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Cyrene Lysandra

At long last, the disease has been successfully eradicated. But its detrimental damage to the school- and its inhabitants- will not be forgotten. A hush falls over the great castle, and the places where students are missing seem like gaping holes to many.

To ensure that the school is entirely safe, the traditional Christmas Break is moved up a few weeks, and extended. Those who do not have a place to go quickly find one- this tragedy has brought the school community closer to one another.

The dead are remembered everyday, and there is talk of a memorial upon the students return, at which everyone is invited to come up and say a few words.

The snow begins to fall; its bleakness is unfortunately appropriate.

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Alexander Ivanov

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7/25/2017 #1


7/26/2017 . Edited 7/26/2017 #2

Broken. Thats what Kiyomi Morisatchi was. She had only left Hogwarts less than half a year ago, but in that time, so much had changed. There were the good things. She had gotten accepted to a tryout for the local Quidditch team. That was nice. She was ecstatic at the time, and so was Tatsuya...


Just thinking of her brother sent her mood plummeting. She had lost him over the span of the last few months, because of an untreatable disease. Her precious brother, the one person she loved unconditionally, gone in a heartbeat. She had cried herself to sleep every night since then, and she had mainly stayed in the apartment that she had bought, rarely coming out.

She was broken inside, and for once in her life, she couldn't find a way out of the darkness.

7/26/2017 #3
Cyrene Lysandra

Yuzuki had not seen Kiyomi in months. Normally, a chance to see one of her closest friends would have left her elated. But the reason for this visit was not a cheerful one, not by far. Her bright purple hair was in stark contrast to the bleak snow- and the bleak mood- as she Apparated to Kiyomi's apartment and knocked gently on the door.

It was a hollow sound, mirroring how desolate she felt inside. She was lucky. So, so lucky. Two of her siblings had fallen ill- Kumiko and Itsuo- but they had both survived. It broke her heart that Kiyomi had not been so lucky, eclipsing the joy she felt that her own siblings were safe and sound.

7/26/2017 #4
Kiyomi looked up at the door, which someone had just knocked at. She rarely got visitors, so she just thought it would be dome sort of junk mail person, or someone who wanted to sell her cookies. Cookies wouldnt help, not with Kimi. She sighed, got up, and slowly trudged towards the door, unlocking it. That was a sign that whoever it was could come in if they wanted.
7/26/2017 #5
Cyrene Lysandra

Yuzuki stepped into the apartment. For once, she could not think of anything to say. There was a thickness between them- they had not seen each other in such a long time, and so much had happened since then.

But now was not the time for catching up.

She took the few steps that separated them, and did not say anything as she wrapped her arms around Kiyomi and pulled her friend into a fierce hug. She did not cry; she was too shaken even for tears, though her eyes stung nonetheless.

7/26/2017 #6

Kiyomi took a breath in when Yuzuki hugged her. It had been so long since she had seen her, and Kimi had no idea how she even knew about Tatsuya. Her parents probably. Or maybe Yuzuki's siblings. Nonetheless, it was nice to see her. A tear rolled down her cheek as her friend hugged her.

7/26/2017 #7
Cyrene Lysandra

Yuzuki had heard from Itsuo- though her brother had choked on the words as he spoke. He had just come home from school for the break, accompanied by a demure Kumiko, and a Sakura who was even quieter than usual.

She had pressed kisses to each of their foreheads, and given them warm hugs, and then she had gone to see Kiyomi. There were many more that she wanted to visit, well-wishes that she knew couldn't possibly convey how she was feeling.

She did not say I'm sorry. She knew how shallow the words could sound.

7/26/2017 #8

"W..why are you here?" Kiyomi asked, wiping a tear from her eyes. She did not expect Yuzuki to show up any time soon. " can come in..." She slowly walked over to the sofa of her apartment, where she had been looking at old photos of her and her brother, placed at the back of the scrapbook Yuzuki had given her at their graduation. It pained her to think that Tatsuya would never see his graduation. He was gone.

7/26/2017 #9
Cyrene Lysandra
"I heard." Yuzuki said. "About..." She trailed off, her eyes and expression conveying everything. She perched herself on the sofa, looking far from comfortable as she took in the small but decidedly cozy apartment. Noticing the small scrapbook, the barest hint of a nostalgic smile crossed her face, before it disappeared as quickly as it had come
7/26/2017 #10

"Oh..." Kiyomi said quietly, her voice trailing off as she sat. She thought it was nice that Yuzuki came here to see if she was alright, but she didnt need to. She was fine... right? Sure, she had hardly been out of her apartment. Sure, she had been in a constant state of sadness and hurt since she had found out, but she still woke up in a morning, right? To be honest, sometimes she didn't want to, but she knew that to think that was selfish. Kiyomi and her family had been through so much. It was like a jigsaw that was missing a piece.

7/26/2017 #11
Cyrene Lysandra

Yuzuki nodded as the silence filled the room once more. It felt like a palpable thing, the grief that hung in the air, the pictures laid out before them reminding Yuzuki of ghosts. They were all ghosts- even the smiling Kiyomi, whose eyes sparkled with laughter as she winked up at them from the scrapbook.

That Kiyomi was gone, it seemed. Right along with Tatsuya.

Yuzuki dared to hope that she was still able to be saved. It would just take time. Things would never be quite the same, and those lost would never be forgotten, but Yuzuki hoped that the sadness would not be permanent.

7/26/2017 #12

"I miss him..." Kiyomi said sadly, picking up one of the photos of her family. It was a picture of one of Tatsuya's birthday parties. Naturally, it was held at the nearest library. They looked so happy, unlike how the family felt now. "You must be so happy your siblings are okay."

7/26/2017 #13
Cyrene Lysandra

Yuzuki swallowed hard and nodded. "Yeah..." she said. She did not want to feel guilty, but she did. She felt horribly guilty, because it wasn't fair. Kiyomi didn't deserve this. Why should Yuzuki's family come out unscathed? They were no better or worse than the Morisatchis.

7/26/2017 #14

Kiyomi sighed, and placed the photo back down. She picked up the mug of cold hot chocolate which rested by the photos, and turned to look at Yuzuki. "Im happy that your siblings are okay" she said quietly. Even though she was upset about Tatsuya, she was so happy that most of the other people survived.

7/27/2017 #15
Cyrene Lysandra

Yuzuki tugged at her vibrantly colored bangs. "It's not fair," she whispered, staring down at her hands, which were folded in her lap. They looked graceful, demure even, but upon closer examination it was clear to see that her fingers were tense, knuckles white. For once, her nails were not painted. It just hadn't seemed appropriate at the time.

7/27/2017 #16

"You shouldn't be complaining" Kiyomi said quietly, takig a sip of her rather cold hot chocolate. It wasnt very warming, very muh like the atmosphere in the room. "Ta..ta..he just got unlucky. My brother was just on the short end of the stick" Even saying his name seemed to be troublesome for the girl.

7/27/2017 #17
Cyrene Lysandra

"That doesn't make it fair." Yuzuki replied, shaking her head. Even now, Kiyomi was being optimistic. Yuzuki tried to do the same, to feel grateful for what they did have, instead of regretful over what they didn't. She reached over and wrapped an arm around Kiyomi's shoulders.

7/27/2017 #18

Kiyomi gave a small smile to her friend, the first time she had smiled in weeks. Sure, many people had sent owls with their messages of sympathy, but Yuzuki had been the only one who actually visited her. It was nice to have a friend who cared.

7/28/2017 #19
Cyrene Lysandra
Yuzuki returned the smile, and for a brief moment, the old Yuzuki was back. The cheerful, bubbly Hufflepuff captain. She had changed since school, during her internship as a Healer, but the smile had always remained. Until the disease, when it had faded. She was a Healer. This was what she was training for. And she had been helpless. Now, things were starting to look up. She was starting the forgive herself as they painstakingly picked up the pieces
7/28/2017 #20

"Thanks for showing up, Yuzuki" Kiyomi said calmly, yet sincerely. "It's nice to know that someone cares. Nobody else has come to visit. They just send owls. I really need to grow up and try to get over it, but it's just hard." She felt slightly more relaxed now that she had confided in someone.

7/28/2017 #21
Cyrene Lysandra

"Of course I came," Yuzuki said, appalled that people would do otherwise. Owls were alright for small things, for minor bumps and occurrences, but this... This was a tragedy, something a generic letter couldn't fix. Perhaps, though, it was easier to just write, considering everything Yuzuki had done to get here- left her family when they were all worried sick, since Yuzuki was a Healer and would be on the front lines, should another disease occur, left her internship for a week in order to go and see everyone she wanted to, and left Calliope alone, something that was still eating away at her.

7/28/2017 #22

"I do feel bad though" Kiyomi said. "You left people like Calliope and your family for a bit just to see me. You really didn't need to. They probably need you more than me." She ran a hand through her hair, which had been dyed a dark blue, one of the favourite colours of her brother.

7/29/2017 #23


7/29/2017 . Edited 7/29/2017 #24
Cyrene Lysandra
Yuzuki shook her head. "Kiyomi, they mean a lot to me, but so do you." She promised. Despite there having been some technicality issues with her leaving, they had all understood. And they had all been supportive and understanding- just how Yuzuki was trying to be to Kiyomi
7/29/2017 #25

"I know... I, I just feel a bit bad though." Kiyomi replied, shaking her head. "There are so many other people who have died too, according to the letters I have read. The nurse's sister died, and so did lots of other people. Why would something like this happen?" She mumbled that last question to herself.

7/29/2017 #26
Cyrene Lysandra

"I don't know," Yuzuki said, sounding devastated. What had they done to deserve this? First the attacks, last year, and then this. What was next? She hoped nothing. She hoped such a tragedy would never befall them again. But after this... she wasn't sure hope was enough

7/29/2017 #27

"I hope nothing bad ever happens again..." Kiyomi said to Yuzuki. She was being optimistic, but in reality this was Hogwarts. Nothing was ever going to be calm there as long as magic was being taught and students were wandering those hallways.

7/30/2017 #28
Cyrene Lysandra

" I hope so too," Yuzuki replied, though she knew deep down that the hope was false. She just hoped that nothing to this degree of horrifying would ever happen again. What could any of them had possibly done to deserve this?

7/30/2017 #29

Kiyomi sighed. She didnt know what else to say. "How are your siblings, Itsuo and the others?" She asked, trying to turn the topic to a happier one, one that was less about death and bad things happening. Nobody wanted to talk about death for too long, even if it was the one thing that plagued her mind.

7/31/2017 #30
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