The Islands of Paradise (ACTIVE as of 1252021)
(STILL ACTIVE, Roleplayers Welcome) Welcome to Las Islas del Paraiso. A a collection of small islands in the Pacific. Home to wonderful towns and great people and host to the most beautiful waves in the Pacific. The population on the island are multinational citizens, hailing from different countries of the world. Many are athletes, musicians, artists, and scientists. But even some people have their problems in the Islands of Paradise
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Lalo The Young Chef



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4/30/2016 #1
The Gardian

Name:Alex Miles


Date of Birth:12th September

Zodiac Sign:Virgo



Appearance:Alex is about 6ft with a muscular strong body type. He has slightly tanned skin with a splattering of freackls across his face, esspesually under his dark green eyes. He has jet black hair cut short to stay out of his face. He ussually wears dark blue shorts, white sneakers and a black vest top for when he's running, but a pair of dark green swimming trunks when training in the water.

Personality:Alex is very hyperactive, he seems unable to stand still for more then a few minutes at a time, he is very driven to achieve his goal of the olymics. He is very Gentelmanly always putting the needs of others above his own. He is very stubborn and is almost impossible to anger. However once he loses his temper he can be terrifing and never forgets a grudge. He is ussually very cheerful and optermistic.

History(optional): Alex comes originally from Spain but moved to America when he was young. There he discovered his love for swimming. Once he was old enough he moved to the island to train in the sea to become a strong long distance swimmer

Skills:exerlant cook, swimming, knitting, dancing

Sport(s):swimming, running


Other:he has a weakness for anything sweet

5/1/2016 #2
Lalo The Young Chef


5/1/2016 #3
Lalo The Young Chef

Name: James Buchanan

Nickname: Jay, Beach Bum. JB

Age: 26

Date of Birth: July 23, 1989

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Gender/Sex: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Appearance: He stands at six feet, two inches. He has well tanned skin, rare lavender coloured eyes. An inch long light brown beard, long curly light brown hair, eighteen inches long. He has a tattoo on his right pectoral of a half naked woman holding a wine bottle and a surfboard. On his wrist he has a black bar with a wave over it. On his left shoulder he as a ship wheel, anchor, and sparrow.

Face claim: Ben Barnes

Personality: James is a relaxed dude. He treats Surfing like it's some type of religion. Kind of stubborn, with a slight ego and cockiness.

Skills:He can make many different types of sandwiches.

Sport(s): Surfing, rock climbing, free diving.

Instrument(s): Ukulele

Other: He likes to Skate in his free time. He also likes to fish

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The Gardian


5/1/2016 #5
Lalo The Young Chef

You welcome.

5/1/2016 #6
The Gardian

Let me know when the RPing starts thanks

5/1/2016 #7
Lalo The Young Chef

Alright. I'll start it soon.

5/1/2016 #8
The Gardian

Okie dokie

5/1/2016 #9

Name: Noelina (Nolie) Mahoe

Age: 19

Date of Birth: July 28

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Gender/Dec: female

Sexualirty: Hetero

Apprarance: Noelie is a solid 5'8" with all leg and a long and lean muscled build. Her ink black hair goes to small butt and is very wavy. Her skin is deeply tanned but with not tattoos or anything except a large scar on her left side. Shark jaws. Her eyes are a very pale yellow kind of colour, with mile long lashes. Clothing wise she usually rocks a pair of shorts and a tee or tank with her bikini under.

Personality: Noelie is deeply connected to her (fathers side) heritage of the Hawaiian cutler, having grown up in Hawaii her entire life. She's also very stubborn and determined to do what others says she can't. She feels right at home in the water and wouldn't trade her life for anything.

History: Nolie comes from Castles, Oahu, Hawaii and was a big surfer since she was itty bitty. Her mother is a German and her father is Hawaiian. She's always been in the water, but during one of her competitions when she was 15, she got attacked by a tiger shark. The girl had a rough recovery, but pushed through and manages to get back on a board. She moved awaY from her home to pursue her career, having sponsorships from Rip Curl, Roxy, and even an indorsment from Monster.

Skills: swimming, can dance a little, ukelale

Sports: Surfing and swimming

Instruments: Ukelale

Other: has a Rooster named Big Man.

5/1/2016 #10
Lalo The Young Chef


5/2/2016 #11
Lalo The Young Chef

Name: Reggie Green

Age: 34

Date of birth: May 4, 1983

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Gender/Sex: Male


Appearance: He stands at 6 feet 2 inches, his hair was short and salt and pepper colors, he also has a scruffy beard. His build is athletic and soldier like. He has a USMC emblem on the right side of his ribcage. He usually wears jeans, hiking boots and raglens or tank tops.

Face Claim: Ryan Reynolds

Personality: Ryan Reynolds

Skills: CQC expert, marksman, survivalist, talented rock climber.

Occupation: Soldier, Government agent, Explorer

Equipment: he has a thigh holster for a Beretta PX4 Storm. If he is in the field he has a harness on that holds a pouch on his right hip, above his left buttock, and a knife holder above his right buttock, a survival knife made of high grade steel. He also has a neck mic and earbud. Amd a small radio on his right pectoral.

1/12/2018 #12

Name: Illiad Wilson

Age: 23

Date of Birth: 10/01/1994

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Gender/Sex: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Appearance: Illiad has slightly sun kissed pale skin and a heart-shaped face. Naturally wavy black tresses stop just beneath her shoulders and she has often been told her eyes are a haunting shade of clear blue. She would best be described as curvy, her slim hourglass figure accentuated by a rounded butt and perky full breasts that she works hard to maintain. She has a tattoo of Yggdrasil, the Norse Tree of Life, in the center of her back, The eye of Horus on the back of her neck and a garter belt in peach ink around her upper right thigh. She likes to wear yoga pants, comfortable and stylish, and bohemian tops or tanks.

Face Claim: Michelle Trachtenberg

Personality: She never meets a stranger, happy in public settings and a social butterfly. She is naive, sometimes overly trusting, and tends to see the good in people until she's literally slapped in the face by the bad.

History(optional): Growing up in California with her mom, Illiad was in the spotlight from the jump. Her mother's rock band had climbed the charts, Heart becoming a national sensation, and her aunt as well. She was spoiled and often traveled with her mom having tutors privately to maintain her education. As such, she reached the level of a senior in high school at 16, and went on to Stanford to study journalism. She graduated with an internship under her belt at the LA Times, and her first assignment sent her out to an island she'd never heard of with a task to document local life and wildlife and give readers an understanding of this place and its customs.

Skills: Great with people, conversationalist, talented writer and photographer.


Instrument(s): Vocals, bass guitar (not very good)

Other: She loves to drink and has experimented with the drug scene; X, Acid and Weed her favorites though she doesn't get 'wild' as much as she used to on the road.

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Lalo The Young Chef


1/12/2018 #14

Name: Cara Marianne Delecriox

Nickname: Cara, Nutjob, Basketcase

Age: 23

Date of Birth: February 16

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Gender/Sex: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Appearance: Cara is an attractive young woman in a very refreshing way. She's petite, standing 5'5", with a nice tan on her skin, freckles dusting her shoulders and nose. Her eyes are the colour of the sky and heavily lashed, with a thick pair of eyebrows framing them. Her nose is small and pixie like with a golden hoop on the left side. She keeps her blonde hair just above shoulder length. She has a tattoo of the hand of god on her right palm and the hand of Fatima on her left.

Personality: She's not party animal, but likes to relax on her porch or just over all chill out. She's not a generally rude or mean person, but won't hold back the truth either. She absolutely hates secrets and will try to avoid conflict generally.

Skills: Palm and tarrot reading.

Sports: Surfing for giggles

Instruments: None

Other: nope

2/28/2018 #15
Lalo The Young Chef


2/28/2018 #16

Name: Cameron Celeste Ito

Nickname: Camy, Cam

Age: 17

Date of Birth: April 3

Sign: Aries

Gender/Sex: female

Sexuality: Bi

Appearence: Cameron is an Asian-French teen, her father from Japan. Her face is on the rounder side, but with her mothers high cheek bones. Her lips are full and her eyes are almond shaped. Her has her right nostrils pierced, as well as heavily pierced ears with her first lobes being gauged at about 0. Cam has dark rooted blonde hair with the occasional pastel colour put in a few places. Clothing wise, she favours shorts, a drug rug or sweatshirt and converse.

Face Claim: Hayley Kiyoko

Personality: Cameron is very blunt, doesn't particularly sugar coat, and hates to beat around the bush. She's competitive in almost everything and can be perceived as a bit of a bitch. The girl does have a bit of tornado personality, tending to leave a small mess, but is still very detail oriented. But wow, does she have a temper!

Skills: Very artistic and athletic

Sports: Surfing for fun, and dance for competition

Instruments: Drums

Other: Shes the half-sister of Cara Delecriox

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Lalo The Young Chef


3/22/2018 #18
Lalo The Young Chef

Name: Allen Green


Date of Birth: April 20

Zodiac Sign:Aries

Gender/Sex: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Appearance: Josh Hucherson in Futureman

Personality: Allen is a laid back gamer with a penchant for cannabis and Sci-Fi culture. He is a kind person, he is a friendly person and likes to tell jokes

Skills: Gaming, Rolling Blunts, Martial arts, and Coding

Sport(s): Skateboarding

Instrument(s): Guitar

Other: He is the nephew of Reggie Green

3/22/2018 #19
Lalo The Young Chef

Name: Adrian Miguel Ortiz

Nicknames: Mikey

Age: 36

Date of Birth: July 26

Zodiac Sign: Leo


Sexuality:HeteroSexual but he'll kiss a dude to piss off a bigot

Appearance: He stands at 6 feet 3 inches with broad shoulders and a muscular body, Short black hair with a short beard. Dark Green eyes. Dark tanned skin from years in the field, he has several tattoos on his body, mostly military related, some gang related. He has a bullet scar on his right shoulder and rope scar around his throat, suggesting he may have been hung at one point in his career, Six stabbing scars, one on his hand, two in his back, one on his stomach, and one on each thigh, they dont look too band.

Personality: He is a relax man, calm, calculated and methodical, he was once a soldier so he is a very organized individual.

History(optional): Adrian grew up and immigrant in the U.S., excelled through schooling and college, decided he wanted some action in his life so he enlisted in the military, joined The army and got selected for the Green Berets, enjoyed a career in the military and retired, looking to take his skills and experiences elsewhere. He found a passion in cooking and moved to the islands, bought a food truck and started his business

Skills: Exceptional Survival and Combat skills, certified field medic, Culinary Degree from CIA

Sport(s): Football, Rugby, American Football

Instrument(s): Harmonica

Other: Owns three dogs, German Shepard Named Leo, a Blue Nosed Pitbull named Princess, and a Black Labrador named Midnight

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