Project Freelancer (States and Capitals) Inyies and more role play
Please become approved by creating your character in the character creation topic of you wish to be an agent, cannon, or elite insurrectionist character. You can role play as a recruit or a temporary character if you do not want to create one :D Events will be allowed to be given out by moderators, everyone is welcome to join. This is project freelancer, with a bit of a twist. we have states and capitals instead of just states to try to give more people a chance to role play as an agent.
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Please go a head and rp but let us know who is rping by putting you character at the top/ this is a separation rp the rp is separated from the insurrection.

5/14/2016 . Edited 5/15/2016 #1

Agent Tennessee- Mother of invention

It is 4am most freelancers may be sleeping, or are training or eating. The ship is cruising towards Chorus, however a possible solar storm is evident.

She awoke to the annoying alarm or her so- called AI who was flashing his orange light into her face.

"Zen! what are you doing!" she groans getting up and rubbing her head-

I was just trying to wake you up agent Tennessee, I believe today will be a perfect day to begin training!, Shall I activate your armor?"

Tennessee groans before laying back in her bed. She really didn't want to get up. Her Ai glares at her as she closes her eyes again to try to get some more sleep.

"Nesse! Get UP NOW!" The Ai shouts in her head suddenly activating its flash again. She groans before slowly standing up and putting on her armor

"ok, ok you win Zen im up" she mutters putting on her helmet and walking out of her room

5/14/2016 #2
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