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1/30/2017 . Edited 1/30/2017 #1

Name: GrimmCode IX - OmnieQueen (Just call me Omnie)

Time Zone: EST

RPs I'm Interested In: This realm is sort of a long list of things I might forget and so on. As lazy as I am, I can't say that you'll get that list any time soon. Quite honestly, I'm interested in any sort of RP, usually romantic and story-driven, though ones that aren't are fine with me. I'm perfectly fine with most kinks, leaving little for me to say a definite no to, like,:excessive gore, scat, necrophilia and things along those lines. Outside of that I guess I'm pretty much fine with anything... So, yeah.

Days/Times I'll Be On: As lazy as I am, I do have classes to go to. With that, I'm usually off from 7 a.m to 12 p.m on weekdays. Anytime after that, I may be on or sleeping or something, but I do have a good track record for being on during the day (in my totally unbiased opinion).

The best time to catch me is about 7p.m to 2a.m at the latest because I'm "great" at managing time. I can't say that I can answer this for weekends, though. Anytime goes and if I'm on, I'm on.

1/31/2017 #2

Name: Just call me Phil, or Phillip, or whatever, I'm not fussed.

Time Zone: CMT

RP's You're Interested in: I have a weakness for superheroes. Other than that, I have a soft spot for dom/sub relationships and associated paraphernalia, romantic type stuff, smutty type stuff, and pretty much everything else with the exception of bestiality, tentacle porn, and whatnot.

Days/Times You Aren't Available to be Active: Will vary. I'll be a lot more active on Fridays and the weekends than during the week.

2/3/2017 #3

Name: Av, Average, Avvie (my old penname was IAmAverage, so short forms of it stuck) Call me whatever you will really.

Time Zone: Atlantic Time (EST 1)

RP's You're Interested in: I'm a big softy for cheesy romance, also I don't tend to play men simply because I'm not as good at it x) I love smut of all varieties, though I'm particularly interested in BDSM/ dom/sub type deals (especially femdom whOops)! It would be impractical for me to list all the kinks I'm not comfortable with, but I suppose I could say that I reserve the right to turn down situations I'm not comfortable with playing. I imagine that won't happen, though.

Days/Times You Aren't Available to be Active: I'm on most afternoons/evenings and weekends. Not so much during the day because I have classes.

2/3/2017 #4
Hope of the Future

Name: Just call me Sage!

Time Zone: CST

RP's You're Interested In: Everything except unnecessary gore, scat, waterplay, and screwing around while pregnant. Also, if bloodplay is a thing here, keep in mind that the farthest I'm willing to go is something tame like a small bite or scratching, and even that's a maybe; anything else is off-limits!

Days/Times: Although I'm usually available on all days, there are times when I won't be able to just respond: Usually, on Mondays, Thursday's, and Friday's, I should be able to post from 4:00 and then on. On Tuesdays and Wednesday's, I usually will respond anywhere from 5:00 to 6:00.

2/14/2017 #5
Soul the Avenger

Name: Soul is fine, if you want to call me Master I'm cool with that. As long as you aren't an asshat.

Time Zone: EST

RP's You're Interested in: I really have a major weakness for superheroes, hence why my first character is mainly for that said RP. Other than that, I have a soft spot for fantasy and associated paraphernalia, romantic type stuff, smutty type stuff, and pretty much everything else with the exception of bestiality, tentacle porn, and whatnot.

Days/Times You Aren't Available to be Active: It really depends on how busy my day gets, but I normally shut down my life at around midnight during the week and whenever I die on weekends.

2/16/2017 #6

Name: Renigadeblade (reni or blade is fine)

Time Zone: est, eastern usa, newyork time zone

RP's You're Interested in: i will do a great number of genres, aversion to horror. I can do slice of life but i come to rp to get away from real life, so unless it's particularly fascinating I try to stay away from them. My favorites are Sci-fi, fantasy, medieval, furry, supernatural. I will do a good number of kinks, limits being extremes of bdsm, any sort of bloodpay/bodily fluids not normally associated with sex/ ageplay, hard non con, micro/macro anything, physical/mental abuse and pain exceptions being mild bites/scratching

Days/Times You Aren't Available to be Active: I am available during most days throughout the day, usualy a night owl times unavailable will be anywhere from 2-4am to 10am-12pm

4/6/2017 #7

Name: ShadowedTime, or Time, or Shadow, or... Whatever you want to call me.

Timezone: AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time)

RPs you're interested in: Almost all of them, I'm honestly quite fine with any of them. I don't mind horror or things like that, but I draw the line at extremely extensive gore (unless I have to write it for whatever reason), necrophilia and all that kind of stuff. I tend to write smut, or comedy, it really depends on my mood. I do enjoy some sadder roleplays, too.

Days/times You Aren't Avaliable to be Active: I'm on the majority of my days from 6am to 10pm... That is if I don't have class.

4/7/2017 #8

Name: Ryan, but you can also call me Zod

Time Zone: EST

RP's You're Interested in: Well, I'm very interested to do anything story driven, or whatever. As long as there is nothing gross (scat, piss, etc) or anything to do with furry, because that is just a little bit off to me. Romance is fine too. I guess I'm mostly into literate, realistic scenarios.

Days/Times You Aren't Available to be Active: I'm usually working evenings, so don't expect me until later at night.

4/17/2017 #9

Name: Silver or Drago

Time Zone: EST

RP's You're Interested in: I'm up for anything, depending on what it is. Though, I usually prefer a heavy fantasy/sci fi genre. It might not even have to be fantasy, as long as it takes place in the past before steam power became a thing. I like rps that are story driven, excellent characters, and a realistic, or at least semi realistic, feel to them. I will pretty much do any kink, though I draw the line at descriptive gore, guro, water sports/scat/other bodily functions. There may be other things that come up that I will not be okay with, and I'll be sure to let you know if it's not for me (You don't need to ask. :P)

Days/Times You Aren't Available to be Active: Varies greatly

4/19/2017 #10
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