The CaveWings are a secret tribe living in the mass of caves that snakes under Pyrrhia. Their scales range from dark gray to light brown. They have purple, blue, green, pink, yellow, orange, or red crystal spikes on their tails, backs, and horns. Their eyes are one of the colors listed above, but their eye color can't be the same as their spike color. The only exception is Animus CaveWings, which have the same eye and spike colors. They eat bats, foxes, and raccoons. Join the ranks of the CaveWings today!
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Shadowglow's Reign

Name: Crystal

Age: 14 moons

Scale Color: A light shade of blue

Crystal Spike Color: Dark blue

Eye Color: Green

Personality: Bright, happy, loves to make people smile, kind of like Sunny I think :)

Notable Family: Has one sister, Coral. They are almost identical except Coral is taller and has purple eyes.

History (Optional): I'll pass for now, but will come back later and add one :)

Other: I don't think there's much else to add.

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Yay! You came!

7/1/2016 #35

Name: Shard

Age: 9

Scale color: obsidian black wings, ruby red skcales, and jagged, crack-like design which is also obsidian black.

Spikes: sapphire blue

Eye color: yellow

Personality: He is strong and defends his friends with this life. Caring, strong, bulky, and stubborn.

Other: His scales are extremely strong, and he is abnormally large, already bigger than most full grown dragons.

He also has an unnatural rate of regeneration, super strong jaws, which he uses to eat the occasional crystal, and is physically very strong, due to his size.

Is this rp still open?

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The design runs all along his back and sides

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Yes everything is open! Welcome welcome welcome!

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Age:19 moons

Scale Color:very dark gray

Crystal Spike Color:Bright red

Eye Color:ice blue

Personality:very cunning but acts innocent has anger issues

Notable Family:none

History (Optional):can she be a animus? If so she enchanted a bracelet to make her Crystal color change

Other:Sup *puts on shades*

10/22/2016 #41

Heya, Shadow! You can be an animus :)

11/6/2016 #42

Thanks! Btw I totally didn't forget i sighed up here

11/17/2016 #43

I do that all the time xD

12/24/2016 #44

Name, Shade

Age 12 years

Scale color, Dark grey

Crystal spike color, Red

Eye colour, blue

Personality, dark, suspicious of everyone, keeps to herself. When you get to know her however she is dry, sarcastic and fun. Extremely overprotective of Luna.

Family, sister, Luna

History, parents died when she turned 7 so, she was forced to raise Luna.

Name Luna

Age, 6 years old

Scale colour, Light grey

Crystal spikes, Blue

Eye colour, Green

Personality, Bubbly, trusting of everyone. Loves her sister but still finds her annoying.

Family, Shade

History, she never knew her parents, the only family she knows is Shade.

Other, Animus, (if it gets approved)

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