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Half-demons are the supernatural children of humans and demons who engage in sexual intercourse resulting in pregnancy. Half-demons look like normal men and women of society albeit more attractive than most. Half-demons have permanent black fingernails, pale glowing magenta eyes, and a Faustian seal located on a conspicuous part of the body.

Soul consumption is very important for a half-demon. Half-demon have hollow spots in their soul that needs filling every so often or it will get larger and larger until it finally engulfs the soul. Thus, killing the half-demon. They must consume a soul once a month, every three months at the pure minimum pass that stage the half-demon will become weaken at first then weight loss will happen following the contracting of disease until they are finally walking skeletons. They can eat all the bread and butter they so choose. It will not stop the death to come.

Half-demon are commonly born to low class (numerous being prostitutes) human mothers and male demons. It is an oddity for a half-demon to be mothered by a demon and even more so if they are birthed in high classes. Half-demon born of wealth are often the product of Faustus contracts and frowned upon by their low class brethren.

Half-demon can reproduce with the following, human, demon, and witch/warlock. They cannot produce offspring with reapers and angels.

Known Past Leaders – Savoir Merci reign 57 AD – 160 AD, Savoir Laurel reign 160 AD – 165 AD, Savoir Mica reign 165 AD – 500 AD, Savoir??? reign??? - ???, Savoir Dominic reign 1300 AD – 1399 AD, Savoir Fiona reign 1434 AD – 1691 AD, Savoir Richard reign 1691 AD – 1812 AD.

Current Leader – Savoir Dianna reign 1812 AD – present.

Notable Song – We're marching, we're marching out to a gray sky and red tainted soil. As we march sing, clemency, clemency, clemency, clemency for you and me. Take one last look 'cause dying is our final right. Another verse is, Take one last look 'cause we shall die tonight.

Abilities –

Immortality, Healing, and Endurance – All half-demon can be young forever if they consume enough human souls. A half-demon who stops eating souls, signs a death sentence and will die slowly and painfully over the course of a year from when the soul consumption ended. Souls are the only way Halfling can remain youthful, have physical strength, and heal at faster rates. Keep in mind half-demon is not like full demons and not like a humans. Depending on the wound(s), how many souls they eat, whether or not they are moving around while injured all plays big factors in healing processes. A gunshot wound would take a half-demon who ate often and rested two weeks to heal where a half-demon who ate sparsely and wiggles too much, may heal within a month.

Half-demon can only so many attacks in terms of gunshots and stabbings. While they can tough it better than a human eventually they fall and far sooner than a demon.

Fire Control – The ability appears to be a Faustian contract only to full demons. For Half-demons controlling and creating fire is a common power and their normal means of attacking.

Levitation – Very common, all half-demon can do this without effort.

Demonic Speed – Another common power, that varies between half-demons. Half-demon can outrun their human counterparts all day of the week, however, most will find it difficult to outdo a full demon's speed.

Demonic Strength – Varies in half-demons. Ones who do activity that is more physical seem stronger than ones who do not.

Enhanced Smell – Half-demons can pick up any scent, even telling if a person is injured, if something is outside their race, reapers, angels, demons, etc. They can pick up any scent.

Soul sensing – Half-demons can pick signs of human life in a short and medium distance.

Transformation – Another normal power. Though its more used by half-demons who have lived an extended amount of time to change to a new identity.

Manipulation – A hit or miss power. Older half-demons seem to have better luck in manipulating humans than younger ones.

Body Manipulation – This is not an easy ability and takes years practice.

Manifestation – Younger half-demon can recreate small things like a bedroom taking up to six hours where older half-demons can recreate the same bedroom within two hours.

Demonic conversion – It is unknown if Halfling are capable of turning a human into a demon. There is myth half-demons can be transformed in full-fledged demon by gingerly removing what soul they have. This had been practiced by half-demons centuries ago and all written records explain the half-demon dying or getting unsavory results. Therefore, half-demon to demon conversion practices are outlawed.



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