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Ryan flinched by reflex when her hand drifted behind his neck, but then he was frozen and helpless as she kissed him, gasping against her skilled lips. She was pressed right up against him, and that was enough to make him a little weak in the knees when combined with what her lips and tongue were busy doing, and by the time it was over, he was panting for breath, his expression somewhere between panic and lust.

"I h-have now." He answered hurriedly, shifting his weight anxiously from one foot to the other.

2/13/2017 #31

"Oh my God," Nora murmured, lips spreading into a slow smile. "This is going to be fun, isn't it?" She leaned in to kiss him again, a little gentler this time, but she pushed him slowly backwards, walking and guiding him a few steps backward to push him against the wall. She wanted to get him as worked up as she possibly could, so she pressed in a little more quickly this time, kissing him harder once more, sliding her hands up under his sweatshirt to feel the taut muscles of his bare skin, pressing a knee between his legs. She wasn't giving him the opportunity to take things slowly. Not when there was a chance she could have him coming apart right here against this wall.

"Tell me if you want me to stop," she murmured urgently against his lips, then pulled away, kissing down his jaw and neck while her fingers trailed down his stomach to gently run over the skin just above the waistband of his pants. It was all happening very fast, but that was exactly how she wanted him to feel.

2/13/2017 #32

"Miss Nora..." Ryan managed before she was on him again, pushing him back up to the wall, kissing him, making him hot and tight and desperate. Her hands were warm against his skin, making his whole body tense with alarm as she touched him in ways that nobody had ever done before.

But then her knee eased up between his legs, and surely she felt the way his body had betrayed his enjoyment, the growing hardness in the front of his pants. He reached down to clutch at her hands when her fingers angled down toward his waist, a shuddering whimper breaking from his lips as her kisses trailed down his neck.

2/13/2017 #33

"Say that again," she insisted softly, whispering into his ear before biting and sucking gently at the soft flesh there. He'd grabbed her hands, but that didn't stop her from feeling the hardness in the front of his pants. There it was, just what she'd needed.

"Let's get these out of the way," she murmured softly, pulling back with a sly grin. She pulled the silk scarf from around her neck and stepped back a little, giving him the opportunity to move away if this was something that he really didn't want.

She rolled the scarf into a thin strip, laying it out flat between her hands.

"Give me your wrists," she urged softly. She was just as strict in this respect as she was in the classroom. She was cutting right to the chase, and he could either come along for the ride or he could leave. This was dangerous, getting involved with a student. But he was too good to pass up.

2/13/2017 #34

"Miss Nora!" Ryan said, protesting with a little more enthusiasm, watching with wide eyes as she unwrapped her scarf and rolled it out flat, leaving him with very little doubt as to what came next. This was like some wonderful nightmare he'd fallen into, and he found himself helpless to resist.

He'd never even kissed a girl before, and now he had one eager to tie him and presumably have sex with him. Her voice was gentle though, carrying the same authority it always did, and before he could even think about it, his body was reacting. He stretched his wrists out in front of him, meek and obliging, trying to control the shiver that crept up the small of his back.

2/13/2017 #35

"Good boy," Nora purred when he finally obliged, wrapping the scarf in a figure-eight formation around his wrists and tying it snugly. The silk was soft, but she needed to make sure he didn't get any funny ideas about moving. "Put them over your head. Don't move them, okay?" She leaned in to kiss him again, pressing her hips against his this time. He was so cute, so innocent, and she couldn't wait to see what happened next.

She slipped her hands under his shirt again, first up to his chest, then down again. She proceeded even further this time, letting one hand trace to the front of his pants, giving the bulge there a squeeze.

"Are you hard for me?" She murmured, her voice low. "You've thought about this before, haven't you?"

2/13/2017 #36

Ryan stared down in horrified fascination as Nora knotted the scarf around his wrists and pulled it snug, and he obediently lifted his arms over his head, a muffled whimper of lust and protest falling on her lips as she kissed him again. He was a little overwhelmed by it all, and he realized he was nearing the brink of falling apart completely when her hips swayed against his.

He cried out, a little louder and more desperate this time when she squeezed his stiffened arousal, hips jerking forward into her touch, trying to turn to the side, anything to escape her attentions. Much to his shame and horror, he could feel his climax building already, and if she kept touching him like this, he wouldn't be able to hold back much longer.

"Miss Nora, please, I... I'm..." he fumbled, eyes wide with alarm as he tried to put it into words.

2/13/2017 #37

"Shh," Nora purred softly, glancing up at him with a smirk as he reacted so strongly to the gentlest of touches. "I'll take care of you. Just hold on."

She got down on her knees after that, reaching up to undo the button of his pants, pushing his shirt up while she tugged the zipper of the fly down. He wasn't going to last long, especially not if he'd never been kissed before, let alone all this. But that was part of the fun. She pulled the flaps of his pants apart and dipped her hand into the slit at the front of his underwear, pulling his stiffened arousal out.

"Keep your arms up there," she ordered softly, flattening her hands against his hips. "And try to stay quiet." She leaned in after that, taking him into her mouth, suckling gently at the sensitive tip of his erection. Just the prospect of his embarrassment at being treated like this was enough to have her feeling hot. She could hear the noise from outside the room, students still milling by, gathering books, heading back to their dorms. They had no idea, either. She hadn't realized how fun this was going to be.

2/13/2017 #38

Ryan tried, he really tried to keep his hands above his head. But then she tugged his pants down, exposing his thickened, twitching arousal to the open air, and it was simply too much. Her hand was around him, and he put up a brief struggle before she stilled him again, and as soon as he felt her lips against the overly sensitive head of his manhood, he began to climax, whimpering and squirming, his hot arousal spilling out as his whole body tightened in protest.

His bound hands fell, and he tried to cover himself even as he was wracked by the frighteningly powerful contractions of his climax, his knees going weak and unsteady as finished.

2/13/2017 #39

He came quicker than Nora had imagined. But she didn't care. She sucked him gently as he climaxed, pressing his hips back against the wall, taking his arousal into her mouth as it spilled and swallowing every drop. He was so embarrassed, so adorable, and when he was finished she pushed his hands up, keeping them away from his manhood.

"Shh, no touching," she murmured softly, licking up the evidence of his leftover arousal. She pulled away and tucked him back into his pants, buttoning them up securely and sliding the zipper upward. "There you go. Such a good boy." She tugged playfully at the waistband of his pants and stood up again.

"Sorry," she murmured. "I couldn't resist. It felt good, though, didn't it?"

2/13/2017 #40

Ryan had to close his eyes after it was over, obediently keeping his hands over his head as she tended to him, earning a gasping whimper with every gentle touch, his hips trying to twist to the side when she took the liberty of doing his pants back up. He was still shivering from the intensity of his climax, and he could barely think straight, let alone wonder where things went from here.

"Miss Nora, can..." he fumbled, holding his bound hands out to her. "Are we done? Or can we go somewhere else, or... I don't know."

2/13/2017 #41

"Yes, of course," Nora murmured softly. "Just tell me what you need." She pulled away the scarf keeping his hands bound together and stepped closer to him, wrapping her arms around him. She had really overloaded him with sensation, she imagined. Seconds ago he had never kissed a girl before, and now here he was. She couldn't say she wasn't proud. Just a little.

"Had you really never been kissed before?" She asked, pulling back with an affectionate look in her eyes. She was still surprised. He was shy, yes, but he was so handsome, ruggedly good looking behind his nerdy, bookish personality.

"Listen, Ryan," she finally murmured, growing serious. "If you don't want any more of this, you can... you can leave. I won't make you stay. Just don't tell anyone, okay?"

2/13/2017 #42

Surprised when she hugged him, Ryan was more than willing to surrender himself to her embrace, finding himself faintly regretful when she pulled away, though the soft affection in her eyes was melting his heart a little.

"I... this was... unexpected." He managed, trying frantically to order his thoughts, and then manage to put them into words. Not working well so far. "I... I think I might need a little while. About twenty minutes. But... I'm glad we had this t-talk. And I won't tell anyone. I just... I'm not sure how this all works."

2/13/2017 #43

"You're okay," Nora murmured, leaning up to stroke the side of his face gently. He had himself all bent out of shape thinking too much about everything that just happened. He could hardly think right. "Shh, it's all right. That's what I'm here for. You don't need to worry about any of that right now, okay? I'll worry about it. Just stay calm." Her voice was soft, low, gentle, everything she needed to hopefully soothe him.

"If you want to be alone for a little while, to think about it... or process everything," she murmured, lips curving into the gentlest of smirks, "I can do that. You can come to my office later, or stop by my apartment later tonight, okay? Just take all the time you need."

2/13/2017 #44

"I... I suppose I'd rather not be alone." He whispered, closing his eyes, leaning gratefully into her touch when she soothed him, feeling the tension slipping away. "I'll come to your office. Or your apartment. I don't care which. I just... I'm new to all of this."

It was all so sudden. One moment a shy virgin, and within ten minutes, his teacher had tied him up and forced him into a premature orgasm that still had him weak in the knees. He'd be mortified until the day he died. But it had felt soooooo good. And she was his favorite teacher.

2/13/2017 #45

"All right, come on," Nora murmured, straightening, re-tying her scarf. Her cheeks were a little flushed after the whole encounter, but other than that neither of them looked too tousled. "We can't leave together, though, all right? So I'll meet you in the parking lot, out by the back door."

She leaned in and kissed his lips once more, a little softer this time.

"Don't think too much about it," she murmured. "We can talk about everything when we're alone. Properly alone, that is."

2/13/2017 #46

Joe was never the kind of man who was ashamed of who he was, sure, he sometimes hated that he was this strange brooding male but he was never truly ashamed. However, if there was one things that he hated about the sheer fact of being a male was that- like stated before- his dick often times did the thinking for him. Despite of having a relatively rational and collected mind, his hormones always takes priority. It was like feeling hungry when you hadn't ate, your body simply tells you to go eat, find something to eat, or something related to eating. In this case, his dumb hormones simply told him to takes the advantage, give it to her, screw the living fuck out of her.

It was frustrating, truly it was, and he had no ways to actually go back against it.

She wasn't wrong, he wanted her for the very same reason stated above but it was still pretty embarrassing to wants someone just because your males' instincts kicks in. Nevertheless, Joe offered a long, silent, look at her and let out a loud sigh as he closed his eyes for a second before opening them.

"Boys must be easy, huh?"

He stated, taunting himself and his own gender, and pretty much agreeing with her statement without actually agreeing.

"I don't know. It depends on what you want to do. I'm free for the time being. Lucky me."

2/13/2017 #47

"Too easy," came Carrie's response, and she sipped coyly at her tea, crossing her legs under the table. She placed the cup down and smirked, leaning forward a little. "I see what you're doing. You want me to be the first one to say it, don't you? Well, lucky for you, I'm not proud. So I'll make this easy for both of us."

She reached out with her foot under the table, kicking off her shoe and sliding one stocking-clad foot up the inside of his calf.

"You should come by my room later. I don't have a roommate, you know."

She propped her chin in her hands, eyes glinting with something dark and lustful. She wasn't going to beat around the bush. She wanted him. Badly. And he wanted her. So what was the point of prancing around each other, pretending like they didn't feel that way?

2/14/2017 #48

Joe sat there in his silence, he hadn't moved a single inch despite feeling the leg of someone crawling up his legs.

"Here I thought we was going to hang out properly."

With a shrug, he looked over to Carrie in returns, his eyes was still as cold as it ever was but there was a definite desire in them. Once again, it was no lies that Carrie was one of the more desired female in this little building so he was victim to this little crimes as well. At least, it was somewhat pleasing to know that she was sexually active, that meant a few positive things. He assumed that she wasn't contaminated or anything but he didn't really needed to worry either. He was sure that he could kill the disease somehow by the use of magic or some bullcrap like that. It wasn't a hard question, she was experience, he had a few fling in the past, she wanted him and he was victim to his own hormones as well.

"Alright. Let hope that I don't get murder before I can get to your room then."

Once again, he agreed to his offer in a rather anticlimactic manner. He was actually a little upset by that respond, he figured that she expected a little more out of him but he didn't want to make it totally obvious either.

Granted, if anyone catch them together, they simply assumed that one of them was going pass out for the night. Fortunately, and unfortunately, for her, he had quite the high libido which meant that she was in for a ride.

2/14/2017 #49
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