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Please keep in mind that certain aspects of the character will change with different roleplays. So you don't have to list things like supernatural powers or shapeshifting abilities or anything of the like here.

Character Name:


Reason for Nickname:





What They Look for in a Partner:

Job: Are they a student? A farm worker? A candle maker?

Body Build: Are they thin? Fit? Built like a dancer? A body builder?

Physical Description: Are they pale? Dark? Do they have scars? A big nose? Large feet? Pointed ears? What color is their hair? How long is it? What style is it cut? What is their eye color? Are they seen as pretty? Do they appear older than their age? Do they appear younger? What style of clothing do they normally wear? How do they put up their hair?

Clothing: What clothes to they often dress in? Is it seen as normal by others? Do they like the clothes? What clothing would they prefer to wear if they had a choice?

Personality: What do they fear? What is their favorite color? Their favorite weather or season? What is something they would never do? What do they love? How do they act in a group? How are they with friends? How are they with family? Do they like cities? How do they act when threatened? Do they have any habits? Do they like to keep things clean? Do they put off problems? What do they keep in their pockets? Do they believe in love? How far would they go for someone they cared about?

Hobbies What do they like to do when not working? Do they read? Daydream? Work some more? Do sports? Collect things?

Goals: Do they wish to become a great leader? To win a prize? To win over someones heart? To defeat an army? To protect someone?

Strengths: Is your character a really strong climber? Are they great with a sword? Can they plan out a battle better than anyone? Are they known as a great artist? Can they cook well enough to please any king?

Weaknesses: Are they not very good at swimming? Are they poor at reading others? Do they tend to rub people the wrong way? Do they have no motivation? Are they bad at cooking? Do they get lost easy?

Important Past Moments: Is there important that has happened in their life? Does it impact them today?

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Please keep in mind that certain aspects of the character will change with different roleplays. So you don't have to list things like supernatural powers or shapeshifting abilities or anything of the like here.

Character Name: Cassie Singer

Nickname: Cass; Singer

Reason for Nickname: Aside from the fact that it's her last name, Cassie's pretty tone deaf when it comes to singing, so people use it as a nickname as a joke.

Birthday: January 24th, 1993

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

What They Look for in a Partner: It differs from male or female. In males, Cassie tends to look for the alpha male personality. She tends to look for a man that can challenge her, and that can keep up with her. In females, however, Cassie tends to go for the same thing. Rarely, though, she can be extremely attracted to the valley girl, stuck up type.

Job: She's a bartender, and has been since she turned twenty one.

Body Build: Cassie is short, standing at five foot three. She is curvy, if not slightly overweight. She carries it well, though, and confidently. She doesn't care what other people think of her.

Physical Description: She has scarlet hair that falls just below her shoulders in beachy waves. She has bright, icy blue eyes, pale skin and freckles that scatter all over her nose. She has pouty lips and a button nose, that she claims makes her look like a twelve year old. She has a long list of scars, but claims them proudly as battle wounds. She's got a few tattoos, and wants to get a sleeve at some point. She has her nose and her ears pierced, she would like to get her lip and her tongue done as well.

Clothing: She typically wears jeans or denim shorts, her boots and either a tanktop and a flannel, a tshirt, or muscle tanks. If she's forced, she'll dress a bit nicer. She doesn't like to, though. She loves baggy tshirts, and adores band tshirts. She doesn't change her style up much. She's a bit predictable in that way, but she doesn't mind.

Personality: Cassie is strong and fiery, stubborn and pigheaded. Bobby's always taken the stance that she's as stubborn as a mule, and she's definitely lived up to it. When she loves, she loves fiercely and completely. She can be loyal and protective to a fault, often putting herself into the fire for the sake of her loved ones. She takes things and bottles them up frequently, so eventually when things build up, she explodes. She has some anger issues, and owns them. She would do anything for someone she loves.

Hobbies: Cassie drinks, frequently. And even though she's completely tone deaf, she loves music. She loves to sing and dance, and she's pretty decent at dancing.

Goals: Cassie just wants to be happy, and for whoever she's with to be happy as well. She always says that she'd rather be poor and happy than miserable in a mansion. She enjoys her job, and would like to own a bar someday.

Strengths: Her loyalty, her ability to place her emotions to the side, her smarts, her quick wit.

Weaknesses: Children, attractive people, her libido, alcohol, her friends and family, her past.

Important Past Moments: roleplay dependent.

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Accepted, of course. :3

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Thank you, Thee!

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Character Name: Joe Josuke

Nickname: Jojo, Average Joe, Boring Joe, something related to the last two.

Reason for Nickname: Jojo comes from his younger brother-taking a stab of his name because of some weird cartoon on the internet saying about Jojo. The other two names comes from just being 'average' as in a man who isn't actively seeking out sex and one-nighter despite being able to if wanted to.

Birthday: July 3rd, 199X

Age: 25~ Give or takes depending on the roleplay and what he is being used for.

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual for the most part, will probably stick to that.

What They Look for in a Partner: His idea of a woman is a little difficult to manage; in fact, he doesn't exactly knows what he wants in a woman. An enjoyable experience in the bed is definitely one thing. After all, sex was sex, and sex feels nice. However, truth be told, he wants a girl who is able to keep up with his stubbornness a little, to be able to stay and enjoy his company and his loves' one's company. He just wants to hold someone in his arms, basically, because he a big sucker.

Job: Former Police Officer; now he tend to Bartend. Of course, this will vary depending on the RP but Bartending will be it most of the time.

Body Build: Joe is a giant man, standing around 6'2" with a obvious nice build to him. While he may not be a big, giant hulk of meat- relatively speaking in comparison to what you may assume- it's definitely obvious that he works quite often. There is a few scars on his back and cheek but it's mostly faded out for now. Additionally, he doesn't have tattoos or piercing on his body at all.

Physical Description: AJoe is a tall male with a tanned skin from his Asian's descent and his times out(for many different reasons), standing at 6'2" with a nice build onto him. While he not a huge hulk of meats, it definitely clear that he is sufficient enough to defend himself. Surprisingly, his body doesn't exactly have any physical scars in it, mostly because he tend to be careful when he does go out and train/work out. His simple, yet oddly thick, onyx straight hair hang very loosely a little pass down his ears- naturally, or somehow, messy in a bedhead like style that seems to work for him. His eyes are naturally dark brown- basically black really- that goes pretty naturally with his pretty bland and normal's hair in comparison to many of his other friends and OC that this guy have.

While he doesn't like to boast about his body or anything, he doesn't shy away from it as well. He simply tend to clothes himself up when he isn't needed to; he will usually wear some kind of hoodie, jean, or something completely casual and pretty boring. Then again, he is just an 'average casual' guy really.

Clothing: As mentioned above, Joe dressed in a very casual manner, which consists of hoodie and jean. Of course, when the situation arise, he will dress more nicely but he often times doesn't.

Personality: Being upfront and cold at first, Joe is one of those individuals who have a hard outer shells and perhaps a even harder inner shells. However, that is not to say that is he completely cold. Truthfully, Joe is a sarcastic, witty, asshole at times and a gentle sweetheart at another times. There is no shards of lies that fell out of his lips when the conversation get serious, he is a brutally honest man and brutally straight to the points that it was almost dangerous how straightforward he is. Regardless, he does enjoy the company of his friends and his loves' ones especially and while he won't necessarily admit the truth to it, he will do anything to bring as much joys to his family as much as possible.

He isn't a happy chap most of the time, often speaking in cryptic messages, but he definitely enjoys his 'moment' now and enjoys savoring the amount of times he has left on this world.

Hobbies: Joe works out, go out and exercise, do basic boxing practice and basic yoga. He will mostly do something related to exercise or working out his body in some way everyday even if it just a simple jog in the park. Asides from drowning himself out in the rain, he definitely loves to drown himself in media- most notably books. He doesn't really enjoy televisions programs all that much and he does like to play games casually but books are where he dips his noses in if he isn't out trying to break his legs.

Other than that, he a fairly simple man with a simple goal.

Goals: His goal is simple, he wishes to lives out the most of his life as much as he could. He wants a moment and a time where he can savor his situation with a smile and won't look back to it ten years down the lines.

Strengths: MMA is one of his primary studies and thus he has a pretty vast knowledge when it comes to MMA styles- needless to say, he is able to defend himself and other fairly well enough. If it wasn't obvious that his stamina and endurance are also above average, he is a fairly quick reader and reasonably intelligent. Even though he has no qualm with saying something out of his mouth, he knows when to shut up at times. His libido is pretty high, which can be good.

Weaknesses: Due to his cold exterior and sarcastic attitude, Joe definitely comes off as intimidating to some and thus he never actually knew how to go up to people without them having to pull their wallet in fears. He is straightforward and blunt; his blunt mouth will often times get him in troubles if he doesn't truly keep it inside of himself. However, to that, he also bottle things up to himself often enough and while he doesn't necessarily has a temper problem, there are moments when his explosions can comes off pretty dangerous. His libido, which.. well.. can be bad.

Important Past Moments: Once upon a time, in a world far, far, away when he was only a young male boy. He use to get into fights with his brother often and while that is common among people of his age to get into fights with their brothers, his reasoning falls beyond just 'typical sibling problems'. In fact, there comes a days when he totally and utterly blamed his younger brother for being a weird crossdressing male. He blamed him for the divorce of his family, blamed him for buying way too many unnecessary things, and ultimately blame him for separating himself from his mother.

Of course, all of this didn't came without consequences and he quickly learnt about said consequences when his father discovered that his younger brother went to the hospital out of attempted suicide. His father- who never actually agree to this crossdressing mayhem- never truly wanted to go but he manage to force him to go anyway. It was pretty hard punch in the face- quite literally- from a friend of his mother that knocked reality into him.

Character Name: Luke Josuke

Nickname: Elucid

Reason for Nickname: It's his internet persona and the names that people often calls him on the internet.

Birthday: June 2nd, 199X

Age: 18~ Give or takes, depending on the RP.

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Pansexual

What They Look for in a Partner: For him, the most important aspect in a partner is someone who is able to understand and accepts his hobby of cosplay and crossdressing. Other than that, he really is just looking for someone that is kind, not necessarily submissive, but not overly dominate either. Someone who can give him a few push if needed but someone who will lay in bed for him at times.

Job: Generally just a Student- he taking online courses; as a 'side job' he often streams things to varying degree but it will most likely be gaming in cosplay. Additionally, he does have a 'tumblr'-like account to post his cosplay's pictures up.

Body Build: Due to the lack of testosterone in his body, Luke is far more feminine than a regular, average, male. Luke stands around the height of 5'4", fairly below average. His body is purely petite and even developed a very simple curves that made him far cuter than he should be. He has a fairly cute face and a flat-enough- chest. If it wasn't for the fact that he specifically stated that he is a male, most would often mistakes him as female.

Physical Description: In a family of giants, Luka doesn't really fair well genetically, in fact, his whole body genetically is really a mess.

Ever since he was tiny, he had always developed a issues with developing males' hormones despite being totally males. Thus, Luke comes off as more feminine than his males' counterparts. In a family of giants, he is the only one who stands much shorter than all of them(5'4"). Despite of all of this, if there is one things to be clear about him, he is a petite and cute looking feminine male, often mistaken as a female(and even times when he pretended to be one). Relatively speaking, he is flat chested with a little bump to indicate the overpowering female's hormones that is roaming inside of his body but it's not a significant bump to his overall tiny and flat statures.

Much like his brother, he is a natural black-head, however, black was never truly the color he settled for. A huge fan of cosplay, dressing up, and known for his internet persona, he often times dyes his hairs to a variety of anime-like colors. However, most of the time, he keep his hairs in a very cherry blossom-like pink(light pink) with bright blue eyes' contact just to look even more anime. If it wasn't already obvious, he is a little obsesses with the idea.

His attire consist of.. anything.. really. It can be in skirt, dresses, jeans, what have you. Though, it all depends on his moods. Most of the times, when he is out and walking, he will dress up as a regular person- jean, shirt, what have you. But when he is alone, you can bet he probably posing and taking pictures of himself to set up for his internet persona.

Clothing: Depending if he's going out or not- he does wear cosplay outside and he does enjoys wearing skirts and stocking. Normally, if it's for a 'casual walk down the street, he is seen with a simple jean and a button down shirt. If it for anything 'special' he will dress up more nicely- mostly just a skirt, stocking, blouse and maybe some more. Hell, he'll even dress up as a character if he feels like he have to.

Personality: First and foremost, it's important to note that Luke is suffering from mental depression and anxiety from his strange little situation. There are moments and times when he began to doubts himself and questions bout his existing and even times when he doesn't even feel like doing anything at all.

However, to cover this up, this is primary why he dresses up and stream himself playing games. Luke is a child at heart, he absolutely loves playing games and anything nerdy that might comes with it. He loves to watch animes and he loves to geeks out. While he may be seen as naive- which in most cases, that will be the case- he is a man aware of his surrounding at almost all times. He enjoys socializing with other and have little problems talking to someone. Of course, that isn't the case about his own personal problems, he tends to keep that to himself.

He doesn't necessarily like to keep on a dark, depressing, topic for too long. Luke is easily motivated by emotional atmosphere and stress and thus why he try to keep up a positive attitude and try to fight off the depression that keep bugging at the back of his head.

Hobbies: He absolutely loves to dress up- he loves dressing up as other character, he loves to wear dresses, he loves to do his hairs. In fact, he a huge fan of 'Cosplay' if it wasn't really obvious enough. Additionally, he loves games, comics, mangas, animes, what have you, anything that belonged in their mother's basement, he loves it.

Other than those simple geeky things, he does tends to be a little creative, he tend to sketch, draw, or perform graphic layout for his stream. He read books and he is currently studying coding and programming in order to further enhance his experience.

Goals: He doesn't have any immediate goal for the future. In fact, he is awfully and dreadfully frightening by the future. Instead, however, he wishes to simply savor every single moments that he could get with his current life.

Strengths: The magical power to looks like a convincing female comes in handy sometimes. He's an amazing artist and definitely knows how to draw and design well enough. Not to mentioned that he is rather smart despite not really fully expressing it, His abilities to talk to many people easily makes him as a sociable person and thus he has a fairly decent social skills. Finally, his libido is pretty top notch.

Weaknesses: While he isn't really unhealthy, he definitely is fairly below average when it comes to exercise; he is weak and it's obvious that he is weak. Emotionally sensitive under bad situations, he tends to shuts himself off if things gets to worst. His lacks of knowledge of self defense and actual worries of harming anyone might be a problem for him later down the road. Also, as mentioned before, his libido can be pretty bad at times too.

Important Past Moments: (Basically, just takes what Joe has and reverse the role.)

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Accepted. :3
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Character Name: Carrie Brooke

Birthday: October 17, 1995

Age: I'll keep her around 20-22 for the most part, she might be 18 in case of boarding school etc

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

What They Look for in a Partner: Carrie is a little bit shallow in her search for love. Whoever she ends up with needs to be a person she finds physically attractive in a conventional sense (she likes tall, traditionally 'masculine' men, toned muscles, etcetera), and that, honestly, is her priority. After that, things like intelligence, wit, and humor are important to her. If her partner isn't somebody she can talk to and laugh with she won't feel comfortable around them. This refers to a long-term romantic boyfriend, however. If she were to have a one-night stand, her set of values would be completely different.

Job: At the moment she's a college student. She lives in an apartment above a coffee shop and works there part time.

Body Build: Carrie is a little taller than average, standing at about 5'8", with a thin, curvy physique. She has long legs and soft curves.

Physical Description: The vibe she gives off initially with her look is 'beachy'- tanned skin with freckles, bright, iridescent blue eyes- her eyes she inherited from her mother. Her hair is pale, ashy-blonde, like her father, and long, falling in messy, curly layers around her shoulders and down her back. Her parents are both really good-looking, so it's natural that she would be, too. She's been scouted by a modeling agency and modeled when she was a child, but as soon as she grew into herself and gained her own worldview, she realized it wasn't what she wanted to do and so she pulled out of the modeling industry.

Clothing: To supplement the bohemian vibes her outward appearance gives, Carrie dresses in a similar fashion, especially in the summer. She wears beaded bracelets, lots of rings, has lots of piercings in her ears with all kinds of little ornaments and crystal earrings. She loves faded denim and is a total sucker for buying jeans that are already ripped. In the winter she never dresses warmly enough, always wearing little peacoats and compensating with a big plaid scarf tucked under her chin. She loves to wear sneakers and heels in all four seasons of weather, so in the winter she's cursed with perpetually cold ankles. She also wears her hair in a ponytail a lot, teasing the strands a little so they hang down her back in voluminous, tied-up waves.

Personality: Carrie is a spitfire. She likes to believe her life is something out of a YA novel. This leaves her unimpressed with the ordinary and the mundane. She likes to run off a lot, and will often disappear (think Paper Towns) and leave clues to her whereabouts if she wants to be found. She's got a sharp tongue, and won't hesitate to tell people off even if they (sometimes) don't fully deserve it. She's a bit pretentious and a lot selfish, but she's a romantic. She wants her love story to be one out of a fairy tale... and this probably comes from the fact that her parents met and fell in love in such a romantic way, even if their marriage eventually fell apart. She needs dazzle and sparkle in her relationship or she will get bored easily. She was also very shy about her sexuality as a teenager, but as she grew into herself a little she started to experiment and experience a little more of that side of herself and by the time she gets to where she is now, she's very confident and ready to take what she wants from those willing to give.

Hobbies: Carrie is one part shopaholic, one part gymaholic, and one part alcoholic. She loves to shop not only for clothes but for anything from books to art to antiques to vintage shoes. She's not too stuck up to hit up the local secondhand shops in search of a great bargain, and she's always bringing home old cassette tapes and CDs that she finds for fifty cents at Value Village. She's a bit of a collector in that sense. When she's not shopping she's either jogging or at her school's gym in some kind of crazy fitness class, and when she's not doing either of those she's hanging out with her old roommates from residence, drinking or smoking weed and going out to the clubs and doing stupid things.

Goals: She's in a stage of life where she's not thinking too much about the future. The furthest ahead she thinks is how she's going to spend her next paycheck and maybe, maybe when the time is right she'll think about what courses she's taking in her next semester. Her major is in Journalism, but she hardly applies herself in school and only works hard enough to get mediocre grades, thinking day-to-day instead of focusing on upcoming assignments or work. As she gets older she'll start to realize her passion for writing and start to apply herself more, but at the moment she's denying any dreams for the future she might have. If somebody asked her what she wanted to do with her life, she'd laugh it off and avoid the question completely before moving on.

Strengths: She can be very charming, and she's very pretty which gets her further than she ever expected it would. She's an incurable (but very talented) flirt with a sharp wit and a love for playful banter. She's a smart girl when she applies herself, and if the cards were played just the right way she could be a very loving and devoted romantic partner. Also, despite her glamorous lifestyle, she's not prissy in the slightest.

Weaknesses: Selfish, selfish, selfish. This girl is as self-absorbed and self-entitled as any rich girl with daddy issues might be. She's not stuck-up, but she hardly considers how others might feel… in any situation, ever. Any friends she has are people who can look past that, or people who can grit their teeth and rant about it to each other behind her back. She also smokes cigarettes. (Is this a weakness? Iunno)

Important Past Moments: Carrie's parents were the typical supermodel-Hollywood star power couple who fell in love, had a whirlwind romance and got married far too soon. She was born first, and then her little sister, Catriona was born. A few years after that, things started to fall apart. Carrie's parents argued constantly and then came the typical messy divorce that left the kids in joint custody. So Carrie spent most of her childhood being carted back and forth between her mother and father. Both parents made lots of money in their respective careers, so the kids never went without. They still help Carrie out financially because they have trouble letting go (probably the one thing they have in common) which is why she's able to afford an apartment of her own downtown in a big city.

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Character Name: Anders Frost

Nickname: None

Reason for (lack of) Nickname: Lack of close personal friends, comes from a stiff and formal family.

Birthday: 19th July

Age: 20ish

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Undecided

What They Look for in a Partner: Anders would engage in physical intimacy for the same reason he would play a game of chess, or climb a mountain. Sex and romance are curiosities to him, hobbies, games to be played, and he has few criteria in mind for a prospective partner other than their ability to provide him with a worthy diversion. The type of person he takes to his bed would influence the manner of the game he plays.

Job: Varies depending on the RP

Body Build: Anders is of average height and weight, his body lean and toned from regular physical activity. He carries himself with the quiet grace of a dancer.

Physical Description: With creamy pale skin and slate gray eyes, Anders is the type to sunburn easily. His facial features suggest the likeness of some young Roman lord, both self assured and composed. His hair is dark brown naturally, though he typically dyes it jet black, keeping it just long enough to comb. Anders is scrupulously clean shaven, usually taking great pains to improve and maintain his appearance.

Clothing: Due to his upbringing, Anders favors subdued formal wear, black suits and starched shirts as a matter of normalcy, occasionally slacks and a sweater for less official occasions. He has long since learned to ignore the glances and speculation as to his manner of dress, going so far as to use his old fashioned wardrobe as another way to remain alienated and aloof from the crowd.

Personality: Although he is not exactly unkind, Anders goes to extreme lengths to remain withdrawn, apart, and aloof from the general mass of humanity. Even among people who have no concern for such things, he retains the strict and rigid manners of his family upbringing, keeping his reserved composure at all times. He typically keeps his own counsel and deflects personal questions with deliberate misunderstandings and misdirection. While he is not averse or incapable of friendship, Anders is very careful with whom he engages in casual conversation and association, as he finds that most of the human race is inferior to him both physically and mentally.

Hobbies: Anders enjoys such estoric and unusual hobbies as fencing, boxing, kayaking, hunting, chess, bridge, games of memory and mental acuity, as well as taking a deep interest in history, psychology, and philosophy.

Goals: Having lived under the shadow of a wealthy family, Anders yearns to build something for himself rather than live his life by the grace of his inheritance. While he often goes to great lengths to alienate people around him, he craves genuine friendship and close counsel.

Strengths: Excellent physical stamina and agility, sharp mind and fast reflexes. Typically has access to all manner of obscure facts and information from his extracurricular studies.

Weaknesses: Having been raised in mansions, surrounded by butlers and maids, Anders is largely ignorant of a great many things in traditional society and popular culture, his mannerisms and affectations outdated by a few centuries. When combined with his personal views of arrogance and superiority, he can very easily rub people the wrong way unintentionally. He is unskilled at reading emotions in others or in himself, and although he is excellent at navigating his way through the wilderness, he is lost easily in large cities or indoors.

Important Past Moments: His parents died in a house fire when he was nine, leaving him to be raised by the surviving household staff and his extended family. Since then, he has showed signs of being withdrawn from the world, constantly turned inward in search of stimulation, rather than outward.

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Character Name: Alina Sanders

Nickname: The heavy metal bitch

Reason for Nickname: Her current employment is at a metalworking and machining shop, and she is known to present a prickly demeanor in the presence of people she dislikes.

Birthday: August 28th

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

What They Look for in a Partner: Alina has a quiet craving for genuine physical affection and closeness, and her underlying insecurity leads her to look for a prospective partner who needs her on an emotional level. Her other requirements stipulate a certain level of physical appeal and what she decides is a compatible personality, though she has little discern for sexuality, often having her head turned by a pair of shapely hips belonging to either gender.

Job: Currently employed at a metalworking and machining firm.

Body Build: Alina has shoulders that are a touch broader than the average woman's, a slightly stockier build, though she remains lean and trim from her active lifestyle.

Physical Description: She spends enough time in the sun to keep up a reasonable tan, though her skin quickly goes pale if she stays indoors too long. Her facial features are somewhat tomboyish, though reasonably attractive under the right circumstances. Her light blonde hair is about shoulder length, usually pulled back into a simple ponytail, and she has a great deal of confidence in her appearance, feeling comfortable in her own skin.

Clothing: Alina usually favors practical clothing rather than decorative clothing, leaning toward slightly masculine styles in cargo pants and work shirts. Leather jackets and jeans are also popular with her, as is anything closer to the dark and cool side of the spectrum. Nevertheless, she will not hesitate to dress in something colorful and feminine if the opportunity presents itself

Personality: Alina is perfectly capable of being unpleasant to those she dislikes, and generally maintains a crass demeanor in all circumstances. However, her personality is more amicable than unfriendly, manifesting in a steady stream of dirty jokes and questionable puns. She has difficulty making friends, though she is fiercely loyal to the ones she has. And although she would hotly deny being classified as clingy, she suffers a deep seated complex of inadequacy and insecurity regarding emotions and social encounters. She dislikes being alone, although she often retreats into solitude when under social stress.

Hobbies Alina's hobbies lean toward the mechanical, involving metal art and working models. Other diversions in her private time include watching tv and movies, reading comic books, and very occasionally delving into her well hidden stash of young adult romance novels. She also very much likes motorcycles.

Goals: Alina has little in the way of goals or aspirations. So long as she has a job that provides enough money to support herself, she sees no need to advance her career.

Strengths: A skilled metalworker and machinist, excellent driver, reasonably talented marksman with most firearms. Knows a great many crude and inappropriate jokes, and is a surprisingly talented cook.

Weaknesses: Cannot swim in any way shape or form, and remains apprehensive regarding bodies of water larger than the average bathtub. She also does not cope well in stressful social situations.

Important Past Moments: Alina grew up in a series of foster homes that ensured she never made any close or lasting friends, and at the age of 18, she enlisted in the military as a way out of the system. After serving two combat tours in the course of three years, Alina received an honorable early discharge on grounds of mental stress and PTSD

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Both Accepted! X3

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Character Name: Maisie Gilbert

Nickname: Maise

Reason for Nickname: It's just because it's the first part of her first name.

Birthday: June 7th, 1995

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

What They Look for in a Partner: Maisie just wants a partner. She wants someone in her life that will be there to love and support her. She's always dreamed of having a perfect marriage, of being a stay at home mother with 2.5 kids, a dog and a yard. She wants someone that will love her unconditionally, that she can smother with affection. The rest are just details.

Job: She's a nurse currently. She's going to college to become a doctor, but for right now is an RN at a local hospital.

Body Build: Maisie is of average height, standing at 5 foot 7. She has a fit body, and she works out nightly to keep it that way.

Physical Description: Maisie has natural thick, almost platinum blond hair that most women would be jealous of. She keeps it long, falling to her lower back. When she's at work, she pins it up in a bun although when she's not, she lets it fall freely down her back. She has emerald green eyes, that usually catch people off guard because of how green they are. She has reasonably pouty lips and a heart shaped face. She looks as sweet on the outside as she is on the inside. She has one tattoo, a tiny heart on the side of her thumb.

Clothing: When she is at work or in most of her classes, Maisie is required to wear scrubs. However, when she's not, she opts for light, pastel colored clothing. In the summer she's often wearing dresses, and in the fall and winter she wears sweaters, cardigans and leggings. She loves dressing up and would find any occasion to wear heels.

Personality: Maisie is sweet and gentle. She is kind and patient, sometimes to a fault. She trusts easily and falls in love way too hard, which is often an issue for her. Once she gains feelings for someone, she usually doesn't let them go. She'd go to the ends of the earth for someone she loves, even if they don't do the same in return. She is outgoing and bubbly, even when she may be feeling or going through her worst.

Hobbies: She paints, avidly, and works out. She has little to no free time right now, but when she does she can be found in the gym, or in her art room at her home covered in paint.

Goals: Maisie wants to be a doctor, but more than anything she wants to have a big, loving family.

Strengths: Her gentle nature, her brains, her ability to keep calm in rough and stressful situations

Weaknesses: Children, people she loves, animals, anything with a heartbeat

Important Past Moments: roleplay dependent.

2/5/2017 #13

Character Name: Nora Aldous Auden

Nickname: None

Reason for Nickname: She loved the name 'Nora' growing up. As a girl, she used to say she would name her daughter 'Nora'. When it came time to pick the name to change hers to, it was the obvious choice. As for the other two, Aldous is for Aldous Huxley, and Auden is for W.H. Auden, two of her favourite authors.

Birthday: June 6, 1996

Age: 20(?) Subject to change

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual; polyamorous

What They Look for in a Partner: She's already tired of playing the dating game. She was always the type to tire easy of things that are tedious to her. If she finds a partner, it will be somebody who's willing to be very straightforward and no-nonsense about their relationship. It's the skirting around each other that she's tired of. Sex is the only game she enjoys, and in the bedroom, she's extremely controlling and extremely dominant. This carries over into her every day life, too- if she were to enter into a relationship with somebody, she would be extremely possessive over them.

Job: Will vary between topics; in most real-world RPs she works at a used bookstore.

Body Build: She's quite short, standing at around 5'2". She is of very petite stature, with skinny arms and legs, a nice nipped-in waist and a smaller-than average chest.

Physical Description: Her skin is ghostly pale. Pale to the point that she has to mix the palest shades of foundation with white to make them match her skin. She deliberately wears dark eye makeup and contours her cheekbones to bring out the pale smoothness of her delicate features. She has shockingly pale blue eyes. Her hair is naturally quite dark, but she consistently colours it an even deeper blue-black that contrasts with her eyes quite starkly, and keeps it in a blunt, harsh cut to her shoulders. She has a dusting of freckles across her nose, shoulders, knees and other high points of her body.

Clothing:Her dominant personality allows her to have quite a distinct sense of style. She wears a lot of black clothes, which one would think would cause her to blend in more. But she's always dressed in clothes that show off her body- whether it's in subtle ways, with oversized sweaters that slip off her shoulders, or very overt ways, like short skirts and thigh-high boots. (Sometimes she wears both at once! :O) She wears lots of chokers and rings, and her favorite piece of jewelry is a fake septum ring that she wears from time to time to test out whether or not she wants the real thing. A portion of her paycheck always goes to her nails- she has acrylics almost all the time- more often than not they're dark in colour or very pale nude, but no matter what, they're always perfect. Her manicure is her hamartia.

Personality: She's not exceedingly proficient at navigating social situations due to her inability to produce the casual air that most people would have about them in said situations. She's completely unable to 'play it cool'-she is very serious and to the point and tires easily of the 'games' that people play when they're talking to one another. Sexually, she's extremely possessive, dominant and unrelenting. She's never ashamed to step up and take what she wants, nor is she ashamed to talk about things easily that might make others blush. The fact that Aldous Huxley and W.H. Auden are her two favourite authors says something about her personality.

Hobbies: She is a big bookworm. She's not picky about what she reads, and because of it she'll read anything- crappy YA, cheap paperback romance, or some heavy, leather-bound tome containing ancient stories. She is, however, very picky about her reading- she'll only ever read things if they're on paper. She's up to date on her technology, but reading, to her, was not ever something meant to be done from a screen. So her apartment is filled with books from top to bottom. Her other hobbies include drawing and, on occasion, writing stories of her own.

Goals: Someday she wants to write a bestseller. She has very little confidence in her own writing, so she doesn't do it very often. But if you asked her what her dream was (you'd have to get her really drunk before she even spoke sentimentally like this) she would scoff, and then quietly admit that she wants to become a novelist.

Strengths: She's really sexy when she wants to be. She can use this to manipulate people if need be. She's very literary, very intelligent. She has one of those metabolisms where she can eat anything and never gains weight.

Weaknesses: Her sense of humor is very… off. She doesn't understand sarcasm that well- or if she does, she doesn't tend to react that well to it, unless the person she's with is somebody she really likes. Jokes don't tend to make a lot of sense to her, either. Because of her direct personality she tends to rub people the wrong way. Her lack of sentimentality makes human connection difficult for her, (she tends to frighten people from time to time) so she gets rejected a whole lot. She's also a terrible cook. Terrible. She can make coffee, toast things, microwave things, and that's about it. Sometimes, if she's feeling adventurous, she'll fry some eggs. But that never turns out well.

Important Past Moments: She was born 'Rachel' to a rather rich family- a billionaire business tycoon father and a kind, loving mother. She grew up spending most of her time with her mother. Over time, she noticed how her mother grew fragile and panicked, how she always seemed frightened when her father was around. What she didn't know was that her father was abusing her mother. It all came to a head one morning when a seven-year-old June came downstairs and her mother was gone. After that, her father's abusive eyes turned toward his only daughter. She dealt with it for a long time, at first because she was afraid, and later, because she knew the kinds of things the foster care system would do to her. The morning after her eighteenth birthday she stole $10,000 in cash out of her father's safe and fled. She used the money to disappear. She now lives in a city across the country from where she lived as a child, with a new name so he won't be able to find her. (This story is subject to change depending on the RP, but the idea will always stay mostly the same)

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Accepted! Welcome. :3

2/6/2017 #15

Hey! I changed her name from June to Nora. I don't think it should be a problem, but I just wanted to let you know in case :)

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Character Name: Ryan Stockton


Reason for Nickname:

Birthday: August 29th

Age: 19 (or thereabouts)

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straightish

What They Look for in a Partner: Due to Ryan's inherent social hesitance and shyness, he craves the attention of someone more self assured and confident than himself. Most importantly, someone who is willing to take the time to give him the frequent reassurances that he needs. He is also a sucker for physical affection, and could reasonably be described as clingy.

Job: Software programmer and micro-engineer

Body Build: Ryan is of average height, though stocky build, carrying broader shoulders than ordinary, and a muscular build.

Physical Description: With caramel brown skin that suggests Asiatic heritage, Ryan is unremarkably handsome. His black hair is kept short enough that it doesn't require a comb, and he takes great efforts to remain clean shaven. He has the facial features of some wayward farm boy from the rural countryside, an appearance only added to by his manners and means of dress. His muscular build ensures that he looks a little older than his age, though when wearing a sweatshirt and glasses, he appears as boring and forgettable as any other denizen of the IT department.

Clothing: Ryan lacks both the money and the wherewithal to acquire fine and fashionable clothes. He shops based on functionality and comfort rather than appearance, and he rarely consults a mirror before settling on an outfit. He typically favors cargo pants or military surplus fatigues for their numerous pockets, with the added comfort of a hooded sweatshirt.

Personality: A dedicated introvert, Ryan frequently turns inward rather than facing the jagged social landscape of the world around him. He is not averse to the prospect of having friends, and his deep seated feelings of loneliness and isolation make him very sympathetic to the emotions of others. However, he finds much more appeal in a book, movie, or assorted fictional universe as opposed to a nightclub, tavern, or party.

Hobbies Ryan's hobbies include reading, watching TV and movies, the occasional video game, as well as working on personal computer projects in his free time. As a much needed reprieve from intellectual pursuits, he frequently exercises.

Goals: He has few goals other than achieving a social status quo and progressing his research into artificial intelligence.

Strengths: Physically fit. A learned man, fiercely intelligent by intellectual standards. Good with computers.

Weaknesses: Lack of motivations, freezes under pressure, not adept at social encounters.

Important Past Moments: Varies based on RP.

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2/9/2017 #18

Character Name: Joshua Fletcher

Nickname: Josh

Reason for Nickname:

Birthday: August 12th, 1993

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

What They Look for in a Partner: What Josh wants and what Josh needs are two very different things. He wants a submissive partner. Someone that will fall in line with his wants and desires, someone that will not say a defiant peep. However, what he needs is someone that will challenge him, someone that will take his ego down a few notches. Over all, what he really needs is for someone to give him a chance. He needs affection and reassurance that who he truly is is enough.

Job: Roleplay dependent, but in most roleplays he is a personal trainer.

Body Build: Josh is relatively tall. He stands at six foot. As far as his build, he was naturally a chubby guy. However, a few things triggered him to take up working out and weight lifting. Since then, he does his best to stay in peak physical shape, boasting the body of a body builder proudly.

Physical Description: Josh has tan skin, due to being outside frequently during his training sessions. He has hazel eyes, and thick brown hair that he spikes up. He is almost always grinning or smiling. He looks a lot more unassuming than his personality, having boyish looks. He is handsome, and is frequently told so. He knows he is attractive.

Clothing: Josh is almost always in either basketball shorts and a muscle tanktop, or in a buttondown and jeans. His outfits rarely if ever change from those two, because that's what his comfort zone is.

Personality: Josh is an asshole. He is brash, usually uncaring, and selfish. He went through a lot as kid, and instead of learning and growing from it, he decided to put up a few walls and keep people out as best he could. He's the stereotypical jock, liking fast cars, sex, and women. There is more to Josh, though. When it comes to his little sister, and those he loves, he is extremely loyal and protective. He would do anything, even extremely wrong and socially unacceptable things, to keep the people he loves safe and happy. When he is given a chance, he can be extremely sweet and charming. You just have to get through his rough exterior.

Hobbies: Josh likes to work out, obviously, but he also loves football. He never got the chance to play in high school, so he and his buddies go to a local field and play every Saturday.

Goals: If you asked him what his goals were, Josh would give you some bullshit speech about how he just wants to get laid and be rich for the rest of his life. In reality, the only thing Josh really wants is to be happy. When he imagines his life, and what he wants, he sees himself with a wife and a few kids, living happily in a suburb somewhere.

Strengths: Josh is physically strong and dominating. He is also very, very smart, and charming. In some instances he could be considered dangerous, as he knows exactly how to play people in the way he wants. He prides himself on being a ladies man, on being able to manipulate women into sex.

Weaknesses: On the downside, Josh doesn't deal with his own emotions well. He struggles with expressing himself in a healthy way. He drinks frequently and in high amounts. He also has a bit of an anger issue, having several holes in his wall from his fist in moments of rage.

Important Past Moments: When Josh was in grade school, he was a chubby, sweet kid. He was extremely sweet and helpful, wanting nothing more than to make those around him happy. That all changed, though, when he hit middle school and went to a slightly larger school. Still chubby and sweet, a few older boys started to bully him. It got so extreme that he ended up wanting to drop out, skipping multiple days of school. When he wasn't there, though, they picked on his younger sister. That motivated Josh to finish school. In the end, these events that lasted all through his middle and high school career changed Josh from a chubby, sweet kid into an ultra athletic asshole. Somewhere deep down, though, he's still that kid.

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Soul the Avenger

Character Name: Lucas Ezra Knight III

Nickname: Luke

Reason for Nickname: Shortened Version of his real name, and he doesn't really give out his real name so he can alternate it

Birthday: March 3, 1989

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

What They Look for in a Partner: What Luke looks for in a partner is simple.She's had a lot of training and so she a natural when it comes to fighting. Maybe she spent part of her life in the military or some other form of experience. That's what I envisioned for her, if you'd like to change it or add to it then by all means go for it. I was thinking she came from a more humble background. The girl knows what its like to struggle within this messed up world. She doesn't take things for granted. As for her personality, this might seem stereotypical or odd to say, but she has to have an attitude. He mostly likes black girls or Spanish one, so he'd be in love with afro-latina, so please bring forth something like that.

Job: Assassin of an Organization known as the Wolves; Part Time teacher at MIT

Body Build: This boy is pretty much a cruiser-weight. He's has been training physically all his life, and it shows. While his muscles are not as pronounced as they should be, but it is obvious that the boy is in peak physical condition.

Physical Description: Thanks to the emergence of his powers, he has golden eyes that blend well with his dark black hair, rich caramel skin, and a face that grew to be classically handsome. His body is covered in various tattoos of various meanings, some tribal, for different organizations infiltrated and such. Lucas has 15% of his torso covered in scarred tissue. Because of his ties to the Comando Vermelho he has a tattoo behind his ear and the La sangrienta rosa crime family have the two roses on his chest. Along with Los hombres de los muertos (the dead men) in between the roses. With terror inscribed on the side of his left hand, and there's plenty more, just too many to name.

The main thing people notice about him is he doesn't give the air of weakness. The boy looks tough as nails. It probably entirely boils down to his posture, the way he stands stiff like a soldier, or even his tendency to glare at people like they just insulted him. The is no one on Earth who moves quite like Luke. He has the sort of walk, and demeanor, that can be easily picked out whether he means for it to be that obvious or not. Because he worked through every fighting move until it was absolutely perfect when he was a child, Lucas moves in a very cold and calculated fashion. Every movement he makes is with purpose.

Clothing: Well, normally Luke wear something either form fitting or rather loose. When training he wears black cargo pants, combat boots and leather gloves, and stays shirtless. Lucas, when he is off duty and a regular civilian, can be seen wearing simple clothes. A good shirt and jeans is good enough for him, but he can clean himself up and wear a suit if the occasion calls for it. On his person at all times is his father's gold watch, his mother's ring on a thin silver chain and his uncle's wolf head ring. And his assassin attire is an almost entirely black bodysuit with short sleeves, but the left pectoral upwards to his neck is crimson. It has short sleeves, and is made from Nomex and Kevlar, making it almost entirely bulletproof, fireproof and electrically insulated. Instead of a domino mask, Luke wears a bottom half mask that covers his mouth down to his neck.

Personality: Lucas is a very good tempered guy who is normally the type that people warm up to quite well. Whenever he meets someone knew he will most likely be friendly and open from the start: a quality that he received from his mother. He never really seemed to have many problems regarding other people's thoughts of him, nor never really seemed to let much get him down. He just always pushes right through it and keeps his positive outlook of things. Now, this isn't to say that he won't do what needs to be done whenever the situation arises. No, whenever he needs to get something done, he does it if he knows that it is the right thing to do.

Now, this quality of his personality wasn't something that he received. No, it was something that he taught to himself, something that was drilled into his thoughts over and over again, and on occasion, this part of him has had to show itself in the most dire of times. No, when times like these come, he seems to have no mercy, not real feeling anything depending on the situation.

This is a side of him that most people don't always like to see, a side of him that scares most. But it seems that the emotion is gone just as soon as it arrives, leaving him to be that kind person once again. Now, he can be quite mischievous at times, something that he received from his father. He'll be the one that sometimes likes to play the occasional prank whenever the mood needs lifting or the time is right, and often gets into trouble more often than not, though he doesn't exactly mean to. Lucas's temper is something that makes him pretty noticeable, for he does not take kindly to any sort of threat to him or any loved one he has. If you dare to take a step in that direction than you better be careful, for he can be on you in a heartbeat. The only thing with this though is that despite the fact that his temper can be something to be feared, it can also be his weakness, for whenever he is angry, he normally doesn't think much before doing, so it's not a very loved part of his personality to him.

Hobbies: Practices Martial arts, watches movies, goes out to eat with his family, meditate, teaches Metallurgy and specifically Ballistics at MIT

Goals: Lucas is technically the heir to the Wolves as their centuries old mentor actually has only one child, who is the same age as Luke, but she doesn't want the place. SO he's working toward that spot; He also wants to save the world.


  • ADVANCED COMBAT SPECIALIST: From being raised by Marines, to Ancient Mystical Martial Artists, to being a Marine himself, down to miscellaneous travel throughout the world. Besides the fighting style of the MCMAP (MARINE CORPS MARTIAL ARTS PROGRAM) he knows multiple forms of combat including Boxing, Systema, Okichitaw (Native Indian) Capoiera, Savate, Krav Maga, Dambe, Silat, Ninjitsu, Abir Qesheth (Ancient Hebrew) and many forgotten African martial arts. He blends these together into his own fighting style that relies on these fighting styles, his acrobatics and the occasional use of weaponry. His fighting ability has allowed him to fight through several hordes of enemies on one occasion.
  • Though he knows how to use multiple weapons during his travels, Luke excels in swordsmanship. During his time with the Wolves of New Jerusalem, he was taught swordsmanship along with his time with his father for knife fighting. Which led to him being well versed in bladed weapons. Personally, Luke prefers to use two types of blades, either a double edged sword, or katana.
  • URBAN GYMNAST: During his time with his father overseas, he became master of the French movement art of parkour. He goes over, around, under, and through obstacles, often using one or more to get him past another. He can run across tightropes and free-climb. The media makes him seem to be superhuman, but he really isn't. He can't really run straight up buildings, but it often seems like it.
  • INTELLIGENCE: While not a genius like Bruce Wayne, Reed Richards or Lex Luthor, Luke is very intelligent. Throughout his years he became quick-thinking and highly observant, making him a shrewd combat strategist. With his austere countenance, making him almost unapproachable, it seems like he'd command authority, but his lackadaisical attitude he prefers to remain in a support and advisory role when part of a team. Despite lacking even a high school diploma, Luke is far from uneducated. Largely self-taught, and taught his teachers in New Jerusalem, he has the equivalent of Master's degrees in psychology, metallurgy and could teach ballistics classes at MIT. Luke, coming up off an affluent background, thanks to the adoption of a young, influential mind by the likes of various people generous enough to teach him, was permitted to learn multiple languages while in school and in foreign places. He is completely fluent in the languages of Spanish, French, Hebrew and Japanese.
  • Meditation: Luke is a master of meditation and relaxation techniques. He can enter a trance-like state to ignore pain and slow his heart rate.
  • Survivalist: After being stranded in the fields of the Land of the Wolves, Abraham had Luke transformed himself into a hunter by learning to rely on his abilities and intelligence, as opposed to the wealth and privilege that had been gifted to him. The incident surfaced many skills that Luke had accumulated throughout his life, including fire-starting, shelter-building, and the most significant, spear combat. However, Knight also learned to develop vital skills necessary for his survival, notably stealth, patience, and attentiveness – traits that were previously foreign to the young Luke Knight. Throughout the kid's time in the field, Luke became an independent survivor with the skills and instincts of a superb hunter, a man that contrasted the dependent child that had been tossed into the mountains. Although he does not kill for survival in the present, the abilities and self-reliance that he acquired from his experience is still used by the vigilante on a daily basis. Without a doubt, becoming a hunter has made Luke both a better man and a better crime-fighter.
  • Photographic Reflexes: Luke possesses photographic reflexes, something he has inherited from his mother. As a result, Luke is capable of perfectly duplicating any physical movement or action he sees with perfection after watching it only once.


  • Senses: His enhanced senses make him more susceptible to strong impulses, he can be fazed by loud sounds or strong smells for example.
  • Sonic attacks: Because of his super hearing, Luke's ears are super sensitive to sonic attacks.
  • Rhyme N Reason: He is only capable of copying the styles of those who present some sort of rhyme and reason to their movements, combat stylings, etc. If there is a method to a person's movements, they can be copied. The more utilitarian, the better. The more chaotic, the more random a person's movements, combat stylings are, the harder it his for him to copy; this can even confuse him to the point of dulling his own senses and abilities.
  • Time: How long it takes him to absorb a new style is largely dependent on his exposure to it. This often leads to a defensive nature during first meetings. Depending on the complexity of an opponents movements, it can take mere minutes to that of hours to fully comprehend and put to memory.
  • Wounds: While it is difficult to actually cause Luke harm due to his durability and skill, it is far from impossible to actually do Luke's body some harm. Extensive physical attacks could easily take him out of commission if they go above the threshold of the durability. Because his durability doesn't protect him from any sort of attacks that involve piercing the skin, Luke could be just as easily affected as a baseline human being would be when it comes to being struck by claws, blades, or any sort of bullet.
  • Untrusting: He does not trust easily, and keeps his secrets, and the secrets he has been entrusted with, very well. He does not discuss information with others that he thinks they may not be privy to, nor does he think it his place to divulge the private information of others. He can be a very private and withdrawn man, but he does not let that stop him from being friendly or at least courteous with others. This can sometimes get in the way of his work when he doesn't share information as readily as his teammates might like.
  • Family: Another obvious weakness, his family are some of the only people whom he would truly give up everything for. Luke has a few close friends whom he would give everything up for as well, but it is only these select few whom he holds close to his heart. It is because of this that although they can be his greatest strength, they are also his greatest weakness as well.
  • Anger: One weakness which is slightly unique with Luke would be his anger. He isn't the kind to become some sort of murderous person the moment he is angered, but it is true that he angers rather easily, especially in tense situations. He knows how to hold his own and keep his cool, but there have been times where he has simply just...snapped. These moments aren't all too common though, and most likely won't happen all that much.

Important Past Moments: Besides the fact that he's an assassin and has been raised by killers his whole life and will at some point in time inheirit said organization/kingdom. His parents are dead. But everything depends on the RP

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2/13/2017 #21
Hope of the Future


Character Name: Luka Macken


Reason for Nickname:

Birthday: December 25th

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Pansexual

What They Look for in a Partner: Luka has no real preference for partners, but if he absolutely had to say, he'd prefer a 'total submissive bitch' (in his own words) if talking solely about sex. However, on the off-chance he ever got into a serious relationship, he'd want someone who could genuinely understand him, his humor, his troubles, his mindset, his...everything. And be exceptional in bed, too. That, and they have to be willing to go to 'any lengths to get sexual gratification.' (Again, in his own words)

Job: College student (though it really depends on RP)

Body Build: Are they thin? Fit? Built like a dancer? A body builder?

Physical Description: Are they pale? Dark? Do they have scars? A big nose? Large feet? Pointed ears? What color is their hair? How long is it? What style is it cut? What is their eye color? Are they seen as pretty? Do they appear older than their age? Do they appear younger? What style of clothing do they normally wear? How do they put up their hair?

Clothing: What clothes to they often dress in? Is it seen as normal by others? Do they like the clothes? What clothing would they prefer to wear if they had a choice?

Personality: What do they fear? What is their favorite color? Their favorite weather or season? What is something they would never do? What do they love? How do they act in a group? How are they with friends? How are they with family? Do they like cities? How do they act when threatened? Do they have any habits? Do they like to keep things clean? Do they put off problems? What do they keep in their pockets? Do they believe in love? How far would they go for someone they cared about?

Hobbies What do they like to do when not working? Do they read? Daydream? Work some more? Do sports? Collect things?

Goals: Have total supremacy over the world (Despite not having a clue as to how to do that).

Strengths: Is your character a really strong climber? Are they great with a sword? Can they plan out a battle better than anyone? Are they known as a great artist? Can they cook well enough to please any king?

Weaknesses: Are they not very good at swimming? Are they poor at reading others? Do they tend to rub people the wrong way? Do they have no motivation? Are they bad at cooking? Do they get lost easy?

Important Past Moments: Is there important that has happened in their life? Does it impact them today?

2/14/2017 #22
I don't know if you posted this to use it to work on or if you expected it to be accepted like this, but it's denied. At least until the application is finished.
2/14/2017 #23

Character Name:Kara

Nickname: snow

Reason for Nickname: Called snow for her platinum hair and the fact she was born in December during a harsh blizzard.

Birthday: December 15th

Age: 18-25 (depends on the rp)


Sexuality: straight (futas acceptable)

What They Look for in a Partner: Needs a confident partner to counter her lack of it. Is attracted to muscle but it is not a necessity. Needs to know she is not as plain as she thinks she is and loves to cuddle.

Job: (Will more than likely depend on rp) Shies away from jobs that require a lot of social interaction with strangers.

Body Build: voluptuous, curvy, medium waist, thick thighs, wide hips and DD bust

Physical Description: Her skin color is almost exactly the shade of light brown sugar. She is fairly short with a maximum height of 5'3, weight is around 130-140. Hair is platinum blond ,or so bright blond it looks white, and stops at the small of her back, usually layered, or feathered haircut, usually worn loose, doesn't like putting it up in a do. Appearance does not differ from her age by any significant amount. her large round eyes are silver. high cheek bones and rounded face with a small nose and small but plump lips.(Can be either neko or human, if neko she has white fuzzy ears on the sides of her head and a long fluffy white tail she tends to pick at if she is nervous.)

Clothing: Wears very light makeup, black, sometimes winged eye liner and a light dusting of powder foundation, lip gloss if the occasion calls for it. Tends to wear baggy clothes to hide her curved figure such as over sized shirts and loose fitting pants. Dislikes wearing tight clothes or things that show to much cleavage.

Personality: Kara has what is commonly referred to as social phobia or social anxiety. She is nervous in crowds and around people she doesn't know in general and has been known to have sever panic attacks in crowded areas, public speaking or having multiple pairs of eyes on her, if not allowed to escape. She is the timid in social situations, including romance and has little to no experience with sexuality besides self exploration that she would never admit to out loud. Her favorite color is any shade of purple and despite her birthday being in dead winter her favorite season is summer. She prefers living in rural areas as opposed to crowded cities but will live in higher density areas if a situation calls for it. She much prefers the company of animals to people and is selective of who she allows herself to get close to but values her few friends more than anything, going so far as to say she would defend them with her life. She has a living mother she hasn't talked to in years, her father died when she was ten of a heart condition and her three older siblings went their separate ways when they became adults. She does want a family and would love to have children if she can figure out how to not panic when any interesting guy talks to her. Miss Kara tends to run from her problems by either avoiding them, procrastinating or even going as far as to move away and start fresh somewhere else if at all possible. She doesn't like to talk about the bad parts of her past or childhood and tends to go out of the way to focus on happier moments.

Hobbies She is a decent self taught cook and loves gardening, loves reading and is a fairly decent artist (painting and sketching). She is not very athletic but loves to swim and fish.

Goals: Want to eventually fall in love and start a family.

Strengths: Very out of the box thinker and no stranger to strategy and planing, in fantasy setting would be a decent shot with a bow or magic if trained

Weaknesses: Physically weak, hesitant to attack others, not very agile, accident prone, speaking to one or more persons she doesn't know, easily discouraged

Important Past Moments: Her mother became a bit of a narcissist after Kara's father died and Kara was never her mothers favored child. Growing up she was always compared to her older siblings and more often than not it was an unfavorable comparison. She was picked on by the older siblings and seen as a bit of an odd ball or black sheep. Growing up with three older siblings she was more often than not talked over and weather it was intentional or not was made to feel she or her opinion didn't matter so she kept quiet and stayed out of the way as much as possible. This severely impacts her confidence, or lack there of, as an adult and probably contributed to her social phobia. She had saved up money she had earned from part time and odd jobs and when she became 18 she left home at the first opportunity, not telling her mother or siblings anything. This has contributed to her tendency to avoid or run away from her problems.

4/7/2017 . Edited 4/7/2017 #24

A few things.

You need to capitalize your words, and pay attention to your grammar and spelling. This is an advanced roleplay, as it says in the rules, and all of that needs to be paid attention to. You also need to use punctuation in your sentences.

Until you fix those things in your application and in your other posts here, I can't accept your application.

4/7/2017 #25

Sorry, I fixed it.

4/7/2017 #26

Character Name: Jesse Treborn

Nickname: Jess

Reason for Nickname: It's just a way to shorten his first name. No big deal.

Birthday: July 10th

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Hetero

What They Look for in a Partner: Jesse just wants someone who can keep up with him. Someone with whom he can share his hobbies and experiences with. Also, he can connect with them on an emotional level. Sex is just something he feels people can do for fun, so he wouldn't mind it.

Job: He's currently a farm hand for his parents' farm, which he will inherit one day. It is currently a success.

Body Build: Jesse stands at a height of 5'10", and he also has a slightly muscular body.

Physical Description: His dark brown hair reaches down to a medium length around his shoulders, which can also cover up his blue eyes at times. His face is also a little youthful, but handsome. It comes with shining blue eyes, a chiseled jawline and a scar on his lower lip. When it comes to clothing, he tends to wear plaid shirts and grey jeans with those fancy Vans shoes on his feet. For an accessory, he wears a silver wristwatch on his left wrist.

Clothing: Expanding on above, he wears a grey and black plaid shirt which is often left unbuttoned. Sometimes, he'll wear a white t-shirt underneath when heading into town, but he'll be shirtless on the farm. Grey jeans are constantly being worn. Vans shoes are for the city, but he also wears brown work boots.

Personality: Jesse can be very bright with his humor, usually making witty comments and talking about random, hilarious things in front of his friends. But in the end, he can be very respectful and responsible when needed. When it comes to talking with others, he can be quite the social butterfly as his humor can charm almost anyone into laughing and feeling good. Still, he can be trustworthy to keep a secret or help you out with something you really need.

Hobbies: Jesse spends his time with photography, and he also likes to ride on horses.

Goals: Jesse wishes to take over his family's farm one day, since it does so well.

Strengths: Social butterfly, sense of humor, loyalty.

Weaknesses: Alcohol, children, and animals.

Important Past Moments: Depends on RP.

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Character name: Alison Parker

Nickname: Ali, Loop.

Reason for Nickname: Just a shortened and more endearing way of saying her first name. Loop is a kind way of calling her a nutcase, because her actions can be questionable at the best of times.

Birthday: May 17th, making her a Taurean.

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

What They Look for in a Partner: Alison herself still doesn't really know. She hasn't been in many long relationships, preferring one night stands or relationships that last for a few weeks. She tends to go for a witty type of character, one that can be as cynical as her yet able to revert to a bit more of a happier state if need be. Ali also enjoys deep, philosophical conversations and practically needs someone to discuss them with. She enjoys surprises and change, hence why she doesn't have a fixed type. Though some notable patterns in her picking of suitors are a dominant male, or submissive female.

Job: A light aircraft pilot, her career centering around flying tourists around rural areas and landmarks.

Body Build: Alison is a relatively tall woman. She stands at 5'7", and her straight, confident posture adds a few centimetres. She's a lithe woman- thanks to her fast metabolism- long limbed and slim. She doesn't have much muscle mass to her, though she can be surprisingly strong. Her bust is large for her frame, however she doesn't have ample hips.

Physical Description: She has hazel eyes, often mistaken for amber when in the sunlight. Long, straight golden brown hair hangs just above her rear, spare for a few curls. Her fringe sometimes covers a lot of the right side of her face, however it adds a somewhat mysterious look to her. She'll wear her hair down most of the time, though when she's doing her job, her hair is done up in a long Dutch braid or pony tail to keep her hair from her face, though she tends to have some 'wisps' that escape her hairband. She's pale, her lips slightly pouty, and topped of with a neat nose. Ali wears glasses to correct her long distance vision, and her glasses are red framed, giving her a little more of a sharper look- that said, she doesn't wear them all the time. She tends to have a relatively deadpan expression when lost in her thoughts, making her somewhat intimidating. Though she usually gives a warm smile or cheeky smirk to passersby, and a beaming grin to those that she knows. Straight white teeth are courtesy of her braces (which she was totally opposed to getting when she was younger, despite only having them for a year or two.) On certain parts of her body, she has small moles due to various sunburns she received, and one of her other less-noticeable traits is a birthmark which sits around her right mid back, this was due to a benign condition of blood vessels rising to the skin at that spot. It's faded now, and barely visible- though her friends and family can spot it from a mile away provided she's wearing clothing such as a swimsuit. She doesn't have any kind of piercing or tattoo, preferring not to modify her body. Ali also isn't a fan of jewellery, though she sometimes wears a necklace given to her by her 'highschool sweetheart'. Her most common accessory is a gold pocket watch that she manages to sneak into any outfit, though god knows how.. She appears about her age, maybe a year or two younger.

Clothing: Alison goes for edgy type clothing. Black, tight fitting off the shoulder tops are her common choices, along with some nice tights or shorts. She prefers dark clothes that are form fitting and show off her bust. Sometimes she is a sucker for older, extravagant dresses and will wear them to make a statement at a formal event.

Whilst on the job, her uniform is neat. It vaguely resembles a police officer's, a light blue button up shirt with various badges pinned to it marking her position as a pilot. She'll wear black leggings to top off the look, and she wears dark sunglasses and an earpiece with microphone- a typical pilot getup, despite not working for a big company.

Personality: Alison is an odd character. She tends to be polite and very easy going in social situations with strangers, however she uses her calm facade to basically analyse people and figure out the best plan of attack with them. She takes a while to warm up, and she will challenge those that try to talk to her by giving them a hard time. She is described by her friends by having three 'modes.' The first being polite, calm and somewhat mysterious, the second being a little more hard to deal with. She can be insufferable, taunting and mocking people just for the fun of it and to test their measure. Those that actually attempt to make conversation with her after her onslaught are rewarded with her more genuine self. Witty, flirty, dirty minded, a bit sadistic and playful. She will play the devil's advocate a lot, and will stand by her opinions. She's as stubborn as an ox, living up to to her starsign of a Taurean. She's a roller coaster to be around, however she can be deeply caring to her friends and will often sacrifice her own time and emotions to make her friends feel better.

Though her empathy can be a double edged sword. She simply cannot stand people who are mean to those she cares for, and will go around picking fights over even small issues. She absolutely hates narcissists and will stop at nothing to pick both physical and verbal fights with them. If she is truly angered (which takes a lot), she tends to revert to a cold rage. Silent, brooding and aggressive to those who attempt to talk about her current mood. Her short term anger is a lot more spontaneous though. She'll shoot back a stinging retort as an attempt to shut someone up, and simply go back to her normal self soon after.

Hobbies: Alison is a fan of parkour and martial arts- mainly karate. Those are her two main forms of exercise, and she enjoys combining parkour, karate and gun&knife training to perfect her new type of combat that she is trying to create. Among that, she enjoys a bit of acting- drama being a favourite subject of hers in highschool. Ali also loves dogs, and she sometimes offers to walk her neighbour's dogs. Finally, she immerses herself in nature photography and stunt plane flying. Those two activities are her relaxation, and she often calls it her way of 'connecting' with the Earth... In a weird way. She also has an obsession with antiques, ancient languages and the supernatural. If there's a ghost haunting you, Ali is the one to call.

Goals: Alison is career oriented. She aspires to become a commercial airline pilot, however her eyesight holds her back. She wishes to get LASIK surgery so she can fulfill her goal. She isn't sure about much in her life, tending to act on impulse, but she knows she wants two things. 1, to never fall into a desk job, and 2, to go out with a bang and certainly be remembered after she passes.

Strengths: Her ability to hold a strong debate and put people in their place if they're acting out, her 'wisdom' and her quick wit. She is also a master liar. Her ability to defend herself surprises some, and is greatly handy in sticky situations. She can get her sexy on, too. Mainly to manipulate someone into doing something for her. She's also known to be very intelligent- though not academic.

Weaknesses: Her pride, taking her teasing too far, dogs (especially big ones), her temper, stubbornness, recklessness, paranoia, forgetting lies she told and spilling the truth, selfishness (at times) and her impulsiveness.

Important Past Moments: Roleplay dependent.

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