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cute blackberry
This arc is loosely tied to the main arcs. Meaning, very little affect the story. Just a place to rp during down time.
2/2/2017 #1

St. Paul's Cathedral; London.

Priest's office

Rei sat next to Aliester on the wooden bench that was outside of the office of the priest that was to marry them in the coming spring. She wore a dark brown day dress that had a cream colored buttons going down the front and over it, a black coat that had a fur collar. In her lap was a cream colored purse. The meeting the engaged couple were to have was to put the final touches on the ceremony and to sign some papers. After the marriage, Rei would have to have her public ceremony naming her Viscountess Druitt, so that meant even more papers to sign for her. She was admittedly a little stressed out about the whole ordeal, but chose not to show it less the Viscount noticed and made it into something bigger in his own dramatical way.

2/2/2017 #2
cute blackberry

Aleistor sat next to the woman, his arm was propped on the bench's arm as his chin rested on his hand. The Viscount was clad in his common attire of a white suit, blue pocket square, ascot, in short all those normal things he wears. The man's gaze had not met Rei since they arrived outside the office~ his sight remained fixed on the drab wall in front of them. Every now and again Rei would be able to make out his blond brows knit in deep thought.

It was obvious something else was on Aleistor's mind and it wasn't anything to do with their soon-to-be marriage. Knowing the other side of his nature Rei herself might not have been on the Viscount's thoughts.

2/3/2017 #3

"You're board too." said Rei half questioningly as she saw her fiancee's blond brows knitted in deep thought. "Shouldn't be long now. Whoever he's meeting with must be important or he likes to make engaged couples squirm." She looked at the oak door that had a single iron cross on it.

2/3/2017 #4
cute blackberry
The only sound of acknowledgement Rei would get was a grunt until the next half of her statement. Aleistor broke his gaze from whatever had his full attention, brilliant amethyst eyes accompanied with a charming yet apologetic smile. "Sorry, dear I was miles away..." at that the door beside them creaked opened and a blur of peach and white went out so fast neither could gather much detail aside the colors.
2/4/2017 #5

Rei's brows shot up at the fast retreating figure. "Well someone's in a hurry....." she stated then turned her hazel eyes back upon the door. There was now a man who was of average height and looked to be in his early 60s. His short salt and pepper hair was cropped close to his head. He was in the standard non-mass priest clothing which consisted of black pants, a black shirt, and the recognizable white collar. He looked at Rei and Aliester then greeted them properly.

"Viscount Druitt, Lady Carmichael." he said. "I'm ready to see you both now."

2/4/2017 #6
Magnificent Demon King

Lungent looked around the shop in boredom as he waited for the tailor-girl to finish taking his measurements. He and his sister had been invited to a engagement party to be held in the near future, and were having new outfits commissioned for it.

But standing on a stool with nothing to do got boring!

Noiére sat in the waiting chair while she read a novel, waiting for her turn.

2/5/2017 . Edited 2/5/2017 #7
cute blackberry
In the char next to Noiére was a young girl clad in one the most expensive dresses of the time. It actually posed question as to why she was even there. The dress itself was black with ruffles on the skirt, mourning the loss of a loved one perhaps. A bored fell passed Zoe's lips as she glanced around the tailor shop. Who's idea was it to be here? Oh right, the tall and white dressed gentleman standing dutifully at her side. Damn, Noah. Why did she need another dress? There was literally hundreds in her closet at home!
2/5/2017 #8
Magnificent Demon King

Noiére looked over at the girl next to her out of the corner of her eye. She kew that she'd seen this girl before.... but couldn't recall her name. Her dress screamed 'I'm rich, important, and beautiful... and I know it to.' Noiére had a few of those kinds if dresses in her own closet.... though she preferred simpler designs herself.

2/5/2017 #9
cute blackberry
Zoe looked like she could slump out the chair and on to the floor. Tailor shop by far were the most boring places to be...well, parties hosted by society's high and rich were at the top of the list of boredom in Zoe's book. And, one of those parties was the culprit of her sitting there bored out her mind. Zoe felt the female next her stare at her...maybe not directly but Zoe knew when she was being looked. "Thinking of ways to entertain your mind before you go insane?" she queried, her accent was not thick nor light and fit with both rich and poor alike.
2/5/2017 #10
Magnificent Demon King

Noiére held up her novel so Zoe could see the cover, then put her bookmark in and closed it. It was a romance novel with some pretty dark themes, the kind of things normal nobles pretend don't exist. "I carry this around with me for that exact reason." She held her hand out to Zoe, "I am Noiére Durnrire, and that," she gestured eith her other handto the man standing on a stool, "is my brother Lungent, the Marquess of Durnrire." Her voice was soft, but articulate.

2/5/2017 . Edited 2/5/2017 #11
cute blackberry

A fine trimmed chestnut perked in interest at the book Noiere held. It seemed this one had good taste in literature. "Pleasure to meet you Ms. Durnrire," a black clad hand outstretched and took Noiere shaking it with surprising firmness. "I am Duchess Zoe Rowell," her head nodded over to the butler beside her, "and this my butler Noah." The man Noah acknowledged the other noblewoman with a polite smile in her direction his focus seemed to went elsewhere after that.

"Marquess of Durnrire?" Zoe's attention went to Lungent for a split second before turning back to Noiere. "Getting prepared for a grand party, the two of you?"


"Wonderful." Aleistor stated with a bit of cheer. He stood then turned to Rei, taking her hand and guiding her into the priest's office.

2/5/2017 #12
Magnificent Demon King

Noiére smiled and sighed slightly, "Indeed we are... because every large party demands a new outfit." She used her great acting skills to make sure no trace of suprise or unease made it to her face. Considering her brother's illicit activities, it's not overly supriseing that she'd be nervous around 'The Queen's Bitch.' She was feared in the underworld almost as much as 'The Queen's Guard Dog.'

Avoiding their attention was the reason Lungent was carful not to work with the kind of people those two are usually sent after. The kind of people who's underworld dealings harm those who stand innocently in the light.

2/5/2017 #13
cute blackberry

"Don't they always?" Zoe said behind a sigh. "Every ball ever held orders the most beautiful gowns and handsome suits around no matter the cost or whichever. Be nice if there was a party where clothes and jewelry were not constantly the eye of the event." she said going about the conversation in a rather casual way. Despite the name having some knowledge to the duchess, she sincerely didn't care much. Not at this moment.

2/5/2017 . Edited 2/5/2017 #14
Magnificent Demon King

Noiére nodded with a small chuckle in agreement, and asked "Admittedly, cost isn't something most of our peers think about, unless they run some form of business. Sometimes not even they think about it." She paused as she considered the idea she presented. "Indeed, that would be interesting... but then what would the eye of the event be?"

2/5/2017 #15

Rei let the Viscount lead her into the priest's office and they both sat down into the two offered seats. The priest, who's name was Father Morgan, sat down in his seat. "Your wedding will soon be upon us and you both just need to sign the final papers making it official, and you both will sign the ledger during the wedding itself." He opened a drawer and reached into it pulling out a plain looking folder and took out some documents.

"I'm sorry I won't be able to attend your engagement party."

2/5/2017 #16
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