The Islands of Paradise (ACTIVE as of 1252021)
(STILL ACTIVE, Roleplayers Welcome) Welcome to Las Islas del Paraiso. A a collection of small islands in the Pacific. Home to wonderful towns and great people and host to the most beautiful waves in the Pacific. The population on the island are multinational citizens, hailing from different countries of the world. Many are athletes, musicians, artists, and scientists. But even some people have their problems in the Islands of Paradise
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Lalo The Young Chef

The island is full of college students at this time, spring break is going tk begin soon.

1/12/2018 #1

The band had their amps turned to full blast, Illiad swaying and turning as she danced a samba on the tiny piece of floor she'd claimed for her own. She had popped 'x' that day before going out, the party spirit hitting the island hard as spring breakers arrived in droves, and she could put off one day of photographing the island to blow off some steam. Her body glistened from the sweat she'd worked up, licking dry cherry red lips with her tongue as she spun, laughing, and she put her hands in her hair as she let her hips take control once more, the black leggings and tight black tank she wore showing off her fit figure.

"You look like you're having a good time!" Hands spun her around and tugged her in close to a firm frame, the girl's blue orbs shooting wide and looking up to find a strange man who must have been in his early 20's leering down at her. "Let's have fun together."

She could feel the seductive fingers of ecstasy working its way through her veins, and so she gave over, relaxing in his hands and putting her own on his shoulders, let the beat send her hips swaying once more, their forms pressed together. She didn't care who this guy was, she came out to get swept away in the music, and if he wanted to ride along, she would let him.

The song ending, she went to a side table, her 5'5'' frame not much taller than the table itself that sat on stilts, and swiped up a bottle of water. This drug made her thirsty...made everyone thirsty, and she needed to stay hydrated. Draining it and asking a waitress to bring her another, she heard a new beat and turned towards the dance floor again with a smile. Only, she never got a chance to make her way back to her spot on her own, the blonde haired man yanking her by her arm into his chest again before turning her around and pressing her rounded backside into his center, bending his body in a bow to rest atop hers.

"You can't leave me alone out here", he whispered the words in her ear, his fingers gripping her chin and craning her neck so he could better have her attention. "I'd miss you too much." He laughed, though it wasn't kind, and his tone held menace. "How did that dance go again?"

She gasped as he pulled her even tighter into him, the man's fingers gripping her hips so tight she was sure she'd have bruises tomorrow. Trying to pull away, she struggled against him but couldn't break free, spinning awkwardly and slamming her hands into his chest. He laughed, but didn't budge, leaning towards her more and receiving a slap in his face for his troubles.

The mask falling, he gripped her hair and pulled her head back hissing, "You shouldn't have done that, bitch!"

He never had the time to make good on his threats, Illiad bringing her knee up hard and slamming it in between his legs as he hunkered down to the ground with a pitiful yell. Turning around and noticing that those around were now watching her with wide eyes, she swiped her water bottle and took another drink before going outside and lighting up a cigarette, tapping the heel of her boot on the ground as she tried to calm her nerves.

1/12/2018 #2
Lalo The Young Chef

Reggie. Was walking across the street, he was wearing a pair of dark jeans, combat boots and a black leather belt, he had his gun inbetween his pant and boxers, he was wearing a closed floral shirt and had his military watch on his left wrist,he also was wearing a beanie. He was looked at his phone and lighting a cigarette between his lips.

He stopped before he reached the club and looked down an alley. He leaned against wall next to Illiad and took a long drag from his cigarette. He looked at her then back to his phone, he closed it and shoved it into his pocket. He pulled a joint out of his beanie and lit it, taking a few hits from it before passing it to Illiad.

1/12/2018 #3

Her pulse still racing, the 'x' only serving to make it harder to control and calm herself, she swiped at the joint without hardly a glance to the man who'd walked up beside her. Deeply inhaling, she hoped the herb would lower her pulse and calm her down, crossing her arms over her stomach and still angrily tapping her heel. Taking another hit before passing it back, she held this one in and shut her eyes when she let it escape through maroon painted lips, a small growl going with it.

1/12/2018 #4
Lalo The Young Chef

Reggie looked at her and took his joint back and took three hits before passing it to her. "Hey, do you know where i can go to get fucked up? And would you join Me?" He asked her, leaned more toward her. He had taken MDMA before he left the house snd itbwas starting to kick in. He looked her over and smirked, she looked like a scary badass. He checked his phone and then put it back in his pocket.

1/12/2018 #5

The raven haired girl looked up at the man, his joint in her hand as she blew smoke out of the corner of her lips. "This is a bar behind me." She cocked a thin and shapely brow, her tone a bit standoffish. "I'm going back in here if you wanted to come." She wasn't going to let the actions of some drunk college prick ruin her whole evening. She came to dance and drink, and she wasn't giving that up because of him. He was handsome, much taller than her and muscular to boot. She saw a bulge on the side of his leg, the shape reminding her of a gun, and she realized he was packing. "You nervous? Needed a little heat at your hip?" She scoffed, passing the joint back to him and cocking her hip out, sized him up. He looked like he could hurt someone very badly with just his bare hands, no need for a firearm.

1/12/2018 #6
Lalo The Young Chef

Reggie chuckled and hit his joint again. "It's good for intimidation."he leaned againsted the wall and passed it to her. "It gets pretty dangerous sometimes." He told her. "Let's go inside, i want to drink some whiskey and do some x." He stood up straight and looked at her andnher figure. "You want to go shot for shot?"

1/12/2018 #7

Cocking a brow she laughed inside. Did he want to go shot for shot? She was an old pro at this game, and she'd drank many a roadie under the table at 16. "Yeah", she smirked up at him, "I'll go shot for shot with you. Don't cry when you fall off the stool though." She smiled, sure she wouldn't lose this game to him, raising the stakes a bit. "You care for a wager?"

1/12/2018 #8
Lalo The Young Chef

"I'm done for a wager." He smiled and pulled a blunt out of his button down pocket and lit it with his lighter. He was scary but sexy and intruging, he liked this. He was hoping they would share a bed tonight.

1/12/2018 #9

She nodded as she walked back through the door. "If I win, you pay the tab, and if you win, i will." It was simple and she was confident she'd win.

1/12/2018 #10
Lalo The Young Chef

Reggie nodded and called out to the bartender. "Two shots of Tequila!" He walked over to the bar and leaned on the bar. He watched Illiad and smiled at her. His arms were crossed across his chest.

1/12/2018 #11

"You think you have this, don't you?" She smirked at him as she took the Tequila shot from the bartender and downed it right away, slamming the glass on the bartop. "I may surprise you...?" She waited for his name a hand on her hip.

1/12/2018 #12
Lalo The Young Chef

"Reggie." He downed his shot eith ease and looked down at her. "What's your name?" He asked, downing the next shot the bartender poured.

1/12/2018 #13

On her third, she gave him a smirk, "My name? Illiad." She swiped the fourth and downed it too. "Keep up, Reggie."

1/12/2018 #14
Lalo The Young Chef

Reggie finished his fourth and then his fifth and sixth. He smirked. "I think you need to keep up Illy." He sat down on the bar stool next to Illiad.

1/12/2018 #15

She scoffed, double fisting the fifth and sixth as she did the same with the seventh and eighth. "Don't worry about me Reggie. I've been doing this for years." She winked at him as she downed the ninth.

1/12/2018 #16
Lalo The Young Chef

Reggie caught up a d was on his 13th.

1/12/2018 #17

She started to worry a bit, thinking the 'x' had made her misjudge the man. He was much taller and muscular to boot, and she was starting to feel the effects on her 12th. Was this a machine or a man she was up against? Tequila was strong, and he seemed to still be going strong.

1/12/2018 #18
Lalo The Young Chef

He down two more and looked at her. His eyes hazy. ""How you doing?"

1/12/2018 #19

She gripped the bar's top, sure her words were slurring as she grit out, "Fine." She was not fine, the room spinning a bit. "Another one barkeep!" She tapped the bartender's shoulder lightly, pointing to her empty shotglass.

He looked at her as though unsure, the girl cocking her brow and slipping him a 20. "Another, please, barkeep."

1/12/2018 #20
Lalo The Young Chef

"I've have another as well."his words were slurring and his eye lids were heavy.

1/12/2018 #21

She took the shot and kicked her head back too far, her grip on the bar's top slipping as she fell back into Reggie's chest, the breath knocked out of her a bit as she hit hard, the shotglass crashing to the floor and shattering at their feet. "Fuck!"Illiad whispered the curse, feeling it all hit her at once.

1/12/2018 #22
Lalo The Young Chef

Reggie downed his and slid it back onto the bar counter. ."two more." He told the bartender.

1/12/2018 #23

"Are you a man?" Illiad slurred the words as she looked up in his eyes, amazed and pushing up from his chest as she gripped the bar again to do it. Her eyes narrowing when she looked back at him she accused, "Did you plan this?" She was so drunk, she sounded harsher than she meant to.

1/12/2018 #24
Lalo The Young Chef

Reggie chuckled. "I'll be a ghost in the morning." He rested his head on the bar counter. "I did not plan this i swear." His words were slurring heavily.

1/12/2018 #25

She grunted, forcing herself to stand on her own two feet as she slipped an untra thin black wallet from her back pocket and pulled a few bills from inside, slamming them down onto the top of the bar. "Right." Her tone flat, she pushed away from the stools and bar and threw over her shoulder as she stumbled towards the door, "You win, Reg." She couldn't believe she'd lost. She hadn't lost that bet in years, and now she was out over fifty bucks. She pushed the door to the bar open, nearly tripping over the barely existent frame of the door.

1/12/2018 #26
Lalo The Young Chef

Reggie grabbed the money and slowly stood up. "Let me walk you home, just to make sure you stsy safe." He followed her out the barm

1/12/2018 #27

"I'm fine cupcake", she still had slurred words, tripping over herself as she took small steps. "Thanks, but I'm sure I'll make it." She really didn't mind him coming with her, but she didn't want him to know that.

1/12/2018 #28
Lalo The Young Chef

He helped her stand up straight. He was going to walk her home then walk back to his house and call it a night, maybe get her phone number.

1/12/2018 #29

She gave him a surprised look, settling down when she realized who had gripped her arms to right her path. "Thanks", she muttered it almost under her breath. She felt a bit bad for her attitude, offering him a small smile.

1/12/2018 #30
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