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Assassin of the Blue Rose

Sakura's breath caught in her throat before she could make a reply. She wanted to say that she wouldn't mind, but... something stopped her. Sachiko seemed to catch up on her feelings, for she looked down, perplexed at her sister's lack of reply.

Realizing just how awkward the silence, was, Sakura decided to give her reluctant approval. Honestly she had wanted Zane to ask her to the dance, and as bad as it had sounded, had wanted to go with Leon if he never came forward. They were really good friends, sure, but Paige was also her friend. Taking deep breath, she finally replied "I-I mean... that would be up to him, wouldn't it?" she asked back weakly, although she did manage to smile as she looked over her shoulder at Paige "As long as you're all going to be there, and we all have a good time, it'll be fun!"

Sachiko folded her arms "What the hell kind of response was that? I thought you said you wanted to ask Zane?" Sakura looked back down at the box on her bed to hide both her face from Sachiko and Paige.

"He won't ask me, Sachiko, he'll probably go with someone in the Obelisk Dorm," Sakura answered, her voice downbeat along with her eyes on the box "Maybe I should just focus on the competition..."

"I could ask them both,"

"NO! Sachiko, please, just... just don't do that, I don't want to mess anyone around,"

Sachiko scowled at her sister "Alright, geez, I was only trying to help," she said, throwing her hands up "Only person you're messing around with is yourself,"

3/3 #331

Not too long after the sun dawned into nighttime, Isamu begun his preparations. He graciously offered Professor Sartyr to lock the dining hall after being the remaining Ra Yellow student to finish their meal and do their part in cleaning, and in the very same vein the Professor handed him the keys with a smile, commentating that this was the kind of initiative he expected from all the members of his dorm. Little did he know that Isamu hid his backpack with all the necessary equipment this morning during breakfast, just before class, which he would now retrieve before shutting the lights, locking the place up and heading towards the agreed meeting spot for the stakeout. A plan that was admittedly more convoluted than simple, but there was no way Isamu could ponder on that now...it would only lead to him changing his mind and turning tail.

"Come on Reggie..." he said under his breath as he looked at the screen of his PDA, a Personal Message going out to the Slyther students own, notifying him that he was waiting, hidden behind the Monster Mural in front of the Academy Entrance "Don't skip on me now..."

3/5 #332
El Jaguar

Paige frowned. "I know that, but... I mean... do you mind if I asked him out to the ball? I didn't wanna pry but it almost looks as if two had a thing going or..." She shook her head. "Well you get what I mean... I just wanted to know if you'd care at all if I did... Because... I kinda like him."

Paige felt her face become flush in embarrassment at her confession, and she hid her face in her hands.


"Hey, I'm no flake!"

Reggie came out of the darkness, approaching Isamu. He looked around the area, making sure they were alone. "This better be worth it, Isa. I'm missing out on good sleep for this."

3/5 #333
Assassin of the Blue Rose

Sakura had thought the choice whether or not to activate that Mirror Force in her spell and trap card zone on the entrance exam had been the hardest decision she'd ever have to make. Now though her heart was in her throat, and she could tell this wasn't easy for either her or Paige to talk about.

She stood up from where she was on the floor with her box, and went over to Paige, wrapping her arms around her to hug her friend "Paige, Leon's my friend, my best friend, but you're my friend too," she told her "If you want to ask him, I don't mind, and if he says yes, that's great," she smiled, pulling back a little "As long as we can all go together and have a good time, that's all I want," she reassured her, and finally let her go.

Silver hair shimmered as she pulled away, Sachiko taking control as she boldly added "Besides, between you and me... I was going to ask Zane," and all Sakura could do was gape at her sister in her translucent form "I... kind of owe him one after he and Atticus stopped Crowler from chewing me out in class, ugh, to think that he's going to be my head of house next year... that is something I am not looking forward to," she turned back around and stabbed the pair of scissors she had been holding into the box, tearing it open.

Taking out its contents, she laid it on her bunk.

"What do you think?" Sachiko asked, backing away so Paige could see the dress. The whole thing was a delicate powder blue colour to match the winter theme of the dance, it was strapless, with white lace detailing on the bodice and a subtle amount of sparkling detail. Just enough to catch the light, not enough to overpower the delicate elegance the dress spoke of.

3/7 #334
El Jaguar

Paige smiled at Sakura's words and nodded. "Then.. I'll ask him to the ball!"

When Sakura revealed her dress to her, Paige could not help but adore it. "Oh my goodness, that is beautiful Sakura! You will definitely slay at the ball, for sure! If Zane has eyes, his head will certainly turn when he sees you in this!" She approached and scrutinized the dress. The attention to detail on the dress made it absolutely gorgeous.

"By chance, could you help me pick out a dress too? I'm terrible with making decisions like this because all of the ones I found are beautiful!"

3/7 #335
Assassin of the Blue Rose

Sachiko held her dress up to her, whenever they had to go clothes shopping and when they originally got fitted for their uniform, it always had to be in Sakura's size. It made sense as to why, for she was the one in control most often, but each time Sachiko took control she couldn't help but feel just how snug the fit of the dress truly was, especially in the bust area. She naturally liked to show off her chest as did Sakura secretly, but she just hoped the corseted dress would be a little more forgiving than her uniform.

"Here's hoping it fits," she mused, going into the wardrobe to put the dress on a hangar so it wouldn't crease "And what ones were you looking at?" she asked over her shoulder, inspecting the skirt of her dress.

3/7 #336

"Don't write off your sleeping schedule just yet..." Isamu said as he pocketed his PDA, a smile of approval in his face as he saw that Reggie had arrived on time "After conducting my own research and interviewing the other female students I learned that our perp is following a strict pattern....early at night, right after it turns dark or just a few minutes before twelve o'clock. So either we bag the Creep early or he realizes who we are, gets scared and remains hidden. So, did you remember to bring what I told you to?"

3/7 #337
El Jaguar
Paige hesitated. "Well I really like this jade color for this dress here, and it's really gorgeous... but I'm kinda worried about what Leon would think."
3/14 #338
Assassin of the Blue Rose

"Order it," Sachiko told her firmly "If you know that you'll look good in it, then I doubt he would have any complaints, besides, he likes green colours," now that got her a confused look from Sakura, who was sitting on the bed checking out their dress until she had said those words.

"Wait, it is? How do you know that? He never told you," Sakura questioned, looking up at her counterpart who folded her arms and looked down at her in turn.

"Your eyes are green, Sakura, god knows Leon spends enough time staring at them," she informed her, which, whilst she knew didn't exactly help the situation - even Sakura had to admit she had a point.

3/16 #339
El Jaguar

Paige's face flushed somewhat, and hesitantly she nodded before clicking on the checkout and ordering the dress. She was happy she had Sakura's blessing, the last thing she wanted was to come in-between them, but since Sakura liked Zane, Paige would give everything she had to make Leon hers!

"Oh yeah," Paige said. "I nearly forgot to ask... Do you know if Leon likes cookies?"


Reggie stared at Isamu curiously. "Uh... what was I suppose to bring exactly?"

3/21 #340
Assassin of the Blue Rose

Now that was something Sachiko nor Sakura knew the answer to, however Sachiko answered Paige regardless "Hmm... I'm not too sure, if you wanna make cookies go ahead, but save some for the rest of us, and maybe a few extra for Chumly," she winked, having seen their fellow classmate clear whole platters by himself before "Don't want another cheesecake incident on our hands after all, anyway, you going to Professor Banner's stargazing trip tonight? Weather is supposed to be nice,"

3/21 #341
El Jaguar

"That's tonight?" Paige hadn't kept track of the days. She had been so focused on the ball and exams she had completely forgotten Professor Banner's stargazing event. However, after everything that had happened she could use a break. I wonder if Leon likes the stars...

She stood up and turned to Sachiko. "I know! Why don't you invite Zane? Stargazing can set the mood right for us to snag our men for the ball!"

A sudden knock on their door made Paige jump in fright.

"Breakfast time, you two!" Chumly called out from the door. "Hurry up! Leon and I are waiting."

3/22 . Edited 3/22 #342
Assassin of the Blue Rose

Sachiko could hear her sister swallow nervously, and almost feel it in her own throat. Paige's suggestion wasn't a bad idea, it just completely terrified Sakura. Hence why Sachiko decided to ask her something she hadn't in quite a very, very long time.

"Want me to take over for the day?"

Normally they only ever did that when they had a dentist or doctor's appointment, gym class too, especially when it came to swimming. The last few times hadn't been so bad though with frisbee golf, but there was no way Sakura would step into the water by her own accord unless she knew her feet could touch the bottom.

"I-If you wouldn't mind..." Sakura answered her sister, and with a nod, Sachiko went to leave the room for breakfast.

"I'll save you a plate, make sure the computer is off or else Banner won't let either of us on that trip for wasting power," Sachiko warned her, queuing her exit. In the hallway, she spoke to Sakura some more.

"Are... Are you really going to ask Zane to the dance? What about the trip?" Sakura stuttered, not quite believing what she was hearing.

"Honestly, I wouldn't mind talking to him or Atticus, somehow we jumped a dorm and I've no idea what to expect in Obelisk Blue," Sachiko reminded Sakura "I'm sure as hell not going to ask Andzrej what to expect, or those two that threw us into the fountain, and it would be a cold day in hell before I asked Doctor Crowler or worse, Chono, besides... we do kind of owe both of them, Zane twice over,"

"Yeah... I guess you're right," Sakura couldn't really argue with her sister's logic when it was a question she had been trying to answer herself ever since the announcement. She faded away when they walked into the dining room of the Slifer Dorm, sliding the door out of her way, grabbing her standard plate of cereals and sitting down with the others.

"Hey guys," Sachiko greeted, and frowned when she noticed Reggie was gone "Reggie get detention or something?"

3/22 #343

"Your Duel disk...your deck...some snacks and rope for when we need to sack the creep and drag him to the authorities." Isamu reiterated a shorter version of what he said to Reggie that very same morning in the Card Shop when they agreed to do this, while also pointing with his thumb at the backpack that he carried.

"Look, I can share some of my cookies with you, but you ain't touching my dried mango chips...not in a million years."

3/22 #344
El Jaguar

Leon Azrael

"Dunno," Leon answered, his solemn dark eyes giving nothing away. "I didn't get back to my dorm til curfew."

"What were you doing last night?" Paige asked curiously.

Leon took another bite of his toast, then swallowed. "Atticus Rhodes wanted a word with me about the new Red Eyes support cards. Afterwards we just chatted for a bit.".

"Oh." Paige stared into her tea cup, staring at her own reflection with hesitant eyes. "Say Leon... are you going to the stargazing event tonight?"

Leon blinked. "Stargazing?"

Paige nodded. "Professor Banner is having our dorm go out tonight to watch the stars and give us a break after the exam. Are you going?"

Leon shrugged. "Maybe."



"Don't worry, Isa, I got everything I need," Reggie said, gesturing to his backpack. "So, where we headed?"

3/28 #345
Assassin of the Blue Rose

"I'm going," Sachiko declared, and could feel Sakura internally cringing knowing her sister's scheme of hopefully asking Zane to the trip too, or at the very least wanting to know how to make her first day in Obelisk blue as smooth as possible. She just hoped none of her teachers asked her to stay back, but as far as she was aware the only things that were going on today were the remainders of the exams and the retakes, for those few professors who allowed them.

Cutting and chewing a piece of her waffle, she swallowed and dabbed her lips free of syrup before asking her next question "Did anybody else get drafted into Tennis next year for gym or was that just me? I didn't even know we had Tennis courts here,"

3/28 #346
El Jaguar

Paige nodded. "I did too! I thought I was the only one, honestly!"

"Screw that," Leon muttered. He took the syrup bottle and poured some on his waffle. "I signed up for soccer the first chance I had."

"And what's wrong with tennis?" Paige demanded.

"Only that it's boring," Leon retorted. "At least to me. If you two like it, enjoy. You'll be playing against one another anny way."

The realization seemed to dawn on Paige as she glanced at Sakura. "That's right, we'll be going to different dorms after winter break is over..."

4/10 #347
Assassin of the Blue Rose

Sachiko cocked her eyebrow "Whoever said anything about playing against each other? Last I heard, the Professors were trying to encourage us to mingle more between houses, hence all the extra sports and extracurricular stuff they've just added for next year," she pointed out, taking another bite out of her breakfast.

Nonetheless she shrugged "As long as its not swimming, I don't really care what we do in gym, I prefer dodgeball-"

One of the other Slifers from the table behind them chimed in with "Yoshiki, there's a reason they don't let you play dodgeball anymore,"

She turned to look at them "Hey! He was throwing way too hard! He had it coming!"

"You gave that guy a black eye!"

Sachiko rolled her eyes and swiveled back around to her seat, knowing she wasn't going to win that argument "Anyway, do we have free reign of the campus today or not? I heard that Doctor Crows-up-his-arse is still holding class for some reason today, haven't heard anything from Banner or Chono though,"

4/10 #348
El Jaguar

"How do you think that 'mingling' is gonna happen, Sakura?" Leon asked, finishing his bite. "We can practice with each other sure... but any games are gonna split us by dorm. Spirit of competition, after all."

"Well, we have free reign today so... We should all hang out for Banner's stargazing night!" Paige's face flushed slightly. "A-Are you gonna go tonight with anyone, Leon?"

Leon shrugged. "Dunno if I'm going or not. Khan and Niles might need help with deck building."

4/18 #349
Assassin of the Blue Rose

Remembering something that she had heard in the hallway, Sachiko added "I think Banner is giving last minute extra credit to the people going on his trip," she wasn't sure by how much, but she wouldn't say no to more points "I think there's also some sort of trek to a historical site involved beforehand too,"

8/29 #350
El Jaguar

"I'd better go then," Chumly murmured, putting down his fork after devouring everything on his plate. "After how I did in the exams, I could use the extra credit."

"Same here!" said another student.

"A historical site is kinda interesting."

"You think we can bring snacks?"

More and more students began to talk about the trip, though Leon didn't care much for it. His mind was elsewhere, and he couldn't think with so many voices murmuring about the same thing. Picking up his plate, Leon stood up from his seat and walked away from the table.

"Ah, Leon!" Paige called out. "Where are you going?"

"To get some fresh air," Leon muttered, throwing away his trash and putting his plate in the sink before making his way out of the hovel of a cafeteria.


"He didn't seem at all interested..." Paige whispered over to Sakura/Sachiko. "I wonder if this is just a lost cause."

"What is?" Chumly asked.

"This is girl talk!" Paige scolded before returning her attention to her friend. "What do you think? Should I give him space or go after him?"

8/29 #351
Assassin of the Blue Rose

Sachiko too had noticed how Leon was acting off, and had an eyebrow quirked as she watched him walk away "I'd go after him if I were you," she advised with a frown "Not sure if you've been hearing the rumors, but... remember how I told you I was followed back to the dorm a while back?" she asked, hoping Paige would remember due to Professor Banner having to address the entire dorm about that "There was a second sighting."

8/29 #352
El Jaguar

Paige's eyes widened slightly. "Are you forreal? Where? When?!" She immediately began to worry not just for Leon, but for everyone. If there was a pervert or someone sinister on campus grounds, it wasn't safe for anyone to be out alone.

8/29 #353
Assassin of the Blue Rose

"Heard some Ra's talking about it, a few students were up after lights out, they said they saw something watching them through the window..." Sachiko recalled when she and Sakura had been chased, the figure had moved so fast she had barely been able to outrun it "I'm not scared, we need to make sure our room door is locked though, I'm not having and creeper getting into our room,"

8/29 #354
El Jaguar

Paige nodded vigorously. "You're right, of course... but I'm honestly surprised the faculty hasn't caught the creep yet. You'd think they'd have a better handle of this, being sponsored by Kaiba Corps and all." She looked to the door, frowning. "I wonder where he went..."


Leon wasn't having a good day.

Sitting on the railing overlooking the ocean, Leon stared silently at his deck, trying his hardest to figure out what he could do to improve it. He had spent half the night deck crafting to make it the best he could, though it felt as though it was missing something important. An X-Factor that would turn the tide whenever he faced opponents like Charles Reiss again, who had been far too prepared to deal with his Red-Eyes Slash Dragon. And now, after displaying his monsters at the exam, others like Charles or those who bore a grudge against him like many in Obelisk would try their luck to bring him down, with decks crafted to counter his own.

'I'll need more than Red-Eyes and my Destiny-Heroes if I want to succeed...' Looking out to the ocean, waves crashing against the slippery rocks below, Leon sighed in frustration. "I guess... I'll have to start from the beginning again."

Putting his deck away, Leon went back onto the balcony and headed for the school store.

8/30 #355
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