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Because we've all done it: This is a place for people trying to track down that great story they were reading but didn't bookmark ... Please, come in and see if you can help!
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Hi, I had been reading a story and thought I had added it to my follow list but... well, I would not be here if it was. I am blushing so much right now. Anyway, it was a Bilbo being reborn as a female and growing up with 'imaginary' friends: Fee, Kee, Ri, etc. ;) And she and her mother went to Bree to find a blacksmith, our favorite dwarf of course, happened to be there. By this time, she's remembering more and realizing it's real, she's reliving it. She warns Dwalin to get Thorin back to their home before the really bad winter (Fell Winter), making Dwalin believe the young hobbit that caught Thorin's eye and heart is a Seer. They are midway through the Fell Winter when last I read it but I'm not sure if it had been a recent update and wanted badly to refind/reread and see if the author was close to updating. It would be T or M I think, blood was mentioned because of the events of the Fell Winter and what the wolves did as well as other happenings. I would sooooo love to find it again. If you know it or not, please help me locate it.

Thank you,


6/14/2016 #1

I believe you're looking for Who Said you Could play in My Mountain by Aille.

5/13/2017 #2

THANK YOU!!!! You were right. I got it now, thank you, thank you, thank you. Refinding this fic is a great birthday present (yes, it's today) so thank you for gifting me my lost fic.

5/17/2017 #3
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