Hotel Valhalla (A Magnus Chase Roleplay)
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Cyrene Lysandra


Cyrene Lysandra (Cyr/Lys)

  • Aysel Solak Busani, Einherjar, daughter of Mani
  • Kalen Loordes, Einherjar, son of Eir
  • Selah Riya Kahan, Valkyrie, daughter of Bragi
  • Zavira Eulalia de la Riva, Einherjar, daughter of Tyr


Solthebookaddict (Sol)- currently inactive

  • Hyun Iseul Hinata-Seong, Einherjar, daughter of Sol
  • Mikhaila Natalya Stepanov, Valkyrie, daughter of Ran

Raggazzed12 (Rags)

  • Alfonso Carter, Einherjar, son of Hel
  • Puck, Elf
  • Cather Alder, Einherjar, daughter of Nott
  • Nathan Brasic, Einherjar, son of Thor

Active Members:

Let love win (Moni)

  • Hariasa Amos, Einherjar, daughter of Loki

mvb1225 (mvb)

  • Lydia 'Wolfe' Crest, Einherjar, daughter of Skoll
  • Pietro 'Alexei' Volkov, Einherjar, son of Thor
  • Melody 'Sara-May' Cuvillier, Einherjar, daughter of Eostre
  • Kate Rae Williams, Valkyrie, daughter of Elli

dragonb (Dragon)

  • Benjamin Mitch Berezay, Einherjar, son of Vidar
  • Kalee Abby Hamilton, Valkyrie, daughter of Hermod

Inactive Members:

XxTrixityxX (Trix)

  • Rae Collins, Einherjar, daughter of Hel
  • Alexandria Fairfax, Elf

Scourge of Olympus (Lang)

  • Diego Garcia Aveles, Einherjar, son of Tyr

Elessar Kane (Elessar)

  • Astrid Eld, Einherjar, daughter of Freya

Oddington (Odd)

  • Obi Agni Chikelu Müller, Einherjar, son of Surt
  • Chimais Kanti Abnaki, Einherjar, daughter of Bragi
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