Frank and Nancy: The Couple That Never Could Be
This is for all of you Frank and Nancy fans! And I know you're out there. You can just pour your heart out about them and never mind how crazy it may sound! You're among friends in here!
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Moments of Adorableness and Frank & Nancy Loveliness

From Exhibition of Evil by Carolyn Keene

*Warning: Some of these may be a stretch, but with a hopless ship like this, what do you expect?

1. Page 39:

Suddenly, a cry rang out across the field. Nancy started. Was it her imagination or was that Joe Hardy's voice, calling for his brother Frank?

She turned to Bess, her brow furrowed. "Did you hear someone yell 'Frank'?"

"Frank?" Dana looked totally puzzled.

Bess laughed. "Nancy obviously has a certain guy on her mind."

We can only hope Bess, we can only hope.

2. Page 40:

Sticking her sunglasses on top of her head, Nancy scanned the redoubt. The British and American soldiers were milling around on tip. Nancy knew that Joe and Frank were history buffs.

She knows what he does when he's not detecting!

3. Page 41: (It's a biggie, so it's split into a couple parts)

Just then she saw a soldier in blue race down the side of the redoubt. On the top of the earthen mound, a group had clustered around two patriots. Something was wrong.

"I'm going closer," Nancy said. She took off across the field. Behind her, she could hear Bess calling, "Hey, wait for me!"

Nancy reached the redoubt at the same time as park security. Heart hammering, she climbed the steep hill after them.

When she reached the top, she stopped dead. Two soldiers were stooped over a third lying in the dirt. Nancy recognized the two patriots immediately- they were Frank and Joe Hardy.

Nancy's spidey senses lead her right to the mystery, and (most importantly) FRANK HARDY.

3. Page 41, con't:

Hurrying over to Frank, she put her hand on his shoulder. "Hey, soldier, what's going on?"

Frank glanced up, his expression startled when he realized who it was. He rose to his feet and put his arms around Nancy's shoulders, hugging her almost desperately.

Yes, I will wait while you fan girl. Go ahead.

4. Page 42:

Nancy leaned back so she could see Frank's face. Tears blurred his eyes. "What happened?"

"It's my friend Colin from England," Frank explained, his voice hoarse with emotion, "He came to Virginia for the reenactment, and now he's- he's dead."

Nancy's hands tightened on Frank's waist. "Dead?"

This is like a two-in-one.

A) He doesn't care if she sees him upset.

B) Can we all please notice where Nancy's hands are? And the fact that they've been hugging for like a whole half a page?

5. Page 42, con't:

Nancy took Frank's hand and led him to where Joe was already standing next to Bess.

See how familiar they are with each other? And THE TOUCHING IS STILL GOIN' ON.

6. Page 43:

Half an hour later, both Joe and Frank had finished talking with Detective Burnett. The county medical examiner had finished checking over Colin, and the police were zipping his body into a body bag.

Nancy took Frank's hand, "I'm sorry."

Okay, this is just too sweet.

7. Page 44:

"Except there must have been a reason Colin was killed," Nancy pointed out. "All fifty didn't have a motive."

Frank snorted, "Oh, that should make it easier." Instantly, he squeezed Nancy's fingers. "Sorry, I didn't mean to bark at you. Colin had been so excited about coming to the States for the reenactment."

Sassy Frank. Sorry Frank. HAND HOLDING FRANK.

8. Page 45:

Frank told Nancy and Bess about Regina, the two pistols, the MacDonald coat of arms, and Colin's hurried departure.

Nancy cocked her head. "Sounds like you may be on to something."

"I think you're right," Frank agreed.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, they think alike.

9. Page 45 con't: (Now, this is ALL conjecture, but it makes sense to moi)

"How about if Bess and I take the weapons back to our tent," Joe suggested. "Then we'll meet you."

Little brother's trying to set the couple up. Or he wanted to be alone with Bess…they were married too, you know……..

10. Page 46:

He put a finger to his lips. "If someone's in there, it might be Colin's murderer," he whispered to Nancy.

She nodded. Silently, they crept to the closed tent opening.

See, see, see; they think alike!

11. Page 49:

"Colin probably had the paper in it." Grabbing Nancy's hand, Frank pulled her through the tangled bush and into the British camp.

They are like so totally comfortable with each other!! Like a married couple.

12. Page 55:

Stopping next to a lounge chair, Bess dropped her beach bag onto it. "Dana didn't say it was going to be a Hawaiian luau. Do you think the Hardys are going to come?"

"I hope so. I left a message for them. There was no way to get to talk to them directly. I imagine they're knee-deep in sleuthing."

Muhahaha, she's thinking of a certain Hardy!

13. Page 63:

Regina helped Nancy float to the ladder. Reaching down, Frank pulled Nancy out.

Okay, Joe may have done the diving in and saving, but Frank was there too!

14. Page 69:

"Wait!" Clutching Frank's towel around her shoulders, Nancy approached Kirby.

Admit it, that's like uber-cutesville.

15. Pages 70-71:

Nancy's shoulders slumped with exhaustion. Frank put an arm around her, and she leaned against him. "You okay?" he asked.

She nodded. "Considering I swallowed a gallon of water."

"I guess that means you'll be to full to eat dinner," he teased.

Really, need I say anything? Cuddling? Teasing? Dinner invitation?

16. Page 71 con't:

Frank and Nancy burst out laughing.

They laugh together. 3

17. Page 73:

"I don't know. But it's the only lead we have," Frank replied, running his fingers through his hair. Nancy could tell Colin's death and the investigation were really stressing him out.

She knowwwwws him pretty well, huh?

18. Page 74:

"Then we'd better find a clue." Turning to Nancy, Frank put his hands on her shoulders. "Your mystery might be solved, Nan, but I think tomorrow's going to be a busy day for Joe and me now that we finally have some suspects."

*Singsong voice* They're touching again!!!

19. Page 75:

She was glad to see Frank finally crack a smile. Maybe they could join Tommy and Bess and enjoy the rest of the evening.

Now Bess has the right idea. A new guy in every book. While Nancy's over here with Ned, who I haven't seen in a long time. She obviously cares about Frank. HAS ANYONE EVEN THOUGHT ABOUT NED DURING THIS BOOK? NO? NANCY HASN'T EITHER.

20. Page 123:

"Don't worry." Nancy said reassuringly. "If he's innocent, he won't mind my questions. And I promise I won't hang around. I've got a dinner date myself- with Joe and Frank."

She always says Joe first so it seems like she isn't obsessed with Frank.

21. Page 124:

"That's why this meeting with Emily Grant is important. She may have uncovered something. Then we've got to meet Nancy at Big Splash. I'd like to discuss the case with her. Maybe she can look at all the evidence with a fresh mind."

He totally values her opinion.

22. Page 139:

Suddenly, Frank nudged her with his elbow. "Eat up Nan, and quit worrying about your case. Tonight we're going to cut loose and try Jungle Falls."

(A few paragraphs later…)

"Well, I'm ready to try the Jungle Falls," Nancy said. Frank was right. She needed to push sleuthing from her mind- for tonight at least."

Seriously, could two eighteen year olds who 'aren't dating' act anymore like a married couple?!

23. Pages 143-144:

"Nancy!" Frank called as he floated to a stop beside her. "What happened?"

"Did you see him?" Nancy splashed through the water to Frank. "Did you see the guy with the knife?"

Frank jumped out of his tube, "He had a knife?"

"Yes. Fortunately, he slashed my tube instead of me."

"I saw you bail out. Then I saw this figure vanish into the jungle. But he was gone before I could get a good look at him."

"Come on." Nancy glanced up towards the falls into the thick growth. "He's got to be up there. I want to catch him." She started to climb from the pool but Frank stopped her.

"No. Let's tell park security. When Nancy opened her mouth to protest, he added, "He's dressed in commando gear and has a knife, Nancy. We're in bathing suits. It's not exactly a fair fight."

Okay, so I must say the bathing suit comment at the end did make me giggle. And it shows that Frank may be protective, he's not smothering.

24. Pages 146-148: (The Big One. Like I can't even read it without squealing.)

"Thank you, sir," Nancy said politely. Grasping Frank's elbow, she whisked him from the office.

"Told you so," she muttered when they stepped out the door. "Now we'll never catch him."

"Sorry, Nan. You were right. We should have gone after him back at the ride."

"No, you wereright." Nancy linked elbows with Frank as they walked from the small building that housed the offices. "It would have been stupid to chase down an armed assailant."

Frank frowned with mock seriousness. "Oh, I don't know- we could have smothered him with our beach towels."

Nancy started laughing, but soon her smile died and she became tense. "You know, Frank, the attack changes things."

"How?" Frank stopped and faced her. She was tapping her lip with one finger, her brow furrowed in thought. Frank had seen that look many times.

"My gut feeling tells me that the attacker was no amateur. That means something else is going on at Big Splash. Something bigger than ambitious divers. Plus, Dana's in jail, Tommy was with us, and I can't picture Susan hiring a professional to scare me off."

"I don't think the guy was just trying to scare you, either," Frank said solemnly.

A slight tremor shook Nancy's body. Frank cupped his hand behind her neck and pulled her close. He and Nancy had been friends forever, and he hated to see her upset.

Nancy tilted her head back to look at him. "The problem is, if we eliminate the divers, I don't have a clue who killed Kirby. Except-" She snapped her fingers and felt her heart race. "Except that the person responsible has to be a park employee. Someone who has easy access to all areas of Big Splash- day and night."

Frank nodded, "Good point."

Nancy sighed and laid her head against Frank's chest. "Gee, that narrows it down to about two hundred employees."

"Hey. I thought you two detectives were chasing bad guys, not swooning in each other's arms," Frank heard Joe say. Nancy pulled away as Joe and Regina walked up, hand in hand, with Tommy and Bess right behind them.

Seriously. There is like MAJOR CUDDLING HERE. And it's not just cuddling. They're bouncing ideas off each other like colleagues and there's a lot of respect.

So, there you have it, my slightly wacky exploration of Exhibition of Evil. I would love to do MOMENTS from every book, but they aren't always there. I need to go back and do some of the earlier ones I think. Comments? Questions? You know where to find me!

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Thanks for posting! I totally forgot a lot of those small moments.

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