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What was your fave??

Mine was when she's convinced that the letter Robbie sent to her in "... and thats when it fell on my hand." was in code. :P I was wetting my pants off telling my sister.

8/25/2008 #1

when Dave the L. said "Mr. Attwood is a plucky little woman, isn'the?"

i virtually died laughing.

10/26/2008 #2

I liked it when Ellen told georgia that Dave the Laughs says instead of See ya Later " Well, I'm off then. I'm away laughing on a fast camel"


12/28/2008 #3
Crouching Tiger Hidden Shizuru

Basically everything Rosie says/does, haha~

She's so funny.

3/21/2009 #4

Rosie's amazing! I love Sven though more. I especially like when in one of the books Rosie has to break up with him because he told her parantes and I quota "Ja daughter is how you say a good snog!"

3/24/2009 #5

Yes that's deffo my fav. quote too..and,well,it's not really a quote, but it's when she's alone in her bedroom (ooer) and she has a laughing spaz remembering Herr Kamyer falling off a train on a class trip..I was in Adv. World History supposedly reading a chapter about the Bay of Pigs, but I was reading the books under my desk and when I came to this I just fell apart laughing.

Needless to say,Mr. Pock (aka mr pockmark) was NOT amused

4/8/2010 #6

I love the quote "Rosie said she would meet use their, Sven is having some trouble getting his trousers on" or somthing along those lines :)

1/4/2011 #7
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