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"Oh, poor thing, all tied up and frustrated." Alina teased, pressing an affectionate kiss to the tip of Cassie's nose, smiling down at her. "I suppose I'll have to take care of that for you, since you're not going anywhere. Don't worry, you can punish me later."

Alina worked her way down Cassie's body, brushing her lips over her stomach, teasing her tongue briefly into the divot of her navel, finally planting a slow, lingering kiss just above her waist. Her fingers were slow and confident as she unbuckled Cassie's belt, unbuttoning and unzipping her pants, resting her chin on her stomach as she looked up at her.

"I think you're a little overdressed though, darling. You want these off? Or are you feeling a little shy? Because I can give you a little more encouragement if you need."

2/15/2017 #61

"Shit," She panted for the second time in the last few moments, as Alina kissed down her body. She licked her lips, just barely holding in her moans and whimpers. She looked down at the blonde with lustblown, lidded eyes as she looked up at her.

When she asked if she was feeling shy, her eyes narrowed slightly at her.

"Alina," She drawled, through heavy breaths. "Take my fuckin' pants off."

2/15/2017 #62

"You say the sweetest things, darling." Alina purred, her eyes warming with care and affection when she hooked her fingers in the waist of Cassie's pants. She pressed another kiss just below her navel before she began to tug them down, an inch at a time over her hips, finally slipping them down her bare thighs and easing them off over her feet, tossing them aside after her own clothes.

"How do you want me to take care of you?" she asked softly, rising up reluctantly from the bed, stretching languidly, giving Cassie a nice long look before she stepped over to the nightstand, kneeling down beside it, opening up the bottom drawer where she kept her fun things. "I can lie down next to you, hold you real nice and use my fingers. Or you can have my mouth. Or I can get my toys out, see which of those you like. Or maybe I take care of myself while you watch, let you squirm for a little while."

2/15/2017 #63

"Jesus Christ, this is frustrating." She laughed loudly, almost bitterly as she watched Alina slide her pants down, watched the way her eyes were lit up with those sweet emotions. She was adorable. Sexy, frustrating, and adorable.

She sucked in a breath as she pulled away, though her eyes went a little wide when she saw her go over to the nightstand and open up her drawer full of toys. She forced herself to listen to all of the ways Alina could possibly fuck her. She bit her bottom lip in thought before she spoke up.


2/15/2017 #64

"You'll survive, sweetheart." Alina assured her, her eyes lighting up a little when Cassie seemed to be overcoming her misgivings fairly well. "I'm not even teasing you right now. And trust me, I'm really good at teasing."

"Don't think that you get untied right away after you come." She added slyly, climbing back onto the bed. She was very businesslike and professional as she slipped Cassie's panties down, easing them off over her feet, finally leaving her bare. But she got a little firmer as she forced Cassie's legs apart, lying down between them, hands settling on her thighs to keep her still. "Once you get what you need, then it's time for me to cuddle you for a little while, help you get cooled down again. That's the way I like it when I'm in your position."

2/15/2017 #65

"Cuddles are good."

She hoped that Alina got how major this was for her. She was giving her all of the control, every bit of it. That was big in itself simply for the fact that she was alpha, forking over her control to an omega. However, it was also major because at any possible moment, Cassie could steal that control right back if she wanted to. If there was something that she didn't like, she could steal every ounce of control back.

But she hadn't. And she wouldn't.

2/15/2017 #66

"No more teasing, I promise." Alina whispered, brushing her lips against Cassie's inner thigh as if to disprove that point. "Just tell me if it's too much, or not enough. I know this is probably your first time doing it like this. And I want it to be good for you."

Finally she stroked her fingers over the folds of Cassie's womanhood, feeling her own arousal spiking as she gently spread her, leaning in and pressing a soft kiss to the tender nubbin of her clit. She was gentle at first, closing her lips around it and slowly beginning to suck, rubbing her hands over her thighs to help her keep still and calm.

2/15/2017 #67

"Alright, sweetheart," she nodded. She more than appreciated Alina's patience and care with this situation.

Her eyes fell shut for a moment before she felt Alina's lips close around her clit. "Oh fuck," She cried out softly. Her head leaned back a bit. She dragged her tongue over her lips. "Alina," She purred out. She was panting softly, gentle moans escaping her lips.

2/15/2017 #68

Alina chuckled softly between Cassie's legs as she heard her lover cry out, offering up a steady stream of lovely noises to encourage her. She was very pleased to be the one to introduce Cassie to bondage, something which she'd always been fond of. She knew it couldn't have been easy for Cassie to agree to this, and she looked forward to bribing, coercing, and seducing her alpha back into this position as they got to know each other better.

Since it was Cassie's first time with being restrained during sex, Alina knew better than to draw this out, so instead she let her touch grow a little firmer, sucking on the swollen nubbin of her clit, working her tongue over it in short, quick strokes. Her hands smoothed up and down from her knees to her hips, trying to both reassure her and give her a little extra stimulation to help her along.

2/15/2017 #69

Cassie could really get behind this bondage thing. She'd never experienced such a thing, never had the urge to. She liked the wham bam thank you ma'am sex, quick and dirty and satisfying. But this.... this was torturous in an extremely good way.

She gasped loudly as she squirmed, gasping as Alina gave those sweet, torturous flicks of her tongue over her sensitive nub. "Fuck," She panted out, with a moan. "More, baby, more. I need more."

2/15/2017 #70

Feeling Cassie coming apart underneath her was its own reward, and Alina somehow suspected they'd be doing this more often. Maybe there wasn't much of a precedent for alphas getting tied up in the bedroom, but she had Cassie here now, and she didn't intend to argue.

Obediently following her lover's panted instructions, Alina worked just a little faster, stroking her tongue in circles over the tender flesh between her thighs. Her hands drifted over Cassie's hips slipped beneath her to give her buttocks a good hard squeeze, trying to encourage her along.

2/16/2017 #71

"Oh fuck,"

Cassie gasped the words out, squirming a bit more. She wanted desperately to get out of her restraints, to be able to touch and feel her omega instead of just laying here squirming. But she remembered that this was what Alina liked, and forced herself to enjoy it. It wasn't bad after all, she just needed to get used to this.

2/16/2017 #72

"Oh, poor thing." Alina purred, drawing back from her efforts between Cassie's parted legs, propping herself up on one arm so she could look up at her lover. "Are you getting a little frustrated up there?"

She let one hand stroke up the inside of Cassie's thigh, her fingers brushing over the mound of her womanhood, teasing through her folds to feel the wet heat of her arousal, finally letting her thumb settle on the sensitive nubbin of her clit, gently pressing and rubbing to make sure she didn't feel neglected.

"This takes a little getting used to, I know." she soothed, pressing a gentle kiss to the side of the alpha's shapely hip as she struggled and squirmed. Truth be told, the redhead was putting on a lovely show, and Alina couldn't help but enjoy the sight of an alpha wearing handcuffs, fussing and gasping and moaning on her bed. "Sometimes it's hard to come when you're tied up. Your body keeps trying to fight it, because you're used to being in control."

2/17/2017 #73

"Jesus, Alina."

This was all so much of a trip. Cassie had never done anything like this before, and it was almost hard for her to believe that she was tied down to her bed with a pretty little omega touching her. She couldn't believe that she was tied down, but she couldn't believe even more that an omega had managed to get her in this way.

Wow, shit changed.

2/22/2017 #74
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