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A soft hum came from the room that Erin was currently staying in. A petite, busty, redhead sat on the counter, her head leaning back. She was waiting for Erin to wake up, waiting for the fun to start. She had large, ice blue eyes she had a cutoff t-shirt and tiny denim shorts on, nothing on her feet. She looked down at herself and pursed her lips. This was sexy enough.

She was a... Delusion. A hallucination.

But damn, she could make things feel real as all hell. She hadn't moved onto the sex part of things. Until today.

1/30/2017 #1

The green haired girl stirred in her sleep, the humming beginning to wake her just a little. It was a little off, so much so, that it invaded her dreams and her sleep, beginning to gnaw at her mind. What was that humming?

The girl only wore a black nightgown, tight fitting, clinging tightly to her curvy figure, ending at about her mid thighs, much like all of her many dresses. She shifted in bed, the covers having fallen off due to all the tossing and turning from this night in particular, her pillow clutched against her chest, rather than under her head, where it belonged. Poor girl; she was always so troubled.

It took a while before the green-haired teen finally opened her bright green eyes, looking toward the sound of the humming slowly, still not entirely awake. Her eyes locked with pale skin, gradually following it up until her eyes met icey blue ones. She immediately sat upright, a look of fear crossing her tired face upon seeing Casey just sitting there, her blood running cold as her heart thudded loudly in her chest.

After a moment of recovering from sleep and shock, she squinted at her, groggily, her long green hair matted to itself, giving her a bedhead, making her look all too adorable in the process. "W-who are you?" The girl asked quietly, squinting at her still.

1/30/2017 . Edited 1/30/2017 #2

The redhead gave a soft, gentle smile. She hopped down off of the place she was sitting and slowly moved over. She sat down on the end of the bed, reaching over to gently touch her exposed thigh. She rubbed there, softly.

"Its me, Erin. It's Cassie."

She pushed all sorts of warm, fuzzy feelings into Erin. False, fuzzy memories centering around a redhead with pale skin and icy blue eyes arrived along with the feelings. She assaulted her with it, in a gentle sort of way. She didn't want Erin questioning it, didn't want her to come to her senses and realize what was happening.

She moved up a little bit higher in the bed. She pushed her hand a bit higher up on Erin's thigh, moving the nightgown along with it. She leaned in a little closer, her icy blue eyes never shifting away from the adorable green haired woman.

"You're so confused when you first wake up, baby. It's adorable."

1/30/2017 . Edited 1/30/2017 #3

Her eyes softened from their squint as her eyes adjusted to the dim moonlight that shined through the window beside her bed, remembering now, despite how fuzzy and patchy the memories seemed. "C-Cassie..." The girl echoed, nodded slowly as if to agree with the redhead's words. The hand on her thigh made her shiver, however she did not protest against it like she usually would under other circumstances with anyone else.

"I-I'm sorry, Cassie..." She mumbled out finally, her pale cheeks taking a bright pink hue as she was embarrassed as to how she could've forgotten her of all people. "I don't know what happened..." She said softly, her voice at a hoarse whisper as she began to feel Cassie's hand creep further up her thigh, lifting part of her gown along with it. Erin watched Cassie's features closely, being sure to memorize each and every detail as to make sure not to make the same mistake and forget such an important person again.

It took a while for the groggy teen to finally come to her senses, recognizing the hand on her thigh. "C-Cassie..." The greenette breathed suddenly, gripping the sheet tightly with her free hand as she clutched the pillow close to her with one arm even still. The thoughts that continued to flood her mind, however, were still all fuzzy and annoying. It made her wonder if she was in an accident if sone kind. She couldn't tell.

1/30/2017 #4

"It's okay, baby." She moved, crawling further up on the bed. She pushed Erin's nightgown up a little bit more, licking her lips at the new view of her now more exposed thighs. "You just get so confused sometimes, huh?"

Her words were soft, hypnotizing and seductive. They were impressionable, sinking into Erin as best they could. Erin's mind was open, that was good. It meant that Cassie could bend and twist and manipulate it in all sorts of adorable and delicious ways. And she loved it.

Once she was up high enough on the bed, she moved. She placed her legs on either side of Erin's body, her forearms holding her up as she hovered barely over the teen. She leaned down and brushed a gentle kiss to the corner of her lips.

Then the assault on her mind took a different turn.

She instilled all sorts of thoughts into Erin. Suddenly the tshirt that she had been wearing was gone, and her breasts were barely concealed by a tight, lacey black bra. She instilled nothing but deep, hot, horny, lust into the teen, shoving it into her mind and through every part of her body. She wanted the fun to begin.

"I'm so glad," she purred, her lips slowly moving to trail soft kisses to Erin's ear. She caught her earlobe between her teeth and sucked, gently nibbling there before she purred. "That you're awake, pretty baby."

1/30/2017 #5

Erin only managed to give a sensitive nod in response, unsure if she usually woke up like this. It seemed like a first to her, but what did she know? That could easily be the sleep talking, or just her being even more confused. She was faced with a problem, and decided to just not question Cassie out of fear of sounding even more silly.

She didn't protest against the redhead, easily allowing her to inch up the hem of her gown as much as she pleased. Erin gave a soft groan as Cassie straddled her waist, a shaky breath escaping her lips as she was pinned to the bed, her arms held above her head. She watched the redheaded girl, her light green eyes meeting icy blue as she was kissed softly, her gentle touch sending a shiver up her spine.

A moment passed, and she blinked, unsure of what exactly happened. In the time she had blinked, Cassie seemed to have tugged off her shirt, leaving the greenette completely confused. Her mind snapped back to what was happening then, forgetting the logistics for a moment, only focusing on her partner. She began to push her thighs together, feeling her body rise in temperature as she began to get antsy and horny. She gave another soft groan as all that she felt intensified, her lustful side clawing at her insides for release.

"C-Cassie..." The girl breathed shakily, wincing at the sensations that came from someone licking and biting at her ear, the suckling also getting to her. "Are we really about t-to...?" She let her voice trail off, knowing full well that she was completely inexperienced when it came sex and all it entailed. She was even twice as sure that she was a terrible kisser, and she wanted to make sure that her partner knew this going in.

Even still, despite how far they had to go still, so many sexual thoughts flooded her mind, causing her arousal to make a wet spot on the white panties and pink polka-dots she wore. She shuddered again, her heart racing in anticipation.

1/31/2017 #6

"If that's what you want, pretty girl."

Cassie murmured the words, thick with her drawl. She moved one of her legs between Erin's, slowly grinding her knee up against her damp womanhood. She moved, pulling back to look down at the teen beneath her with a soft grin.

"Hell, seems like something you really want."

She brushed the softest of kisses to Erin's lips, slightly firmer than before. She knew that deep, deep down Erin wanted this. As nervous, scared, as anxious as she was. She just needed to bring it out in her. She just needed to free the part of her that had been buried for so long.

1/31/2017 #7

Cassie's knee against the wet spot between her legs elicited a moan from the greenette as she squirmed in want underneath the redhead and her thick, southern accent. She nodded, her cheeks going from a bright pink to red as she still listened to the woman as she spoke, her words coaxing the lustful emotions out of her bit by bit. The wet spot that stained her panties began to grow as she idly moved her hips, grinding herself against her knee.

"I-I think I really do w-want to do this, too... But I'm... inexperienced." She said, her voice quite and whisper-like, shaking as she spoke through the moans that threatened to free themselves from her. She accepted any kiss the redhead wished to plant in her lips, the feel of Cassie's soft lips against hers always left her with a fulfilled sense of satisfaction, one that only made her heart beat faster. Harder.

"I don't want you to not like it..." The girl mumbled softly, her voice only getting quieter as if she thought others would overhear her speaking and laugh.

1/31/2017 #8

"Shhh, shhh."

The gentle shushing was almost a purr against the green haired teens lips. Cassie pulled back slightly and gave a gentle but nevertheless sexy smile. "I just want you to have a good time, love. Don't you worry your pretty head about me." The words were accompanied by a flirty wink as she leaned in and pushed her lips against hers one last time.

She reached down and caught the end of Erin's nightgown in her hands, tugging it up and over her head. Her eyes on Erin's, she pressed a gentle kiss to her chin, slowly moving her mouth further and further down, leaving bright red hickies in her wake.

1/31/2017 #9

Erin blinked curiously as she was shushed, her eyes going wide with surprise before becoming half-lidded and passion-drugged in response to Cassie's soothing tone. The girl shifted slightly under the redhead, letting her tug the night down off and over her head with ease, watching as she tossed it aside. Despite being shushed, Erin couldn't help but speaking up again; she always got this vocal with someone she was close to, Casey being the only one earning this side of her.

"I want you to like it, too..." She protested shakily, the greenette squirming and shifting as she moved her hips against Cassie's knee, a guilty and shameful blush in her cheeks. The kisses were what really got to her, the redhead's soft lips pressing against her feverish skin as she couldn't wait for things to come; it turned her on more, especially the passion she felt behind each and every one.

She gave up at this point, no longer holding out, no longer caught up with thoughts on Cassie's pleasure, for now. Her only thoughts were of being dominated as her submissive personality would wish for.

1/31/2017 #10

"There's my girl."

She moved so that her torso was between her legs. She kissed and sucked her way down until her face hovered just over those panties that Erin soaked through. She gave a slight grin, looking up at her. She hooked her fingers into her panties. She pulled them down and tossed them away.

She leaned in and slowly drew her tongue over her folds, pulling back to look at her.

"You're soaked, sweetheart."

She pushed two fingers into her, slow and deep before she pulled them almost all of the way out. She began to thrust them in and out, building up a rhythm, watching Erin's expression.

1/31/2017 #11

The girl shivered at the of the cool air of the room against her sensitive flesh a gasp escaping her at just how fast Cassie was to tug down her panties and toss them aside. The greenette leaned up on her elbows, straining her neck for a moment to peek down at the girl as she kept her face positioned between her legs, the long, teasing lick at her soaked heat causing her to gasp and shift slightly underneath her.

"I-I could've told you that..." Erin murmured softly at the comment, that bright red hue still plaguing her cheeks. She got herself to relax again, leaning her back on the bed as she clutched the sheets under her tighter in preparation.

Her grip on the sheets was fairly light, even as Cassie first pressed her fingers into her womanhood, eliciting a full-fledged moan from the teen, her heart picking up the pace and faster now. She got used to her rhythm, starting slow and passionate as she liked, gradually getting a little faster over time. This brought a rather cute look from her, bliss written over her face as she bit her bottom lip, holding back her moans out of fear of being too loud.

1/31/2017 #12

She chuckled a bit. She raised her free hand and gave Erin's breast a squeeze. She moved her fingers, taking her nipple between her fingers. She pinched and tugged at her nipple, leaning in to draw her tongue along her clit.

She continued to thrust her fingers deep into Erin. Looking up, she thoroughly enjoyed the adorable look on Erin's face. She loved that she had her so twisted up with pleasure that she was trying so desperately to keep quiet. She was determined to make her break, determined that she wouldn't stay quiet for long.

She moved her hand to Erin's other breast, her lips enclosing around the teens clit. She began to suck there,a smirk on her lips as she watched her expression.

1/31/2017 #13

It was difficult for her to contain herself, however she did manage to do so, for the most part. She bit down on her bottom lip harder, wincing as her breasts were getting the attention they yearned for. Her pink nipples stiffened and became erect under the redhead's touch, the girl only getting even more wet between her legs as this went on.

She continued to make lewd noises nonetheless, the ones that escaped sounding much like breathing gasps and surprised cries. Erin still did her best to keep from moaning, a fear of being loud as she did live in an apartment, where other people would definitely be able to hear if she was enjoying herself too much. It wasn't the best for her reputation as a quiet girl, that's for sure.

The sensation of Cassie's lips closing in around her clit excited her, however, her jaw quivering as she struggled to keep it in. She failed, releasing her bottom lip let out a long moan of bliss, squeezing her eyes shut in the process. "C-Cassie!" She moaned aloud, her grip on the sheets harder now.

2/1/2017 #14

Cassie was overjoyed when she saw Erin coming undone above her. A soft smirk was on her features. She continued to thrust her fingers inside of her, slowly quickening her pace for the green haired girl's pleasure. She watched, that soft smirk remaining on her features as she watched Erin. She saw her get more and more gaspy, whimpering and moaning.

She very much enjoyed this reaction.

When she saw her reaction to sucking at her clit, her eyes lit up. She began to suck again at her clit, watching her reaction carefully. She absolutely loved the way that Erin let herself go.

2/2/2017 #15

The greenette continued to moan, conveying her bliss with more than just an expression. She couldn't help it, idly moving her hips against Cassie's work, arching her back as she clutched the sheets tighter, tugging one of the corners of the bedspread out of place. Surprisingly, Erin didn't seem to notice, lost in the ecstasy as she felt her orgasm building up between her pale thighs.

She was on edge, each moment her clit received attention was just another cry of surprise and pleasure to escape her lips. In all honesty, she was enjoying how experienced Cassie was, lost in how every little motion was just right, perfect in every way. It was almost as if Cassie knew exactly what she needed to about her and her body . Of course, she didn't quite think this was true. Not in the slightest.

2/6/2017 #16

Cassie pulled her face back as she looked up at Erin. She continued to move her fingers, thrusting them faster and deeper as she watched her. She was pleased with the way that Erin was completely lost in her pleasure. Good. The green haired girl needed this.

"How close are you, darlin'?" The redhead drawled.

She leaned down to press a kiss to Erin's hip, sinking her teeth in lightly to her flesh. She began to suck there, pulling back to see a bright red hickey. A triumphant grin crossed her features.

2/6/2017 #17

Erin looked away from Cassie, knowing full well that she knew exactly how close she was and she didn't want to clarify to make her twisted grin wider than it was. Still, the redheaded girl knew her all too well. She looked straight up at the ceiling, her looking away only amplifying all that she felt to a mind-numbing degree. She was happy to say the least, mainly within her own bliss, however, she was happy that Cassie found her own sense of euphoria just by dominating her.

"Very..." The greenette finally squeaked, a quiver in her voice as the moans became more frequent. She could only shiver happy, shuddering under the sweet sensations her lover left her with. That included the little hickie at her hip, the single blemish on her pale skin.

"K-kiss me?" She begged softly, squirming under Cassie as she wanted her lover to catch her lewd noises with her lips, Erin wanting to do the same with that thick, honey-coated drawl of hers. That southern accent was always her undoing...

2/6/2017 #18

Cassie slowly moved up her body, until her face hovered just over Erin's. She gave a slow grin. She began to thrust her fingers deeper into the green haired female. She kissed her, slow and deep, before she pulled back to look down at her.

She nipped her bottom lip, slowly tugging her bottom lip before she dove back in for another kiss.

She loved seeing Erin come completely undone, loved seeing just how deep she was in the delusion.

2/8/2017 #19

Erin shuddered as she emitted another one of those lewd sounds of ecstasy, her juices immediately rushing out to great Cassie's fingers as her reward. The greenette moaned into the kiss as her chest began to grow tight, her body shivering as they waves of bliss washed over her one by one, rocking her body with another pulse of pleasure.

She pushed Cassie away weakly, gasping for air from the kiss, her chest rising and falling as her lungs seemed to burn, aching for that lovely, fresh air. She then trained her green eyes in Cassie's, locking bright green with icy blue, her hands against the redhead's shoulder. With a chuckle, she grinned at the girl. "Funnn..." She breathed, her voice at a low whisper as she spoke.

2/10/2017 #20

She laughed softly as Erin pulled her away. She pulled back from her lips and laid beside her, looking over at the green haired girl with a broad grin. "Told you you didn't know what you were missin' baby." She drawled the words, winking over at her with a chuckle.

2/10/2017 #21

Erin gave a little nod of agreement, tugging Cassie closer to her with the intent of cuddling. "Sleep?" She asked softly, already shutting her eyes as she pressed her nose and forehead against Cassie's, a little on the sluggish side after reaching her orgasm.

"We can do more tomorrow." The girl promised softly as she sighed happily to the warmth of Cassie's body against her own. She was alright with this relationship, that was definite.

2/10/2017 #22

"Course we can, sweetheart." Cassie pecked her cheek with a broad grin, then her lips. She nuzzled her nose against hers. She was more than satisfied with what had happened, especially happy that she'd managed to get Erin to believe in everything they'd said and done.

Tomorrow, and every day afterward, would be a step up. Sure, now it was just simple sex acts in the bedroom of Erin's apartment.

But she would push Erin deeper and deeper into psychosis without a second thought. She simply didn't care about how the outside world saw anything they'd done, she needed to push Erin as far as she could go for this to work.

2/12/2017 #23

(I'm smelling a skip... Unless you wanted me to add something?)

2/13/2017 #24

(Yeah, I'm just not sure where to go from here.)

2/13/2017 #25

(Erin could have class in the morning... There's an interesting thought XD)

2/13/2017 #26

(Do you want it to just be a situation where she's talking to Cassie in class or sexier stuff?)

2/13/2017 #27

(We could just have them talking and see where that leads us from there. Unless you had something specific you wanted to do?)

2/13/2017 #28

(I'm just trying to figure out how to shove her deeper and deeper into psychosis. xD)

2/13/2017 #29

(I think the class thing would probably help. Especially if the poor girl gets a detention or has to see a counselor or something along those lines.)

2/13/2017 #30
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