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Here is an example of what to fill out if you want a canon character just say that.

Name: Shea Serphina Laylin

Nickname: She

Alias: Queen Panther

Gender: Female

Alliance: Good, for the most part

Age: 17

Abilities: Can shapeshift into any animal she wants. Can also control shadows.

Weakness: She can't stay in an animal form for more than three hours, this becomes a real problem if she's knocked out because she doesn't change back to human. If she stays in the sun for long she burns to death.

Preferred Weapons: While as a hero, a bow and arrow. While a villain she only uses a katanna and her powers.

Personality: She is dark and will often muttered something dark and evil. Doesn't really like to be a villain, but has to sometimes. She is very unstable and can snap at a moments notice. She doesn't like human touch.

Appearance: Shea is pretty tall for an introvert standing at a tall 6 foot 2. She has white hair and pale skin making her look like a ghost. Her eyes are an icy blue. Animal form- if she is in animal form she is an albino version of that animal, the only exception is when she is a panther she is black.

Costume: She wears, while parading as a villain, a skin tight leather suit, kinda like Catwoman, since her feature are so distinguishable she wears a black wig making it look like she is a panther. As a hero she wears a blue armor like crop top and a cloak over it. The pants are made of the same armor like clothing. She uses her natural look.

History: Shea went with her mother to a chemical plant because her mother worked there. The plant was sabotaged and it blew up killing everybody except for Shea, who managed to find a safe spot thanks to a black cat. Even though she lived she couldn't escape the radiation. Soon after that she started stopping crime while messing with the dynamic duo.

Other: Does not like changing into canines.

This is one of my characters.

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