Frank and Nancy: The Couple That Never Could Be
This is for all of you Frank and Nancy fans! And I know you're out there. You can just pour your heart out about them and never mind how crazy it may sound! You're among friends in here!
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Mrs. Frank Hardy

Why can't they be a couple. Anyone ever heard of 'forbiddin love'? I personally think the writers of this book has no time for romance there for can't write Nancy/Frank moments into something more that 'just friends'. What do you guys think? Are you against Nancy and Frank and if so why?

My reasons for loving the Nancy and Frank pairing:

1. They are perfect for each other. I mean really, detectives, Joe steriotyped people for each side, loves each other but won't admit it to each other's faces.

2. They Both blush! (hehe)

3. Bess and Joe are tryin' to get them together most times.

4. She melts under his touch.

5. They don't really love Ned and Callie.

Alright, I did five reasons. Can you creative people come up with more? Leave reason's in comments or PM me. I'll edit this to say ur netname and reason.

9/15/2011 #1

Frank seems to worry about her a lot.

Oh, and if you have never seen the old show thwy used to have than you have to watch the end of the 'The Mystery of the Hollywood Phantom Part 2' on Netflix.

They Kiss! You should really watch the whole thing ( Parts one and two ) though because there are other signs Frank likes her. But if you just want to see the kiss, than skip to the end.

You can also watch it on you tube I think. But it'll be in multiple parts.

Anywho, They should totaly be together!

Oh and Nacny feels weird around him, and even said in a SM that if it weren't for Ned she would go for Frank.

Well, thats all I can think of now. :-)

12/27/2012 #2

Yes, I'm against the Nancy/Frank combo. They r just not meant for each other!!!

I ship Nancy/Ned and Frank/Callie! That way everyone's happy!

IDK y everyone ships Nancy and Frank so much.

Again, THEY. ARE. JUST. NOT. MEANT. FOR. EACH. OTHER!!!! Grrr!!! Sorry to those of u who r addicted to Frank and Nancy, but they r just not meant for each other. They should not go together at all!

Frank and Nancy. Just EW!

11/16/2016 #3
I love Frank and Nancy!!! With their characters, they both need to be with someone who understands and shares their passion-not just put up with it. Their job is their life! A relationship with someone who didn't share in that...probably wouldn't last. Those two were made for each other!️️
1/18/2017 #4

I find them perfect for each other. I can’t seem to get the same elated feeling reading about N/N or F/C compared to reading about Nancy and Frank

2/15/2020 #5
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