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cute blackberry
Aleistar had made himself quiet comforty amongst the crowd of people. It was clear he thrived in events like these especially those involved with him. "Ah, there's my dearest Rei!" His eyes caught the woman ambling passed and he muttered a few words to an older gentleman and his wife before breaking for the noisy group. "Hello my dear, I trust you're having a grand time?" a blond brow raised in question of the female.
2/23/2017 #151

"Yes I am. Just finished having a small chat with Earl Phantomhive and his fiancee Lady Rowell." Rei replied. She could tell Aliester was in his element because of the high excited state he was in. "I can see you're having fun."

2/23/2017 #152
Magnificent Demon King

Lungent raised an eyebrow in surprise. "You have never heard of us? Perhaps you would recognize our company name, 'Exquisrire?' We are the dominant name in the English jwelry and gemstone trade, in the upper echelons of the tea trade- one of the top 5 brands, I believe- and a rising star in the fashion industry." He was clearly proud of his family's impressive business, and rightly so, seeing as he spent much of his time working on helping it grow. "Is your family involved in any particular business?"

2/23/2017 #153
Magnificent Demon King

Noiére's eyes would have glowed faintly in the dark of night, but didn't change colors, as she examined Jasper with more than just her eyes. Jasper was powerful, no doubt. Noiére and her brother had summoned low-level deamons before, the weak ones that can't take a proper physical form on earth, and bent them to their will. She instinctively knew jasper was far beyond her ability to control. Still, she found herself examining his power, and his essence. It was fascinating!

2/23/2017 #154
Hope of the Future

Though Jasper still held a look of indifference, his instincts told him to end the girl. After all, if she were to harm his master before he could get his soul, then the contract would be worth nothing at that point. That being said...

He glanced towards Alexander who glared at him in response, almost as if he knew what his butler was thinking. Weirdly, Jasper smirked, if only for a brief moment. It caused Alexander to cringe slightly, disturbed at seeing the emotionless man make even a little bit of a smile.

2/23/2017 #155
Magnificent Demon King

Noiére didn't think anything was off, untill she saw Alexander wince. That was somthing she hadn't expected, at all. She stopped herself from reacting, because she knew she would lose against a full demon of Jasper's power on her own. If she burned through all of her power at once, she could maybe be his equal for 30 seconds. She wasn't about to get killed for nothing, so she resolved not to start a fight.

2/23/2017 #156
Hope of the Future

Recovering from the horror that was Jasper smirking, Alexander suddenly snapped his fingers and Jasper immediately bent down to his boot; he cleaned a few specks of dust off of it before getting up and bowing.

"Well, now that you've gotten a good peak at my butler, what say we go inside? I'm sure someone's wondering where we got off to, and I wouldn't want any rumors spreading, after all."

2/23/2017 #157
Magnificent Demon King

Noiére nodded grimly to that, "The amount of work that must be preformed to keep our reputations sterling..." She held open her hand, and the pebbles that made her ward if silence flew to her palm. "Lets go."

2/23/2017 #158
Hope of the Future

Let's go? Tch... Like she was ordering him around... He was only going inside because he wanted to!

Alexander nodded his head and his butler followed him inside wordlessly. "Let's hope we weren't gone too long..."

2/23/2017 #159
Magnificent Demon King

Noiére arrived at the door without responding, and they quickly made their way back yo the party, which was beginning to wind down. Noiére, having had little if the food, said "What say we aquire some food? I haven't really checked it out yet tonight."

2/23/2017 #160

"That name I do recognize." Wallace said, actually sounding surprised by the revelation. He had been keeping an eye of the raising companies -mostly to make sure his own didn't fall- now and then, but didn't really expected to actually meet someone of a well know company in a ball like this. While he couldn't turn to look at his butler, he wondered if Nicholas knew someone like Lungent would come to this party, knew of the possibilities for his company that would come to be with the amount of decent people interested in his company's works.

Killing two birds with a stone, making him come to interact with peoplel and open new opportunities for his company, that sounded like something Nicholas would do.

"I'm surprised to meet here someone of a well know company like yours, sir Durnrire." Wallace said, something as calm as before but somehow looking more relaxed than before. Propably to hear it wasn't another opportunist or rat, but an actual person with their own accomplishment. "My company would be Silvercotton Textile, one of the top brands out there, if the newspaper hasn't been covering it up for me."

2/24/2017 #161
Magnificent Demon King

Lungent nodded in recognition, "Ah yes, I've heard of you. My sister was torn the other day about which company to order choth from. I've met your competitors as well tonight.... and I believe I will be recommending your brand to her." He held up his glass, as if asking wallace to toast with him.

2/25/2017 #162
Hope of the Future

"Of course; so long as I don't get called out for touching someone inappropriately, that is." He chuckled a bit at his subtle jab towards the incident from earlier. He still wasn't entirely sure that was the case, but given her...unique personality, he wouldn't put it past the girl.

2/26/2017 #163

Wallace had to take another glass for the toast, given he had left his own empty and away not too long ago. "Ah, you will have my gratitude for that, and I can assure you our products are of the best quality." He hummed, following with the other's actions and holding his glass up. He remembering having done something simililar on a past party, that had been a long time ago, he hoped he didn't hit the glass too hard this time.

2/26/2017 #164
Magnificent Demon King

She returned to being more subdued once they'd entered the party again, and her voice got a bit softer. "I haven't the faintest idea as to what you may be referring.... unless you're trying to say that you are a pedofile as well?"

2/28/2017 #165
Magnificent Demon King

Lungent wondered at wallace's odd hesitancy, but kept that off of his friendly mask and went ahead with the toast anyway. "To prosporus friendships."

2/28/2017 #166

"To prosperous friendhips." Repeated Wallace, glad to hear the simple clang of the glass clinking together rather than the sound of glass falling everywhere. Afterwards, he went to take a small sip of the glass, at a slow pace, to enjoy it before he stopped drinking all together. He couldn't afford to get himself drunk now, having a headache in the morning didn't sound appealing in the slightlest.

3/1/2017 #167
Magnificent Demon King

Lungent had no such worries, as he had an inhumanly high alcohol tolerance. He still restrained himself to drinking at a sedate pace of course, he had to appear refined. The less people had to spin gossip about, the better, and he really didn't want to be called an alcoholic. After that drink, he sent Wallace an inquisitive look. "I would have expected to run into you before. You're company does quite well, so I can't imagine you don't get loads of party invitations."

3/1/2017 #168

((Oh, I SO did not see this. I decided to check if there was something I missed or not)) Ciel gave a shrug, "For her sake I hope she knows how he is," Ciel mused. He was having a hard time believing that a smart woman would want to be with the Viscount, so maybe it was force. He didn't know. Ciel wanted to let out a groan as he was told how long they had left. He didn't because he feared someone would see. He rose an eyebrow. "Like what?" He honestly didn't know what couples did.

3/1/2017 #169

"Too much, actually." Wallace said, remembering that he had cancelled some less -in comparison- important ones, given some where right next to each other in date that there would be no time for him to prepare or rest at all if he was too accept. "I had to cut down some time too, I'm afraid I had to check some new shipments from my company, so I have made less appearances in parties and such, that's mostly the reason."

3/3/2017 #170
cute blackberry

"Hmm." Zoe's lips become slowly became a straight line as she let out a low groan. The duchess didn't know one thing on how coupes were suppose to interact with each other, maybe that was a small lie. Being a female of the rich society, Zoe had be forced to understand what couple were and weren't allowed to do along with her other studies. It was the act of doing it, was what proved hard.

"I don't know..." She sighed, irritated. "There's dancing...talking...talking...hating..."


A bright smile grew across Aleistar's handsome features and he took Rei's hand carefully in his own. "A blast if I do say myself, I am glad to hear you're having the same." He glanced back to the older couple behind, giving them a smile and nod before moving him and Rei elsewhere. "Before the night leave's I believe I should introduce to some of my relatives."

3/4/2017 #171

Rei nodded and let Aleister take her by the hand. "Who are we meeting first? Your cousin?" she asked looking around to see if she could spot her future nephew-in-law. Suddenly, she stomach quietly let out a rumble. "But first, can I nibble on something to eat first? I haven't had anything since we came down."

3/4/2017 #172
Magnificent Demon King

Lungent nodded. "I see. I too, have declined my fare share when traveling around to inspect parts of my own business. Honestly, It's actually better this way. If we're not a common sight at every party, it makes getting us to come a prize, and all but guarantees that more people worth meeting will show up."

3/5/2017 #173

"However, there is always the risk of giving the wrong image by saying no to too many invitations. Keeping a good balance between one's social life and business is difficult but rewarding at the same time." Wallace commented, slightly nodding at Lungent's comment regarding the meeting of those with 'pages' he hadn't seen before. "Meetings like this are worth coming here, despise the dancing and mild annoyance the proves to be talking with most of the guest, but I'm sure we aren't the only ones here with interesting pages to read- sometimes covers hid their contents too well, I'm afraid."

3/8/2017 #174
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