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Kind of self explanatory. xD

1/30/2017 #1

Yoo... just kinda poking around if that's alright...

1/31/2017 #2

Hello! And yes, that's fine. Feel free to ask in chat or PM me or Thee if you have any questions!

1/31/2017 #3

Thanks :P its just I havent really went to forums in quite a while because of clutter and just the mass of people in a single topic at one time can make things kinda confusing. But this forum seems only inhabited by the two of you so far and the rules do say dont put down one liners (which annoy the hell out of me) sooo... kinda considered making a character. That and I like to talk to some peopleon the forum before taking part in an RP.

1/31/2017 #4

Nope, that's perfectly understandable. I'm sort of the same way, quite honestly. I can't really stand forums that are overly crowded, especially when the chat consists of a slew of inside jokes and everyone just asking for an RP or just complaining about being left out. It gets kinda old, in my opinion. That and those one-liners... Brings tears to my eyes every time.

Anyhow, feel free to make a character and an introduction at your own pace! I'll most liking check it when you're done, unless Thee wants to.

1/31/2017 #5

Yeah, its all one big cataphony of nonsense and stuff... but yes, I might start later and see if I can get my OC posted.

1/31/2017 #6

Alrighty then.

1/31/2017 #7

Hello? Hi, I figured I might poke my head in to see what's up. I might make an OC later too.

1/31/2017 #8

Hey there! And okie dokie!

1/31/2017 #9

It's great to see a forum with a good start like this one. You won't believe how many other forums have anthro, which is a bit of a turnoff for me.

1/31/2017 #10

Hey everyone! Popping in real quick while I'm on my break at work. I should be able to post and be around full time at like 6:30 eastern.

1/31/2017 #11


So I see the forum had been lifted off the ground once again. It had been a while and I see some familiar faces. Faces that might or might not know who I am but that isn't very important. Given that I'm here, I'll throw some OC in later. I had been experimenting with a few idea, especially with the concept of hermphrodite and/or cross-dresser. Not to say I won't have any other regulars but still.

1/31/2017 #12

Well, welcome, or welcome back! Whichever you prefer, really.

1/31/2017 #13

Given that this is a new forum, I'm not sure a "welcome back" would be totally appropriate.

In any case, I'm going boggle my head a little as I try to smash some idea in it.

1/31/2017 #14

Meh. There's a point there, but still.

Hm... Alroghry then. Have fun, I suppose.

1/31/2017 #15

And now that they are accepted, I could..

I don't know, probably think of doing something.

2/2/2017 #16

Well, I'll be on for a few hours, and Cass is free in most of the topics. :3

2/2/2017 #17


Well, that depends when you comes back. I should probably fill out that introduction thing.. But yeah, I might or might not be asleep when you do comes back but if I'm not, we can probably start something if you wish.

2/2/2017 #18
Well I'm here now. I meant I'll be here for a few hours. x3
2/2/2017 #19


I thought you meant that you was going be getting on in a few hours.

But eh.. well.. what exactly fancy your interest right now? And which of my OC you fancy?

2/2/2017 #20
Ummmm. I suppose it depends on the roleplay. I'm down for any of them. I have startups posted in Sirens and Alphas, Betas and Omegas.
2/2/2017 #21

Oh, I guess I have to choose one of the two.


Pretty hard choice really. The Alphas, Betas, and Omegas sounds interesting even if I don't particuarly have a clues of what the characteristics of wolves can do. Asides from the fact that I do know that Omega are often times picked on and eventually become loner.

Eh, I just do the Sirens one, it's also interesting as well. I go make the post.

2/2/2017 #22
2/2/2017 #23

Hey everybody!

2/4/2017 #24
2/4/2017 #25

Hey there!

I'm about to go off to bed here, sadly. But I'll be on properly tomorrow, and get some characters in.

2/4/2017 #26
Alright, cool! I'm at the boyfriends until mid afternoon tomorrow anyway, so I'll be on then. :3
2/4/2017 #27

Hello everyone!

2/5/2017 #28
Anddddd I'm back! Hey everybody. :3
2/5/2017 #29

Hi there!

2/5/2017 #30
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