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Ralph'The Ninja'Knight

I will take a past

2/20/2019 #31

I would love to participate in a Battle City V2 setting.

2/21/2019 #32
Ralph'The Ninja'Knight
In a facebook rp i am a part of i already did a battle city 2.0 Lastes a few months and i won third place
2/21/2019 #33
El Jaguar

Oh don't get me wrong I don't want us to jump into Battle City V2 right away. This will happen later down the line of course. We could have the Academy having an elimination tournament of its own and the top three students from each dorm will represent the school in the Battle City tournament.

2/21/2019 #34
Ralph'The Ninja'Knight

Ahhhh, when i hear Battle City 2.0 it took me back to the facebook rp i am in

2/21/2019 #35
El Jaguar

Crimson, I'm gonna interact with your OC.

3/1/2019 #36
Ralph'The Ninja'Knight
But like why not leave it open to all students? For battle city?
3/2/2019 #37
El Jaguar

We could, but at the same time I imagine that Seto Kaiba who owns Duel Academy, wouldn't want any mediocrity in his tournament. Having the top three students from each dorm or top five even makes the most sense in my opinion.

3/2/2019 #38
Ralph'The Ninja'Knight

But then you limited the other students from a event like this, not trying to fight you just trying to understand it. cos unless you have a side plot for the lots who not entering battle city. But if you do a sigh up who want to join battle city then you won't be having this. beside some ocs want to enter cos to test them, Rivels, evil stuff anything really if you think about it but that my take on it

3/2/2019 . Edited 3/2/2019 #39
El Jaguar

I doubt we'll have enough roleplayers that they will all be arguing about the Battle City event if we do it. As it stands, there is only five of us, and each of us with our OCs could enter the tournament. No need to worry about exclusion. If more people do eventually join that it becomes a concern, I believe the Admin would look into it.

3/2/2019 #40
Ralph'The Ninja'Knight

Just saying you know?

3/2/2019 #41
Ralph, how is it I run into you practically everywhere?
4/6/2019 #42
Ralph'The Ninja'Knight


That is a Very good question

4/6/2019 #43
El Jaguar

Hey Ralph, waiting for you to jump in lol

4/6/2019 #44
Ralph'The Ninja'Knight

Oh..... Uhhhh sorry :P

4/6/2019 #45

Classic Ralph. At this point you should have your own sitcom

4/6/2019 #46
Ralph'The Ninja'Knight

the same with you Chris :P

4/6/2019 #47

Since i'm bored and have nothing better to do, anyone have duel links?

4/7/2019 #48
Ralph'The Ninja'Knight

how is everyone

4/13/2019 #49
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