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Hi, here is a modified list of the rules that are enforced on this forum. Please note that these are up to admin/mod discretion, so if it appears as though you are breaking a rule, please do not argue semantics with administration. You're only digging yourself a deeper hole.


  1. Character apps must be spaced, have proper grammar, and moderately detailed. They will be denied if these conditions are not met. A good minimum for personality is at least 3 distinct personality traits.
  2. Characters must be accepted before you can roleplay. Any posts including them before they are accepted will be deleted, and you will be warned.
  3. In any topic where conflicts between characters are occurring, characters cannot be overpowered. You will be notified if their description allots for too much strength.


  1. Posts in general must have proper grammar and must have multiple lines. An error or so in every couple of posts is okay, but repeated grammatical mistakes will not be allowed. Similarly, if you repeatedly post less than two lines, you will be warned.
  2. No PWP. Plot is mandatory. This is a writing forum, not a sex chat site. If you want the latter, this is not for you.
  3. In any topic where conflicts between characters are occurring, you must allow other writers to react to events/actions. You can't just knock out their character in one hit, any posts similar to this example will be warned and you will have to edit them.
  4. If any of the above are violated, you will get one (or more) warning. After that, Thee or any mod has the right to ban you for not following the rules.


  1. No begging/asking repeatedly in chat for a roleplay. It's annoying, it clutters the chat, and it pesters people who may have things going on.
  2. No disappearing for weeks/months and then returning and expecting to continue WITHOUT warning. If you say in chat that you have to leave, that's totally fine. If you just drop off the face of the Earth and come back thinking "they'll be ready for me", you're done. Exceptions are minimal to none.
  3. No lying/be respectful. Don't be a douche. Everyone has rough days, but try not to come on here if you're feeling upset, you might make other people upset. If you're lying, don't expect to be allowed on this forum. In addition, no passive/aggressive behavior, no biting sarcasm/wit, and in general, don't be a jerk, it's not hard.
  4. No pestering people in their RP topics about your roleplay. They see it's there, they know it's unanswered, unless it's been a week or so and you've seen them on, don't ask them about it. If it has been, one friendly, nice reminder is enough. People have lives.
  5. Use common courtesy. If two or more people are roleplaying, and have a plot line going, please ask before you just assume that it is alright to just jump in.

If you are confused on any of these, do not hesitate to ask any of the mods or the admin.

Do not ask "why do you have these dumb rules" or "why do you have to be so strict". This is a high-quality writing forum, and the rules reflect that.

If you come on the forum and it is clear you did not read the rules, you are subject to ridicule. This is pinned and it has "MANDATORY READING BEFORE JOINING" on it, if you missed it, then you need to get a pair of glasses or contacts.

Do not find reasons to "excuse" yourself from the rules. "Oh I post from phone" or "Oh I have __________ and that means I have trouble with this" will make us informed as to difficulties you have with certain things, but will not excuse you from the rules.

These rules are subject to change, however if there are big changes (like there are currently), Thee and/or the mods will announce so in chat and you will be told to re-read the rules.

There is no "post below if you accept", the thread is locked.

As always, have fun.

1/30/2017 . Edited 1/30/2017 #1
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