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Hello everyone and welcome to our Yu-Gi-Oh! GX forum! All are welcome, seeking canon and OC's!
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Assassin of the Blue Rose

So here are the rules for the forum, just take a look and accept them before you make an OC, if you are confused then feel free to ask questions and a moderator shall clarify the rule in question to you.

1. No god modding, not with characters nor with Duel Monsters

2. Yaoi, Yuri and everything in between is allowed but shall be restricted to the lemon roleplay or done in PM's, this is more for the sake of other roleplayers in the same topic who do not wish to see your characters bumping uglies

3. Spelling people! I cannot emphasize this enough! If you can't type out a single sentence that is more than just three or four words you should not be on here! We write in the third person and if you wish to say something out of character either go to the chat topic to talk or use parenthesis/brackets above or below the post, no one or two word replies either. Try to capture what your character is feeling to enrich the experience a little bit more

4. For the sake of not getting confused, I am allowing all cards from the card game in here aside from synchros, XYZ's and pendulums due to the fact they were not around yet in the yugioh timeline, but feel free to use Lightsworns and Wind-ups to your hearts desire, you can also make up your own cards but again, do not god mod them, every deck has its flaws

5. Notify us in the chat if you are going away for a while

6. Be kind and tolerate your fellow roleplayers, if you have a problem then let the moderators know

7. If you have OC's on other forums you may paste them into the OC sheet section but you must put at the top in brackets (PASTED FROM ANOTHER FORUM) and you must still wait for approval. Also if Nine or ten hours pass and your OC isn't accepted, don't get your knickers in a twist! I will look at it as soon as possible.

8. Canon characters and OC's are allowed to have relationships, but please keep things reasonable, Jaden can't have 12 sisters for example

9. Have fun!!

5/30/2016 #1

I accept the rules.

6/1/2016 #2

I accept these rules.

6/1/2016 #3
Ralph'The Ninja'Knight

I accept

6/29/2016 #4
Rikki Tivursky

I have read over the terms of agreement, and I accept them.

8/26/2016 #5
Kamen Rider Blaze

I accept the rule. Let's have some fun shall we

9/14/2016 #6

I'll accept

2/16/2019 #7
El Jaguar

Welcome, Ser Lannister.

2/16/2019 #8

I accept the rules.

2/17/2019 #9

A pleasure seeing you again Rose, I accept the rules!

4/6/2019 #10
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