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Crabs and then blame it on the rich kid down the street.
7/2/2007 #61
Okay. (puts in crabs) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh!!!!!!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!! OMG YOU SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME IT WOULD HURT!!!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;O; (throws out crabs) Ooowww . . . ;.; My butt hurts now. It looks all funky now, too. Yay, you are the rich kid down the street, so you have to doctor me! Now!
7/2/2007 #62
You didn't ask if it would hurt. I didn't know I was a rich kid. I don't have my PhD. Anyway, I was talking about the other rich kid down the other street.
7/27/2007 #63
. . . . . . . . . . . Nobody?
7/31/2007 #64
Both Fran and Nobody. They are the rich kids on opposite sides of the street.
8/5/2007 #65
8/11/2007 #66
8/13/2007 #67
Hmph! Well, have you played any good video games lately?
8/17/2007 #68
I played guitar hero. ^-^ I bought Dark Cloud the other day. But I haven't gotten around to playing it. Because my aunt had a baby, and I went to visit. And I'm still visiting.
8/20/2007 #69
My PS2 is pretty much dead right now, so I am playing Tales of Symphonia again on the Game Cube. It rocks! ^-^ Zelos is awesome and pretty!
8/24/2007 #70
My Game Cube died. *mourns Game Cube*
8/26/2007 #71
Oh, I am sorry. I mourn with you. I am going to get my PS2 fixed. Any suggestions? I think I will just ship it to Sony or something. Though it will cost me between $45 and $75.
9/2/2007 #72
Well it's less expensive than buying a new one. Unless you think that this will be a recurring thing. Then you should just get a new one.
9/12/2007 #73
I am too attached to mine. Know how to contact Sony to do it or do you know of any shops that may do it?
9/15/2007 #74
No, I've never had that problem. Did you check the Sony web site?
9/18/2007 #75
No. I should probably try that, huh?
9/21/2007 #76
Maybe. But what do I know? As of right now, I have a fully functioning PS2.
9/29/2007 #77
There was no info on there about fixing it. I guess I will just have to call around when I get the money to fix it.
9/29/2007 #78
Best of luck with that. How much do you think it'll cost?
11/12/2007 #79
Sony is from $45 to &70. I think I will just buy a new one and put mine up somewhere cool, though.
11/16/2007 #80
Yeah. That's what I did when my game cube fried during a thunderstorm.
1/9/2008 #81
My cousin gave me his PS2, but it has a hardware problem and will not play PS1 games. I wonder how long it will last . . . ?
2/6/2008 #82

My PS2 stopped working, too.

And my cousin gave me his, but it's old so I don't know how long it'll last.

2/2/2009 #83

I got a new one for my Bday. I don't really like the new models. Why?

1.) They constantly hiss angrily.

2.) My game disks hardly fit over the protruding circle in it that you have to put them over (the center circle thingie).

3.) They will not play very many DVDs.

2/7/2009 #84

I wanna get a wii now.

I played one at my cousins house, and it facinates me.

6/7/2009 #85
Kaboose the keybladebearer

wii'd be better if it had more games

6/9/2009 #86

I wish it had something fun besides the new Tales of Symphonia. I think an RPG would be amazing, with the motion thing and all. I hate those stupid simulation games.

6/10/2009 #87
j o e l l e XD

I wanna get a wii, but Keeping it in shape is expensive!! XD(Don't let the 250.00$ price tag fool you! you still have to pay for remotes, charger, games etc,etc...) For now I'll stick to my PS2, And PSP. I just got FFVII Crisis core,and it's so fun playing Zack the 'Puppy.' X3 Sephiroth is very intimidating handsome,that it's like 'I would glomp him, but I'm scared that he'll might maim me with that sword of his O_o'

For those of you who played this game: Is the play that Genesis was quoting from real? If so I'd like to read it.

And just to keep on topic: I'd say that it's fiffty-fiffty. While KHI have better control features (Man I miss dodge roll, aero, and stop.) KHII have better graphics, and it very straight foward,not to mention epic XD. But I won't forgive the fact that Riku got less screen time then ever! Kairi got more screen time, and she's not even a playable chracter!

Well I think we can all agree that the soundtrack for both games is [insert awesome word here] XD

I think I downloaded most of the KHII soundtrack (Yes, I will go out of my way just to download music from video games ;P) Yoko shimomura-San is the best wouldn't you agree =D??

8/5/2009 #88

No, I think LOVELESS was only in Crisis Core. I love that game, too! It made me cry for forever, though. I think the play was somewhat based on a real one, but I don't remember what.

I love the KH theme songs by Utada Hikaru, but I don't like her other music very much. She is really talented, I'm just not much into pop. I prefer J-rock and J-metal. BTW, who is Yoko Shimomura-san?

Have you seen this of Utada Hikaru singing Simple and Clean? I think it sounds better than the recorded version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oolMwmDFVlU

8/5/2009 #89
j o e l l e XD
Ms Yoko Shimomura was the one who composed all of the music in the KH series(For example the music at the start menu) Shhh Don't tell me XD I'm still not done yet... As for the song:I'll listen to it tomorrow since I'm on my PSP(Glad my bro invested on that router XD)
8/5/2009 #90
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