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This is a textbased RPG for Yaoi fans of Gravitation, Fake, Descendants of Darkness, or any other characters from Yaoi or Shonen ai or you would like to Make Yaoi or Shonen ai! Come in and join the Fun!
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Helena Beaumanoir

Shuuichi had been ready for hours.

Literary no more than 10 minutes after Yuki had first mentioned it.

After which he had plagued Yuki with a sea of absolutely pointless questions.

"Where are we going?"

"Will I like it?"

"Will you like it?"

"Is it legal?"

"What kind of food are we eating? Japanese? Western? Vegetarian?"

"Will it be romantic? - I never thought of you as the romantic type Yuki."

6/14/2009 #31

The author got up from his seat and closed his laptop after saving his last draft, ignoring the pink-haired boy which was jumping up and down energetically. Yuki kept himself calm as he grabbed his coat and car keys before walking towards the door.

"Just shut up brat. You'll find out later." the blonde said with a slight annoyed tone as the pink brat kept pestering him in the car. Yuki sighed and tried to fully focus on driving and not let himself get distracted with the younger boy next to him.

6/26/2009 #32
Helena Beaumanoir

Shuuichi finally calmed himself.

After all, he didn't want to p*** off Yuki when they were finally going on a date together.

He smiled contently to himself, watching Yuki intently.

God, he loved him.

7/9/2009 #33
Aretsu Hiwatari

(Can I join?)

When Aretsu came out from his apartment he wondered if he should go to his favorite spot and write. "I wonder what's going to happen today."

4/15/2010 #34

(( I missed this rp.. XD Anybody still here? ^^ ))

10/8/2010 #35
Tom and Shizzlemah

Hello Former Roleplayers of Gravitation: A Yaoi RP forum. I'd like to enlighten you to my new Original Character Yaoi Roleplaying forum here on Here is the link:

3/15/2011 #36
((If this is still alive I noticed the Shuichi is being two people so can I be Shu? Please please please please! I promise to be the best Shuichi there is! If not you can feed me to Yukis scary--but sexy-- angry side!))
9/22/2012 #37
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