Lost Tales
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Moriel D'Vil

hello, i am looking for a story, where bilbo is badly injured on a battlefield, but when he wakes up, he finds, that his body is lying on the ground. he can not go back to his body, can not take off his ring, because it is on his body and not on him, but there are black veins coming from the finger, where he wears the ring and they are expanding on him, trying to reach his heart. there is snowing and nobdy can see his body due the ring, so goes to find someone to help him, but finds out that nobody can see him and can not touch anyone. the only one who can see him is thorin, who is badly injured. when bilbo tries to touch thorin, thorin starts to scream in agony and bilbo can not detached himself from him until gandalf shoves him away. the rest of company is confused, gamdalf says, that there is a dark entity, but thorin tells them there is bilbo and needs help. but because only thorin can see him, the company takes him to tell them the road to bilbos body, which bilbo leads them to trough thorin. gandalf is suspicious of bilbo and slowly the rest of the company and think it is something, that wants to harm thorin. when they reach the cave where bilbos body is, the can not see it due to the ring, and gandalf starts to exorcise the evil but bilbo manages to tell thorin about the ring and they find bilbos body and gandalf saves him.

this is all i can remeber from the plot, i am not even sure, if story is still here, but if it is, please please please help to find it! thank you very much

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