Frank and Nancy: The Couple That Never Could Be
This is for all of you Frank and Nancy fans! And I know you're out there. You can just pour your heart out about them and never mind how crazy it may sound! You're among friends in here!
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This is just about something interesting I came across yesterday.

I was in Bookman's, killing time, and I happened across a section called "collectible children's books". I scanned through them and my eyes automatically caught the name "Nancy Drew". It was the book titled "Girl Sleuth: Nancy Drew and the Women Who Created Her". (Not sure it really belonged in this section since it's a relatively new book, but whatever.)

It's apparently some sort of biography about Mildred Benson and Harriet Adams and contains excerpts from letters written by them about the Nancy Drew series. There was a chapter called "Nancy and Motherhood" or something along those lines and I was compelled to skim through that chapter.

It was very interesting because it mostly talked about Nancy's relationship with Ned - and how it was never meant to go anywhere. The book used the phrase "the forever down-trodden boyfriend" to describe Ned's status. Always second to whatever mystery Nancy was interested in. He was supposed to be perfect husband material but never a husband.

And here's the kicker: Mildred Benson (the creator) evidently told the writers that if they must include Ned, they could - but only if they needed "filler".

So that was really Ned Nickerson's main purpose - to be filler. Not very romantic, is it?

Frank and Nancy, on the other hand... the whole purpose of that was totally to be romantic and to create mild drama.

My point? ...Don't really know that I have one. I just thought this tidbit was an interesting fact. It kinda makes you look at Ned/Nancy differently, doesn't it?

8/25/2011 #1
Mrs. Frank Hardy

Wow. a 'filler'? HA! (breakes out into a fit of laughter) Never say that one comin'! I'm going to get rid of him right now!

Goes onto 'Word' and types:

Ned dies.

Clickes back onto here.

I'm now satisfied!

9/15/2011 #2

Wow I never knew that. ned never seemed important anyway.

I wonder if Callie Shaw was ment or the same purpose in The Hardy Boys.

Oh And Frank and Nancy totaly ( In my mind anyway) have had more romantic moments than She and Ned.

12/27/2012 #3
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