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Assassin of the Blue Rose

Out of character chat topic

5/30/2016 . Edited 4/3/2018 #1
When can we start?
6/1/2016 #2
Assassin of the Blue Rose

When whoever wants to post first decides to post ;)

6/10/2016 #3
Ralph'The Ninja'Knight


6/29/2016 #4
Kamen Rider Blaze

hello everyone. i am Kamen Rider Blaze. Blaze for short please. I hope to get along with all of you and let's have some fun

9/14/2016 #5
Ralph'The Ninja'Knight

Anyone alive?

9/29/2016 #6
Ralph'The Ninja'Knight
2/15/2019 #7
El Jaguar

Hey welcome Ralph!

2/15/2019 #8
Assassin of the Blue Rose

Hey there stranger!

2/15/2019 #9
Ralph'The Ninja'Knight


2/15/2019 #10
El Jaguar

We'll Welcome.for starters again, this is a GX RP where we aart at the academy's first opening day when Zane and Attacus were both first years and three years before Jaden Yuki comes to DA. It's mostly all character focused .

2/15/2019 #11
Ralph'The Ninja'Knight

Ah mostly everything you see is from a Facebook rp and a Wiki i have for him. so i am not bsing on his bio and everything

2/15/2019 #12
Assassin of the Blue Rose

We generally RP in the 3rd person here Ralph, thank you for pasting over your character sheet but you might need to change your characters bio so its in 3rd person so we can see how you write here, and maybe age your character down a little too

2/15/2019 #13
Ralph'The Ninja'Knight

How badly i need to edit the Bio?

2/15/2019 #14
Assassin of the Blue Rose

Just make it in the 3rd person and maybe age him down a bit like I said before so he can interact with the characters since if he's 21 he wouldnt be in school at all, and right now its the very first year of Duel Academy

2/15/2019 #15
Ralph'The Ninja'Knight

Ah ok the reasons i was did it like that cos He is a part of the Fan Fic and Live action show i am scriping as of this moments But yeah i have Edit him down to the 18 if that is good enough?

2/15/2019 #16
Ralph'The Ninja'Knight

Good morning

2/16/2019 #17
El Jaguar

Most of our characters are 15 or 16, him being 18 means hell he'll be 20 in Year 3.

2/16/2019 #18
Ralph'The Ninja'Knight
That was the idea
2/16/2019 #19
El Jaguar

There's nothing wrong with that but his age should match with the other OCs and CCs for social interactions. What's more, you haven't updated your OC sheet yet to the forums or edited it in 3rd Person as the Admin asked.

2/16/2019 #20
Assassin of the Blue Rose
If you want him to be that old he might need a special reason for admission to the Academy then, since that's still on the upper side in terms of age
2/16/2019 #21
Ralph'The Ninja'Knight
I was going to said Transfer student from his academy to him. But other then that i am currently on vacation so i am sorry if i am not making any progress
2/16/2019 #22
El Jaguar

No worries, we're here to help lol

Let us know when you're ready to update your sheet and such and we'll be here to offer what we can.

2/16/2019 #23
Ralph'The Ninja'Knight
Yeah i will appreciate it. Thank you.
2/16/2019 #24
Ralph'The Ninja'Knight

Can i ask for help?

2/18/2019 #25
Assassin of the Blue Rose

We're here to help :)

2/18/2019 #26
Ralph'The Ninja'Knight

Please cos i am very confused on what going on with my oc that why

2/18/2019 #27
El Jaguar
Ralph your OC was accepted, what are you confused about?
2/18/2019 #28
Ralph'The Ninja'Knight

ohhhhhh cos i thought i have to edit :P

2/18/2019 #29
El Jaguar
So would anyone care to for a Battle City V2 tournament later on? In GX, it was referenced that Yugi Muto won the tournament without Pharoah Atem,and it would be cool to see our OCs in the same tournament as the King of Games himself.
2/20/2019 #30
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