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New factions in an age old conflict, where do you align yourself? What do you choose? All's fair in hate and war...


Kai lounged gracefully over the lounge. Content, serene, bored out of his bloody mind. He wanted to feast, to fight. And yet here he lay, loosing and retracting his fangs. A maneuver that had become as simple as clicking his tongue. The sounds of the casino rambled below, the drum of the outside streets joining their monotonous melancholy. Graciously, their benevolent dictator had imposed upon him the title of head of security. A position that saw almost no real action when the staff consisted of vampiric drones. He forced himself up, grabbing an apple. Fresh foods were scattered around the building, giving the place a semblance of life, and to the random viewer, humanity. Silently he tossed and caught the produce.

Still, boredom and curiosity nagged at his mind. Apple in hand he existed the sun proof suite. Eager to encounter something... anything to get his blood running.

- - - - -

The arcade was dark, lit only by surrounding games. Still Avery had no trouble reading the report before her. Nowadays, despite their location, the pack operated like a police station. Investigating reports of suspected werewolf activity, operating surveillance on vampires who left the sanctity of their own establishment, and putting down those who opposed her. Truthfully she didn't enjoy the deaths of fellow werewolves, but mercy implied weakness. An implication she couldn't let stand.

A lesser known, secret division provided Avery with the names of potential turns. Those who would provide strength, either literally or socially. Such actions couldn't be sanctioned of course, though she doubted her pack would mind. They really were a welcoming bunch...

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Reaching a hand out, Evangeline caught the apple as it fell towards Kai's waiting appendage, drawing the fruit towards her chest and holing it delicately within her palm. She smiled at the male, eyes gentle with quiet mirth. "Hello General," she murmured, glancing in the direction Kai had originally been heading. ""How are you finding tonight? Not too boring, I hope?" Her gaze returned to Kai's, her orbs filled with something akin to amusement, one eyebrow cocked the slightest bit.


Jasmine sat by her open window, peering out into the night with a subtly forlorn expression. Today had been another day of slow learning and frustration of failure of her powers. The claw marks across her right shoulder and arm were already healing well, but they left behind an irritating itch that she knew she couldn't scratch. Her sire was a kind man, though firm in his teaching and lessons, which she was simultaneously thankful and dismayed for.

Huffing lowly, Jasmine threw herself backwards, spreadeagled, upon her bed sheets, gazing up at the ceiling, eyes unfocused. Her mind drifted slowly to home and the people she'd left behind. She dearly missed her parents and wondered what they were doing now. Would they be searching for her? Or did they think she was dead? Did they think she had run away with River? She wished she could call them, let them know she was fine and healthy.

But she knew she couldn't, not without telling them about what had happened, what she now was. And she couldn't, not with the risk of them rejecting her. If they rejected her.... she didn't know what she would do.

"Dammit..." Jasmine sighed heavily, tone dejected and unhappy. She gave a shake of her head to rid herself of the feelings - it didn't really help - before her thoughts turned to her friend. She wondered what River was up to. She hadn't seen him in a few days, hadn't heard from him in about two. Her gaze turned to her phone resting on the bedside table, staring at the device for several seconds. "I wonder how he is..."

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