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All students and professors here are gifted with supernatural abilities. Most of them are at the school because they were kicked out of other schools, their parents wanted to ship them off, or because they've committed some sort of crime with their abilities.

No abilities can be used twice.


Cassie (Mind Control)


Carrie (pheromones, plant powers)




1/30/2017 . Edited 2/12/2017 #1

It was hard to imagine that he had only been here for a good year or two.

It wasn't that he was flabbergasted by the mere fact that he was in this surreal little building of education, in fact, that wasn't his concern at all. He was more surprise that he hadn't been in this building longer. Some kind of hopeless dreams to keep him and his sister in 'normal' school so they could grow up as 'normal kids and not as freaks'.

Whatever the case, he was long far away from those clowns now.

Joe let out a small sigh as he waved his a sister a quick farewell as she bounced away from him; as usual, he was sitting on a lonely bench by the entrance of the building, simply tapping away at his phone a little idly. After a moment or two, however, he pulled out a book and flipped to a page.

This large male of 6'2" was no stranger to his magical innate ability. In fact, he knew it ever since he was little, it was simply was restricted from his own parents. He was dressed fairly casually as a young adult male of his age- a simply black hoodie with the hoodie down and a pairs of navy blue jean and sneaker. He never did extent too much out of the 'norms' always enjoying wearing casual attire.

Joe yawned loudly as he flipped a page over to quietly read to himself, normally, he would read inside of a classroom or something but instead he decided to read out for a spin. Alice's Adventure in Wonderland it seemed. A strange little book it was.

2/10/2017 #2

Sneaking off campus was technically forbidden, Carrie would agree. But was there anything wrong with re-entering campus after she'd succeeded in sneaking away? How could they punish her for coming to school? It had been her loophole a few hours prior when she'd excused herself to explore the nearby town. It was hard, having to stay all locked up away from civilization. And while she had to beat a few men off with a stick before coming home, it was worth it. The pheromones that swelled from her body had a tendency to draw others near whether she wanted them to be or not. If only she could figure out a way to repress them. But they wafted from her skin like perfume at any given moment, even in the middle of class. That tended to have cataclysmic results.

Either way, she sauntered confidently back toward the school's entrance with a tote bag full of purchases from the day. Nothing too big, just a pair of shoes and a couple of trinkets she had found in little shops. And a new cassette tape, Odis Redding.

It was hot outside, so she wore a tight tank top that left her tanned shoulders and stomach exposed with a loose, flowing skirt with slits up the front that trailed behind her as she walked. She was a girl who liked to leave little to the imagination, especially on days like today. That didn't stop her from noticing Joe sitting on a bench outside the front door. She had seen him around before, in the halls and such. But she had hardly ever caught him alone before. It was for that reason alone she found herself drawn to him, so she padded over, sitting down on the bench next to him.

"I'm afraid I can't explain myself, sir, because I am not myself right now, you see," she quoted. Incidentally, she knew the quote only from a movie in which one of the characters quoted Alice. But hopefully it would impress him anyway.

2/10/2017 #3

Joe didn't took his eyes up from his book at all, even after knowing and feeling the presence of a famed individual sitting right beside of him.

"Nice quote."

He finally spoke after what seems like ages. His voice was stoic and straight to the point, oozing with a deep masculine that he, himself, sometimes hated at times. It always gives off a hint that he was just a manly man with no emotions at all. Simply put, it wasn't that he had no emotions, that was simply ridiculous and anyone knew how false that statement was, it was a mere fact that he didn't really have any reason to show much of a emotions. It was a habit that he developed ever since he was young and it haunted him to this day. It was a defense mechanism back when he had to defend his sister from the clutches of the people in their school and when he simply needed to shut down a girl for their own personal safety when he was at the stage of experimenting with his ability.

"Where you find it? The books or the movies?"

Oddly enough, that came out more of a joke than a simple stoic answer and that was entirely by mistake. Hopefully, she didn't picked it up but with his tone, it was admittedly hard to tell.

Joe slowly closed his book as he let out a deep sigh before turning over to Carrie for a second or two. Much like her, he had seen her around for quite some times, she was famous among the people- as this was still a school regardless and school did had rumors and gossip. She was attractive and pretty- sexy even- but that seems to be a common tropes if one would to look around the building. Most definitely, however, was how she tend to.. be a bit of a troublemaker. That and her outfit cried out attentions but he did have to gives her credit for it. After all, there was no reason to shy away from your body if you was confident and if you looked nice.

Of course, he looked nice, and he wasn't exactly shy about his own body either. He simply just doesn't want to show off too much of it. You have enough meathead in the school already, he didn't want to add another edition to the collection.

"I'm supposing that you skipped out of school, despite warning, and went shopping from the bag?"

He, unfortunately, had to admit that he only actually turned his head and stopped reading just because of her power. That and she was actually pretty damn attractive without it. And hey, he WAS a guy after all. His dick sometimes did the thinking for him.

2/10/2017 #4

"You got me," Carrie confessed, flushing softly. "It wasn't even from the movie version. Something else, I think." She was grinning as he looked up from his book at her, despite the deep sigh that suggested she was bothering him. Either way, he wouldn't be bothered by her for long. She was sitting closely enough that the pheromones which defined her powers would waft toward him with every movement, providing a deep, spiced, almost musky scent that proved inexplicably endearing to men. She reached up and pushed a curly strand of hair behind her ear.

"Oh, come on," she sighed, scooting a little closer. "Give a girl a break. It's hard to stay cooped up in that dingy old school all the time, you know. You should try going in to town one of these days. I bet it would loosen you up." As he looked up at her she realized just how good-looking he was. It had been hard to get a good look at him in passing, but now that she was in front of him she could look up, lock eyes with him, bite her lower lip with a soft, hesitant smile. She didn't pride herself on being a girl of loose morals, but it was hard to resist an opportunity like this.

"And what about you? Skipping class to sit around and read? I can't blame you, given how sunny it is. But you don't seem like the rule-breaking type."

2/10/2017 #5

Joe sat there, not moving, as he let out another tiny sigh again from his mouth.

Whatever her thought was from his sighs was mostly true, she was bothering him but not in the way that she thought that she was. While he wasn't a antisocial animal or anything like that ad his social skills was pretty poor at best, that doesn't mean that he wouldn't mind company every now and then. In fact, this would had been far better if her supernatural power was oozing out of her skin and right into his system- it was incredibly frustrating for him. Simply put, he hated the idea that he wasn't in control of his own emotions and her ability was technically making it so that he was being 'forced' to make a decision. Again, he wouldn't rejects her or anything but because of her power, he find it hard to tell if he was letting her in because he wanted her to or if he was being forced to.

"I don't want to be rude."

He admitted as bluntly and truthfully as he could as he placed the book between the two of them, it wasn't a large book by chance, but it served as a way to distant themselves for now.

"Please, don't get any closer, that is close enough." He told her, she was literally a hand away if she wanted to hold hand for some reason but that was his barrier, he didn't want her to start grinding against him. "Simply put, knowing your peers' abilities isn't really anything new and I heard quite a bit from what you can do. Let try not get too close until we can both fully control what we have. I don't want to go to jail for freezing something out of reaction."

As cruel and blunt as that was, it was oddly..nice(?).. of him to put her safety above of his own. She may or may not noticed that he had indeed put her safety above of his own was non of his concern. His concern was keeping her not frozen; he wasn't sure what hormones can do to his glacial ability, he didn't want to test any theory out.

"Anyway, to answer your question, I'm not skipping. I don't have classes now, I have a different schedule. Simply put."

2/10/2017 #6

"Oh, sweetie," Carrie sighed, her expression almost condescending. "Don't tell me you've never been with a girl before."

Still, she didn't move any closer, respecting his wishes. She was a seductress and a flirt, but she wasn't going to force herself on somebody who didn't want her. She was just glad that he seemed to be in control. Other men seemed to lose themselves completely around her- becomes apes, really. He was sensible- he was even trying to hold a conversation. She had to give him points for that. But she suspected there was more to it. He wasn't very good at controlling his powers, either, so it seemed.

So she leaned away a little, crossing her legs and propping her chin in her hand.

"So you've heard of me?" Carrie asked. It was no secret that people gossiped about her, considering she liked to sleep around. But she didn't see any harm in her actions. She was young, and she was safe, so why did it matter? Either way, he didn't seem to be heavily involved with many social circles, so she had to wonder where he heard the rumors from. Maybe they spread around more publicly than she could have anticipated. She couldn't help it. People saw married men approach her with little concern for their wives back home, and while she never, never slept with a married man, it didn't look too good to someone who didn't see the whole thing. She just hoped that wasn't what he'd heard about her.

2/10/2017 #7

Joe offered her one long look in the face as he manage to read out her facial expression and thus her mind rather accurately, it was a little talent he had when the subject involving him.

"If I hadn't been with a girl before, I'll probably would had just walked away the moment you sat down or stutter like a fool who can't bring himself to speak."

The line was short and simple, almost out of place really when one was to hear it out of context, but it indicted that he had experience women before so these kind of things wasn't exactly new. However, his words spoke truths, if he truly didn't had any experience with women before- even if his social interaction in general was in a weird position right about now- he would had easily just leave the scene to avoid himself the trouble. Of course, technically speaking, he could also stutters and messed his words up but the chances that he would actually do that was pretty slim. Joe was pretty self conscious on his speech and if it make him sound like a idiot, he probably won't say it unless if he firmly believed in the words that he was going to speak.

"Funny." He cracked a smile and offered a simple chuckle, "You're assuming that I'm not in any social group or anything?"

He accused but that assumption wasn't misplaced; in fact, it was one of the first thing people assumed of him. They're not wrong but they're not exactly right either.

"Surprisingly, I'm not that one scary loner in the back just staring at you and hoping you can die."

Joe's sarcastic remark- leaking out some of his truer personality or a little- was accompany with a simple 'surprise motion' of his hands. Following shortly afterward was small crystalline flakes appearing in thin air and exploding shortly after, creating some sort of pseudo, 'surprise confetti'.

"Anyway, you're not wrong. If it wasn't for my sister, I probably would be that guy who sit in the back trying to plan a secret mission to rid' everyone in the building. How can I put this.. Well, I'm around teenage boys for a long while now and the thing that I noticed is that people are very quick to assume. Teenage boys are perverse by nature so it come no surprise that they often times speak about.. well.. you know who they want to sleep with. Naturally, the gossip and playful banter slowly drafted over to you. Which involves some guy saying things and some guys questioning about things. Stuff to that nature, typical things that you see on drama shows."

Joe explained as shortly as he could without putting too much details into it. In truth, he didn't honestly cared too much about what she did in her free times- if she wanted to sleeps around, let her sleep around. If she wanted to get out and try to get married men in bed with her, let her do that. It was her body and she has full controls on what she wanted to do if this is what she wanted to do then he wouldn't push her otherwise. Of course, that is not to say that he won't advise her if he thinks that things are getting shady or even tell her off when she influencing a specific someone that he loved dearly.

"Don't worry, if you want my honest opinion, I don't care. It's your body and rather or not if the rumor is true or not doesn't matters. Alright, cool, you're good in bed then. Nothing big, just be safe. People likes to spreads, especially boys in their adolescence years. Always wanting to show off and to 'be a man' like it's the most important things in the world."

2/10/2017 #8

Carrie hesitated for a moment when he gave her that long, silent look. It was only then that she noticed how warm his eyes were. He was acting awfully cold, but his brown eyes were warm like mahogany. She liked them. And when he responded, it was so out of place given the silence that she snorted and looked away, grinning.

"So you have been with girls before. Good to know. And I never assumed you weren't involved in a social group, you just don't seem like the type to involve yourself in gossip. You seem like, at the very least, someone who likes to think you're above that, if you're not actually above that." Carrie was shallow. She was selfish and manipulative. But she was not stupid, airheaded or ditsy, like her blonde hair and tanned skin may have suggested. She skipped class because she was irresponsible, but the fact that she wasn't failing all her classes with attendance as poor as hers had to mean something.

She blinked in surprise when he produced a miniature flurry in front of her face, surprised to feel the cold of the ice crystals as they landed on her arms. "Funny," she sighed, watching the ice float to the ground before looking back up to meet his gaze. "I was starting to think your power was reading minds."

"I don't think teenage boys are the only ones who are quick to assume," Carrie sighed. "Teenage girls can be, too. That's probably why they go so well together. Girls like me who don't see what's really important in life, like having good grades." She ran her fingers through her hair, smoothing the curls. "But I forgot. You're above all that." She shifted a little, uncrossing her legs and crossing them the other way. He was interesting, to say the least.

"I don't do this often," she confessed. "But do you want to go inside and get some food? A long day of breaking rules can really work up a girl's appetite. And you seem like somebody who can provide a little worthwhile conversation."

2/10/2017 #9

"I'm above gossips, that is true. Gossips are just gossips and in the end they are brutal and cruel. Most of the time it's just a exaggeration of the truth at hands. That and I don't like spreading things that isn't true. What's the points in spreading fire? It will only burn bright and eventually it will burn out of control."

Joe announced with, some, experience from his long years of school. In fact, his long years of being a student made him a prime subject to these gossips as well at times. They range from simple rumors to awful opinion. Of course, it was no secret that he was kept back a few years, he didn't even attempted to hide it either and often times requested to do a different test that isn't similar to the other just because he already knows what was on the test given. Most teachers simply just gives out the same sheets. In those days, he knows about the rumors and gossips that spreads about with him. Things such as the idea of him being a pedophilia- even that was odd given he was still about two or so year older- to him just having a thing for someone.

More often than not, really, it just involved him having a relationship with his sister. The two of them acted and looked completely different. One was natural, one was artificial. He was never truly bothered by this and he never hided his feelings away from it. However, his sister, she was a sensitive girl. He hated that simple fact about her but as her brother, it pained him to see her attempted to hide away the pain she felt even if it was foolish. Sure, he hated that she was emotionally weak but he was still her brother, he still cared about her, thus why he stayed with her until they moved out here.

"I have the magical power to understand what others thinks of me at times. It's pretty obvious most of the times. It's like.. I don't know.. if you go down a random mall or something and a guy just walk up to you. You probably expect him to be attracted to you because you're used to it. Same case for me."

Joe explained as he slowly got up with a stretch above of his head- allowing his rather tallish figure to stand up proudly as he picked up his book and kept it safely in his grip.

"I'm not sure if you're mocking me or not. Not like I cares too much. But if you want, we can catch something to eat. I'll pay."

He didn't seems like the kind of person that you should argue about. Funny, how he just offered to pay without much care about it.

2/10/2017 #10

"Something tells me you've been the subject of a nasty rumor or two in your life," Carrie sighed.

She knew he was older than most of the kids they went to school with. Even though she was in her last year, he was older than her. She had heard rumors about him, too- rumors that he slept with his sister, rumors that he was stupid, or that he couldn't read, even though he sat around reading all the time. The fact that he recognized her quote meant that he obviously wasn't pretending to read. As for sleeping with his sister, well... that was an entirely different kind of cruel. Anyone who'd start a rumor like that was beyond sick. Joe was normal and warm and yes his clothes were a little somber but Carrie liked it when he smiled at her.

She also liked it when he stood up and stretched, apparently.

"It sounds awfully narcissistic, doesn't it?" She relented, standing up with an idle smile. She was a little taller than the average girl, but that still made her a good six inches shorter than him, and she let her shopping bag rest in the cook of his arm.

"I'm not mocking you," she promised, bumping him lightly with her shoulder. "It's just like you said. I'm just not used to having to do the asking myself."

2/10/2017 #11

"The everyday life of a adolescence, dear. Especially if you make a few decision like me for some really strange reason."

In his head, it wasn't exactly strange, he purposefully failed big test- or at least all of the major test- to be kept back. Even when he wasn't in the same class as his sister, he always comes and see her after each class, usually waiting somewhere in the hall so he can walk with her briefly or after school. In some ways, this was definitely just him being far more protective than he has rights to and this could definitely be creepy really. Indeed, he thought about it, he thoughts about why he was being so obsessively protective for no good reasons at all. At the end of the day, however, he just did it.

Of course, it runs deeper than that. Far, far, deeper. And there was a very specific reason why he did what he did.

"Well, then you can practice on me."

That was his ways of saying that he wouldn't mind it if she did asked him to come over and hang out sometimes. It wasn't like he was super popular really. In fact, the only real times someone asked him something was asking help for a certain problem. For some odd reason, he was an awfully decent teacher.

"You want me to carry your bags for you?"

He questioned her as he turned in preparation to leave, extending one of his arm out for her if she wanted to use him for a moment.

2/10/2017 #12

"Good," Carrie teased. She hadn't expected him to react so warmly to her. She had to wonder if it was the pheromones, but he was doing an awfully good job of controlling himself around her if it was. Maybe she had finally figured out how to repress them. Or maybe she had found the one person who didn't seem to be affected by them. Then again, he'd asked her to stop earlier when she got too close. She imagined if she got that close again, he'd go wild. Not that she had a problem with that, in the right situation.

"No, that's okay. It's not heavy," she promised, holding up the tote bag. It was a re-usable one that she had packed herself- made it much easier to carry multiple purchases around if she already had a bag for them. "I will take that arm, though," she teased, and slipped her hand into the crook of his elbow. Something about him had her feeling all warm and jiggly inside, and she couldn't wait to get him alone, given the opportunity. For now, she would settle for an afternoon coffee date in the dining hall.

"I have a question," she asked, leading him gently towards the double doors of the entrance. "Earlier. How did you know to stop me like that? Why didn't you succumb like most people would?"

2/10/2017 #13

The moment that Carrie wrapped her hands around her elbow- effectively bringing them even closer than ever- his eyes immediately shut as he let out a low sigh to calm his own nerves. The sudden rush of delights shivers up his spine but he knew fully well that it was because he enjoyed it- well not in a sense that he enjoyed it so much that it would literally sent shivers. These kind of physical contact was weird on him, sure, but it wasn't enough to literally made him almost lusting for more. Clearly, this wasn't him and he knew that it wasn't him, there was no way he could had dropped his personality so fast.

"It's the power of being a stubborn-ass idiot."

He told her with complete honesty, not entirely sure how to explain it himself.

"It's simple. I'm a man who like to take control of his emotions. Think of it like this, if you knows the concept of love on first sight, I got that feeling. The only problem is that I got it the moment you sat down without me actually having to look at you. I hated the idea that I'm 'forced' to feel one ways then being completely honest with my emotions. It's not fair for you either. After all, how do you know who really like you or who simply likes you because of your.. seducing.. power? Whatever it is."

Joe countered back, challenging Carrie, but not exactly trying to berate her.

2/10/2017 #14

Carrie snorted softly at his honest confession.

"It's pheromones," she explained, her voice dropping a little lower. "It's kind of hard to explain, but it's like... a good smell that makes you feel a certain way. I can't control it, really, so... I didn't mean to make you feel like you're forced to feel that way. I'm sorry. I didn't even ask because I wanted you to react that way when I sat down. I'm not not used to somebody... knowing their way around my powers like that."

She was smiling as they walked inside, and she nudged the door open with her hip. Needless to say, she was already looking forward to getting him alone, but she couldn't rightly drag him back to her dorm room in the middle of the day. So she would have to wait, butter him up with coffee and peaceful conversation. He wanted her- it wasn't hard to tell- but he was hesitant to take what he wanted from her. She needed him to know that it was all right to do that, as soon as he sorted out his feelings about her.

2/11/2017 #15

To be fair, he was still male and he still had a cock in between his legs. The sheer insanity of him not wanting- or at least thinking- of doing lewd things with this woman was uncalled for. Especially when said woman was quite famous among his peers for being good in bed. At the very least, that what he expected and given her more than sexy body, it was hard to not believe those rumors. However, on the flip side, this was exactly what he didn't liked either. He was fine with lusting over stuff, he was a male, it what male does, but at the same time, he wasn't fine with it. Once again, it was cruel and unfair for both player, he truly felt for her. Even if she was fine with the idea of sleeping around- and rightly so- she might not ever find that person who wanted her for her and not her body.

Joe, he didn't want to follow the norm.

At this rate, however, even he'll eventually succumb to her pheromones-like power. As much as he wanted to deny the temptation, the man was still inexperience and this was his first time dealing with these kind of abilities. Granted, he was doing far better than most would had did- granted, he actually used his noggin' unlike the other- but there was so much one can do.

"I didn't know." Joe answered simply, "When a guy stop thinking with his dick, he can actually do wonder with his head."

Joe snorted but offered a shrug as Carrie pulled him through the door. He followed her behind, it wasn't like he was going to go anywhere anyway but he kept his gaze away from her most intimate parts. For him, it was all about the respect, he wanted to respect her for who she was and not for what she can do. He knew that she'll probably be great in bed but he still wanted her to at least feel good outside of it.

As much as he didn't like to socialize, he didn't want to alienate people either for what they're 'known for'.

2/12/2017 #16

Carrie giggled, leading him through the crowded halls of the school to the dining hall. Classes had just let out for the afternoon, and students were milling about all over the place. Carrie knew she'd start rumors by waltzing through the hallways with her arm looped through Joe's. But she didn't care. Sooner or later they were both going to lose it and then she'd be the one getting her brains fucked out by him. He wasn't exactly unpopular with the ladies. Cold, distant and brooding was more attractive than one would expect. After all, many girls liked what they couldn't have.

"I wouldn't mind so much if you started thinking the other way a little later," she compromised, shooting him a smirk over her shoulder. "You know... not with your head." As they turned the corner into the open space of the meal hall she sighed. It was a pleasant atmosphere, with little booths next to tall windows that let the afternoon sun shine in.

"I think I'll get tea," she murmured, coming to a stop and assessing her options. The food was laid out in stations allowing kids to take their pick. They could have pizza, salad, a sandwich from the sandwich bar, just about anything. "What do you think?"

2/12/2017 #17

On second thought, Joe actually is a pretty stereotypical brooding-like character. Whoops.

Joe didn't comment on her first statement or showed any signs of actually wanting to comment. In reality, he didn't really knew what to say about it, that was a clear, damn clear, sign of Carrie's intent to bring him to bed with her but he couldn't really bring himself to 'not think with his head'. A man's instinct was a scary thought even for him. Lust was a powerful weapon, it could both serves you great pleasure but offered you the worst kind of suffering. Currently, right now, he was simply just walking through the hall with the shorter woman leading him along. He made no complaint, he simply allowed her to drag him along.

Of course, he didn't cared much for his figure. Actually, he knew that his images wouldn't be broken, he was already known as that cold guy and she was already known as.. well.. that slut. So, really, it wouldn't make a different in the world what people thought. Never did, never will.

As Carrie finally halted to a stop, Joe stopped right after her with a small sigh, he always did find it a little troublesome- if not embarrassing- to be dragged around the place especially given his size. Though, to be fair, he was used to it by now from a specific little person.

"Tea? Not getting anything to eat? You know I'm paying right? I would had thought this will be a good reason to just steal all of my money." He shrugged as he took a solid, long, look at the available options. "Probably Green Tea and Salad. I don't drink coffee much. Surprising, I'm not too fond of it."

2/12/2017 #18

"Oh, come on, I'm not that shallow," Carrie persisted. "I'm not going to spend your money just because I can. Besides, I'm not that hungry. So just green tea, please." She gave his arm a squeeze and smiled. "I'll go find us a table." She turned on her heel and headed for the windows, sitting down in one of the windowside booths to wait for him. The dining hall tended to fill up fast when classes let out and those tables always went first. Carrie wanted one, so saving it early was paramount.

Besides, it would give her a little chance to watch him from a distance. This was certainly something she wanted. Simply thinking about how it would feel to be with him had her heart racing, her blood rising. She was so ready. But she had to wait, she reminded herself. It wasn't civilized to jump someone on the spot. She had to let him buy her tea first.

She turned to look out the window, considering this. It was a beautiful day, and students were milling all about the courtyard as it was. It was easy to distract herself from her indecent thoughts while she waited.

2/12/2017 #19


"So Hemingway, in this chapter, reinforces the fact that Jake is unable to make up for his sexual shortcomings following his injuries in the war," Nora concluded, snapping her orange and white copy of The Sun Also Rises shut. She glanced up at the clock, brow furrowing. "And it seems we're out of time. That will be all for today-" and with those words, her speech was drowned out by the rustling of students packing their bags, eager to be finished for the day. Nora was having none of it. She hopped down off the desk she'd been sitting atop and smacked the book against it, a resounding noise that had the students going still without a moment's delay.

"Please finish the book for Monday," she instructed, her voice low and firm. She taught with an iron fist, there was no doubt about it, and she left very little room for error in her classes. But the averages in her classes were higher than those anywhere else. Maybe it was because of her dominant personality. Or maybe it was because she was twenty-four, fresh out of teacher's college, and wore miniskirts to class. Nobody investigated far enough to find out.

"If you have any questions or anything at all seems unclear, please approach me after class. Enjoy your weekends." With that, she gave a nod, and the eager students finished packing up before starting to file out of the classroom one by one.

2/12/2017 #20

The male was about to speak up in protest to her protest, however, she left his side shortly her little statement and ran away from him. Joe sighed lightly and quietly shook his head at her, once again, he wasn't sure if she was trying to get something small just to 'kill time faster' or if she was actually not that hungry to begin with. He took a long look over at Carrie for a second or two, deciding that she probably ate already when she was skipping class and went straight up to order the desired things. Fortunately, for the two of them, they were in quite early so he didn't need to wait much to pay out.

Much like he stated, he purchased a rather casual little supper- salad and two green tea. To be frank, he too wasn't really that hungry and he was in the mood to eat some greens, after all, it wasn't bad eat greens every once in a while.

Joe took the moment to look at Carrie from afar as he walked towards her and the table that she picked out. He had to admit, she was a confusing lass, it was evident that she did wanted him for more than a single hanging. In fact, she could had easily just pulled him along, drag him towards her dorm's room- or anywhere really- and just do it there. Alas, she hadn't did that, and although he didn't exactly think that he would accept the offer, one can never be too sure. Especially if the girl you was talking to had the power to literally make a boy fall victim to his lustful side. Admittedly though, it worked wonders on her and only just seems to benefit her more. She was attractive- sexy even- with a nice looking body. It would be foolish to not tap that ass when given the option too.

Needless to say, however, Joe was a little bit of a fool but he still firmly believed in treating people with respect. Even Carrie, despite of her sluttish reputation.

"I do hope that you don't have class later or something. I'm assuming not."

Joe announced his presence loudly as he took a seat right across of her, placing the two green tea down on the table in front of him as he looked down at his own salad. It was a typcal caeasar, nothing remotely important about, it had the dressing, the green stuffs, and all of that mumbo jumbos.

"It's not the weekend, right? I tend to lose track of the date sometimes, sorry."

Yeah, he was a complete fool at times.

2/12/2017 . Edited 2/12/2017 #21

"Thanks," Carrie smiled as he placed her tea down and she pulled it toward her, inhaling the familiar aroma of green tea. It was comforting, while the school's dining hall tea wasn't of the best quality, it was still that familiar flavour that she liked so much.

"You know," she murmured, crossing one leg under the table. "I saw you watching me, when you were walking over here." She smirked a little, knowing that it was working, and that he wanted her. Not that her pheromones were working- they might have been, she had no idea- but her other charms, coy flirting, getting tea, they were working. He was thinking what she was thinking, and she couldn't wait until later, when thinking turned to doing.

"I don't," she promised. "Have class later. It's Friday afternoon, but... I suppose some people have evening classes," she teased, leaning forward onto her elbows and shooting him a flirty smile. "Why? Did you have something in mind you wanted to... do later?" She was just acting coy now, and she leaned back and sipped her tea slowly, eyes never leaving his. She couldn't wait to get him alone, show him the things she was capable of. He was going to have the night of his life.

2/13/2017 #22


"Is there going to be a test?" Ryan asked nervously, raising his hand from his place near the back of the class. "On Monday?"

This was both Ryan's favorite and least favorite class. It was nice, mostly because the instructor didn't abide with letting everyone talk and socialize and cause a ruckus during class, allowing Ryan to get through a good deal of his schoolwork from other classes. He'd grown up on books, and he'd read most of the course material already. Although if there was some sort of test or paper, he might actually have to skim the book this weekend, give himself a refresher course.

On the other hand, miss Nora made him a little nervous. She had one of those personalities that made his heart race every time her eyes drifted in his direction. She was strict, and his usual excuses wouldn't suffice here. And the fact she wore miniskirts didn't do much to put him at ease.

2/13/2017 #23

"A test?" Nora raised a brow. Ryan was one of those quiet, studious types. She often caught him catching up on work for other classes in the back of the room. But he certainly seemed to know his stuff, so until he stopped handing in A-worthy papers, she would let him take things at his own pace. That, and he was adorable. Nora knew it was wrong to think that way about a student. But she had caught his eye enough times that she was starting to believe he wouldn't mind so much. He had the quiet personality of a shy nerd with the build of a football player. And something told her he was a virgin.

She paused just long enough for the last few students to file out, and then they were alone in the classroom. She propped her hand on the desk directly in front of him, leaning idly on it. "No. Why? Do you think I should give one?" She was looking him over now, her eyes soft, darkened with.. something.

"You're different," she pointed out, straightening and coming around to lean against the back of the desk, putting herself directly in front of him with her arms crossed over her chest. "I see you, sitting in the back of my class with your head down. You never pay attention. You never take notes. You're not disturbing anybody, so I don't call you out on it. But the last paper you handed in offered a college-level answer to a high school question. How?"

2/13/2017 #24

"I just... I read this book last year during the summer, and if there was a test, I was going to read it again." Ryan answered hesitantly. He'd been gathering up his things to get going, but then he panicked a little when she sidled her way over to him, and he was helpless to move, just sitting there behind his desk, looking up at her with shy, nervous eyes.

"Growing up around books, it's kind of hard not to pick up a little bit about writing." he said, trying very hard not to notice how close she was to him, how very nice she looked today. Part of him wanted to find any excuse to get out of here, but another part wanted to stay, bask in her attention. She was complimenting him too, which was enough to get a slow flush creeping up his cheeks. "That, and my father made it clear that I'm expected to do well here."

2/13/2017 #25

(I just decided her superpower is telekinesis. Bam.)

He was so cute, looking up at her with that shy gaze. Nora wanted to jump him already, tie him up and make him whine for her. She glanced over her shoulder. The day had ended, the students were milling about in the hallways, but there was hardly any risk of somebody needing this classroom for the next little while.

With a flick of her wrist, the door snapped shut and the lock clicked into place.

"Ryan," she chided softly, pushing off the desk and stepping forward, leaning on his instead. He was still sitting in it, so she leaned forward with her arms braced on the desk, giving him a good long look past her silk scarf and down her shirt. "Don't you know you're supposed to read the book again anyway? It sounds a lot like you've been slacking off." Her voice had dropped since the door closed, and she knew this was dangerous. If she was picking up the signs wrong, she could get in a lot of trouble. Then again, if she had been picking them up right, it would be entirely worth it.

"I think," she sighed, straightening a little, letting her fingers trace down his forearm on the way up, "that your slacking off has earned you a punishment. I should keep you after class for extra credit, don't you think?"

2/13/2017 #26

Ryan swallowed visibly when Nora locked the door and leaned in like that, his eyes darting briefly down the front of her shirt before lifting to her eyes. Her dangerous eyes. He was helpless now, left squirming in his seat as she teased her fingers over his arms, his mouth going abruptly dry. He'd thought at first that she was angry with him, and that he was in trouble. But now as he began to get the idea of what she was suggesting, he realized that he'd been wrong. She wasn't angry at all. But he was still in some deep, deep trouble.

"I... I suppose you're the teacher." Ryan agreed, his voice a little uncertain as his cheeks colored a bright red. "And you're in charge here."

2/13/2017 #27

Nora raised her eyebrows, surprised that he seemed to be willing to oblige her. He was blushing and hesitant, but she had to be sure. Absolutely sure.

"Good," she crooned, straightening up. She beckoned him with one finger, lips curving into the slightest of smirks. Her heart was thrumming in her chest. This was such a risk. If it paid off, it would be incredibly worth it. But if she'd been wrong, and he ran out, she would lose her job. Or worse. But she couldn't do it anymore. She'd been watching him for far too long, sitting in the back of the class and not paying attention. Ironically enough, she was the one whose attention she needed the most. But none of that mattered right now. She had a plan for him, and if he was willing to submit, she would see it through.

"Come closer," she murmured, backing up a little, moving toward the wall. "Don't be shy."

2/13/2017 #28

Ryan felt as if he were underwater in a dream as he rose up to his feet, straightening the collar of his sweatshirt, drifting toward her as he paced slowly across the room to where she waited. He wasn't sure what he was supposed to do next, so he clasped his hands demurely in front of him, not daring to meet her eyes, instead letting his gaze fall to the floor between them. He'd never done anything like this before, least of all with miss Nora.

2/13/2017 #29

"I'm not going to hurt you," Nora promised softly, reaching for him, settling one hand on the curve of his neck and using the other to tilt his chin up so he'd look at her. "But you are so cute, sitting back there all by yourself. Surely you can't think I would never notice you."

She pulled him close after that, kissing him all at once, wrapping her arms around his neck and back to pull his body against hers. There it was. The moment of truth. She imagined he'd known what was to come before all this. If he'd been really against it, he'd have bolted as soon as she shut the door. But it was locked, and the blinds were drawn, and there was nobody to disturb them in the empty classroom.

She kissed him rather forcefully after that, pushing closer, harder, deeper, skating her tongue across his lower lip before pulling away with dark eyes, lips curving into a little smirk. Her perfect little student. Oh, how she was going to enjoy this.

"Have you ever been kissed before?" She asked, raising a brow.

2/13/2017 #30
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