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From the Supernatural Wiki page, "In Supernatural, a siren can change its shape to appear human. It may seem to be either male or female, depending on how it chooses to approach a victim. It can manipulate feelings of love, whether sexual or platonic, and causes its victims to kill someone they love."

Sirens: Cassie Singer

1/30/2017 #1

A certain beautiful redhead wiped up the bar, readying for the late night crowd. She was waiting for prey. She had gone weeks without a good mind to toy with, and she was tiring of it. She needed a challenge. She was sick of the meatheads with no substance that submitted to her without thought. She liked when her victims put up a slight fight.

She wore a low cut v-neck shirt and a pair of dark wash jeans. Her long, wavy red locks fell freely around her shoulders. She wore a bit of eyeliner and mascara, but other than that, there was no makeup on her face. She didn't need one. She could get a man, or a woman, with anyone hook line and sinker. She knew it. She didn't have to go all out.

The Georgia native sighed. She turned and grabbed her glass from underneath the bar, taking a long swig of the Jack Daniels inside. She looked out at the crowd and hoped that her perfect target, her perfect challenge would come tonight.

1/30/2017 . Edited 1/30/2017 #2

A Officer could never truly takes a break, he was always was on duty. However, even he had to admits that he needed a drinks every now and then. Given his records of throwing drunks out of the doors- doing the casuals to drunks and either ticketing them, fining them, or at worst throwing them behinds bars- he figured that he deserved a drink from the very bar that was far more familiarize with his appearances than he hoped for.

Joe stepped through the relatively loud bar, after all it was a bar. The ding from the door's bell was blocked out from the wild chatter of drunk guys and laughing idiots. Tonight was a 'free night' for him, he called in his partner stating that he was going to take the night off and that his patrol duty was onto him.

He wore a simple casual outfit, a black hoodie that was both plain and bland, with a pair of dark jeans. Underneath the hoodie lies a tank top that probably revealed far more than he was hoping for. His black, somewhat messy, head wasn't exactly new to the little pub but that was a little hard to tell given that his hairs was hiding underneath his hat most of the time. In fact, the only signs to dictates that he was a 'regular' was his facial expression. It was rather stoic and it really didn't helped him with the whole 'socializing' aspect of his life.

"Jack Daniel's. On the rock, please."

Joe called out once he reached towards the bar, trying to moved passed the drunk males that contaminate the bar as he took a seat in front of the attractive bartender. At the very least, despite of his cold facial expression, he was still willing to be kind and proper. Relatively speaking, of course. At least, he tries to be kind without sounding too much like an asshole but there was times when his sarcastic personality leaks out.

2/2/2017 #3

Cassie heard the ding of the door and immediately looked up. Once she could see through the crowd, she most certainly was not disappointed with what she saw. The guy was beautiful. Big, strong, attractive with a thick head of hair. He was pretty goddamn stunning, and it made Cassie blink. It made her heart skip a beat.

She had never seen this guy before, making her assume that he came when she was off her shift.

She watched him weave through the crowd of college kids and men watching the game. He looked stoic, if not slightly uncomfortable. He looked like he desperately needed something to get him to let loose, something to help him blow off some steam.

When he moved over in front of her and sat down, she thanked God.

She gave a soft smile and nodded, turning to the alcohol behind her. She grabbed the Jack Daniels and some ice, pouring his drink for him.

She set it down in front of him and reached over, placing a gentle hand on his arm.

"Here you go, handsome." She drawled softly.

She continued to give him a disarming, pretty smile as she slipped into his mind.

His name was Joe, and he was a cop. He was stressed as all hell, and a little bit of an asshole. But he was a good guy. She could see that. She combed through everything and very quickly decided that Joe was it. He was her new prospect of the night.

2/2/2017 #4

"Lady." He retorted as he grabbed the drink from the table in front of him and gave it a quick sip with a satisfying sigh, "If anyone see you touching my arms for so long, things might get a little ugly."

Joe commented, half jokingly yet half serious at the same time; while he didn't felt particularly harmed with a little touch every now and then, he wasn't exactly comfortable with it to begin with. Social interactions had always been a strange topic for him and he never did truly comes into terms with it just yet. It wasn't that he was a loner or anything, he has friends, friends that he will blocks a bullets for. However, it was most definitely clear that social interaction with a stranger wasn't really his go-to. That and he really didn't wanted some random guy to come up just because this woman was touching him a little longer than she should be, people who was drunk makes poor decision.

He seen it before, countless of times. Some bartender gave someone else a little more attentions because he was upset or looked upset or whatever the case was, some guy walk up and attempted to shove the guy off. It leads into a fistfight, which leads into a call, which leads into him.

It get a little annoying sometimes.

"Game's night, gotta love them, huh?"

He attempted at a small talk, seeing as though that he was going to spend his times in the bar a little longer than he was expecting to. Of course, there was no real reason to stay any longer than he needed to but he was simply worried. Even if this woman was a stranger, she was still working in a bar from what he could assume alone. She was attractive and men can get a little fussy especially after a loss.

With that, he took another long sip.

2/2/2017 . Edited 2/2/2017 #5

She was a little taken aback by his response to her.

Nevertheless, she chuckled and pulled her hand back. She grabbed mugs and began to wipe them off. When he spoke up once more, she gave a soft chuckle and a smile to match. She shrugged, looking up at him underneath thick, dark eyelashes.

"Busier than normal. Keeps me from being bored."

She was going to have to move slowly with this one. She knew that now. He was going to be the challenge that she had been hoping for, that she was needing.

So, she slid back into his mind.

The fact that he felt a bit protective of her already made her smile a bit more. She pushed that, making the level of protectivess Joe had for her go up until she was satisfied that he'd be feeling it.

She glanced back up to see his reaction.

2/2/2017 #6

Joe blinked for a second or two as she turned her back on him for a moment.

"That's a fair point. Things can get busy around these times of the days."

He voiced loudly, just so she can hear out of the loud men behind him, it wasn't like they were paying any attentions right about now anyhow. There was a hidden innuendo within his voice that was neither sexual nor friendly. Joe let out a tiny sigh as he shook his head with a simple shrug of his shoulder. For some odd reason, he was beginning to think more of the negative instead of the positive, that for some strange reason there will be men who might take advantage of this woman. In the back of his head, he knew it was not needed and by the time the game ended the guys will probably be out complaining but that small chance was always worrying for him.

After a second or two, he came to realize that he was worrying a little too much. Although that was normal for someone like him, he did cared about people's safety which is why he took up the role of Officer- even if it was stressful. However, to be worry so much for someone he didn't even knew the name of, it was a little uncalled for. Granted, it was all in the line of duty, it was something that he learns to accept during his educations and it wasn't exactly bad to be worry about others.

Joe simply just looked over at her for a moment or two, a confusing arc of his brow indicate his confusions. Perhaps to her, perhaps to himself, but it was still confusions anyway.

"How long had you been working here?"

Again, small talk, he felt the need to do so. Maybe to 'extend his times' in the bar, he assumed.

2/2/2017 #7

She watched his brow raise. She felt the slight anxiety he had about worrying so much about her. Though they weren't positive feelings, she was glad. All of that meant that while he was resistant, his subconscious was still willing and able to take in her direction.

At his question, she smiled.

"Few months." She drawled, with a shrug. She looked up, her icy eyes meeting his. "Moved up here from Georgia and got the job."

She reached up and pushed her red waves out of her face before she glanced down at the mug she'd wiped off. She set that one down and reached for another one. While he was distracted by conversation, she decided to go back to slowly change his mind.

Her eyes met his and she gave a bright smile. "What about you, handsome? What do you do?"

As she spoke the words she moved back into his mind. She eased his anxiety, pushing in thoughts that protectiveness was good, that it was good to be protective. When that was done, she eased his attraction for her up until it was edging on an almost unreal level.

2/2/2017 #8

In the end, it wasn't a crime to feel protected over a stranger. It was his duty as a police officer after all and these kind of things was something he should comes into natural agreement with long ago. Matters of speakings, he was just being a little too worried for no reasons at all.

Joe sighed lightly and drank down the last remaining of his Jack down, peering through the glass for a moment or two. He could see her through the glass, almost as if he was studying her for a brief moment for some odd reason. He was male, this was a pretty common male's behavior and he definitely knew that she was attractive on many levels that it was simply unreal. However, he always expected that he had a little more self control than this. Thoughts of if he was staying not for her protection but for his own personal greed slowly filled up his head as he realized how she fit a very classic 'attractive bar lady'.

The kind that you wouldn't mind just going behind the counter for a quickie.

Joe blinked, not entirely sure why sexual thoughts was swarming in his head but he assumed it was because of his male's hormones curse. Those things has a minds of it own sometimes. Though, he quickly came to realize of how attractive she was, it was almost a little too unnatural. He had seen some very attractive woman in his past but there was definitely something different about this woman that he didn't even knew the name of. He closed his eyes for a moment and attempted to push those thoughts away from his mind for a moment, he knew he could take his alcohol but perhaps tonight wasn't a good night to be drinking or something.

"May I get a glass of water?"

He requested as he slid the glass he just finish forward for her to pick up and clean.

"So you're a Georgia girl?" He merely questioned, even if it wasn't really relevant, "Me? I work as a Officer. Tonight, I decided to take a break and cool off a little. Been at it for a good few years myself, love the job, but it definitely has it's low points."

2/2/2017 #9

A slight triumphant feeling came through her when she knew that her little nudges and tricks were affecting him. He was a little uncomfortable for the moment, sure. But they were going to fix that as soon as her shift was over.

She slid into his mind again and slowly eased his worry about the sexual thoughts. She instilled in his mind, like a gentle chant, that it was perfectly normal and to feel this way. She sent a bit of pleasure throughout his body along with the thoughts, trying to get his mind and his body to accept that it felt good for him to feel that way. She spiked his libido a bit.

When he spoke up once more and asked for water, she set down the mug she was cleaning and smiled. "Sure, darlin'."

She bent down, reaching into the mini fridge beside her. She pulled out a bottle of water and handed it to him, taking his glass that he'd just finished. She began to clean that one as well. When he spoke up again, she smiled and nodded.

"I am a Georgia girl." When he spoke about being an officer, she smiled and nodded. "Sounds like a pretty badass job, but it's probably stressful."

2/2/2017 #10

The sudden pleasing waves of pleasure and chills that was simply going up his spine was raising red flags in the back of his head. However, as much as he wanted to complain about it, he knew he shouldn't and couldn't. After all, it had been a while since he last interacted with a woman, let alone even had the idea to be involved sexually with said woman, this must simply be the actions of his body working against what he wanted.

After a while, he came to realize that he hadn't had sex in a long while. Perhaps, all of the pent up libido and lust was simply leaking out at the wrong moment.

There was times where he had hoped that, for once, hormones wouldn't just bite him in the ass so much. However, as Cassie turned bent over, he could see a clear outline of her cleavage from her low cut top. It was definitely distracting to say the least, granted, given that she was the only females around, he understood how distracting it can be. Joe took a swig of his water as he licked his lips.

"Stressful at times, especially when you keep getting called for the same reasons." He confirmed and shrugged, "But you know, I can't complain much about it, it just simply happens."

He took another long study of her, even if it was a little obvious. It was pretty obvious that she was short, even behind the bar, and while he didn't particularly minded that or anything. It was endearing really. There was so many lewd position one can do with someone as short and probably weaker. At the same time, it provided for a pretty rare experience but anything is rare for him considering not everyone could be a giant like him.

"I'm sorry, I don't think I introduced myself. I'm Joe. You?"

2/2/2017 #11

She had a few moments of panic at the way his mind alerted to the pleasure she gave him. Her heart beat a bit faster as she could do nothing but watch as he worked his way through, finally giving in. She gave an internal sigh of relief and decided to keep going.

She hadn't missed the way that he'd peeked down her shirt. She could work with that.

She slid into his mind once more. He was turned on now, that was good. She decided to nudge that up a bit more, spiking his lust. She made some of his focus go straight to her breasts as she leaned a bit on the counter. She decided to make her breasts his focus point, something that he couldn't look away from.

When he spoke about his job she smiled and nodded. "I totally understand."

When he paused and then gave her his name, her smile widened. Her eyes brightened a bit. "My name's Cassie. It's a pleasure to meet you, Joe."

A real pleasure.

2/2/2017 #12

It was a strange experience that he was having, some part of his body was totally telling him that something was going on but everything simply just felt natural by all means.

He mentally sighed in slight frustrations of it all, simply accusing his lack of self controls and males' hormones to be the chief problem in this situation. However, he find himself awaken back into reality as he stared right at her bust for a moment before shifting up to her eyes. There, he could see, her breast in his visions but those daring, bright, eyes of her. There was something off about those eyes of her and he hadn't realized it until now. Joe stared at her for a long moment or two, wondering if she reminded him of someone or something for some reason until he fully decided to just call it quits.

Sexual frustration was just frustrating sometimes.

"My pleasure is all mine, Cassie."

He retorted as he glared over to a nearby time for a second or two.

"Beautiful name, by the way, I just feel like it fit for you."

2/3/2017 #13

She chuckled and shrugged. "Thanks sweetheart, but there's tons 'a prettier names out there for prettier people."

She watched his reaction to her breasts and felt a tad smug. When he looked into her eyes she felt his apprehension, but saw him calm himself down. Good. That was good.

When he looked away at the clock, she couldn't help but frown a little.

"You leavin' me, handsome?"

She decided to be just a slight bit more forceful with his mind as a last ditch effort. She pushed feelings of haziness, making everything a bit fuzzier around the edges. When that was done, she decided to push feelings of affection and that protective nature into him a bit more forcefully, as well with all the lust he felt before.

As a test, she leaned in and gently touched his arm, wanting to see if he would have the same reaction as before. "I sure wish you wouldn't leave."

2/3/2017 #14

Joe was silent for a moment or two as he kept his eyes on the clock, his eyes slightly glossy from the overwhelming..well..mind rape that just occurred inside of his head. As Cassie touched his arm, he looked right back at her once again, staring at her straight in the eyes.

"Who said anything about leaving?"

His respond was automatic, somewhat on the more sarcastic side of things but spoken with true honesty. His eyes scanned her up and down, making it visible that he was checking her out. The more that he looked at her, the more attractions, that he simply didn't understood, he felt towards her. However, attractions wasn't the only thing that he realized, in fact, the lust that was building up inside of himself was quickly sending a shiver up his spine. Images of having her naked, perhaps in bed, perhaps on the table, plagued his mind with a wild vengeance. His libido, which was already pretty high to begin with, was working against his own body.

Simply put, he decided that in the end it wasn't worth the trouble, there was no trouble in letting loose a little.

"Even if there were names that are more prettier, that doesn't erase what I stated earlier."

He commented as he took a long look at her; eyes of passion and lust was obvious in his eyes.

"I'm just wondering when your shift ends, if you don't mind me asking?"

2/3/2017 #15

She had him.

Joe had no idea what was happening, and he definitely didn't know what was in store for him. She had him, now, and damn. Joe was one hell of a catch. She outright refused to let him go.

When he spoke up, she gave a soft grin. She kept her hand on his arm, her fingers gently running up and down, feeling at the muscle underneath his sleeve. She was pleased by what she felt, and it only cemented her belief from before that he was a damn good catch.

"Saw you lookin' at the clock. Figured you were leaving."

She watched his eyes scan over her body. He saw the internal struggle, the debate he was having, and watched with triumph as she knew his lust won.

She leaned in a bit, so that her face was a few inches from his. Her eyes moved from his to his lips and back, a lazy grin crossing her pretty features.

"I get off in ten minutes."

2/3/2017 #16

Those men cheering in the background or perhaps the men that wasn't even there to begin with was none of his concern right now.

"I was just checking the times out."

He protested slightly as his eyes stayed on her even as she moved herself closer; she was so close within kissing distance but even in his lustful stage, he remain in control of his lust for now. Joe knew full well that they were technically still in public and that anyone could be looking at them now, he didn't want rumors to spreads with him and her- even if he didn't particularly cared- nor did he wanted to get in any fist fight because some guy thought they owned her.

"I was just thinking, if you don't mind, I can help you clean up a little after these guys get out of here. It's late and I heard of the obvious tale of girl being caught in alleyway and all of that jazz. A girl like you? Well, I rather accompany you for the night."

Joe voiced as he slowly leaned in a little more, hinting of the innuendo of his last sentence in a obvious, blunt, manner.

While his original concern stay true, he knew now that he only really had one goal. By the end of this night, he was going release all of his sexual frustration and pent up libido.

2/3/2017 #17

Even with all of that lust bubbling up inside of him, Joe managed to keep his control, and be kind of adorable and care enough to make sure that she would be alright.

Though he mostly wanted to sleep with her, a peek inside of his mind told her that he was still feeling protective and concerned for her wellbeing. And that was the sweetest thing that she could have seen.

The hand on his arm moved, gently cupping his chin. Not giving him the opportunity, she leaned in and slowly brushed her lips against his.

She drilled into his mind that everyone and anyone else didn't matter right now. No other men, in the bar or elsewhere could have her. As far as Joe was concerned, Cassie was his.

She moved her lips to his ear. She caught his earlobe in her teeth and nibbled on it gently before she spoke in his ear, her voice a sexy purr.

"I would love for you to accompany me for the night, Joe."

2/3/2017 #18

Joe sat by the other side of the counter as he closed his eyes and allowed himself a soft sigh from the pleasure that shook through his body from the simple, brief, kiss and the small teasing against his ear. While the voices inside of his head told him that no one else matters beside him, which he knew that was the case here, that doesn't mean that he couldn't just wait a little longer to get his rewards.

Patience was virtues, it was just a short ten minute, he didn't need to do anything beyond of what he wanted to do to her now.

However, as she leaned forward just to nibbled on his ear softly, he decided to just take a quick moment to reach up and touch her curves. His fingers trailing and tracing at her curves for a moment or two before letting off once again. In a matters of speakings, his relentless to just go over the counter and get them both on the ground and just screw each other was beyond frustrating. It will, however, leads to a even more eventful moment when he could get her alone.

"Cassie, would you mind giving me that drink on that counter behind you?"

He pointed at some random ass drink that was obviously not important; it was obvious that he simply wanted her to turn around so he could get a good look of her ass. In the mean time, the two of them could simply tease one another, or he could tease himself, there was little he could do in his position but the tight tent against his jean was definitely a bit of a problem. A little pain wouldn't be so bad really.

2/3/2017 #19

(Bed time for me. I'll be on tomorrow. Night!)

His reaction to her was like a drug.

There was nothing better for sirens than the feeling of their victim getting pleasure, and Joe was certainly feeling it. She was beyond glad, and her body was aching to get on to the rest of the events of the night.

The short feeling of his hands on her body was a happy surprise, and she wanted to feel it again.

When he pulled back and requested the alcohol behind her, she chuckled. She knew his game and would gladly play along. She pulled away as well, giving him a broad grin and a wink.

"Anything for you, sugar."

She turned and slowly bent, giving him the good view that he was looking for. Her shirt tugged up slightly, her thong peeking out of her tight jeans. She grabbed the wrong bottle purposefully and turned, holding it up.

"This one, darlin'?"

2/3/2017 #20


Joe just smirked back in return to her smile as they both understood it's each other well enough.

As she turned around, his attentions immediately was brought to her behind. It was sizable just from her standing up and definitely delicious. While, it may be true that there was no doubts better asses out there, he didn't want to lie and disagree that her ass was a fine little thing. His attention resharpen as she bent forward, allowing him a even more eye candy for his own personal viewing greed. His eyes stick to her as there was nothing else in the room that could please him as well as she could; thoughts of her bent over, perhaps over a table, maybe over this very counter that he was sitting in front of, was endearing.

God, how he wanted her, his lust was on overdrive but he kept reasonably calm for now.

"Wrong one, it's the one lower."

He announced as he pointed to a bottle that was lowered from the shelf that she picked from. It wasn't his original bottle, of course, but it was close enough. He honestly didn't minded it so much.

2/3/2017 #21

(Annnnnd I'm back!)

She chuckled and smiled. She knew that she'd picked the wrong bottle and was overjoyed to know that Joe caught onto her little plan of getting the wrong one. She'd said it once and she'd say it a million times, Joe was a good catch. A very good catch.

She grabbed the bottle next to the one he pointed to and stood. She gave a little bounce as she turned toward him once more, making her breasts bounce with the movement.

"This one, darlin?"

She drawled the words, her voice soft and sweet as she looked at him. A smirk played on her lips as her eyes found his.

2/3/2017 #22

As expected from the horny male, his eyes immediately attached themselves to her ample bust, watching them bounce slightly from her sudden erratic movement. It left little to imaginations of what they were be like if there was actually let loose. He made no efforts in hiding the obvious fact that he was staring, there was no needs anymore given that he had completely just submitted to the lust and was willing to play along now.

"Actually, beautiful, I'm afraid to tell you that you grabbed the wrong one again. It's the one to the left of what you grabbed. That's a good one though, I don't mind if you bring that along."

Joe mused as he sat quietly on his seat, his attentions totally focusing on the one things that he longed for and actually cared for. Everyone else behind him meant nothing to him at this moment and he was just fortunate enough that no one actually went up to her and asked for more. Granted, it was only a few more minutes before she closes her shift and until they could actually really let loose. The anticipation was killing him. Ideas was flowing inside of his head, he wondered what was going to happen, were they going just fuck right on the spot? Perhaps, they're going attempt to get to a car only to just bang outside in an alleyway or something? Maybe they'll even just do it in the car? Hell, for all he knew, the two of them could just make it to her place and completely mess up the bed.

He honestly didn't knows nor did he cared; in fact, he could probably last long enough to do all of that if he wanted to.

Probably won't but one doesn't knows.

2/3/2017 #23

She allowed a satisfied smirk to cross her features as she watched him stare at her breasts for a few moments. When he spoke up and said that what she'd grabbed was alright. She moved over to the bar and poured a shot glass full of the liquor. She slid it over to him.

Her eyes slowly raised to his, her gaze daring as she stared into his eyes.

"Think you can handle it, big boy?"

Her words gave a double meaning. Her expression gave no sense of joking or kidding. She was deadly serious, almost stoic as she looked at him.

2/3/2017 #24

"Well, we wouldn't know if I don't try right?"

Joe retorted back as he took the shot and raised it to the air for a split moment, he knew that he was able to take the shot well enough. In fact, he already knew that he could take his liquor with relative ease and that he wasn't the kind of guy who would just go down on one puny little drink. Even if the stuff was strong, there was definitely a time and moment from him but that moment wasn't now unfortunately. Joe took the shot and drank it down in one gulp, a low satisfied sigh escaped out of his mouth as his body shook with a slight shiver from the thrills of the drink.

He sat there for a moment, his eyes looking around as he looked at his hand, switching back and forth. As far as he was concerned, he was definitely still alive for now which meant that he took his shot pretty well enough.

"I think I'll be fine surviving one shot."

He chuckled lightly and shrugged.

2/3/2017 #25

She chuckled at his words. She grabbed a rag and began to wipe the bar down, glancing up just in time to catch his shiver after taking his shot. She licked her lips, her eyes flashing as she saw the action. She decided he'd be shivering a lot more tonight. She'd make damn sure.

She lifted her head as she heard new, more upbeat rock music begin to play. She nodded along with it and moved her hips along to the beat as she moved down the bar, continuing to wipe the bar down.

She glanced back over at Joe, a soft grin pulling at her lips.

Five more minutes, and he would be hers.

2/5/2017 #26

(Would you believe me if I say that I actually either A) forgot about this because typical work and stuff or B)Actually didn't get notified of this?)


Joe watches casually towards Cassie as he drunk his liquor in relative silence.

His eyes glanced over to the clock to check the time as he let out a little annoyed sigh- it was a little frustrating really. Sure, cock-blocking was a thing and he was no fool to say that he had been blocked quite a few times in his life. Rather or not if that was intentional was beyond his concerns. However, the worst of it was times, there was no real ways to speeds up times and because of the simple fact that he's waiting for the times to speed up it ironically slows down.

His eyes met her as they looked at each other in silence; his eyes sharing a heavy lust of needs and desires but he kept himself in check.

Needless to say, when this was over, when she closed the bar.

Well, let just say that he hadn't had sex in a long while and his libido definitely needed to be put in check after all of this.

2/10/2017 #27

(xD no biggie. )

Ten minutes passed by before Cassie knew it.

She yelled a "Bar's closing, time to go!" with a huge, charming smile. She watched as some left without any fight, simply heading out the door, while some grumbled a bit angrily under their breath. She chuckled. "Come back tomorrow, boys! I'll be here allllll week!"

When everyone was gone, she moved over in front of Joe and leaned on the bar, providing a good look down her shirt.

"Hi there, handsome."

2/10/2017 #28
"Bah! Closing so early again?" Joe's tone mocked that of a drunk male as he purposefully stumble to get up from his seat. "The government is forcing ya' to close early. It always the government!"

Suddenly, Joe walked right up onto Cassie and grabbed her by the hip immediately, pulling him closer to him. His hands instantly felt up her curves as he wasted no time in touching her and feeling her ample body inches by inches. His eyes onto her the whole time as he looked down at her. The cute differences of their height was definitely amusing but he does have a nice look down her shirt.

"Finally. Here I thought that I might never get the chance to touch you. How dreadful would that be, right?"

2/10/2017 #29

She laughed softly at his antics, a slim brow raising at the man. He was funny. Adorable, sexy, and funny. And she loved it. She was so, so glad she'd picked Joe tonight.

"Very dreadful." She murmured back, in regards to him not getting the opportunity to touch her. One hand found his chest, the other finding his cheek. She nibbled her bottom lip and looked up at him beneath her lashes.

She was torn.

Part of her wanted to allow Joe to be dominant, allow him to do what he pleased with her and have his way, whatever that may have been. But she needed to establish a little bit of control in this situation, partly because of what she was and partly because she needed to let him know who the boss truly was in the relationship.

"I live right upstairs." She drawled, hand gently rubbing at his chest. "Lets go up, have a drink and talk abut before we get the ball rolling."

2/10/2017 #30
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