dirty ground of the dark alley, dressed in a beatiful blue dress- a stark crontrast to the dark red that had soaked the material on the chest area, a knife half buried close to her heart. Her hands clasped together and put around her waistline, as if praying, while her eyes had already been closed by the time they had arrived.

Behind him, he could hear sir Arthur Randall curse lowly.

Not too soon after arriving at the station this morning, he had been literally dragged along for a claim of an attempted murder near a bakery (which he would have glady gone along, hadn't the information been disclossed to him the moment they arrived at the place) in London. A man had discovered poison on his food, much to his wife's horror, and such had to start with the investigation before there was another attempt. One would think that which such a blatant type of poison it would be easy to find the culprit. It wasn't.

"The culprit must be feeling rather confident." He heard Arthur comment as he took his place beside him, just a step forward closer to the crime scene while it was being examinated, her shoes placed not too far away from her body. They both knew this woman: it was the wife they had talked to early today. "We were close, and yet they went up and not only murder her- but also took their time to make this crime scene." He commented while Fred himself went through the list of culprits they had already talked to before coming here-

Gears turning on his head, he stared at the cold woman laying on the ground for what he felt like an hour or so before it clicked, the dress-

"Haven't we seen this dress somewhere?"

The question seemed to raise the other's man interest, as he quickly turned to look at the woman once more. It took him just a moment to realize what he had meant. "Didn't the tailor said she was working on the 'finishing touches'?" He said, eyes already drifting to the path to the shop- to where they most likely would find the murderer. Or so he hoped.

The quicker they stopped whoever was behind this, the quicker they managed to save another life.

2/18/2017 #12
cute blackberry
(( Looks good. Accepted))
2/18/2017 #13

(Audition for Mey-Rin; even though she looks like she's taken. Setting will be in the corridors of the mansion.)

Mey-Rin is walking down the corridor; stumbling with a stack of clean plates that Sebastian washed. She tries to be careful with the plates when she walk pass a few doors, especially hers. I won't fail Master and Sebastian. If I drop these plates, I will have a good but bad scolding from Sebastian, she thought in a shivering manner. I wonder if Sebastian will tell Master if I drop the plates. Shaking her head of disbelief of that thought, she continues to carefully hold the plates.

After walking a few corridors more, she found the dining room, which looks exquisite as always from Sebastian; better than she. She carefully placed the stacking plates on the dining table. She pick up one plate after another so she can place them on the exact order of the table where the chairs is close to. When she's about to get the next plates, she felt rumbling inside the mansion. The remaining stacked plates are tumbling down from the table. Mey-Rin covered her glasses; she can't bare to watch the clean plates crack on the floor. She didn't hear a sound suddenly once the rumbling of the mansion stopped. She removed her hands away from her glasses and saw that Sebastian is there; smiling at her and nodded his head toward something behind her. Mey-Rin turned around and see that all of the clean plates are placed neatly on the table, which is not stacked. Mey-Rin smiled that her job is done thanks to Sebastian.

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