Project Freelancer (States and Capitals) Inyies and more role play
Please become approved by creating your character in the character creation topic of you wish to be an agent, cannon, or elite insurrectionist character. You can role play as a recruit or a temporary character if you do not want to create one :D Events will be allowed to be given out by moderators, everyone is welcome to join. This is project freelancer, with a bit of a twist. we have states and capitals instead of just states to try to give more people a chance to role play as an agent.
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Agents that are taken are:

Agent: tennesse is my character :D

You may akso use the template for rping as an enemy of the unsc just put enemy or what side you prefer

Cannon character are allowed as long as they are approved by a moderator and are used appropriately, (are in character and are acting like the character normally would) (this form will also allow Capital names to try and create a larger Varity in the role play)

(Please use proper role play skills such as () when speaking OOC and "" when the character is speaking)

I have room for moderators available if you wish to be a moderator please Pm me

This list was not created by me, I only edited some things role-play nation may take credit for this template

  • Birth Name:
  • State Name or capital (if you are not rping as a freelancer this is optional): (You must use a state name. or a capital name, Also, do not pick any names that were already used in the show unless approved. )
  • Nickname: (If your agent name can be shortened into a nickname of some sort, and you want that used. Optional.)
  • Code Name: (Word that has to start with the same letter as your agent name, plus two or three numbers to go behind it. Examples are Sierra 117, or Foxtrot 12) UNSC Rank Before Joining PFL:
  • Age: (20 to 35.)
  • Gender:
  • Sexuality:
  • Side: (are you an insurrectionest, marine or agent?)
  • Relatives in the Project: (Any siblings, cousins, etc. that are in the Project with you. It can be an Agent, or even just one of the PFL Marines on the ship. I dun care. If the character is played by someone in the rp, make sure to get their approval first. And do not try to say that your character is related to any canon character. Just..don't. Please. That would save both of us from a lot of headache. This can be edited later if you please. Optional.)
  • Relationships: (Anyone you are dating or whatnot in the Project. Same goes for this as with the relatives thing. Optional.)
  • Defining Feature(s): (Like Wash's swirly straw and cats and skateboard, or Wyoming's knock knock jokes, or York's lock picking and fake eye, or Maine's Brute Shot and growl, or Theta's fireworks and skateboard, etc. at least two or more.)
  • Specific Scars/Tattoos/Birthmarks: .( Optional.)
  • Personality:
  • Appearance Under Your Armor:
  • Description:
  • Height With Your Armor: (If this is a crazy height that does not make sense the answer is no please use realistic numbers no one can be 50,000 feet tall and 679 inches and weigh 5789437502345 pounds :D)
  • Height Without Your Armor: (Same as above. Remember, the armor only makes a person a few inches taller than they normally are. Not a foot, or even three quarters of a foot more. A few inches, no more than 6 or 7 inches.)
  • Weight Without Armor: (Again, no crazy numbers.)
  • Armor Configuration: (, I don't care. )
  • Primary Armor Color: Secondary Armor Color: (optional)
  • Tertiary Armor Color: (optional)
  • Primary Weapon: (Do not choose a weapon that makes no sense for a freelancer. Can changed throughout the rp.)
  • Secondary Weapon: (Same as above.)
  • Melee Weapon: Optional.)
  • Preferred Grenade: (Can change throughout the rp. Optional.)
  • Preferred Vehicle: (Can change throughout rp. Optional)
  • Agent Skill(s): (Infiltration, stealth, lock picking, hand-to-hand, sharp shooting, firearms, field medic, transport, etc. Anything that makes sense. Just make sure you can easily rp with your chosen skills. at least two or more.)
  • Primary Armor Enhancement: (Speed boost, enhanced healing unit, holographic projection, active camo, adaptive camo, temporal distortion, domed energy shield, E.M.P., strength boost, enhanced motion tracker, and enhanced bio scan. any other must be approved)
  • Secondary Armor Enhancement: (Same as above. Optional.)
  • Likes: (At least 4.)
  • Dislikes: (At least 4.)
  • Positive Qualities: (At least 4.)
  • Negative Qualities: (At least 4.
  • ) History: (optional)
  • Home World: (Any world in the Halo universe, )
  • Other: (You can put anything here.)
  • Your Agent's Artificial Intelligents Program(optional):
  • A.I. name: (DO NOT use any names from the show unless you have been approved to do so, and are rping the character that has that AI). ( Names don't matter as long at it is not random letters Ex: yihkganfbfahglvnba otherwise They can be whatever you want them to be.)
  • A.I. Personality Trait(s): at least three listed personality traits.)
  • A.I. Appearance: (What it's chosen hologram looks like, can be half wolf half shark for all I care.) A.I. Color(s): (Anything,)
  • Other:


  • Birth Name: Winter Eritsive
  • State Name: Tennessee
  • Nickname: Nes
  • Code Name: Tenfree-480
  • UNSC Rank Before Joining PFL: Simple Marine
  • Age: 21
  • Gender: Female
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • Relatives in the Project: None
  • Relationships: Has no relationships however she is Interested in acquiring one.
  • Defining Feature(s): Green eyes. Black hair. Quick on her feat, can do quick climbing, but does it rarely, makes great stew.
  • Specific Scars/Tattoos/Birthmarks: 2 inch Scar on her right hip given to her from being thrown off a cliff after being stabbed by a former partner.
  • Personality: Has a hard time trusting people, she will normally listen to advice given to her. She can be almost always be happy go lucky, or overly excited about the simplest of things, depending on her mood, She will play pranks on freelancers she feels needs to 'lighten up' or push stubborn people out of pelicans. If she is not in a good mood, she may lock herself in her room, or she will stop speaking for about a week. This occurs normally after missions. This type of behavior can be concerning to her friends. Most would say she is trying to stay strong in front of her friends. She is easy going and seems very friendly and easy to get along with. She rarly will remove her helmet and feels uncomfortable with people seeing her face. She prefers to be stealthy, and she tries to keep her body hidden by rarely removing her armor. Hides her fear of heights that are on cliffs. She is also a picky eater and does not eat much.
  • Appearance Under Your Armor:
  • Description: Lightly tanned skin tone, a few freckles on her cheeks, Her eyes colors are safire green with a few golden flexs in her eyes. She has a hardly noticeable British accent. She has a light weight of 99.98lb her muscles are toned due to constant training. When she where's clothing, if she ever removes her armor, She will where a simple Brown or blue shirt and black or blue jeans. Most would consider her pretty if they do see her, (depending on their character). She is thin and has a high metabolism. She had dark Auburn hair which she dyes black for her own reasons. she also where's eye color changing contacts which change her eyes color to a stormy gray. Her armor changes her height about 2 inches.
  • Height With Your Armor: she is about 6'1
  • Height Without Your Armor: 5'9
  • Weight Without Armor: 99.98
  • Armor Configuration:
  • Primary Armor Color: Brown
  • Secondary Armor Color: Kiki
  • Tertiary Armor Color: Red
  • Primary Weapon: Black and Red Assault rifle
  • Secondary Weapon: Knives
  • Melee Weapon: Knives
  • Preferred Grenade: Sticky
  • Preferred Vehicle: Warthog
  • Agent Skill(s): She is good at stealth and hand-to-hand combat, can climb very well,
  • Primary Armor Enhancement: Cameo
  • Secondary Armor Enhance: Healing unit
  • Likes: Using Throwing knives, Hiding away, Strawberries, Meeting new people, Throwing people off pelicans if they annoy her, Surprising people, Sneak attacking, Pranking people.
  • Dislikes: Being disrupted when she is hiding in her room or someone does not knock, not wearing her armor, Oranges, Hates being put in the middle of things, heights on cliffs, Running out of throwing knives, being sneak attacked, gets annoyed if her favorite gun in hidden, being pushed off pelicans, freefalling. Positive Qualities: Good at climbing, Throwing knives, Creating friends, not to bad at lock picking, Great at sneak attacking, Great with helping out on some programing techniques, People person before missions.
  • Negative Qualities: Hides a lot, terrible with a sniper rifle, Prefers to be a 'loan wolf' after missions, Like to pull pranks on people who annoy her, May throw people out of pelicans.
  • History: At the age of 17 she had to watch her entire family executed by insurrectionist. She accidently infiltrated a low security prison at the age of 24, and somehow managed to rescue three marines from imprisonment. Was betrayed by her best friend/ partner when she first started the marines. She was stabbed in the side before being thrown off a cliff at the age of 25 when her partner found out she was getting promoted and he was not.
  • Home World:
  • Earth Other: Secretly loves soft blankets, secretly afraid of cliffs, She is easy going with friends.
  • Your Agent's Artificial Intelligents Program:
  • A.I. name: Zenith
  • A.I. Personality Trait(s): Overly Excited about simple things. Likes to scan people for no reason, Likes to annoy his host. has an overconfident attitude and thinks he is better than all the AI's. Is very creative, and loves to be projected. At times the Ai may randomly project himself larger than the other AI's. He becomes very concerned for his host when she locks herself in her room, or becomes mute.
  • A.I. Appearance: Prefers to project himself looking like a wolf or a dragon he is an orange AI with white details A.I. Color(s): orange with white details on the chest and ears or claws and scales
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  • Birth Name: Skylar Pharo
  • Nickname: sky
  • Code Name: Skyfall-108
  • UNSC Rank Before Joining PFL: Kidnapped by insurrectionists at the age of 6 mother and father where both marines
  • Age: (20)
  • Gender: female
  • Sexuality: straight
  • Side: Insurrectionist
  • Relatives in the Project: none that she knows of (open for role-play 1 possible brother or sister)
  • Relationships: none as of now
  • Defining Feature(s): Aggressive behavior: but is unusually afraid of lightning.
  • Specific Scars/Tattoos/Birthmarks: their are two large scars on her arms
  • Personality: Confident. stubborn, she is a bit shy at times.
  • Appearance Under Your Armor: thin and tall some se her as pritty
  • Description: blond hair, stormy gray eyes light tanned skin.
  • Height With Your Armor: 5'4"
  • Height Without Your Armor: 5'6"
  • Weight Without Armor: 99.99
  • Armor Configuration: Insurrection armor and stolen freelancer armor together main color is black
  • Primary Armor Color: Secondary Armor Color: red
  • Tertiary Armor Color: gold
  • Primary Weapon: swords and knifes hates using guns
  • Secondary Weapon: stun butane
  • Melee Weapon: none
  • Preferred Grenade: (none cant throw gernades very well
  • Preferred Vehicle: likes to steal pelicans
  • Agent Skill(s): thievery, sword fighting, climbing
  • Primary Armor Enhancement: none, insurrectionist
  • Secondary Armor Enhancement: (none
  • Likes: stealing powerful weapons, escaping, keeping secrets, free-falling
  • Dislikes: lightning, electrical equipment, freelancers, warthogs, insurrection, guns,
  • Positive Qualities: Flexible, quick on her feet, good at sword fighting, escape artist
  • Negative Qualities: steals pelicans (not very good at it), Easily persuaded, terrified of lightning, free falling (not always good when she randomly lands in the middle of battle)
  • ) History: kidnapped by insurrectionists at the age if 6 she has no Idea if her family is still alive, fallows mostly out of fear, She is loyal to the insurrectionists since they have always been around them. When she turned 14 they put a gun in her hand and began teaching her to shoot. She hatted the weapon and at the age of 15 she killed a former marine before taking his primary weapon (a sword) and learned to use it.
  • Home World: Chours ( she does not know her actual home world)
5/15/2016 #2

Approved :D I will be having an insurrection topic as well

5/15/2016 #3
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