The CaveWings are a secret tribe living in the mass of caves that snakes under Pyrrhia. Their scales range from dark gray to light brown. They have purple, blue, green, pink, yellow, orange, or red crystal spikes on their tails, backs, and horns. Their eyes are one of the colors listed above, but their eye color can't be the same as their spike color. The only exception is Animus CaveWings, which have the same eye and spike colors. They eat bats, foxes, and raccoons. Join the ranks of the CaveWings today!
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I'm starting up the roleplay!

Basically this roleplay is of the CaveWings living their secret lives. Once the plot thickens, there will be separate roleplays for quests and such.

Don't kill anyone's character without permission. Be respectful, be kind, keep it realistic!


6/14/2016 #1

Midnight paced in her room, breathing out small plumes of fire to light her way.

6/14/2016 #2

Amethyst blinked open her blue eyes. She sensed someone else was awake in the caverns.

6/14/2016 #3

Midnight glanced around, before heading out of her room.

6/14/2016 #4

Amethyst hesitated when she heard claws and tail spikes clattering in the halls. She grabbed a torch and peeked into the shady hallway.

6/14/2016 #5

I'll go hunting, Midnight decided, walking toward the entrance of the cave. Her talons scraped the rough, stony ground as she headed to where bright sunshine was shining through the opening.

6/14/2016 #6

Aha! Amethyst saw a CaveWing with black spikes heading outside. I'll follow. Amethyst shuffled towards the sunlight.

6/14/2016 #7

Midnight walked slowly forward, her dark eyes darting back and forth, in search of prey. She unfurled her wings, flying into the air.

6/14/2016 #8

Amethyst worked up the courage to talk to her fellow CaveWing. Not the time to be shy. She spread her light brown wings and flew after the dragon. "Hello! Um... Midnight?" I think that's her name. She bit her talons nervously.

6/14/2016 #9

"Yes?" Midnight spun around, narrowing her eyes.

6/14/2016 #10

"I was wondering if I could... join you in whatever you doing..." Amethyst muttered awkwardly. It felt like Midnight's narrowed gaze was digging into her scales.

6/14/2016 #11

"Alright," Midnight said after a long moment, nodding. She flicked away clouds with her wing-tips. "You can come."

6/14/2016 #12

Amethyst sighed in relief and scanned the ground for prey. She spotted a herd of wildebeast. "Hey, I see some prey!"

6/14/2016 #13

Midnight tilted her head at her, before pressing her wings close to her body and swooping down to the ground, spiraling through the clouds.

6/14/2016 #14

Amethyst flew to the ground, cutting through the night air like a missle. She targeted a straggling Wildebeast and went for the kill.

6/14/2016 #15

Midnight landed on one, sinking her extended claws into the wildebeast. She ripped into its flesh, killing it with a sharp bite to the spine. It instantly collapsed, limping quickly.

6/14/2016 #16

Amethyst clobbered her kill with her tail spikes and bit its spine. The rest of the herd was thundering away.

6/14/2016 #17

"That was a pretty good catch," Midnight commented, tilting her head at Amethyst.

6/14/2016 #18

"You, too! I love your technique!" Amethyst found herself smiling. Maybe I've found a friend.

6/14/2016 #19

"Thanks," Midnight responded.

6/14/2016 #20

"You're welcome!" Amethyst replied, "We should probably head back to the Caves, before any of the tribes of above so us." She glanced at the rising sun. The night had been their only cover.

(The Above Tribes are tribes in the WoF books.

CaveWings are only allowed outside at night so they aren't discovered.)

6/14/2016 #21

"You're right." Midnight headed back in the direction of the cave.

6/14/2016 #22

Amethyst followed, beating her wings faster and faster as the sunlight touched her scales, making her light purple crystals glitter.

6/14/2016 #23

Midnight spiraled down to the cave.

6/15/2016 #24

Amethyst landed with a thump behind her and placed the torch on an empty holder. "Now what should we do?"

6/16/2016 #25

"We could practice fighting moves," Midnight suggested.

6/16/2016 #26

"Oh, that sounds fun! I've been working on some techniques involving the crystals on our backs. Maybe I could teach them to you! Amethyst exclaimed.

6/16/2016 #27

"That would help," Midnight said carefully, curling her claws in. "What are they?"

6/16/2016 #28

Amethyst quickly reviewed the strategies in her head, and then spoke to Midnight, "The first one is pretty easy. You roll into a ball, which exposes the crystal spikes on your back. Then roll forward on top of your enemy! It takes a ton of balance, and I haven't quite perfected it yet."

6/16/2016 #29

"Then how is it pretty easy?" Midnight asked.

6/16/2016 #30
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