The CaveWings are a secret tribe living in the mass of caves that snakes under Pyrrhia. Their scales range from dark gray to light brown. They have purple, blue, green, pink, yellow, orange, or red crystal spikes on their tails, backs, and horns. Their eyes are one of the colors listed above, but their eye color can't be the same as their spike color. The only exception is Animus CaveWings, which have the same eye and spike colors. They eat bats, foxes, and raccoons. Join the ranks of the CaveWings today!
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Amethyst searched the cave thoroughly. "I towd you dere was nobwady here!" Flint squeaked.

"Well, we will just have to follow his scent, if we can find it." Amethyst concluded.

6/17/2016 #61

"Uh-huh," Midnight murmured, with a nod.

6/17/2016 #62

"Midnight, can you scent Quartz? He smells like the Crystal Brook, because he played in it yesterday." Amethyst asked.

6/17/2016 #63

"No," Midnight reported, scenting the air. "No sign of him."

6/17/2016 #64

Amethyst sighed, blinking back tears. "I don't smell him either. Should we tell anyone he is missing? My mom would be devastated..."

6/17/2016 #65

"We should," Midnight responded, nodding slightly. "Then at least she could help us look for your brother."

6/17/2016 #66

"Alright, let's tell the Queen." Amethyst said, She can start search parties, or something."

6/17/2016 #67

Midnight nodded. "Do you know where she is at this moment?" she asked.

6/17/2016 #68

"I does know!" Flint exclaimed, "I seed her when I was wooking for yous! She was by tha pwey pile!"

6/17/2016 #69

"Thanks, Flint," Midnight responded, heading toward the prey pile. She beckoned to Amethyst.

6/17/2016 #70

"Yes?" Amethyst asked, quickening her pace to match Midnight's.

6/17/2016 #71

"Just wondering... could I bring Ebony too?" Midnight asked.

6/17/2016 #72

"Oh, yeah! I can't wait to meet her." Amethyst smiled.

6/17/2016 #73

Midnight walked over to Ebony's den. "Can you come, Ebony?"

"Huh?" Ebony's head jerked up. "Where?"

"To find Amethyst's brother," Midnight responded impatiently.

Ebony shrugged, following her back to the two dragons.

6/17/2016 #74

"Hewwo new dwagon! I'm Flint!" Flint waved his little talons at Ebony.

6/17/2016 #75

Ebony laughed. "Hi Flint!" she replied with a smile. "I'm Ebony! Nice to meet you." Midnight watched through narrowed eyes, but didn't say anything.

6/17/2016 #76

"Alright, this is serious, Flint. Let's go," Amethyst said briskly, after noticing Midnight's expression.

6/17/2016 #77

Midnight headed toward the prey pile, flicking her tail for the others to follow.

6/17/2016 #78

Amethyst followed. The closer she got to the Queen, the more her talons began to shake with nerves.

6/19/2016 #79

Midnight glanced back at everyone, before continuing on, her claws clicking on the hard stone.

6/19/2016 #80

When Amethyst was a couple of steps away from the Queen, she bowed low, pulling a confused Flint down with her.

6/19/2016 #81

Midnight tucked in her claws, spreading her wings in a bow as well, shifting uncomfortably. From beside her, she could see that Ebony did the same.

6/19/2016 #82

"You may rise." Queen Opal said, with a smile playing on he lips, "Very respectful young dragons, that is good."

6/19/2016 #83

Midnight dipped her head.

6/19/2016 #84

"Yes, yes thank you." Queen Opal sniffed, "What do you dragonets need?"

6/20/2016 #85

"Amethyst and Flint's brother's missing," Midnight replied.

6/20/2016 #86

"Oh, dear, a subject missing?" Queen Opal fretted, "I'll send our search parties right away! It's Quartz, right?"

Amethyst nodded, "Yes, your majesty."

6/20/2016 #87

Midnight looked on.

6/20/2016 #88

"Oh, yes, and may I get your names?" Queen Opal asked.

6/20/2016 #89

"I'm Midnight, and this is my sister Ebony," she said briskly.

6/20/2016 #90
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