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cute blackberry

In the wee hours of a chilly autumn morning in London, a mysterious elderly clothed in tattered material comes with the fog of the night accompanied by a middle-aged man. This old woman claims to have a gift to heal the sick and injured and the man has a power to cleanse tainted souls and expose one's true mask. It all seems too good to be true but indeed, it is the truth. People throughout London are seeing themselves and family members rid the burdens of their lecherous doings and life consuming disease.

Yes, all for most but not all. Since the odd duo had appeared, some residents of London are shunned, catching whispers in questions that they are not one with God. These people can't seem to get anyone to pay them mind and if they do, it's not friendly. Just what could this be?

3/29/2017 #1

"He's not an evil man!"

That was the statement which was yelled to the mysterious man that stood in the shadows. The only thing that was visible to the woman who was looking up at him were his piercing green eyes that held a fire and seemed to be staring right into the female's soul. Said woman was on her knees protecting a man who had been seriously injured; a puddle of blood dripped from the wound in his side, his golden hair completely disheveled. The color of his lavender eyes seemed to becoming a dull color.....

Rei jerked awake and sat straight up in bed. She was covered in a light sweat as her hazel eyes wandered around the still darkened room since the sun hadn't come up yet. This dream, no, this nightmare had been going on for two weeks straight. Removing the covers from herself, she got out of bed and walked to the curtained window. Rei slightly opened the closed curtain to peer out into the still empty London street. Only a lone horse drawn cart came ambling past the row of white townhouses and the early morning fog had not yet lifted.

4/5/2017 #2
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