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2/13/2017 #31

The alarm continued to ring even well after the time it was to wake the green-haired girl for her to get dressed and ready for school. Unfortunately, exhausted from last night's endeavors, she managed to sleep through everything. For a while.

It was only half an hour before her classes start; the time she'd be on a bus or just on her way, in general. This morning in particular, she was just waking up, jolting upright in her bed, a cold sweat on her firehead as she looked at the morning lights being cast through the partly opened curtains of her apartment. She gasped and immediately jumped out of bed, rubbing around the room to yank a somewhat fluffy, green and gold dress, long-sleeves as her usual, the dress only teaching her knees. She managed to tug it on roughly with some difficulty. With this, Erin shakily pushed her feet into her typical heels; green with gold trim and bottoms, a little high, but ultimately, nothing she couldn't managed.

After a short detour to the bathroom, the geeenette managed to brush her teeth and all, an important part of her daily routine, even going as far as to attempt to make her bed-hair presentable before she darted out of her apartment and out of the building, receiving odd looks from the people that had lived on either side of her as they sat in the lobby. It was obvious that others were aware of how her night went, and why she was late.


It was only twenty minutes after she was supposed to be at school to begin with, her first class already having started as she just set foot inside the main office for a pass to get to class, wide green eyes looking around as though she was seeing this place for the first time since her enrollment. She was; never before had she been tardy or even had a reason to be there.

Still, her mind was occupied with thoughts of Cassie. Oddly enough, even as she ran throughout the small rooms to exit the apartment, she hadn't seen the redhead, that thought bothering her as she trudged through the empty halls to get to class, her heels clicking with each step. As Erin was so late, it wouldn't make a difference if she was a little later. She made an attempt to see Cassie, hoping by some miracle that she'd be able to accompany her to class. It was odd... She wasn't sure if Cassie went to school with her...

2/13/2017 #32

It wasn't until Erin finally made it into her class and went to her seat that Cassie popped up again.

The redhead moved into the class. She wore a cropped Rolling Stones tshirt and a pair of darkwash jeans. Her red hair hung in waved down her shoulders, the only thing on her face a bit of eyeliner to keep up the appearance of being a normal person in school.

"Hi baby." She drawled to the green haired girl. She leaned in and kissed her cheek, taking a seat next to her. "Morning."

2/13/2017 #33
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