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As explained by a wiki...

Alphas are generally dominant and males are able to impregnate Omegas.

Betas are subordinate to Alphas and males may or may not be able to impregnate Omegas.

Omegas are rare and prized. Omegas have the ability to become pregnant, sometimes referred to as being bred or mated. Lovers may form pair-bonds with a special connection with telepathic or empathetic qualities. Paired Alphas may be jealous and possessive of their mate, while the Omega may become submissive. Omegas and Alphas may go into heat and need to have sex; this may be the only time Omegas are fertile

Basically, these are people with the characteristics of wolves.

Cassie is an alpha.

Maisie is an omega.

Alina is an omega.

1/30/2017 . Edited 2/12/2017 #1

Cassie moved into the bar, her long hair left down in loose waves older her shoulders. She wore a a flannel, a tight black cropped tanktop, tight dark wash jeans and her favorite pair of boots. Her breasts were almost visible in her tanktop. She smirked as she watched betas move out of her path as she headed to the bar.

"Jack Daniels on the rocks, man." She drawled to the bartender. With that she turned and began to scan the crowd in the bar, searching for an omega.

She was in need of release. She usually decided to fuck betas, in a pinch. She hadn't found an omega yet that she connected with, and she wanted to. As an alpha, she had a need to mate and claim an omega. It was slowly building up as the years went on, and now it was an overwhelming urge.

She needed an omega, and stat.

Not much longer after Cassie headed into the bar, a much more quiet and gentle presence did.

Maisie slowly stepped inside, blinking slowly at the masses of people. She immediately recognized most of them as alphas, and she figured she was in trouble. She'd come to find some sort of release, but she might of gotten more than she'd bargained for.

She wore a white dress that hugged all of the right curves, and heels that gave her an extra few inches in height. She had a bit of makeup on, but nothing too heavy. All in all, she looked like a ten.

Blushing a soft red, the pretty blonde kept her head ducked and headed toward the bar. She nibbled her bottom lip as she felt eyes on her, the scent and presence of alphas all around making it hard for her to keep her head on straight.

Once she was at the bar, she ordered a drink of water and looked around almost nervously.

1/30/2017 . Edited 2/5/2017 #2

Sometimes, she was in the mood to fuck around and get herself laid. But right now she was just trying to get a nice respectable buzz on before she went home and started her weekend. Alina wasn't the shy and submissive type by nature, and she fervently wished she wasn't... the way that she was. It would be okay if she just got drooled on. She knew she wasn't half bad looking. But what scared her was the way her body reacted all on its own, all her self assurance and willpower going straight down the drain when someone with the right pheromones walked by.

Maybe she ought to just drink at home. But she didn't like drinking at home. She didn't even keep any liquor there. Drinking alone at home was the quickest path to the start of a bad lifestyle choice.

So she sat alone in a corner booth, dressed in a pair of baggy gray cargo pants, a hooded sweatshirt that hugged her chest a little. She didn't want to be noticed. She just wanted to nurse her martini down to the dregs and lie low for the weekend, wait until all the alphas calmed down. She couldn't help the fact that she'd be in anxious need the entire time, but the internet was full of dirty movies, and somehow she'd cope.

2/5/2017 #3

Cassie's eyes combed over the crowded bar. Ninety nine percent of the people in here were alphas, and that she didn't need. She needed an omega, needed-

oh hello.

Her icy eyes fell upon a figure sitting all by themself in a corner booth. Her brow slowly raised, her head tilting as she looked over at the person. By their body language, and the fact that she was totally hiding herself, Cassie could guess that this mysterious girl was an omega.


She asked the bartender what the girl was drinking. She ordered a new martini for her, grabbed it and headed over. She cleared her throat as she approached the booth, and took a deep breath in. Her inner alpha started doing jumping jacks as she smelled the omega's heady pheromones.

"Well hey there." She drawled, to get the girls attention. She gave a charming, bright smile. "Brought you another, sweetheart."

2/5/2017 #4

"I'm not your sweetheart, and I'm not thirsty." Alina grumbled morosely when the stranger approached. "So fuck you and how nice you smell."

She could argue all she wanted, but that didn't change the way her body betrayed her. All her muscles seemed to tighten at the same time, and although she managed to keep herself quiet when the redhead approached, she couldn't hide the way her legs squeezed together, the way her fingers tightened a little on her existing martini glass. She drained the rest of it in one long sip to hopefully steady herself, setting it back down on the table, narrowing her eyes at the girl that could only be an alpha.

Alina hated this. She hated everything about it. Being at the mercy of hormones was such bullshit. Even if all went well and she was able to slip away and lock herself in her apartment for the weekend, she'd be entirely miserable for the next few days. And worst of all would be the knowledge that it would have been so easy to get the relief she so desperately needed. Willingly and generously offered by a pretty redhead that under normal circumstances, probably would have been the target of Alina's affections anyway.

So why did this whole thing bother her so much? Was it just her pride, knowing she wouldn't be in control? Or did she just resent not getting more of a choice in it all?

2/6/2017 #5

Cassie snorted out a laugh, a brow raising. "Feisty. I like it."

She moved, ignoring the omega's anger and resistance, instead deciding to slide into the booth across from her. "Level with me, then, darlin'." She slid the martini glass that she'd gotten over to the omega, placing both of her hands on the table.

"You're in your..." she gave a crooked, pretty grin. "Prime, right now. And I'm gonna go ahead and rightly assume that you're completely fucking miserable."

She stared at the other woman for a few moments, before all existence of a grin melted off of her features. She slowly reached over, baring her wrist and her scent a few inches away from her face. She knew damn well that the pent up omega wouldn't be able to resist that.

"Am I right?"

2/6/2017 #6

"Eat a bag of dicks," Alina muttered, her eyes downcast as she reluctantly picked up the new drink, taking a long sip. The cold was nice, and the liquor blurred her senses nicely, took away a little of the anger and resentment. "Darlin'."

Her breath caught and she let out a miserable, helpless whimper of want when the alpha stretched out her wrist, exposing her to the unstoppable force of desire and attraction. That, and she had nice wrists to start out with, serving to render Alina entirely helpless, though no less unhappy about the situation.

"Fine, I'll go home with you." She sighed, unable to maintain her self control any longer. "But only because you're a cute redhead, and because you can't get me pregnant. No other reasons. And you'd better damn well cuddle me afterward."

2/6/2017 #7

At her words, a grin spread across her features as she saw her submit. She felt a bit bad for using her alpha status on the omega, but figured it was alright in this case.

She chuckled and slid over in the booth, looking up at the slightly taller girl. "Oh no, no, we ain't playing like that sweetheart." She propped her head on her hand and looked up at her with a raised brow.

"What's your name, darlin'?"

She wanted to make sure Alina was really down for this. Although she was pent up and the omega obviously felt the same way, she couldn't bring herself to just run off with her.

2/6/2017 #8

The alpha joined her in the booth, and Alina couldn't help but shift over against her, her heart speeding a little when their shoulders touched. She gave into her desires, but that sure didn't need to stop her from a little manipulation when she leaned in, leaning up against her new best friend, settling a hand on her bicep, giving her very best shy smile.

"I'm Alina." She whispered, her voice soft, a little unsteady and hesitant. "I'll tell you plenty more about me. But I really don't want to do this here. Not where... well, you're not the only one out there. I just want to get out of here. Which I suppose means that I'll be alone with you. Please? I'll make it worth your while later tonight. Sweetheart."

2/6/2017 #9

As the omega, Alina, spoke a soft grin spread across Cassie's features. She leaned in and pushed a gentle kiss against the side of her face before she pulled back to look at her. She was pleased by Alina's actions, at how she barely resisted moving in close and setting her hand on her arm.

She pursed her lips and reached up, cupping the blondes chin and gently forcing her eyes on hers. She leaned in, slow and gentle, brushing her lips against hers before she pulled back.

"One condition." The alpha purred.

2/6/2017 #10

Alina gasped softly when gentle fingers cupped her chin, and then she was lost in the depths of those gorgeous eyes, whimpering softly in surrender against her lips, crying out in halfhearted protest when it was over. And then she was helpless, slumping back into the booth, silently pleading with her eyes, desperate for the release that her body needed so badly.

"Whatever you want, please, I... I need it." Alina whispered, her voice tight with want.

2/6/2017 #11

She leaned in and slowly pushed her lips against hers for a moment before she trailed slow, soft kisses to her ear. A hand reached down and found Alina's upper thigh, gently nudging her legs apart as she slid it further and further up.

"I want you." She purred. She took her earlobe into her mouth, nibbling there for a beat or two. "Not just for a night, darlin'. I want this,"

Her fingers slowly brushed against the omegas womanhood, and she felt her inner alpha at attention.

"To be mine for good. You understand me?"

2/6/2017 #12

Alina's breath caught when Cassie's hand settled on her thigh, her knees going weak when it drifted upward, lips giving voice to an undignified yelp when gentle teeth worried at her earlobe. And then confident fingers stroked over the sensitive, aching center of her, and she clutched helplessly at the redhead's shoulders, pressing her lips firm against the side of her neck to stifle herself as she let out a muffled cry of sensation and desire. Her thighs clenched tight together, not sure if she was trying to keep her hand there, or shut her out.

"Yes, please, anything." She begged, her shoulders hitching a little as she clung to the alpha. Her alpha now. "Please, we need to go. My place is right down the street. I can't stand it anymore."

2/6/2017 #13

"There's my girl."

Cassie's body was on fire when at the reactions of the omega. Her gasps and gentle cries were music to her ears. Her alpha characteristics were begging to come out at the knowledge that this pent up, needy omega currently in her grasp was hers. All hers.

She took her earlobe into her mouth one more time and gave a gentle tug before she slid out of the booth and stood. She extended both hands out toward her omega, a smile on her features.

"Come on, darlin'. Let's head over to your place."

2/6/2017 #14

(Skip ahead to Alina's place?)

2/6/2017 #15

(Sure. You wanna start that off?)

2/6/2017 #16


While not large or luxurious by anyone's standards, Alina's apartment was clearly designed for comfort. A kitchenette spread across one wall of the cozy living room, most of which was occupied by the long, and quite soft couch in it's center facing the TV on the wall. Though originally a two bedroom, one room had clearly been converted into a workshop, neat chests of drawers and tool racks stacked up against the bare foam soundproofing on the walls.

"Hormones and pheromones are bullshit." Alina grumbled sourly, pushing through the door, hurriedly emptying her pockets onto the kitchen counter, phone, keys, a few pencils, wallet, multitool. Despite her combative manner, she intended to use Cassie very soon as a convenient outlet for her built up sexual tension, and she really didn't want to spend the next day digging around in the couch for whatever spilled out of her pockets during the inevitable rolling around and screwing they were going to get into.

"Bed, couch, or shower?" Alina asked, crossing her arms over her chest, practically squirming with impatience. "Because if you decide you want to hold hands and name all our children, I'm getting started on my own."

2/6/2017 #17

Cassie smiled as she looked around the apartment. Cozy. It was cozy. Her own place felt bored and lifeless in comparison, and she partly wondered if that was because of being there alone constantly. She almost flinched at that thought.

Hearing Alina muttering to herself, she snorted and looked over at her. She nudged the door shut with her foot and crossed her arms, leaning back against it.

When she looked at her, nearly exploding with pent up sexual tension, Cassie regarded her with a stoic look. Her icy blue eyes melted into a slightly darker color. She dragged her tongue over her lips, an almost predatory gaze crossing her pretty features.

"Take the hoodie off, Alina." Her voice was calm, but it held the certain alpha authority.

2/6/2017 #18

Alina could fight it all she wanted, but that didn't mean she could control what her body wanted. And right now, her body wanted to be Cassie's little submissive pet. The authority in her quiet tone had Alina squirming and fidgeting her weight from one foot to the other, and she hesitated a moment before she obeyed, pulling her sweatshirt off over her head, tossing it onto the couch. She wore a snug black T shirt beneath, no sign of a bra as her nipples pebbled into hopelessly aching little points against the fabric.

"I'll do whatever you want." Alina whispered, desperate to move things along to the part where she got her long awaited relief. "Please, I'll make it good for you."

2/6/2017 #19

A smirk tugged at the corners of the alphas lips as Alina practically jumped to do as she'd asked. Her eyes took in the omegas figure and she let out a happy, possessive little growl. Her eyes slowly made their way back up to Alina's face as she spoke, her pleading and begging tone edging the alpha into submitting to what she wanted. But not yet.

She could see that some part of Alina had the want, the desire to be toyed and bossed around. And she would oblige.

"Shhhh." She purred quietly, keeping that alpha tone. Her eyes found Alina's. "Pants next, pet. Be a good girl for your alpha."

2/6/2017 #20

This was like a nightmare. One big horrible, sexy nightmare. First Cassie had stripped away her self assurance and dignity, and now with Alina ready to surrender, she was drawing it out, savoring each little piece as she drove her slowly mad with lust. Alina hated it and loved it. But regardless of her feelings, she was helpless to do anything but obey. And so with mingled anxiety and arousal, she unbuckled her belt and slipped her pants down, exposing her smooth, pale thighs. She must have known on some subconscious level that she wouldn't be alone tonight, that she'd been preparing for a lover. Because she'd elected to wear a flimsy blue lace thong rather than a pair of far more sensible compression shorts. The fabric did little to hide her figure beneath, leaving her pert buttocks exposed to the cool air, clinging to the swollen mound of her womanhood, seeming to accentuate the shape of her sex rather than conceal it.

"P-please, can't you come help me undress?" Alina pleaded, her legs squeezing tight together as she fought the urge to reach down and cover herself. She wasn't usually shy about her body, but she wasn't usually ordered to undress when she was at her most vulnerable and desperate.

2/6/2017 #21

She watched with another soft growl, sinking her teeth into her bottom lip as she took in her omega's body. Alina was absolutely breathtaking, especially in nothing but that shirt and that flimsy thong. She took in every detail, every piece of Alina that she could, almost moaning in anticipation.

"Since you're being good," the alpha pushed off of the door and made her way over, giving a gentle smile. She took the end of Alina's shirt in her hands and gave a gentle tug, slowly lifting it up.

Ohe of her hands drifted. She reached behind Alina and took her ass cheek in one hand, giving a slow but firm squeeze with a broad grin.

2/6/2017 #22

Offering a soft whimper of relief when she was no longer left alone to take her clothes off under Cassie's watchful eyes, Alina obediently lifted her arms over her head when Cassie tugged her shirt up, hesitantly shrugging out of it. She was wearing nothing beneath, her small but full breasts bare, nipples stiffened into swollen little points, aching to be touched. She was very nearly naked then, and when a firm hand settled on her buttocks, she gasped and pressed forward against Cassie, arms wrapping around her shoulders, hiding her face in the crook of her neck.

"P-please, I need to come." She whispered softly. Now that she was pressed up against Cassie, her hips were already working slowly against her, rubbing forward, desperate to ease some of her arousal, anything to get a little of the stimulation she so desperately craved.

2/6/2017 #23

"Show me to the bedroom then, sweetheart."

Cassie purred the words to her, her hand kneading the omega's ass cheek. She leaned down and began to lay soft, gentle kisses to her exposed neck, a tiny grin playing on her features.

She pulled back just slightly, squeezing she gave her ass another rough squeeze.

"Show me the way and we can get you all nice and fucked."

2/8/2017 #24

Alina groaned softly against Cassie's neck when it seemed she wasn't getting her wishes fulfilled immediately. But the firm hand on her buttocks felt too good for her to form a coherent complaint about it. That, and the string of soft kisses had her squirming, a whimper breaking from her lips as he pulled reluctantly away. Cassie was the alpha, and her body was more than happy to be her submissive little pet at the moment, but Alina had her needs, and tended to get impatient. So she grew a little bolder, slipping her fingers through Cassie's belt, giving her an impatient tug in the direction of the bedroom.

The bedroom was much like the rest of the apartment, arranged for comfort rather than visual appeal, the bed featuring a soft black cotton comforter over a thick, queen size bed. And Alina wasted no time in taking a seat on the edge of the bed, very aware she was wearing only a flimsy pair of panties, the cool air making her skin flush as she looked up at Cassie, waiting anxiously for what came next.

2/9/2017 #25

"Good girl," she murmured, as Alina moved them to the bedroom. Her eyes flicked around a bit and a soft smile grew on her features in appreciation for the room. When Alina sat down, Cassie gave her a crooked little grin and placed her hands on her shoulders, slowly pushing her down to laying. She followed her all the way down.

Her lips found Alina's in a slow, deep kiss. One hand kept her weight off of the girl laying beneath her, while the other one slowly slid down her body and between her legs. She wasted no time, plunging two fingers deep inside of her.

In the back of her mind, she wondered just why the omega beneath her wasn't mated yet. She was the total package, at least to Cassie. In the end she decided not to question it too much, and decided to simply be happy that she got to spend this time with her and help her unwind.

2/9/2017 #26

She put up a feeble and halfhearted protest when Cassie pushed her onto her back. She wasn't normally the submissive type in any sort of relationship, but she couldn't help how good it felt to have Cassie taking control like this. A low whimper broke from her lips as a gentle hand stroked up between her legs, and she cried out when Cassie's fingers pressed inside of her, making her back arch upward into her touch even as she clenched her thighs tight together, her hips twisting to the side.

She moaned and gasped against Cassie's lips, eagerly returning her kiss as best as she could when she could barely think, her hands clutching at the redhead's hips, trying to bring their bodies together as close as possible.

2/10/2017 #27

There was nothing like this feeling, the feeling of a needy omega beneath her. Cassie was absolutely sure of that.

She pulled back to look down at her with a soft grin. She began to work up a rhythm, slowly pumping her fingers in and out of her, as deep as she could. Her thumb moved, slowly grinding against her clit. As she watched her, her grin only grew.

She moved slightly down her body, slowly dragging her tongue over Alina's nipple. She looked up at her, icy eyes locked on hers.

"Who do you belong to?" She asked, voice a purr.

2/10/2017 #28

She was already gasping and writhing beneath Cassie, her whole body tightening with want as she found herself pinned beneath the amorous alpha. Finally she was getting the precise sort of attention she'd been craving, and her hips jerked up eagerly into her touch with each press of her fingers, a low, shivering moan falling from her lips when Cassie's thumb found the swell of her clit. But then came the question, and she began to struggle a little even as her arousal redoubled at the smooth tone of her lover's voice. She was helpless to look away from those eyes, and so she bit her lip to keep herself quiet, knowing that Cassie was going to make her say it, knowing that whatever potential resistance she could muster would be over.

"No, I'm... I'm my own..." she panted, kicking her legs restlessly against the sheets to express her displeasure with this line of conversation, though she wished that her body didn't react so overtly to Cassie's touch. "Don't make me say it."

2/10/2017 #29

"Alright, alright," the redhead hushed softly, taking her nipple into her mouth. She sucked for a few moments, releasing with a pop as she looked up at the omega. A cocky grin crossed her lips.

"Who's your alpha, then?"

At the end of the day, the question was the same. The words were different. She knew that Alina was a stubborn thing, and she knew that she wasn't the type to just immediately submit to her. That was part of the insane appeal that she had to her. So, she didn't want to needlessly upset her.

2/10/2017 #30
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