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cute blackberry

You have been invited to grandest event of 1888. What exactly would that be you ask? The Viscount of Druitt's engagement party! how silly of you to ask. Now, only a handful of people have been invited to this marvelous occasion but being the viscount there are a few more guests than originally bargain with his dear fiancee Rei.

The event takes places Thursday November 1st at six o' clock sharp. Don't be late and miss this once in a lifetime opportunity!

((NOTE: The introduction as stated above is just an introduction for the characters. This arc is only open two weeks once it has been started.))

((NOTE2: It started 2/7/17.))

1/22/2017 . Edited by Magnificent Demon King, 2/7/2017 #1
cute blackberry

It was time. Tonight would be the grandest event of the late century and would be talked about well into the beginning of the new. At least this is what Aleistor told himself. The viscount stood in front of mirror enclosed by a golden frame. His attire of the evening consisted of a white dress shirt, waistcoat, and jacket matching the lavender color of his eyes. Black gloves, a white pocket square, and brooch also accompanied. Aleistor looked over his reflection; ensuring there was not a wrinkle and dusted any and every flake of dirt, he found soiling his clothing.

With a hum of satisfaction, the viscount retreated from his bedroom out in the bright-lit halls where he awaited outside the door in which was Rei's room.


Resting her chin on her hand, Zoe stared out the carriage's window with a slight bored expression. Honestly, the duchess did not understand why she had to go to a party of some noble couple she barely knew. (Even if she had known them, she still would not have gone) Once word had Ciel Phantomhive was going, she knew there was no other option but to accompany him. After all, she was his fiancée and other things. It would been bad taste if she was nowhere to be found; a point raised by Noah and the main reason she sat inside the carriage is because the butler insisted she go with Earl Phantomhive.

Her irritation came out in the form of a sigh as she watched the passing city go by as blurs of colorful lights. 'Just pretend to have a good time, laugh and dance, things should go by smoothly.' The Duchess Rowell mentally prepared herself. It felt like she was being sent to be hung and in Zoe's eyes, she surely was.

2/7/2017 . Edited 2/7/2017 #2

Ciel far from wanted to go to this event either. He didn't like to be bothered by these 'social norms' of their society. Zoe would have to hear about his complaining the whole time, though. "Hmph, I swear all nobles do is dance around and get fat. It's disgusting," he grumbled. He knew he had no choice this time, though. If he were to decline one more party invitation that wouldn't go so well with the Phantomhive name. He knew he had to do this to keep up appearances even though he didn't want to. He hoped dearly that he wouldn't have to deal with annoying people. "Let's just try to hurry up and get this over with." He hoped to God that Alois wouldn't be there. He could handle one rambunctious blonde, that being Aleistor, but two? He could not take that.

2/7/2017 #3

Rei stood on front of a silver framed full length mirror looking at her reflection. She was dressed in a gold silk evening gown that had short sleeves and an inch long train in the back. Her hair was done in a fashionable basket plait with a white feathered comb tucked into the left side. one of the maids made sure that the woman was looking perfect before she left for downstairs. Rei's makeup was light and went well with her attire.

To say that she was nervous was an understatement. She was publicly announcing her engagement to a man that had a questionable reputation to some people, especially of those who belonged some form of law. She also learned that Aliester didn't stick to the proposed number of guests when she found out that the cooks had too much food in preparation, and the head kitchen maid told her.

After making sure she was completely ready, Rei walked to her bedroom door and opened it. She was a bit startled to see her fiancee waiting on her. "You look handsome."

2/7/2017 #4
Magnificent Demon King

Lungent sat across from Noiére in a carriage as it bumbled towards Druitt Manor for the vicecount's engagement party.

Lungent was wearing a black coat with a high collar, grey seams, that's unbuttoned below the waist. Under that he had grey slacks, black shoes, and a grey undershirt. He had his house signet ring on his right middle finger, and his beautiful silver & ruby on his left middle finger.

Noiére had a sleeveless crimson dress with black as a secondary color. It went down to her ankles, and she had high-heeled black boots on. Though she wore a set of black opera-style gloves. Her dress had some frills around the cuffs of her wrists and the bottom ring, but would probably be the least amount of frills on any girl that night.

Lungent sighed as he fiddled with his collar. "I'm not sure I like having this thing here..."

Noiére gave him a small shrug "You've never tried a collar like that before. At least give it the night before rendering judgement."

He gave a small chuckle. "I suppose you're right. Still, If I wasn't sure every other noble was going to have a new outfit..." He trailed of as Noiére nodded in agreement.

She changed the subject, "Anyway, I assume we're sticking with the usual plan?"

Lungent nodded. "It is the most effective, without being excessively complex. How's your makeup?"

She glanced at herself in a mirror hanging on the wall. "It's fine. One of my better applications, I believe."

Suddenly, the carriage came to a stop. A few moments later, the driver opened the door. "We're here."

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cute blackberry

"I tend to agree." Zoe responded. If there was one thing the duchess and earl could make good on and not argue it be on how they despise being bugged about social normality. She was not annoyed by the earl's constant complaining since it was something she could sympathize along with him. "I say we stay two hours and leave. I don't see a whole lot coming out of" Zoe suggested though by her tone it more telling him then suggesting.

The carriage's speed was slowly before it still. Outside the carriage's window, they would see (or be blinded) by radiance of golden lights filtering out the Druitt manor windows. Already, were there several other vehicles lined up ahead. Guests just seemed to pour of them like water out a faucet. This truly would not be pleasant for neither Ciel nor Zoe.

"Hm...." the door on Ciel's side was opened by Noah who caught both of the young nobles' faces of distaste. Before the demon uttered a word, Zoe already climbed out passed Ciel. Not giving either male a chance to help her out (not that she needed it). Looking around the duchess saw a few familiar faces mainly ones she had seen at other parties or events in the years prior. In fact, nearly everybody Zoe saw was people she never spoken to aside an introduction if that. (Only one person she could say she spoke to and that was the Marquis of Durnire's sister Noiere.)

Those people…all the duchess saw was leeches swarming to get a glimpse in the lives of their acquaintances so they could smile and chat just to later stab them in back. Or they were stalking for the next fool they could sucker into a one-side business deal or parents' selling their children's lives to benefit them in the future.

She knew the polite society all too well to be blinded. She knew the gist of these balls and had no other choice but to partake in them.


Aleistor gave Rei a charming smile as he took her hand, bestowing it with a gentle kiss. "Thank you. I must say this dress really suits you." Aleistor complimented, eyes drinking in the beauty of gown, he knew she'd be the most beautifully dressed lady at the party and maybe century....Pulling back the viscount Druitt noticed faint worry making way across his fiancée lovely facial features, holding her hand soft albeit firm he said: "I see you're still worrying? My dear I've told you there is nothing to fear."

2/8/2017 #6

"It's not that. I'm just nervous that's all." Rei replied smiling a little. She knew people were going to talk behind her back and come up with a whole bunch of theories as to why the Viscount was getting married. Was it some sort of ruse or plot to whatever dark ambition he had in mind? Perhaps some sort of insurance for if or when he finally exhausted all other options where he couldn't get out of the corner he may back himself into. Spousal privilege was when a wife couldn't testify against her husband if he did something wrong; which meant if Aliester got into any trouble he may as well get off scott free.

"All the guests should be in the ball room soon. Shall we go down so we can be announced?" she then asked changing the subject.

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Magnificent Demon King

Noiére and Lungent made their way into the ballroom, with their masks firmly in place. Not the literal kind, of course, but masks of the figurative kind.

Lungent was looking over the guests, trying to spot their targets, when he felt his sister tug on his sleeve. He gave her a questioning glance, and she gestured to their right. He looked over discreetly, and saw two guests who caused him a minor amount of anxiety.

The Queen's Guard Dog, and his fiancée.

Still, all they had to do was keep clear of them. It was a big party, and odds were that those two would leave early. It's not like anyone could really notice what they'd be doing that night, and it wasn't really harming anyone anyway. It was truly shocking what some nobles were willing to pay to humiliate their enemies at a large party.

2/8/2017 #8

Ciel couldn't help but to agree on leaving in two hours. They mostly just needed to show their faces around and then they could leave. Ciel knew that he would have to give out fake smiles to people. People who he knew were very slimy and disgusting overall. He grabbed onto Zoe's hand as if ushering her as they went inside of the grand room. He was sure she would have something to say about that, but he decided to interject before she complained, "Don't forget to act like a good fiance," he told her, knowing they would need to act right for just a little while.

"I hope for this to end soon," Ciel let out a sigh. He also hoped that he did not have to dance. But then a shadow seemed to put a damper on things. "Ciiieeeell~." It was Alois, right behind then. Ciel bit his lip and looked to Zoe, "Just pretend that you didn't hear him and let's slowly walk away...," he whispered. That was soon turned into a challenge as Hollis appeared in front of them. Ciel let out a curse as the girl waved, smiling as if she had secret. "Ciel~! It's been so long! Why have you been ignoring my calls?" Alois asked as he made it over. Ciel closed his eyes briefly as if contemplating running for it. He let out a sigh through his nose as he opened them, "I've just been busy," he replied. The blonde may have been annoying, but at least he didn't need to completely fake anything.

2/8/2017 #9
Magnificent Demon King

(I don't think they had telephones in the show... did they?)

2/8/2017 #10

((Episode 2, baby. XD Just remembered it was in the first episode as well.))

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Magnificent Demon King

(*Skims Episode 2* Oh yeaaaah. They did have them. Lol)

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Hope of the Future

"How long 'till we get there, Jasper? We're late - granted, a few minutes late, but still. Perfection should always be on time, you know." Alexander smirked as he looked out of his carriage. Ah, seemed he had answered his own question; they had just arrived.

"My lord, if I may," Jasper opened the carriage door as Alexander stepped out, "We were only late because you saw various specks of dust around your room; had you not told me to clean them, then check the entire manor thoroughly for any more of them, we may have been on time." Alexander glared at his butler before sighing.

"Oh well, we're here now. Oh, and Jasper? Before we go in...there's a speck of dust on my coat." His butler shifted his eyes to his master's coat; indeed, a disgusting speck laid on his shoulder. Jasper took out a cloth from his pockets and carefully removed the vermin from Alexander's coat.

"Much better. Now I look presentable!" He exclaimed as he walked inside of the ballroom, his smirk soon fading. He hadn't really enjoyed parties much; too many people. People who, to his knowledge, were greedy, probably only coming to this event to gain something more so than for the Viscount's pleasure. Then again, he was here for the same reason; he had heard that some very special nobles were attending and, well...they had his interest.

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cute blackberry
The duchess's eyes narrowed and her blue painted lips parted to make a complaint, however, Ciel's little comment silenced her. Damn, he grinded her nerves - speaking to her as if was she some dog (grant it she kinda was) - though, he had a point. She sighed, searching for where to go and what to do when she heard a voice that made her skin crawl. Zoe's hand tightened around Ciel's and she was readying to make do on what Ciel thought. However, a leech was blocking the escape...."Pardon, we're get pass." Despite wanting to tell the other female to get the hell out the way, Zoe mustered up the kindest smile possible to feign.
2/8/2017 #14
cute blackberry
Aleistor's eyes seemed to lit as Rei spoke. "Yes, yes, yes! We should not leave our guests in the dark should, we? the handsome crooned, taking the woman's hand in his own and leading her out the hall.
2/8/2017 #15

When they got downstairs to the hall that lead to the ballroom, the head butler was waiting for them outside of the closed doors. Rei could hear soft music playing and people chattering to each other from within.

"Everyone is here my Lord, shall I go in and introduce the both of you?" he asked.

2/8/2017 #16
Magnificent Demon King

Lungent stood by the lavish buffet-style table, dividing his attention between the earl's daughter he was talking to, the food, and Noiére. He found himself wishing the girl would go away- she wasn't the brightest- but he had to deal with it.

Noiére, meanwhile, was realing in their first target. She kept herself near him, in his line of sight if possible, and made sure he caught her glancing at him every now and then. She knew Adrien had a thing for younger girls, and wouldn't be able to ignore her for much longer.

Their client, anonymous of course, wanted a scene that would make Adrian look like a molester. She wasn't going to actually let him touch her of course... but she'd be sure there was a scene.

2/9/2017 #17
Hope of the Future

"My Lord," Jasper said simply as he kneeled before Alexander, a plate of food in hand.

"Ah, about time; I was nearly starving." He took the plate from Jasper's hands and began eating while surveying the guests present.

"Say, Jasper, how many strumpets would you wager are here?"

"Quite a few, my Lord. Why is it that you ask?" Alexander chuckled a bit.

"Why, it's because I expected there to be a whole lot of them considering the amount of wealthy noblemen here. Speaking of wealthy noblemen...that wouldn't happen to be the Ciel Phantomhive over there, would it?" Jasper looked over to the direction Alexander was facing, and narrowed his eyes slightly.

"...It appears so. My Lord, may I ask why you've come to this party in the first place? As your butler, I know that it is not in your nature to be in such crowded spaces." Alexander huffed, yet smirked at the same time.

"Isn't it obvious? I wanted to meet some interesting folks is all. Then again, I suppose 'meet' and 'staring from afar' are two entirely different things, hm? Oh, but I hear he's a tough one to talk" Surprisingly, Jasper...smiled, if only a little.

"Oh my master actually worried? Now that, in my opinion, is interesting." Alexander suddenly stopped thinking and glared at Jasper with a look that could only be described as hellish.

"Do you want my soul or not? If it's the latter, I'll kindly jump off the nearest roof and die with my soul, you boot-licking, vazey, foolish little butler!" Unintentionally, he had raised his voice a bit louder than necessary (only after the 'soul' part, mind you), causing a few glances to come his way. His face turned red and he turned around promptly, lip quivering slightly while his butler was just smiling.

"Please, forgive me, my Lord. I spoke out of turn, and I will accept any punishment you wish to inflict upon me for my rudeness." Alexander stood still for a moment, then sighed.

"No, that's quite alright. I'm simply irritated is all. ...But I was serious about the 'soul' part. Keep that up and it looks like you'll be going hungry." He smirked, apparently having gotten over his embarrassment rather quickly.

2/9/2017 #18

Hollis merely studied their posture and what was going on. "Puh-lease," she said, preventing herself from rolling her eyes as to seem less bitchy and more accepting. "I don't know what you take me for, but I know for a fact that the Lord Ciel Phantomhive and his Lady would like nothing more than to see everyone in this place burn just so they could leave." She pushed her long reddish pink hair back as if conveying her knowledge on the situation, "So it's not like you're dying to go around talking to people. At least Alois and I know your predicament."

2/10/2017 #19
cute blackberry

Now this reddish pink leech was chewing the little bit of non-existing patience Zoe had. "Mhnmh." the duchess eyes narrowed as she fought the burning need to tell Hollis to jump off a cliff instead that fake smile remained while she spoke: "You're right. We are not wishing to converse with these people or you. " Every bit of the false of cordial had faded with each word felling passed Zoe's lips and she stared at Hollis as if the other was aged liver.


"Yes, you may and don't forget to say what I told you." Aleistor reminded the head butler of the overly dramatic introduction he had given him.

2/12/2017 . Edited 2/12/2017 #20

"Yes My Lord." said the butler as he gave a light bow and went into the ball room closing the doors behind him.

Rei looked up at Aliester quizzically. "What did you tell him to say?" she asked as she heard the music inside the room stop.

2/12/2017 #21

"Oh, you hurt me so," Hollis said with mock hurt as she wiped away nonexistence tears from her eyes. "I know I'm right," she said, not loosing an inch of her composure, "But my aren't you a feisty one~." She giggled a bit, "And cute, too. I can see why Alois speaks of you both." She glanced at Ciel having no interest in him, really. "I really can't wait to see what you can do."

2/14/2017 #22
Hope of the Future

"Especially our Young Earl here," Alois added in regards to the 'cute' bit. "You should see him when he gets angry! It's truly amazing how much anger a tiny body like that can hold! May wonders ever cease?" He was clearly mocking Ciel, if only to get a slight out of him in public.

2/14/2017 #23
Hope of the Future


Alexander was bored. Terribly bored. He knew the party was going to be a drag, but if he had known it'd be this boring he'd have stayed at home. Hm...

"Say, Jasper, stay here. I'm gong to go mingle wth the common folk." True, they may have all been nobles, but they obviously weren't on his level. Still, he'd give them the honor of being able to hold a conversation with the one and only. Who to pick, who to pick... Ah, the man standing at the buffet table looked somewhat interesting. Alexander walked up to the man with his casual smiling.

"Evening, sir. Alexander Underwood, Earl of the Underwood family, pleasure to meet you. Say, you wouldn't have happened to see the Viscount anywhere, have you? The party seems dull without it's caretaker."

2/14/2017 #24
Magnificent Demon King

Lungent looked at the newest person to come up to him. He smiled when he saw him, because he could see intelligence in his eyes. "Well hello there. I am Lungent: Marquess Durnrire. It's a pleasure to meet you."

With his introduction made, he held out his hand to shake- even as he glanced over at his sister again.

Noiére was dancing with their target. He was adequate, but definitely nothing extraordinary on the dance floor. Still, it wouldn't be long before she could spring her trap- and then she'd be free to socialize with people who didn't make her feel like she needed a shower or three.

2/14/2017 #25
Hope of the Future

Alexander indeed had intelligence; enough to sense when ones eyes decided to wander. However, he opted to not comment and instead shook the man's hand firmly despite feeling reluctant.

"And I you. Now, pardon me if what I'm about to say seems out of line, but you don't look like the type of person who particularly enjoys these types of events. May I ask if there's another reason as to why you've attended here?" It took almost everything the boy had not to gag in his own words. Acting polite got in his nerves rather easily.

2/14/2017 #26

It was only due to the numerous private tutoring jobs that he had taken on in the past that Decimus had even been invited to this enormous party at all - he was esteemed as one could be within the academic community, as young as he was, and almost all of the noble families knew of him in one way or another.

However, he was not here for an opportunity to rise in the social hierarchy. In fact, the only reason he had bothered to show up at all was because of the rumors surrounding a certain few individuals of lofty name and household, rumors that travelled fast through the underground. Word had it that several of them had employed, or rather, contracted servants that were...inhuman, to say the very least - and Decimus, being the complete epitome of a wallflower, could not simply pass up an opportunity to observe creatures that were not of this world.

2/14/2017 #27
Magnificent Demon King

Lungent froze the moment Alexander touched his hand, but managed not to show any other reaction. He was used to the feeling of supernatural power- he felt in every time he used magic. That same feeling was on alexander in spades. He didn't know what that meant, but didn't have time to analyze it now. So he quickly pasted a sly expression on his face. "Well, I don't really... but it's hard to play politics without being social, you know. Even if I have to spend time surrounded by sheep..." He glanced towards the dance floor again, and saw his sister wasn't there. A quick sweep of the room and he found her again.

Noiére had finished that dance, and was traveling with Adrian towards the buffet table. The trap would spring soon.

2/14/2017 #28
Hope of the Future

"Oh? Then we're here for the same reason then; I don't particularly fancy the party life either, but I was the only one available to step in, aling with my butler over there." He nodded his head towards his butler. "Sheep, hm? I prefer to them more along the lines of cattle, but I guess we have differing opinions on the matter." Alexander swore- wait, he didn't do that- was pretty sure he saw Lungent glance once again, though he couldn't tell for sure this time. Again, he ignored this feeling and simply carried on as if he didn't notice.

2/14/2017 #29
Magnificent Demon King

Lungent gave a small chuckle. "Sheep? Cattle? I believe that out opinions are similar enough at their cores. And it's definitely a pleasure to speak with someone on the higher level for once- other than my sister, of course. Tell me is your family involved in any particular businesses?"

Unfortunately, their conversation would be interrupted by their trap springing.

Adrian could be heard saying loudly "No! What are you saying! I didn't touch you, at all!"

As he heard this, just for a second, Lungent's smile became dark and predatory. He immediately turned towards where his sister was and began to move quickly towards her, clearing a path through the crowd politely, yet urgently.

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