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Hey, just curious. Does anybody else on here play the Nancy Drew computer games? I've been playing them for years, and they are so much fun! Even my mom loves them! Lol I totally recommend picking one up if you haven't yet. My favorites would be Treasure in the Royal Tower, The Haunted Carousel, Danger on Deception Island, and The Secret of Shadow Ranch.

Anybody else have any favorites they'd like to talk about?

1/11/2009 #1

I love them!

I'm slowly building up my collection. I have:

Danger By Design -- I loved Minette. The Hardy boys managed to make me laugh every phone call ["I love garage sales." "I hate garage sales."] Trying to bake those cookies was enough to drive me insane, and I loved the sellers at the park. All the puzzles the old lady left behind were kinda hard though. Walkthroughs are now my best friend. And it was so creepy how, in the beginning you could practice with the camera, and I chose to take a picture of my bed. Later, when DIETER VON SCHWESTERKRANK [who had the best name ever -- whenever I say it, I shout it really loudly, hence the caps] gives you HIS camera, it still has the picture of your bed. And lastly, whenever Nancy ate, there were all these eating noises and the caption was **Nancy eats**. It was so rude.

Creature Of Kapu Cave -- This game was so terrible, but it did make me laugh occasionally. When Frank tries to get past the eel, and the eel snaps at him, he goes, "WOAH! I better leave, that eel means business." or whatever. I would make him swim up to it repeatedly, just so I could laugh at his reaction. And when, in one of the switchovers between Nancy and Frank, they have a conversation about saving the world or something, which I found randomly adorable. And when Nancy needs to know the type of plants, and she has to get Frank to tell her -- that was so funny. It was also hilarious how Nancy's off studying bugs and stuff, and the Hardy boys are fishing, snorkeling, making necklaces, eating snowcones and collecting shells. I have to say though, that stupid chart you had to fill out as Nancy was HARD. MEANY PANTS HARD. Almost everything with Nancy was hard, in fact. I loved playing Joe, then Frank, because you could have FUN. I really liked dying by poisoned darts repeatedly in the lava tunnels too. And one of my all-time favorite points in the game is in the beginning, you kow when she sees the Hardy boys for the first time? She's on the phone with Ned, and she just goes, "Oh wow, the Hardy boys! Bye Ned!" And just hangs up on him. HA! Later, you can call him back, and Ned asks you why they're there. You can either choose to be really rude or kinda nice but still brushing him off. "None of your business." If you click around correctly, he'll admit to being jealous. PREMIUM.

Message In A Haunted Mansion -- Hm. This one was good, but I can't think of anything about it that really stuck out to me. Though the haunted affects were really creepy, and I got really chilled playing it. And the house was really well designed -- putting out the fire was way fun. I loved stopping the bad guy at the end. What a way to be stopped.

Danger On Deception Island -- Okay, we're led to believe one person is the bad guy, when it turns out to be someone else. But when you're caught on the ship, the shadow looks and sounds like your red herring of a suspect. AND GUESS WHAT. I was so angry. I went on that whale watching tour, and he doesn't give you the keychain! I was so angry! Then we get it later, so whatever. But it was so funny because he's trying to avoid giving it to you because you won the tour, didn't pay for it and Nancy gets all lawyer's daughter and goes, "the term false advertising comes to mind." GO NANCY! The Orca was cute. I hated that dragon puzzle thing. And I think I'm in love with the name, "ANAGRAM BUSTER". Haha. You know I've realized I love it when Nancy tells me I've done good. It makes me feel full of glowy pride. The sandwiches were way fun. And the Hardys side plot with the giant dog in the garage was funny.

Curse Of Blackmoor Manor -- Can you say, ONLY NED TO TALK TO. Boo. He's so creepilarious. "Bye Ned, I'll talk to you later." "I'm already looking forward to it." NO NED. I PREFER THE DAYS WHERE YOU WOULD BE COMPLETELY USELESS ON THE PHONE AND WOULD SIMPLY TELL ME YOU NEED TO STUDY SO I SHOULD SHOVE OFF. On another note, Jane was WAY creepy. But back on the Ned train, if you call him after spying through those peepholes, he like, "you were watching her through a peephole?" and you're all, "well, no, actually, yes, but I saw something when I was looking--" "--you mean peeping." OH NED I LOVE YOU SOMETIMES. And what is Nancy thinking, trying to convince me that the gargoyles work through magnets. LIES. And props to Nancy for loosing the ancient cricket ball in a secret passageway. That so wasn't terrible of her.

Secret Of The Old Clock -- I HATED THE CAR CHASE AT THE END. IT DROVE ME TO TEARS. But driving around was fun. The second counselor you talked to was really creepy. The whole psychic card thing was really fun. The secret passageway freaked me out. I hated sewing. I loved talking to Bess and George, with that creepy old lady listening in. Josiah Crowley was a genius, I say. That stairs opening up sequence was really cool. The whole 1930's thing was well done. Basically, the game was real 'keen'.

Last Train To Blue Moon Canyon -- Haven't played it yet.

Secret Of Shadow Ranch -- OMG AT THE END IF THE VILLAIN WINS AND POPS OUT FROM BEHIND THE DOOR WAS SO SCARY IT GAVE ME NIGHTMARES. GAH. Fun game. The ghost town was so creepy, especially when you see someone moving n the upstairs level of the bank and go "I don't think I'm alone". Gah. All the ways to die/mess up/get sent home were especially amusing. I loved having the chickens get eaten and giving the horses colic. So much fun. Picking vegetables was SO. HARD. I hated it. And what was Nancy playing at, falling half in love with Dave when she has a boyfriend already? It was so cute how he was like, "are you dating someone?" and Nancy's all, "uh, yeah." Though I couldn't help but notice he wasn't in her phonebook. The Hardys were. They had some sort of spastic client who kept bothering them. Hah.

Treasure In The Royal Tower -- This is the first one I got, and I still love it. The victory music whenever you found a jewel was amazing. I have to agree with a very funny walkthrough I saw, though. I doubt that a tower could be taken apart, stone by stone, and no one would find a huge pedestal with a giant diamond on it. Hah. All that stuff in the secret library about Dexter and the old dude's relationship was heartbreaking. I loved the elevator. And Hotchkiss was so funny. Gosh, me and my friend (who got me into these games) can NEVER remember her name. It's come to a point where will go, "the lady in Royal Tower who's name I can't remember", and we'll look at each other, and burst into giggles. A day later, one of us will stop the other in the halls and go, "HOTCHKISS!"

1/18/2009 #2

Awesome! Someone just as obsessed as I am! Lol I've played and beat them ALL (I seriously love them that much) Except for Secrets Can Kill. I started to play it, but it was just retarded, so I didn't even finish.

Anyway, I agree with you; The Creature of Kapu Cave was just a horrendous game, and a discrace to some of the really good ones. Lol my favorite would definitely be The Secret of Shadow Ranch. I play it over and over again. It's so amusing! Lol I love how Nancy has to let out a grunt everytime she swings the hammer when she's chopping up firewood. And I love talking with all the cowboys, especially Shorty. He says the funniest things, and I especially loved Tex and his "nope", "yep" repsonses. But omg I know I HATED picking those damn vegetables. It took me FOREVER to finally get it right. And I thought Dave was kind of hot, to be totally honest.

ANd then Danger on Deception Island was amazing too. I thought for the longest time that Katie was the villain, even at the end, when you're on the ship. They had her tied to that chair, but when I first apprached her, I thought she was sitting there plotting. Lol and the Orca was SO adorable! I wished we could have seen more of it in the game.

Let's see. What else did you mention? The Curse of Blackmoor Manor was ok, but I thought it dragged on way too long, and those nightmares Nancy had during the night were totally unnecessary. It's like hello are you TRYING to scare the crap out of me? Lol and w** was that creature at the beginning with those red eyes?! That never gets explained, does it? Was that Jane's handiwork-and you're right there is something WRONG with that girl-or was it something else? I can't remember.

Anyway, you should play the Last Train To Blue Moon Canyon soon, because that one was really good too. Also, The Haunted Carousel, The Final Scene (it will FREAK YOU OUT), and The White Wolf of Icicle Creek. Don't ever play The Secret of Scarlet Hand though. That one was really boring, and the end was so scary that I had nightmares for a month.

1/18/2009 #3

The Secret Of The Scarlet Hand takes place in like . . . a museum, right?

Dave was pretty hot, but I mean, Nancy, hello, you have a boyfriend?

Tex was so dumb. I mean, he knows I'm a detective who already finds him suspicious, and he still feels the need to finish half of our conversations with, "If you last that long." Silly cowboy.

Mary Yazzie's voice actress was terrible.

Secrets Can Kill is the first one, right? The annoying two-disk setup? I've heard it was pretty good despite that. Zillions of clues or something.

For CoBM, you find a pair of glowing red eye things that Jane used to scare you. She also uses the power of suggestion to make you have the nightmare. My friend is actually so scared of that sequence. She has never seen it all the way through. Though APPARENTLY there's an EasterEgg type thing where you have a dream about frogs or something.

The White Wolf of Icicle Creek . . . doesn't that have like the most stereotypical characters ever? Like, a Russian dude who's a spy, a Canadian guy who likes ice fishing and maple syrup . . . ? I know it's in ONE of the wintry ones.

1/18/2009 #4

I seriously don't remember finding those glowing eyes...interesting.

But yeah, The Secret of Scarlet Hand takes place in a museum. I found it rather boring, but I dont know; if you like learning about ancient cultures in North and South America (particularly the Mayans) then it's definitely the game for you. There's not really any action in it, though. It's just constant searching and solving puzzles. Although there is one really interesting character in it. You never get to see him, but he left behind a bunch of humorous cartoon drawings in the museum, and some of the things he wrote made me laugh so hard. You also see some of the stuff he left behind in Danger by Design. I think his name was...Sunny? I forget.

And as for Secrets CAn Kill. Yeah, it's a two disc set, and I personally didn't like it at all. All the objects and scenery look realistic, like in the other games, but all of the characters are cartoon drawings. That really annoyed me, and I don't know, I guess I just quit at one point and never continued. That game also promotes breaking and entering. And theft. Lol Nancy is so naughty in that game...

But omg I forgot to mention this too. The Hardy Boys are also in Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon, and the very first thing you'll notice is that they looked SO much better in that game. (Joe was actually pretty cute.) But then I played the Creature of Kapu Cave and I was like w** happened???!!! They're so ugly now! Lol it's a major difference. You also get to meet Paris Hilton in that game. Lol ok she's not Paris Hilton, but there are some eerie similarities between her character and Paris.

1/18/2009 #5

Okay, isn't it true that for Last Train, Frank has the light hair and Joe has the dark hair?

Nancy always breaks and enters in the books. I guess it's canon to the rescue or something. xD

In The Phantom Of Venice one, don't you impersonate a really scary lady? And get stalked by some guy? And Ned's necklace gets stolen, and he doesn't even care? And don't you steal something in a cat suit? I really want to play that one.

Yeah, I think his name was Sunny. Having never played Scarlet Hand, the moment Nancy started referencing him and calling up that lady from some other game, I was completely lost. Who was that lady you helped design the outfits for in Danger By Design, who was apparently in another game?

1/18/2009 #6

No, in Last Train, Joe's hair is blonde and Frank's, I think. Either that or REALLY dark brown.

And omg I am in the process of beating Phantom of Venice right now! I like it a lot, but Nancy's necklace hasn't been stolen yet! OMG. I think I know who steals a cat suit? Now i really cant wait to get further in that game.

But Nancy and Ned need to break up. Lol seriously! I can't believe he doesn't care when her necklace gets stolen...what a j***! Lol I don't like his voice either....

And as for the lady in Danger by Design, I think you're talking about Penelope. Or, "Poppy". Idk. I really don't remember a whole lot about Danger By second language is Spanish, and all of that French threw me off. Lol

1/18/2009 #7

In Phantom, you can also dress her up in all these hideous outfits apparently. I really wanna play it. That creepy stalkerish dude sounds hilarious.

It's not that he doesn't care the necklace is stolen, it's more like, "Ned, your necklace is gone." "Well, that okay. it kinda cost a lot, but whatever." I just want him to get angry for once! I suppose I don't mind his voice, though off the top of my head I honestly can't remember what it sounds like.

I've taken French since like, SK, so I'm pretty good at it. Nancy is a pile of contradictions though. In Royal Tower, she doesn't know enough French to translate some pretty simple sentences and needs Hothkiss' help, but in Danger By Design she does pretty well for herself. Like, what?

I love how in Haunted Mansion, you see the seance from a third person POV, and Nancy is just this dark blob. With 1930s hair.

1/20/2009 #8

Omg, I NEVER noticed that! You're right; she doesn't know any French in Treasure in the ROyal TOwer. But then in Danger by Design she's a freakin translator. Lol a lot of things are contradictory in those games, actually. I can't think of any others off the top of my head right now, but there definitely are some more.

Oh, and it also does that whole third person thing in Secret of the Scarlet Hand too. For like, 2 seconds you see Nancy's shadow. She's wearing a 30's dress. Lol it's so hilarious. Really makes you wonder what she look slike. Then I love how you walk past mirrors in all those games and yet you never see her reflection. Lol too funny. Oh but in Shadow Ranch she's actually wearing pants.

And yeah the outfits in the Phantom of Venice are horrendous. I personally thought the styles in Danger by Design were ugly too...

1/21/2009 #9

They were ugly! Ugh!

I played Phantom of Venice. What outfits! I spent the entire game in the slinky red dress. And the catsuit. ME-OW~!

Argh the two puzzles at the end were so hard! First, finding your way around the wells/bridges. And then getting stuck in the water-filled room.

4/16/2009 #10

I still havent finished Phantom of Venice. I stopped playing it a while back, actually. It's so hard! How do I make more money? Im at the part where the woman from the police station wants me to break in somewhere...i forget where. But yeah im so confused. I would just go online and cheat, but I dont like to do that because it makes me feel like an idiot later on. I go "Oh! That was so easy. How did I not see that before?" But i am ashamed to say that the only game i played all the way through without cheating was The Haunted Carousel. And for Shadow Ranch i think i only cheated once, but still. That counts.

There's probably a whole bunch of new games out by now too. And I wont have the drive to go and buy them until after Ive finished the Phantom of Venice.

4/17/2009 #11
Carolyn Keene

Dude!! I love these games!!! I've played them all!! I even write Alternate Endings here, the ND games are my total...obsession haha!!

10/26/2010 #12

Me and my mom are playing Shadow at the water's edge. This game is super hard! Does anybody else have trouble with it?

2/11/2011 #13
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