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This is a textbased RPG for Yaoi fans of Gravitation, Fake, Descendants of Darkness, or any other characters from Yaoi or Shonen ai or you would like to Make Yaoi or Shonen ai! Come in and join the Fun!
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So, a yaoi RPG!!! w00t! Although I'm new to RPG, so don't hurt me. ... Can I be Shuichi?! Pwetty pwetty pwease!??! -Kat-
8/17/2006 #1
This sounds fun... *grin* Can I be Ryu-chan and Kumagurou? x'D
8/19/2006 #2
8/21/2006 . Edited by DevilDogPrincess, 8/28/2006 #3
Whaddaya mean, stop? It's fun! I just did my first RPG yesterday and it's the most fun I've had in a very long time! I don't understand why you would want us to stop something that we enjoy... And yes, you can be Ryu-chan and Kumagoro! So I guess I get to be Shu-chan! Yays! -Kat-
8/21/2006 #4
Yeah.. Let us do what we want, if you don't like what we do, why bother comming? -.-' No offence of course.. ^^ And RPG is fun! ^^ YAY! Soooo? When do we start? :D
8/22/2006 #5
Well, whenever we want. Huh, we should probably all meet at the same time, ne? So...I live on the U.S. west coast. Right now for me it's four thirty p.m. What time should be good for you peeps? (remember time zone adjustments if necessary)
8/23/2006 #6
Ooh.. I'm from sweden, soo my watch is seetled on GMT + 1 So right now it's 5pm ^^' Let's just start the rp and wait 'til the others answer or something? Shall we rp in a new thread?
8/24/2006 #7
EVERYONE... due to recurring problems in multiple RP's, I would like you to email me if you think some is being played out of character... it causes problems amongst the faithful rpers who follow the character... after all a character isn't really themselves anymore if you play them different. This message also serves as your warning! If I recieve and email saying you are playing someone out fo their character, and after a review, I agree, that character will be taken... If you argue with me, you will be booted, plain and simple. If you want to play the character all whacked out, please make your own RPG and do it there. THank you for your cooperation Kim
8/28/2006 #8
I apologize for my absense... I will post a character request thread and a storyline thread so we can begin
8/28/2006 #9

why is that

7/14/2008 #10

ok, when do you think we will begin? ^^

2/6/2009 #11

Is this forum still alive?...O_O

I would love to join as Yuki Eiri! X3

3/5/2009 #12

I hope it is XD YAAY XD

3/6/2009 #13

Okay. So how about we start first Neutral(can i call u that? coz bloody sounds scary...=.=) ?..^^

The writer woke up with a headache and groaned. Damn...I had too much alcohol last night..he thought as he then noticed a note laying there next to him.

Dear Yuki,

I'm going to the studio now. Will see you later. Wait for me! We'll be having dinner together! X3



Only then Yuki remembered about that brat and smirked. That brat still has the energy even after last night..Yuki thought to himself as he got up from the bed and headed towards the shower.

3/6/2009 #14

(Sure you can XD I'll call you Fuyu? ^^ If nobody else applies as Shuichi later, then I might rp him :P)

Unknown to the writer there was something lurking around in the apartment. A bang was heard from the living room and of someone yelping out loud in pain. There was a bit of shuffling and light giggling, until the bedroom door slammed open.

"Goooood morning, na-no-da! " Ryuichi yelled with a cheery grin. "Shuuuuu-chan? Time to go up! Me and Kuma-chan are kidnapping you." :3

The said Kuma-chan aka Kumagoro was perched on top of his head. Of course they wouldn't know Shuichi was out. They were on their way to the studio, when suddenly Ryuichi had an impuls to kidnapp a certain cute pinkhaired singer and buy some ice cream. Ryuichi tilted his head and pouted when he didn't spot anything pink within sight. "Shu-chan?" :'o

3/7/2009 . Edited 3/7/2009 #15

(of course u can~ ^^ yea. its kinda lonely witout shuichi here. XD I'll PM the person rp as shuichi. If he/she doesn't come to rp, then i guess its okay for u to take over until the person comes. XD)

Yuki was in the hot showers when he heard a noises from the living room, a slam of the bedroom door and a certain familiar voice. That couldn't possibly be that brat..he thought to himself as he frowned because that someone practically disturb him during the midst of him having a shower. Yuki grabbed his towel and simply walked out of the bathroom, still dripping wet as he shouted, "Dare da?! (who is it?!)" the writer glared at the person who interfeared with his morning showers. He was in the bad mood probably because of the migrain that he still had. When he spotted Kumagurou on the person's head and a familiar chibi pouting face, the writer was startled. "Eh?...Ryuichi?.." The writer let out a sigh and rubbed his aching forehead. "What are you doing here?..If you're looking for Shuichi, he has gone to the studio." The carpet which Yuki was standing on was soaked. He only had a towel around his waist and his hair was dripping wet. The sight of Yuki dripping wet would make any girl squeel but it was completely different with Ryuichi. That was why the writer didn't bother to worry about the thoughts of naive little Ryuichi when seeing him in this condition.

3/7/2009 . Edited 3/7/2009 #16

(.... you tease! Yuki, dripping wet, with a towel... _ )

Ryuichi smiled got even wider when Yuki emerged from the bathroom, not minding the glare, if anyone knew where cutie-pie was then he would know! He waved with his both arms happily. "Yuki-kun! Ohayou~~!" 8'D "Oh, I see.." Ryuichi said looking crestfallen, but almost instantly that was replaced with a bright grin. "Then I'll see him later, hehe." He didn't wait for an invitation or anything and just jumped and made himself comfortable on their bed, sitting there now with Kuma-chan on his lap. Ryuichi stared at Yuki with big puppyeyes not offering any explanation until he shrugged. "Toma-chan called this morning and said I have to drag you to the studio, na-no-da.." He tilted his head a little confused. "He said something about doing unspeakable things with you, but I have no idea what he meant." He giggled. "Toma-chan can be so mysterious, na-no-da!" :'D

3/8/2009 #17

((hoho~ =_=+++ *laughs proudly* if i had a choice, i would tackle ryuichi in bed. LOL but its different since its yuki XD))

Yuki sighed as Ryuichi quickly adapted to the room and made himself comfortable on the bed. His bed. I guess its okay...since its just ryuichi..Yuki thought to himself as he walked nearer towards Ryuichi who was cuddling Kumagurou happily on the bed. His bed. "Tohma?...Does it have to be now, today?...What does he want from me this time?.." Yuki said feeling irritated as he lit up a cigarette and inhaled the smoke, then let out a sigh as he brushed his front wet hair up. In his condition now, he does not feel like going anywhere today. Let alone, meet with the famous producer, Seguchi Tohma.

((LOL yuki's bed. XDD))

3/9/2009 #18

((Haha XD and if I was playing any other uke-character I would have them using their greatness to seduce him or something. XD ))

Ryuichi still watched Yuki with his innocent eyes, if he was in "singer-mode" then maybe a reaction would had noticed. But now Ryuichi was really just like a sweet child and wanting no more than to cuddle with anything and everything. He wrinkled his nose when the author lit up the cigarette and waved away some smoke with a hand from his face. Ew, yuukie smell. .

He just shrugged in response and klutched Kuma-chan tighter to himself. "He didn't say, just that he wanted to see you. TODAY!" :D Ryuichi hummed a little song and then giggled while he suddenly poked Yuki on his stomach. "Waaah! Did Yuki-kun train, no-da?" He poked again and gave a giggle of delight.

3/9/2009 #19

((lol i think the same way too. XDD btw, do u think u can rp more than 1 character? mayb u could rp as shuichi when shuichi's scene comes up. but only until after the owner of shuichi comes tho. coz yuki is lonely without the brat. haha we really need more ppl to join this forum. we are missing a tohma too. O_O))

Yuki smirked when he saw Ryuichi waved his hands to get rid of the cigarette smoke. "You really are a kid, aren't you." Yuki said as he took his cigarette from his lips and extinguish his cigerette by pressing it on the ash tray. The writer would expect Shuichi to argue back if Yuki talked like that to the brat. But right now, its not Shuichi, but a naive little Ryuichi who is completely innocent sitting there on his bed. He had to admit that Ryuichi did look somewhat like Shuichi, except that Ryuichi was less annoying and sensitive compared to his lover.

When Ryuichi poked the writer on his stomach, he chuckled and held Ryuichi's hand and pushed Ryuichi down on his bed gently, pinning him on his bed. Yuki had a sexy smirk on his face when he looked down to Ryuichi and Kumagurou laying at Ryuichi's side. He lowered himself gently and whispered seductively in Ryuichi's ear, brushing his lips as he spoke, " You look so much alike to Shuichi and if you're not careful, I might end up taking you down instead." He moved his left hand down to Ryuichi's exposed stomach and gently traced small circles lightly on Ryuichi's sensitive soft skin with his finger and grinned when he heard a gasp from the naive boy under him. "Be careful where you touch, or you might accidentally arouse the person without knowing." Yuki chuckled and then got off Ryuichi after a while when he was satisfied teasing the lead singer of Nittle Grasper. "I'll go with you to see Tohma after I finish my shower. Theres drinks in the refridgerator." Yuki said in his usual tone as he headed towards the bathroom.

3/10/2009 #20

((Sure, I can do that. ^^ Yeah, I agree, think of all the fun we can have with all the cast gathered. XD Oh, and I have to comment that you make an AWESOME Yuki. You're so in character 3 XD))

He blinked a little confused when he suddenly was pushed, gently I might add, to the bed. Ryuichi looked up at Yuki not quite understanding why he was feeling a little nervous, but yet trusting the handsome author. Ryuichi couldn't suppress the shivers when the author whispered in his ear, couldn't contain the small gasp of surprise at the nice yet odd sensation of the touch. He managed at least to hold back the whimper when the man got off him. Dissapointed, maybe? He couldn't figure it out.

Ryuichi slowly raised himself from the bed with his arms supporting himself and for the moment didn't notice of his bear beside him. He stared intense at Yuki for a while and then a smile formed. "Okey!" When Yuki was gone, Ryuichi turned to Kuma-chan and pouted cutely. "Let's go raid Yuki-kun's fridge!" ^^ And that they did.

3/10/2009 #21

(( Really?? Aww Thanks! ^w^~ U make a GreaT Ryuichi too! I could imagine exactly how ryuichi acted when u described him. XD So cute~ Anyways, it seems that i'm roleplaying mostly the role of seme's. LOL yea we need more ppl to join this rp. X3 ))

When Yuki was finished with the shower, he got out, (this time with clothes and not dripping wet) with a towel on his head. He was dressed in shirt and trousers and was about to lit another cigerette when what he saw, made the cigarette that was placed between his lips, drop to the ground. He was shocked at the sight that lay in front of him. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath trying to calm himself and hoped that what he saw was just an illusion and that everything will dissapear when he reopened his eyes.

However, he couldn't control his eyes from twitching and a big vein popped out from his head. "You....brat...." Yuki was pissed now. Apparently, Ryuichi had made a big, and yes, a very BIG mess in his kitchen. "When I said, help yourself to the drinks, I don't mean making a mess in someone's kitchen." Yuki said with a calm but annoyed tone as a dark aura emitting from the writer filled the room. The fridge was wide open and most of the drinks in there was opened and spilled on the floor. It really seemed like a mess that a 5 year old would make. The kitchen really looked like it had been raided and theres even sauce on the ceiling and on the walls. (lol didn't know how ryuichi got it there.) Food was on the table chairs and floor.

Yuki instantly took back his thoughts about Ryuichi earlier on that he was less annoying than his lover. Calm down....don't kill anyone right now...its not his fault in anyways...who is the person who sent him here in the first place...ah yes...i'll take it out on Tohma then..Yuki thought to himself, trying his best not to loose his self awareness right there.

Yuki grabbed his towel and chucked it to the other side of the room as he stormed towards the innocent looking Ryuichi hugging his plushie. The writer picked him up easily with his right hand by grabbing Ryuichi's back shirt collar and ignored the singer in chibi mode who was squirming and struggling to get free of the writer's strong hold. "We're going to Tohma's place, right now. You should be lucky because Tohma will be the one who is responsible for destyoing my kitchen. " Yuki twiched with a big vein still on his head while he headed towards his car with poor Ryuichi still struggling to free himself from Yuki's hold. He threw Ryuichi at the back seat and drifted his car to the studio. At least he was not as insane as Mika who practically drove through the walls of the studio causing a big crash and kidnapped Shuichi the last time.

"Tohma!" Yuki banged on the producer's door with Ryuichi still under his hold.

3/10/2009 #22

(( Naw, thanks ^^' I noticed! Seme's and authors :P -cough-YukiandUsami-cough-.. XD But now that you mention it, I mostly play uke's XD Yes, recruit more people. Anyway, now I'm assuming that Yuki is knocking on Seguchi's place, meaning his office at the studio? XD That would make it easier for me to jump in as Shuichi so ^^'))

It all went so fast. Ryuichi and Kuma-chan was minding their own business, hunting down delicious food that would fill up their stomachs. Of course there was some accidents, Kumagorou was so sneaky and tripped Ryuichi which made him fall and drop.. Well.. Plenty of stuff.. Ketchup, eggs, marshmallow, you name it. Then there was accidental slips, sneezing... Ryuichi couldn't be blamed of all that now, could he? :o!

When Yuki entered the kitchen, Ryuichi gulped at the pissed expression and actually feelt guilty for the mess. Kinda. Seconds later he was dragged unwillingly to the car and later arrived outside Tohma's office, protesting all the way. "WAAH! Yuki-kun is meeeeaan! LEMME GO, LEMME GO!!! TOOOOHMA!!" ((... Who's going to be that sadist? XD)) The chibi had big teary eyes, waving his arms and legs frantically trying to escape from the strong grip, which proved to be impossible. "GOMENASAI!" ;___;!!!

Shuichi was humming happily while he skipped towards the vending machine, there were having a break from the recording and he was feeling realy thirsty. "Lalala... Yuki, Yuki, Yuki~~" :3 He was in the clouds, Shuichi couldn't keep his mind off a certain lover and at the memory from the night before made him blush and sigh in bliss. His friends didn't mind at all, since it was a good change of space compared to when the pinkhaired boy wouldn't make any work done and cry several hours straight. But! Today he was on a roll and the newest songs he wrote weren't bad, if he may say so himself.

He stopped on his tracks as he heard a familiar voice not far from where he was, Shuichi blinked confused. "Sakuma-san?" He followed the shrieking and when he turned around the corner Shuichi's eyes went big. "YUKI?!" O_O' Don't get him wrong, he was glad that Yuki was there but... Why? And why was his God, Sakuma Ryuichi there? Oo'

3/11/2009 . Edited 3/11/2009 #23

((lol yea. and the prob is, we dont hav a tohma. =.=""""" wahahaha~~ yea~ i noticed it *coughs* accidentally *coughs* semes and authors~ LOL of course. perfect timing. XD))

Damn it...Tohma won't open the door..Yuki continued banging on the door, pissed by every minute that passed. Yuki was about to destroy the door in front of him when he sensed a familiar voice on his far left. S***..its that brat..I'm really not in the mood to tolerate any kids now..STupid migrain. Its gotten worse..Yuki gripped his front hair and pressed his forehead, shutting his eyes as he frowned. He turned to Shuichi with a pissed look still on his face and poor Ryuichi still stuggling under his grip. "Hey brat, where the heck is Tohma?...He owes me a kitchen compensation." He asked Shuichi then gave a glare to chibi Ryuichi when the word 'kitchen compensation' was said. There was dark aura around Yuki and the aura gave the chills to anyone who came across it. One of the unlucky persons is Shuichi (aside from ryuichi....and kumagurou)

3/12/2009 #24
Helena Beaumanoir

Shuuichi gazed affectionately at the cold writer. He couldn’t think his mind glazed over with one thought:

“Yuki is here! Yuki is here! Yuki is here!”

The usual lopsided smile graced his lips. Had Yuki can down here – to see him? It was then he became aware of Sakuma Ryuuichi. His idol. His god. Why was he with Yuki?

The golden haired writer approached Shuuichi; a fearsome expression pierced his heart. Although, he was used to it all by now.

“Hey, Yuuuk -!”

“Brat, where the heck is Tohma?”

Tohma? He – he came to see Tohma? Shuuichi’s smile fell as his heart began to ache. He didn’t want to see him?

“... He’s in his office.” Shuuichi returned a plastered grin, “Yuuuki, Bad Luck’s got a concert tomorrow! You’ll come won’t you?!”

Shuuichi yelled, loud and energetic as usual.

5/28/2009 #25

((OOC: shinobu has finally replied in junjou rp forum. saa miyagi, work ur stuff. XD))

Yuki groaned feeling annoyed right there with everyone - shuichi, tohma, ryuichi and....kumagurou. "God why does this have to happen.." Yuki thought to himself as he rolled his eyes. "That Tohma wont open the office door. Like I said, the kitchen's been wrecked because of this other brat." The author said with annoyance in his tone as he lift up his grip on chibi Ryuichi.

Yuki fixed his look on Shuichi staring at him with a slight frown on his face. He then looked away when he heard the sound of door clicking open and turned his back, waving his hand lazily before dissapearing into the room with a struggling Ryuichi under his grip. The door slammed itself shut with a bang. "Tsk..that brat...he sure is energetic even after last night." the author thought to himself before facing the great producer and sending him a glare.

((I'll just skip the yelling and conversation part with tohma coz we don't have a tohma yet. @_@))

After minutes of yelling, shouting, crying, pouting, negotiating and solving, etc. going on in that room, Yuki finally settled his matters with Tohma and Ryuichi. Heading out of the door, he took a deep breath and exhaled, calming himself down. His migrain is killing him. "I need a rest.." The author took a seat on one of the chairs which were next to the drink's dispenser, leaning his head back against the wall. He took out his packet of cigarettes and search through his pockets for the lighter. The author cursed again when he realised that he must have forgotten to bring his lighter when he rushed out of the house. He kept the cigarettes back in his pocket and placed his right arm above his forehead, leaning back and closing his eyes for a bit.


5/28/2009 . Edited 5/28/2009 #26
Helena Beaumanoir

Shuuichi arrived home later that evening.

He hadn't been able to concentrate all day, which pissed off K-san as well as Hiro and Fujisaki, but it didn't bother him all that much.

He could make it up to them, but Yuki, he was slightly more difficult to bring round.

He entered the flat he and Yuki had been sharing together.

He found Yuki sitting at his laptop, typing another installment of his new novel, a cigarette placed between his lips.

"Yuuuuki!" Shuuichi danced into the room over to the beautiful novelist. "Yuuuuki! Why were you at the studio today? Did you find Tohma? What did he say? What's for dinner? Are you coming to our concert on Thursday?"

He had so many questions he blurted them out without even thinking.

He hoped he didn't bother Yuki.

5/30/2009 #27

((ano saa...^^; ur kinda doing godmodding again (controling other's character). I know you've got no idea but you could just try to figure out witout controlling my character. I'm not angry or anything, just want to remind you again no godmodding please. ^^; *gives cookie* coz i actually didn't want yuki to return home yet but since its done, um...never mind then. juz keep in mind okay. :3))

Somehow his migrain had subsided and he was actually waiting for his lover to return home, not that he would admit it though. He turned and faced the pink-haired boy with his best expressionless face he could make and stubbed out his cigarette. "Hurry and take a shower. We're going out for dinner tonight." With that said, he turned back to his laptop and continued typing, trying to finish a few chapters before he leave his work for today.

5/30/2009 #28
Helena Beaumanoir

"Dinner? With you?"

Shuuichi was frozen.


He lept forward grabbing onto Yuki.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

6/7/2009 #29

Yuki quickly moved his mouse and hit on the save button to save his work just for safety measures.

Yuki frowned and sighed not looking at his energetic lover.

"If you don't hurry and get ready, I might have to cancel the reservation."

With Shuichi still clinging on to him, he just continued typing and completing the last chapter for today.

6/9/2009 #30
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