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Assassin of the Blue Rose

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Appearance (Pictures are also good):

Hair Color:

Eye Color:



Deck/best card:


Name: Sakura Saria Yoshiki

Age: 17

Yami/Hikari: Sachiko Yoshiki

Occupation: Slifer Red Student

Place of birth: Domino City

Sexuality: Bisexual


http:// fav.me/d95xi5a

http:// fav.me/d95zjxn

Hair colour: Pink

Eye colour: Green

Height: 5'7

History: When Sakura's mother was pregnant, she was in a car accident on the way home from work. Sakura would have died if it were not for her twin sister who had shielded her from the impact. The still born baby remained inside until Sakura was born, and her parents named the dead baby Sachiko. Sachiko was buried, but Sakura growing up had an 'imaginary friend' who would play with her when the other children wouldn't because of her pink hair. One day when Sakura was seven years old, she went to the bathroom to wash her hands after her pen had leaked ink, when she was ambushed by some bullies. The bullies held Sakura down whilst one came at her with some scissors, but when they were about to start cutting her hair, Sakura blacked out. When she woke up, she was horrified to discover the bodies of the bullies, twisted into weird positions all around her and the one who had tried to cut her hair off had the scissors stabbed through her hand. Scared, Sakura fled the scene and ran back into the classroom screaming that an accident had happened.

Several similar incidents occurred and Sakura was taken to see a psychiatrist by her parents, which is where she told the psychiatrist about her 'imaginary friend's' promise; that she would protect her no matter what, the psychiatrist suspected Sakura might have split personality disorder but this wasn't the case at all. Sachiko's spirit had latched onto Sakura's when she had died in their mother's womb protecting her. Her parents soon worked this out too, when several psychics told them about it, and no medium was able to contact Sachiko. So when they tried to exorcise Sachiko from Sakura's body, Sachiko nearly burned down the house in rage, and to contain her dark power, Sachiko was sealed inside of a necklace by the priest as a means of Sakura being able to control Sachiko. In reality, this only strengthened the sister's bond, as it enabled them to talk at will rather then when Sakura felt sad or threatened.

Deck/Best Card: Fairy deck

Other: Has a slight crush on Zane Truesdale

5/30/2016 #1
Assassin of the Blue Rose


6/1/2016 #2

Name: Alice Sekkatou

Age: 17

Spirit: Starve Venom Fusion Dragon

Occupation: Obelisk Blue Student

Sexuality: Pansexual

Appearance: Alice has electric blue eyes and a rounded face with a burn scar down the side of her neck. She has very long silver hair down her back. She has strands of it braided, and the rest is tied into two loose buns at the back of her neck before hanging loose, giving an appearance similar to a tied ribbon. She wears the usual Obelisk Blue uniform with a silver necklace around her neck at all times.

Hair Color: Silver

Eye Color: Blue

Height: 175cm

History: The earliest memory Alice has is of fire, watching a photo of her mom thrown into the fireplace by her abusive father. Their house wasn't that small, but it wasn't big enough for her to avoid the man. Alice avoided that house as much as possible, and one day, following a strange rainbow-colored creature, she ended up finding a deck, with Rainbow Kuriboh in it. She had no idea how to talk to other people, since all she knew were scars left from interactions with her father, so she kept to herself and talked with the duel spirits she found. Doing so kept other kids away from her, but she didn't care. She was occasionally bullied, but she never said anything back to the bullies, so it would happen every once in a while. Alice couldn't remember anything about her mother, but apparently she had left her a silver necklace, so Alice always wore it.

One time, when she was ten, another girl in school began talking to her. That was the best moment of Alice's life, finally actually having a friend. But one year later, the girl got into a car crash, and was sent to the hospital in a coma from the brain damage. Alice visited everyday, upset but hoping the girl would wake up. One day she arrived late, to see her father in her friend's hospital room cutting off her medical equipment, and Alice heard the comatose girl's heart-rate flatline while her father laughed at her expression. Alice learned that nothing's ever permanent, and that's why it was better to destroy. Alice ran away from home, from her father as best as she could, and lived at the school while taking part in Underground duels and illegal dueling to keep herself going. She applied for Duel Academy because it was on an isolated island away from her father. She's renown around Duel Academy for being reckless and disrespectful and rude, and she's known to take people's cards for fun. She particularly targets any spirits around her, holding a deep hatred for them.

Deck/best card: Aroma Predator Plants Deck / Starve Venom Fusion Dragon

Other: She is colorblind currently, but can see color on duel spirits.

6/3/2016 #3
Assassin of the Blue Rose


6/10/2016 #4
Rikki Tivursky

Name: Sakura Ryuichi

Age: 15

Yami/Hikari/Spirit: Fox Fire (spirit partner)

Occupation: Full time student at Duel Acamedia (Osiris Red)

Sexuality: judaihetero


Sakura has black hair that reaches down to the middle of her back, but she usually keeps it up in a messy ponytail so it doesn't get in the way. Her hair kind of has a bit of volume on it comes out looking way more wild and poofy no matter what she does with it. Her bangs usually frame around her face and she has two little tuffs of hair always hanging down in front of her ears.

Her eyes are a fern green tone, and her skin is a light tan color. Sakura has an athletic body type, and a pear shaped body.

Sakura wears the Osiris uniform with the red vest with a dark greyish black turtle neck shirt with 3/4 sleeves. She wears a white pleated skirt instead of the normal girl's uniform skirt, with black biker shorts underneath them. She pairs that with black thigh highs, white socks and red sneakers.

On her right wrist Sakura wears two green little bracelets which are friendship bracelets made for her by her best friend Airi Uchiyama. She always wears them all the time. While on her left hand she wears the red glove that is part of the girl's uniform.

[ http:// orig12. deviantart.net /0771/f/2016/102/3/0/sakura_by_rikki_the_great-d9yq6yc. png ]

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Green

Height: 5'4"


Sakura first found out about Duel Monsters when she was in late elementary/early middle school years as she had seen a couple of her classmates playing it together. She thought it looked pretty interesting to play and started trying to learn how to play it herself, while getting some help from the classmates she had that knew more about it. She spent a lot of summer and holiday vacations trying to learn more about the game as she could. Feeling like she needed a little bit more practice Sakura also went online to find websites where she could duel people there. On a particular site that she liked she made friends with another user, Airi and ended up talking to them a lot to the point where they had exchanged email addresses, and became pen pals. Together they two of them worked together to improve their skills and dueled against each other a lot having fun no matter who the victor of the match was.

As she started getting better at playing the game Sakura tried to aim for her personal goal of going to local tournaments. Which was a little scary at first, but she tried to just have fun while she got used to how the tournaments were run. When she had done pretty well at those and felt like she could go even higher and try to go to the bigger tournament leagues.

During all of this she had the support of her older brother who knowing some of the rules about the game did his best to help Sakura out so she could get better, as he could see that she had taken a real interest in the game. Sakura's enthusiasm for the card game also inspired her little brother to pick up the game as well.

One day her older brother Shinobu, had heard about a school that was dedicated to making great duelists, and mentioned it to Sakura who he thought would do well there. Sakura was a little apprehensive about going to the school, but seeing how much Shinobu thought she would do good and her pen pal Airi also told her that she thought that she could pass the entrance exam she decided to go for it.

Thankfully Sakura was able to pass the entrance exam to Duel Academia, and was determined from there to do the best that she could at the school so she could improve her dueling skills even more. Hopefully also make some friends as well while she'll be staying there.

Deck/best card: Fields of Fire (fire deck)


  • Sakura tends to smell fruity like peaches because she really likes that smell and that's what her shampoo smells like.
  • Sakura tends to keep scraps of papers where she's scribbles notes to herself to remember or for other people, candy/snacks since she kind of gets hungry in class and sneaks them. Sometimes she'll find the odd duel monster card she put there to give to someone, and kind of forgot about it.
  • With people she is really close with she can be physically affectionate, by wanting to hug them a lot of hold their hands. She will also feel comfortable enough to use their laps to lay on as well as long as its ok.
  • she has a super big crush on judai
  • She also really likes playing games where you get to catch cute monsters and become friends with them. She's really into collecting things from her favorite games and decorating her room with things she collects.
8/30/2016 #5
Assassin of the Blue Rose


8/30/2016 #6

Name: Jaylin Moto

Age: 15

Yami/Hikari/Spirit: Jezerel the Dark Queen

Occupation: Slifer Red Student

Sexuality: Straight

Appearance (Pictures are also good): h t t p : / / fav . me / d6pq9o0

Hair Color: brown

Eye Color: hazel

Height: 5'5

History: Jaylin once lived under abusive and neglectful parents, until she was adopted at age 5 by Yugi Moto. He adopted her, because he was alone. Despite being adopted by the king of games, it took Jaylin and her orphanage friends time to learn to trust him. She also picked up bad influence from her friends, being that they were from a bad neighborhood. Though, Jaylin held strong shadow powers, whom Jaylin was born with and obtained through her duel spirit Jezerel, that Yugi was familiar with through Yami and taught her how to control them. Because these powers effect Jaylin's dark emotions toward whoever she may challenge, control is very hard for her. Her powers are so strong that it's more powerful than Yami's, but due to lack of control, Jaylin continually risks hurting everyone around her. At this point, if her powers go out of control, she could destroy an entire city like her own atomic bomb. Because of this, she is not allowed to challenge anyone to games, though could be challenged without choice. Jaylin's powers only activate once she starts or is challenged to a Shadow Game.

The summer before attending Duel Academy, Jaylin had used the orichalcose to seal all of Domino City and half of America into the belly of the Great Leviathan during its return in order to save her father. Because of this, she had made all of Domino City afraid of her and ruined her reputation. Seto Kaiba advised her to attend Duel Academy to both investigate the strange happenings in Duel Academy and to get her away from the public shunning her for her acts. Jaylin hopes to meet new friends at Duel Academy and to fix the mistake she made last summer, put it behind her and learn to forgive herself. More than that, she hopes to make her father proud and become the Princess of Games by his side.

Deck/best card: Elemental Hero (not the same as Jaden's, but most of the monsters are from the GX manga. She was originally a genderbent Jaden Yuki, so there is going to be some similarities to their decks, but I promise it's different)

Other: Jaylin's Spirit is her ancient self, who happened to be the wife of the Supreme King. Jezerel can only be summoned, if Jaylin passes out. Because Jaylin and Jezerel are fused together, not only does Jaylin gain Jezerel's powers, but she can only summon her duel spirit, if she passes out. Though, that hardly ever happens, but when it does, hell breaks loose. Despite how deadly Jezerel is, Jaylin doesn't need her to be deadly. Jaylin has strong dark magic that can move solid objects, summon actual duel monsters, give out penalty games and control dark matter at her desire. Though, she may lose control, depending on how strong the shadows in the shadow game are. She's also incredibly strong, due to her training. She trains roughly, creating scars or wounds she will hide with her makeup. When a shadow game starts, her eyes change gold like Jaden's. While her dark emotions make her powers stronger, it is light emotions that will lower her powers down, one of them being love. If Jaylin is in a shadow game, someone that loves or cares about her must take a hold of her, using their love emotion, to cool her powers down. Though, Jaylin risks passing out, the more power she uses. While Jaylin is always happy and hyperactive, she uses this to make everyone happy and hide her true dark emotions, which she chooses to hide from everyone, so they do not suffer like she has.

9/7/2016 . Edited 9/8/2016 #7
Assassin of the Blue Rose

You need an appearance, also I would tone it down a little with the powers, what made GX good was that it didn't lean too heavily on the previous show, it was just set in the same world

9/8/2016 #8

I did place a link to the picture. It must have not shown. I'll fix it.

Also, I did try toning down Jaylin's knowledge of her powers. Jaylin's powers are still strong, but she doesn't know much. The idea of giving her incredibly strong powers is that her strength is also her greatest weakness. The fact she continually risks hurting her loved ones is her main flaw and it effects her physically and mentally. Her powers are incredibly powerful, but all she will know how to do is summon duel monsters and give out one kind of penalty game, which is making the opponent feel the effects of the duel monsters she summons. These are no different than what we get from the Yugioh anime. It's not to prevent objects floating in midair when Jaylin gets upset or angry, though because she has lack of control, it they will start floating and spinning around out of control with no way for Jaylin to stop it. Once they start, Jaylin cannot stop her powers on her own and must rely on her loved ones to take a hold of her, so their emotions of love can calm her down. I hope this helps. I don't want to take away what makes Jaylin Yuki different from most OC's, especially mary-sues. Yes, she has strong powers, but compared to a mary-sue, Jaylin cannot control her powers and thus it becomes her greatest enemy. Her powers don't make her a powerful character, but a dangerous one to be around.

9/8/2016 #9
Assassin of the Blue Rose

I'm not saying she's a mary sue, I'm just saying that I think there could be another way for her to have them other than having the risk of harming her loved ones. If she came into contact with the Seal of Orichalcos, why not have her powers stem from there, and maybe the reason for her dark powers is because it's the Great Leviathan trying to control her? Heck, I'd go one step further, maybe the reason she doesn't play is because she knows the risk of drawing the card and having the Leviathan start to influence her moves as she feels pressured to play it, then only after the duel when she regains control does she realize what she has done? Might make for an interesting storyline or plot down the where she teams up with Yubel, intent on destroying the world so they could have Jaden to themselves, but her friends or maybe Jaden himself snaps her out of it before going after Yubel.

Like I said before, I'm not saying your character is a Mary Sue, but I would play around a bit more with her backstory.

9/8/2016 #10

Actually, I already have a reason for her powers. I should have mentioned it. Sorry. It's because of her Ka or spirit monster inside her. You see, Jaylin's Ba and Ka are fused together like what happened with Kisara in the Yugioh manga. Because of this, Jaylin also inherited all of Jezerel's powers. She basically was born with those powers like Elsa from Frozen. As for the Orichalcose, I also can't have any powers come from the orichalcose, because it never controlled her. You see, she turned evil by her own free will. That is one of the things that makes Jaylin's mistake last summer more effected on her. Not only did she turn evil, but she chose to be evil and everything she did was her own choice. She wasn't like Mai, who chose the card, then became brainwashed, or when Jaden became the supreme king. She just took the card, then willingly chose to seal the souls of half of America and all of Domino City, because she thought it was the only way to save her father. It was her biggest mistake and it haunts Jaylin, because she realized she is more capable of doing evil than she ever realized. All her life she wanted to be better than her parents and every villain she ever faced when in reality she was no different from them. Jaylin needs that in order to become a better person. As for why she wasn't effected by the orichalcose, I'm still trying to figure that out lol. I will find a reason, but since it's not happening at the moment and was something that happened in the past, the reason can wait. Though, while she wasn't brainwashed by the orichalcose, it did help her control her powers. She could use it whenever she wanted and it would help her be able to use her powers by her own will. Though, she does not have the orichalcose and refuses to use it, because she's afraid of it.

Being that you seem to want to not want to stick too much into the original Yugioh, I can just have it where Jaylin's powers only revolve around the shadow games. Yugioh GX in both the anime and manga had shadow games. It's still as powerful as I described it, but only triggered when a shadow game starts. When there's no shadow game, Jaylin shows no powers. Does that work?

9/8/2016 #11
Assassin of the Blue Rose

I think that would be best, also if you would include how she has her powers in the bio that would explain a lot too

9/8/2016 #12

Already did at the same time I sent you the last message XD

9/8/2016 #13
Kamen Rider Blaze

Name: Takuya Ryo Inuka

Age: 16

Yami/Hikari/Spirit: none

Occupation: Ra Yellow

Sexuality: straight

Appearance (Pictures are also good): think Jason Todd from the Batman comics but instead of the white in his hair replace it with crimson, also wears his Ra blazer open with a shirt with blue skulls and a white cross. Dark Kahki pants with black boots

Hair Color: black with streaks of crimson

Eye Color: blue

Height: 6 foot 3

History: Growing up the youngest of 2, Takuya was overshadowed by his "normal" big sister. Considered the black sheep of his family he turned to the one thing he was any good at and that was Duel Monsters. Ever since he could remember he loved fantasy, knights, dragons. Anything that he could use to escape from the real world and get lost. While he was at school one day when he saw a couple of people playing Duel Monsters, he walked over and asked them if they could teach him. Playing the game was a blast even though he wasnt the best at it to begin with he kept with it. Takuya took a liking to the warrior types of monsters, in particular the Gem-Knights. After entering and competing in a few local tournaments someone suggested he take the entrance test for Duel academy. After redesigning he deck he took the test and did better than he thought and was able to enter Ra Yellow.

Deck/best card: Gem-Knight/ Gem-Knight Lady Brilliant Diamond and Gem-Knight Master Diamond


(i hope this meets standards if not i can change thank you)

9/14/2016 . Edited 10/20/2016 #14
Assassin of the Blue Rose

Is he a new character for you? The history is a little short

10/13/2016 #15
Kamen Rider Blaze

I can come up with more. Im sorry its short. It was really early when i was typing this. Again im sorry

Edit: Ok I edited my history a bit. If you need more, I will gladly do so. Thank you so much

10/19/2016 . Edited 10/20/2016 #16
El Jaguar

Name: Leon Azrael

Age: 16


Occupation: Slyther Red Student (Year 3)

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Appearance (Pictures are also good): Leon is tall and weighs in at approximately 84 kilograms. Leon is lean and has an athletic build and mocha-colored skin with his dark hair done in dread locks. He has a chiseled, comely face and warm smile.

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Blue

Height: 5"10

History: Leon was born and raised in San Jose, California. His parents lived good and decent lives and strove for excellence, and expected Leon to follow in their foot steps and eventually take up ownership of their business. One day, while walking back home from school with his best friend Jorge, he waywardly glanced upon a couple kids playing Duel Monsters in the park and curious approached them and watched them duel. Interested, Leon spent his small savings to purchase a structure deck which Leon learned how to play the game with. As time passed, Leon built his own custom deck and participated in a state-wide tournament hosted in his hometown, from which the winner would represent the state of California in the national tournament.

Leon emerged triumphantly from the state tournament and became a rookie prospect of winning the nationals, but lost in the first round against a competitor from New York. Leon returned home and while disheartened for a time learned from his defeat and continued to modify his deck and improve his dueling abilities. He eventually was granted admittance into Duel Academy, which held high hopes for Leon to become a professional Duelist in the world-wide Dueling Circuit. Originally slated for the Slyther Red dorm despite his skill-level being above average due to his poor grades in his entrance exams. After being subject to discrimination by the Obelisk Blue students, an enraged Leon finally had enough and challenged many of the Obelisk Blue students, winning forty-seven duels against some of the most arrogant of the Blues without suffering a single loss. However, his chain of victories was finally broken by Zane Trusdale, who confronted Leon after being begged by other Obelisk Blues to best him. In his own arrogance and ignorance, Leon faced Zane despite knowing nothing about him or his reputation, and though the duel was intense, Leon was ultimately beaten after Zane called Leon out for his own arrogance is a reflection of those he despised, and his anger being nothing but a childish rampage over the fact that he didn't commit as much as he should have to his entrance exams.

Realizing that Zane was right, Leon went into a state of reflection over his mistakes and came upon the conclusion that he should stay in Slyther Red throughout the duration of his time at Duel Academy in order to never become arrogant again. Nonetheless, Obelisk Blues will trick their first-years and Ra Yellows to duel Leon to constantly harrass Leon for his past rampage. Leon takes every duel in stride and has yet to lose once. Many Slyther Reds look up to Leon and see him as a 'big brother' figure, and Leon even takes his time to help tutor some Slyther Reds to help improve their dueling skills and grades.

Deck/best card: Leon runs a unique Destiny Hero/Red-Eyes Slash Dragon Deck, a blend of his favorite Destiny Hero cards and Red-Eyes cards, with his best card being Red-Eyes Slash Dragon.

  • Monsters
  • 1x Red-Eyes Slash Dragon
  • 2x Black Luster Soldier - Sacred Soldier
  • 2x Red-Eyes Black Dragon
  • 2x Red-Eyes Wyvern
  • 1x Red-Eyes Black Chick
  • 2x King of the Swamp
  • 3x Destiny Hero - Malicious
  • 2x The Dark - Hex Sealed Fusion
  • 1x Destiny Hero - Dangerous
  • 1x Vision Hero Trinity
  • 3x Destiny Hero - Celestial
  • 2x Vision Hero Vyon
  • 1x Destiny Hero - Dreamer
  • 1x Destiny Hero - Blade Master
  • 1x Destiny Hero - Decider
  • 2x Destiny Hero - Drilldark
  • Spell/Trap
  • 1x Dark City
  • 1x Monster Reborn
  • 1x Enemy-Controller
  • 1x Branch!
  • 1x Sword of Dragon's Soul
  • 1x Release Restraint Wave
  • 1x Storm
  • 3x Red-Eyes Insight
  • 3x Polymerization
  • 1x Fusion Sage
  • 1x Mirror Wall
  • 1x Solemn Wishes
  • 1x Anti-Magic Prism
  • 1x Rope of Life
  • 1x Trap Jammer
  • 1x Windstorm of Etaqua
  • 1x D-Fusion
  • 1x D-Fortune
  • 2x Beginning of Heaven and Earth
  • 1x Ultimate Providence
  • 1x D-Chain

Other: Leon has an intense passion for mango fruits.

4/3/2018 . Edited 4/3/2018 #17
Assassin of the Blue Rose

Name: Solaria "Sal" Chono

Age: 41

Yami/Hikari/Spirit: None

Occupation: Fashion Model, Businesswoman, Regional Champion, teacher

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Appearance (Pictures are also good): Sal stands at 6'0 in height, not counting her huge combed-back hairstyle she normally keeps her platinum blonde locks in, in the heels she normally wears she can be quite the intimidating lady. Sal's beautiful appearance is due to the immensely thick layer of make-up she wears, though outright denies having any surgery done despite the fact it being true. Due to this very reason, Sal's appearance can be quite uncanny for her age.

Hair Color: Platinum Blonde

Eye Color: Green

Height: 6'0

History: Sal is quite the successful business woman, fashion model turned duelist, and it was for this reason she was brought on as a teacher into Duel Academy. However unlike many of the resident teachers at Duel Academy, Ms Chono seems to derive more pleasure from watching her opponents crumble beneath the weight of their defeats much more than actually playing Duel Monsters. Its for this reason her classes are rather infamous among students for being very harsh when it comes to grades. Sal is the kind of woman who thrives on attention, which is one of the reasons why she chose to pick up Duel Monsters to begin with as her career as a model was starting to take a turn for the worst with her age.

Deck/best card: Herald Canon Burn Deck - Herald of Perfection

Other: Her classes mostly focus upon the use of spell cards.

4/22/2018 #18

Name: Isamu Jo

Age: 15

Yami/Hikari/Spirit: N/A

Occupation: Ra Yellow Student(First Year)

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Appearance: 5'4" and 119lbs. Isamu has red eyes and usually carries himself with an aloofness difficult to explain outwardly. He's at his happiest when surrounded by those his trust. A charming smile, a shift in his guard, these are the clues and hints for others to look out for. He wears his sleeveless Ra yellow jacket over an orange T-shirt.

Hair Color: Silvery- White Blonde.

Eye Color: Red.

Height: 5'4

History: Isamu Jo was heavily influenced by his Pro-Duelist battling father. The man whom Isamu took much from was ideally a bad role model. He was firm believer in chasing what one loved and loving what one cherished. However, he never fully ingrained his reasonings or beliefs into his son. Not from a lack trying, his words just never translated well.

So when his father left suddenly while Isamu was ten, the boy who had just gotten into Duel Monsters was devastated. He had fostered such a love for the game that he took his father's leaving personally. That affected his ability to interact with others. Cause while other students were openly befriending one another, his stunted growth made his love for dueling almost an obsession.

As his dissociation grew his mother made an effort to explain his father's disappearance, saying that Argata simply left out of love for Dueling; to join his old friends in a World-level Tournament. The first few times he understood but as the years rolled by, it seemed less and less admirable.

Finally, three years later, a bearded man returned home with a smile, claiming that his spirit had ran away with him. His mother was just as jolly as usual, she greeted her husband and after verbally lashing him, allowed him to sleep off his journey. The next morning the man, now shaved and chipper, sat Isamu down and fidgeted with discomfort. He explained in so many words that his mind was wired differently, that the things he loved shared equal priority in his life; that often times he could be swept away by that love.

In short, he said, "Didn't you get my note? I told you I'd catch 'ya later, Kiddo. Now go get me some ice cream."

In short, things never changed.

Deck/best card: Magnet Warriors/Rock Deck. His favorite card is Berserkion the Electromagna Warrior.

Other: Isamu is fond of Mango Ice-Cream.

7/26/2018 . Edited 9/25/2019 #19
Assassin of the Blue Rose
7/26/2018 #20
El Jaguar

Name: Ändrzej Romo

Age: 15

Yami/Hikari/Spirit: N/A

Occupation: Duel Academy Student

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Appearance (Pictures are also good): vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/kaichouwamaidsam/images/8/8b/Usui_Takumi.png/revision/latest?cb=20150920151439&path-prefix=pl

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Green

Height: 5"11

History: Ändrzej was born into privilege but at the cost of being ignored by his parents in favour of his older brother Szymon Romo, who was praised by their parents for his intelligence and his exploits within Romo Aeronautics. At times, Ändrzej got along very well his brother and even showed admiration for him, especially when they went out to the balcony to play Yugioh together, which was Szymon's favorite card game. However, because of everyone's attention being focused on Szymon, Ändrzej was jealous of his older brother, sometimes wishing that he was an only child so that their parents would at the very least look at him. One day, Ändrzej got into an argument with Szymon after his older brother complained about their parents trying to push more responsibilities from the company onto him, and wished that Szymon would "just disappear and never come back"

Tragically, Szymon went into a coma after being hit by a car the very next day. Ändrzej was devastated following the accident, suffering from strong feelings of guilt because he felt that he'd somehow caused Szymon's accident by his "wish". Closing himself off from everyone, including his parents, Ändrzej poured his entire heart into Duel Monsters, taking his brother's deck and optimizing it to the best of his ability before entering a tournament that Szymon was supposed to compete in... and won it all. He then entered the Polish National Tournament, where he made it to the semi-finals before finally being bested and earned the third place slot. After his victory, Ändrzej left the trophy by his brother's bedside and cried until the tears stopped coming.

His parents took note of his rising popularity in the country and sponsored Ändrzej in the Battle City Tournament, where he, unfortunately, fell short of making it to the finals on time despite acquiring all the locator cards he needed. After this defeat, his parents invested a significant sum of money into the Kaiba Corporation's Duel Academy, where they signed Ändrzej up as their unofficial representative, with every intention to profit off Ändrzej's graduation and officially sponsor him in the European Circuit. Yet Ändrzej seeks more than that; Ändrzej fully intends to claim the title of "King of Games" hoping that by doing so, he would have fulfilled Szymon's dream for his older brother and leave the crown with him.

Deck/best card: Noble Knights


8/26/2018 #21
Assassin of the Blue Rose
8/27/2018 #22
Ralph'The Ninja'Knight


"Kick Logic Out and Do the Impossible! That's the way Ralph Knight rolls!"

Saa, omae no tsumi o kazoero! ("Now Count up your sins")

Name: Ralph Hibiki Knight

Age: 20

Personally: Ralph is a Honer bound duelist who will always win by facing his duelists face to face. And also is a bit of a risk taker who will fight till the very end. But outside of dueling he is a normal happy students who hang out with his friends. But if someone hurt his friends he does not mind breaking there jaw in and showing them the true meaning of fighting spirit. From her sister and friends think he is also wise as he spit out some wise words from time to time.

Looks: His Style of things to wear is more of Rips Jeans with flip-flops with hoody and shirts of different stuff to wear, the main things he wears is ripped jeans are black with gray highlights, a black long hoody which has a logo on it from the bullet club, his shirt is a tank top which is black, so it matches with his hoody-jacket. His hair is blonde with red highlights around it. His eyes color is brown. as his duel disk, is a simple battle city duel disk as he can access from his watch. He is 6'1 and weight about 170 lb

Duel Spirit: Battlin Boxer GlassJaw


Ralph was born on August 4 of 1995 in Tokyo, Japan. He was born to a single mother, the father walk out on the mother as she was pregnant with ralphie. But ralphie was not all good. He was born with a speech impermanent and a learning disability. But he show that it just a normal day, sure in school he have setbacks, ans get pick on he keep coming and coming to show he wont give up on a dream. That dream was to show that everyone have a dream and it keep them running to who they want to be. His grandfather was the first to play battln boxers as it was his main deck. Thus he have a style know as Battlin Soul. As only a few can master it. Is to believe in one deck and bond with it, and to show you are the man who can fight back. But his grandfather die from a stroke as before he die he have final words for his grandson

"Son, you are ready to master the Battlin style of which the Knights are known from, master it" as after that the grandfather die as the deck from his grandfather was now his. As i felt the deck, all of the spirits of the Battlin boxers was onto me but i saw only one and that was battlin boxer glassjaw, my grandfather favorite card . It felt awesome and nothing can be us, Thus i went and travels. Far and wide to learn more... It lead me to Kamen Duel Academy as i spend 2 year there. I was a Kugga Yellow Student as i have the best of time, and i hang with 3 of my best friends, Mikey and Nat. Those three made the two year awesome. But all of that come to a end, i was transferred from Kamen Duel Academy to Duel academy. That night my 3 friends pool in there money and bought 75th booster packs. And then open every single on and keep almost all the cards as from 69th to the 74th pack. They found number 105 and c105 as they smile and left. When i was heading to the boat to duel academy i was heading on until my friends stop and give me a gift. As i hug them and smiles. "Thank you" as i went on the boat waving them good bye. As i open the gift it was number 105 and C105. I was in tears heading over there. Due to his stats in his last academy both headmasters they think he will be good as a Ra Yellow.

Powers: Beside the Smarts and Wise that Ralph bring, He does have a power, of Super Strong when he get angry it begin to grown, but for now he can go two times the powers he have


1) Battlin Boxers

2) Joker Knights

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Name: Brandon Hansen

Age: 15

Yami/Hikari/Spirit: Lunalight Leo Dancer

Occupation: Full-time Slifer Student

Sexuality: Straight

Appearance (Pictures are also good): tse4.mm.bing.net/th?id=OIP.tvKMrvB_-dOaJ1rX9c5cMAAAAA&w=190&h=281&c=8&o=5&pid=1.7

Hair Color: Black hair

Eye Color: Blue eyes

Height: 5'5"

History: In his early years playing Duel Monsters, Brandon had a structure deck, but was looking to build his own deck to make it feel more personal. He bought a bunch of packs, though nothing really stuck out, except for the one Fusion monster he got, which was Lunalight Leo Dancer. Honestly, he wasn't sure if he was interested in building a deck around it, not to mention it he kinda saw the Lunalights as a bit of a girly archetype. Brandon decided to sleep on it, but he had an interesting dream that night. He was greeted by all of the Lunalights, and Leo Dancer told him that they were glad he had finally made contact with them.

At first, when Brandon woke up that morning, he didn't believe the dream had any actual merit. That was until he saw the transparent Lunalight Leo Dancer standing over him. After figuring out that no else besides himself could see her, after his parents came to find out what had him startled so early in the morning, she explained that he was gifted with the ability to see Duel Spirits, and that she was his spirit partner. Had it been coming from anyone else besides an actual spirit, he probably wouldn't have believed it. But he was more than convinced by Leo Dancer, which in turn also convinced him to put together a Lunalight deck so he could make use of his spirit partner. While he got teased for picking for using what was seen as a girly archetype, Brandon won quite a few duels with his deck and spirit partner, which eventually lead him to enroll in Duel Academy.

Deck/best card:

Strongest Card: Lunalight Leo Dancer

Monsters: Lunalight Blue Cat x2 Lunalight Crimson Fox x1 Lunalight Emerald Bird x1 Lunalight Kaleido Chick x3 Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit x3 Lunalight Purple Butterfly x1 Lunalight Black Sheep x3 Lunalight White Rabbit x3

Spells: Allure of Darkness x2 Dark Hole x1 Fusion Substitute x1 Luna Light Perfume x3 Polymerization x2 Pot of Desires x2 Fire Formation - Tenki x3 Fire Formation - Tensu x1 Twin Twisters x1 Mystical Space Typhoon x3

Traps: Lunalight Reincarnation Dance x1 Solemn Strike x3

Extra: Lunalight Leo Dancer x2 Lunalight Panther Dancer x3 Lunalight Cat Dancer x3

Other: Brandon has gotten picked on by other kids his age for using what would be considered a girly archetype when he was younger, which has led him to be defensive about his choice in deck.

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Crimson your character is accepted!

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Name: Hiro Yasuke

Age: 17

Yami/Hikari/Spirit: Artorigus King of the Noble Knights

Occupation: Slifer Red Student

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Appearance (Pictures are also good): https:// www. artstation. com/artwork/Nbk6D

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Black

Height: 5'11

History: At first, he only dueled to past the time. He would pack a deck full of random monsters and spells that wouldn't work in cohesion, and so nearly always lost. That all changed one day when his father left him his own deck before leaving on a business trip to Rome. He would teach Hiro all there was to know about Duel Monsters, chains and combinations. When the day came where he had to leave, Hiro's father gave him his most prized card. Artorigus King of the Noble Knights. A strange card with a black background and golden stars for levels. "For good luck." He told him, "My spirit lies within this card, whenever you have it with you in a duel I would be there as well cheering you on!"

Hiro didn't realize this at the time, but what his father has gifted him was an experimental card, the only one of its kind that may have lead to the future of duel monsters. Had his father stayed, he would have been able to implement a brand new way to play Duel Monsters forever. However, it wasn't meant to be. The reason he left to Rome was to finalize some experiments as a high ranking employee of Kaiba Corps. He never came back, the plane he was on was caught in the storm and crashed. There were no survivors.

From then on, Hiro would work to help his mom, though the compensation that was given to them by Kaiba Corps certainly did help. Though now, he dedicates himself to honor his father the only way he knows he can. Dueling, and though a bit misguided, he wishes to do so by joining the Academy and someday becoming the top duelist in the country. Only time would tell if he succeeds.

Deck/best card: Noble Knights

Other: He holds a special attachment to Artorigus, seeing that it was the card his father left he will always keep it on him, even if he'll never use it in a duel.

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El Jaguar

Oh boi, two Noble Knight deck users lol just a heads up we aren't running Synchro or XYZ or Link here on the forum. However, there is a version of Artorigus which I have retconned to fit the GX era lol

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So there is! I wonder which has the greater resolve. And I know, I put XYZ Artorigus in as an Easter egg
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