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This roleplay will be based on Supernatural, but since there are no canons being used and no canon events going on, there is no need to have watched the show to participate.

In this roleplay, there are two sides to choose from. Being a hunter, or being the one hunted. Hunters are people that live their lives going from town to town, city to city, hunting down creatures that kill and harm humans. The supernatural creatures, some good, are simply trying to run from the hunters. Choose your side.

2/12/2017 #1


She hated goddamn demons.

Cassie mumbled every cuss word in the book to herself as she got out of her old, stolen truck and slammed the door shut. Her eye was blackened, her tanktop ripped open, her jeans muddy and bloody. Her lip was bleeding and her wavy red hair was piled up in a messy bun on her head. She was tired, and pissed off, and injured.

She looked up, eyes narrowing a bit at the neon sign. She sighed roughly and allowed her shoulders to relax.

She'd excorsized the damn thing. She was safe, for the moment. She needed to celebrate that fact, as well as celebrate the fact that she had ganked the evil son of a bitch with no problem.

She slid her gun into the back of her jeans and made her way into the bar.

2/12/2017 #2

Despite the warnings of Finn, Josh wasn't about to let another person die.

He had been in town for a bit, hearing of college kids, predominantly women, dying. They would disappear after a night of partying, and their body would be found a few days later drained of blood. There were one or two that hadn't come up dead yet, but he knew damn well that they were being held somewhere, and that they'd be turned soon.

Josh was a softie when it came to victims.

When cases arose that he may not be able to handle alone, Finn came around to assist in whatever way he could. This was one such occasion. Josh came into town after seeing the police reports, and called Finn to let him know that it was probably a nest of vampires instead of just one or two. Finn had freaked out and warned him not to go it alone, but Josh didn't listen.

He refused to let another person die.

Not on his watch.

He stood outside of a warehouse where he knew that the kidnapees were being kept. He glanced inside and couldn't see movement. He held his machete close to him, and snuck in, trying to be as quiet as possible.

2/23/2017 #3

They were everywhere. Carrie hadn't even realized what they were at first, but there were so many of them populating this place it was uncanny.

She was chained to a pipe close to the wall. How long she'd been tied there was a mystery, but her neck was littered with leftover marks from where they'd been feeding off of her. There was more to it than that. They force-fed her blood of their own, but any evidence of that they kept clean. Something told her that whatever these things were, whatever their situation, they knew their hiding place was precarious. If anyone found them, they didn't want them to figure out just what Carrie had spent the last few days or so living off of. She was one of the last ones they took- the last ones they kept alive, after all.

She'd been left standing for almost all that time, only let down to use the bathroom occasionally. Other than that, her body was streaked with soot and blood, arms chained over her head so she couldn't squirm, couldn't do anything but stand there and hang her head. She'd been wearing clothes from a party- it had been a casual one, so a white tank top with a cute pair of shorts and a bomber jacket. The jacket was long gone, and her tank top was torn almost clean down the middle. One of those... creatures had taken it upon themselves to have a little fun with her. So the torn flaps of her tank top hung away from her body, exposing her naked breasts and her heaving chest as she panted for breath, hands tied fast so she couldn't cover herself. She tried her best to stay calm. But it had been days, and nobody had found her. She was losing hope.

Her vision was starting to go now, her head feeling hazy and blurred. She was seconds away from losing consciousness again, ready to let her head drop and go blissfully ignorant for a few hours.

2/23/2017 #4

Josh quickly realized that the vast majority of the vamps that had been in this place were gone. He would assume that they were out finding more victims, or that they'd moved onto another city. Moving through the warehouse, he'd only managed to find two newly turned vampires. They were strong, but inexperienced and clumsy. It wasn't a trouble to kill them, and he made quick work of it.

He was a bit downtrodden as it hit them that they may have taken a victim or two with them, that he may be too late.

He sucked in a deep breath and moved into the last room. He was about to give up hope when his eyes caught something. He pulled his flashlight out and shone it forward, his eyes flying wide open at the sight in front of him.

To his shame, the first thing that he noticed was that the girl in front of him was absolutely fucking gorgeous. Even while she was covered in blood and dirt, she was a stunner. Second, he noticed that she was alive. She wasn't well, but she was still alive.

He stowed his machete and moved over to her quickly.

"Hey, sweetheart," he greeted, trying to keep his tone gentle. He cupped her chin and tried to catch her eyes. "Hey, you in there, baby? Show me you got some life in you, I'm gonna get you outta here."

2/23/2017 #5

Carrie's head lulled to the side resting on her shoulder when he found her. Her eyes flashed in the flashlight he shone at her and she squinted, slowly turning her head away in some attempt at keeping away the bright light. She didn't realize what was going on right away, but someone was speaking to her, and then they were touching her face. She made a faint noise in the back of her throat, blinking hazily as she tried to, with the help of his hand, lift her head. There was a man in front of her. Another vampire, come to take what he wanted.

No. This was different. This man was speaking to her in a gentle voice, touching her carefully. Everything blurred together until he said 'I'm gonna get you outta here.' Then she looked up in surprise, her pale blue eyes reflecting the light in a way they hadn't before.

"What?" She slurred, her voice low, as weak as she was. She had been tied like this, with her hands over her head, for days. She couldn't feel her fingers, and her bound arms were the only thing keeping her upright. Any shameful thoughts of her current state of dress were gone when she realized exactly what had happened.

"Oh my God," she whined, tears overflowing with overwhelming joy and relief. "Y-You're not... you're not one of them.... o-oh my god, somebody found me, I c-can't..." She couldn't believe her luck. This was real, she had to tell herself. She was going to live. She was so, so weak and she was practically babbling as tears trailed freely down her cheeks, chest tightening and heaving as she tried to contain sobs of relief. It was all going to be okay now. Everything was going to be okay.

2/23/2017 #6

His heart ached for this poor girl. He knew she was scared, and injured. She was probably tired and dehydrated, probably all sorts of confused. Josh felt an overwhelming need to get her out of here, get her better, and make damn sure that nothing would happen to her. She had been through a lot, he didn't want her to go through any more.

"I got you, sweetheart, I got you."

He reached up and undid the ties above her head. He moved to lift her into his arms, holding her body close to his. He made his way outside and toward his car, glancing down at her every now and again to make sure that she was alright.

"What's your name?"

He needed to keep her awake, needed to make sure that she was going to live. He would ask her about her life, get her in the car, and get her to his hotel room where he could get her feeling better in a safe environment. Then, he supposed he would have some explaining to do.

2/23/2017 #7

Carrie collapsed when he undid her arms, knees finally giving out as he lifted her into his arms. She let her head rest against his shoulder, wrapping her arms around herself to cover her breasts while he took her away from that awful, awful place. How he had known where to find her was beyond Carrie. But she didn't care. He was her savior. His body was warm and solid against hers and she let herself relax completely, trusting this stranger to get her to safety.

"Carrie," she breathed. "I'm Carrie. Thank you," she added, wanting to get it out before she passed out and couldn't do it properly. He'd found her. He'd saved her. She was so certain at that point, that she was going to die. She was going to just pass out and never wake up again. But he was taking her away from that horrible place where those creatures had abused her for days. She was so beyond thankful to him.

She kept her arms wrapped firmly around herself, shivering in the cold of the night air. The warehouse had been colder, but they were moving now, and the change in her environment had her body completely on edge. She was in shock, really. Shocked that she had been saved at what felt like the last minute.

2/23/2017 #8

"Carrie, huh?" He opened the passenger's side of his car and gently put her in. He snagged a sweatshirt from the backseat and gently pulled it over her head, reaching up to brush her hair out of her face. He gave her the gentlest of smiles.

"Well hi, Carrie. I'm Josh. Wish we could have met in better circumstances, but there's no need to thank me."

He stood and went to the back seat. He pulled out a small cooler from under the seat and dug around in it, pulling out a bottle of water. He moved back to the passenger's side and uncapped the water, slowly lifting it to her lips.

"Here, sweetheart, drink."

2/23/2017 #9

"Josh," Carrie murmured, her voice low and soft. She understood the dire sort of situation she was in, understood how important it was to stay awake, no matter how badly she wanted to pass out. She accepted the sweatshirt gracefully, moving to take it until she realized he was putting it on for her. She lifted her arms to fit them through the sleeves and then sat there, silent tears rolling down her face. She had no idea how to even react anymore.

He was by her side again before long, lifting a bottle of cool water to her lips. Carrie didn't have the strength to hold it herself, but she laid her hands over his on either side of the bottle and leaned forward, pressing her lips to the rim and taking a few slow sips.

"'s good," she moaned, pulling away to take a short breath before leaning in and taking a few more sips. She was exhausted, but she was also dehydrated, and the cool water he offered her tasted like the elixir of life.

2/23/2017 #10

"Slow, sweetheart." He said gently. "I know you wanna down the whole bottle, but go slow."

This poor girl. Those sick fucks had plucked her off of the street, done God knows what to her, and deprived her of food or water. He had no idea how long she had been there, but he could venture to guess that it was more than a couple days. She was probably thirsty as fuck, and dying of starvation.

"When we get to my hotel, we'll grab you some food, alright?" He asked softly. "I'm gonna need you to stay awake though, sweetheart. I know it's tough, but I gotta make sure you're alright."

2/23/2017 #11

Carrie felt her stomach turn when she took too hearty a gulp and knew that he was right. If she drank too fast she would certainly throw up later, so she scooted forward a little, holding her hands tightly over his and tilting her head forward to suck slowly at the mouth of the bottle, taking little sips and looking up to lock eyes with him.

He was gorgeous. Carrie was in no position to feel that way, especially considering where she had just been. But he looked at her with perfect hazel eyes and hair that fell just right, and she'd been able to feel the strength in his body when he carried her. It was because of that that she let herself move a little closer, let the small sucking and licking noises she made as she drank grow a little louder than necessary, let the eye contact linger between them.

Was this wrong? Then he mentioned food, and all thoughts of sex were out the window.

"Okay," she promised when he asked her to stay awake, pulling away to give a reluctant nod. "I can stay awake. I feel a little better."

2/23/2017 #12

Was she...

He blinked a little bit when he noticed the way she was looking at him. He saw the lusty, come hither eyes she gave him. That, paired with the way that her sucking and licking noises intensified, and the way her body moved closer to his, made him smirk a little bit.

Oh hell yeah, she was seducing him.

He slowly pulled the bottle from her lips and screwed the cap back on, glancing up at her through his lashes. When she promised to stay awake, he smiled and nodded, reaching in to give her thigh a gentle squeeze.

"Let's get outta here, then."

With that, he closed her door and headed back over to the driver's side. He started the car and pulled out, driving a little bit quicker than normal out of that place.

2/23/2017 #13

Carrie stiffened a little when he squeezed her bare thigh, but flashed him a weak smile and turned around to face frontward as he closed the door. She buckled her seatbelt with shaking hands and wrapped her arms around herself. Even though she was covered, she felt vulnerable in a strange sort of way. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to seduce him. But Carrie could hardly think straight. She could worry about all of that later, after she had taken a shower and gotten something to eat.

Then again, maybe hanging out with her hot rescuer wasn't such a bad idea, after all. He was taking her back to his hotel room, after all. Scandalous. Either way, the shower was bound to be nicer than Carrie's at home, so she couldn't protest.

"Where's your hotel?" She asked, looking out the window as they drove away from the place she had been held. She could hardly believe it. After what felt like years she was being taken away from that awful place. How long had she even been there for? Carrie wasn't sure. Days, certainly. More than two. Less than a week, though. She would have been dead if they tried to hold her like that for a week.

2/23/2017 #14

"About five minutes out." He answered. He flicked his high beams on, looking out at the road. Though they'd gotten away, Josh stayed vigilant. He wanted to assure that nothing, no one would be coming back for a round two with Carrie. He'd had that happen on multiple occasions, and he didn't want it to happen again.

He glanced over at her.

"You can shower and eat there, maybe catch a nap. Anaad then I'll drive you home."

He would, also, stay outside her house for the night to assure that nobody was waiting for her there. He wasn't sure where she'd gotten picked from, a party, her house, the street. It didn't matter. He needed to assure that she would be safe.

2/23/2017 #15

"Wait," Carrie said quickly. "About that last part. Do you think maybe I could..." she fumbled over her words, blushing a little. Now she wasn't just trying to seduce him. She was serious. "..maybe I could crash with you for the night? I-I don't really want to be alone, if that's okay, and I don't have any roommates, so..."

She bit her lower lip, staring out the window shyly as they drove. She knew it was a lot to ask, but she just couldn't handle being on her own after all of this. She'd have nightmares for sure, and that was only if she managed to sleep at all. She was exhausted, but she knew as soon as she laid down to sleep it would all come back to her.

"You don't have to, I-I mean, I can find a friend to come over, if you don't want me there," she promised, glancing over at him. She hoped he wouldn't make her go back to her apartment all by herself.

2/23/2017 #16

"Of course, Carrie." He nodded emphatically. "I totally understand. It's alright. You can crash in my room at the hotel for the night, I'll sleep on the couch. But!" He raised a finger. "We're ordering pizza first. You deserve some decent food, after everything."

He glanced over at her and gave a gentle smile.

"You can crash with me as long as you need."

2/23/2017 #17

"Thanks," Carrie responded, giving him a sincere smile. It meant a lot to her that he was willing to let her stay. Even if she had just met him. He'd kind of saved her life, after all. It should have been her doing him the favours.

She pulled her knees up to her chest, tucking them up under the sweatshirt as he drove. She still felt a little chilled and uneasy, and she was more than a little ready to get back to his hotel room where they could lock the doors and she could forget any of this had ever happened.

"Thanks again," she added. "For saving me. How did you even know I was in there?"

2/23/2017 #18

Thinking that she was cold, he leaned forward and cranked the heat on, turning the radio on low, before he leaned back in his seat. When she thanked him, he simply smiled and shook his head.

"You don't have to thank me, Carrie, really."

When she asked how he knew she was there, he pursed his lips. He wanted to word this as delicately as possible.

"I didn't." He said softly. "I'd been following a few vamps from the nest, after all of the kidnappings and deaths," He said. "And it led to where you were being held. One thing led to another, and then I found you."

2/23/2017 #19

"I know, but-" Carrie started to say, sighing in mild relief when she felt heat tumble from the vents, closing her eyes for a moment.

"Vamps?" She asked, raising an eyebrow, intrigued. "You mean, like... vampires?" She paused for a moment, considering it. She had been thinking that, at some point, but she hadn't wanted to believe it. She thought she was just going crazy.

"So that's what they were, then," she concluded, giving a stiff nod. "I thought they might have been, but... I didn't want to let myself believe they were real. I thought people would call me crazy, if I ever made it out of there."

She didn't seem too surprised. Maybe she was in shock. Maybe it was a simple confirmation of her suspicions. Either way, vampires were real and Carrie wasn't too bent out of shape about it.

2/23/2017 #20

"Well, normally I'd save the talk for after dinner, but I guess there's no problem in doing it now."

He sucked in a breath and nodded.

"Yeah, vampires are real." He confirmed. "So are angels, and demons, and ghosts and werewolves," He frowned. "Things that nightmares are made of. Things that nobody sane would go near." He gave a little smirk at that. "They're all real. And I, and people like me, hunt them." He glanced over at her. "That's how I knew to look for you. That's how I followed them."

2/23/2017 #21

(Gotta go for dinner! Be back soon!)


Carrie stayed silent for a long while after that, thinking about it. All the things she had read about were true. Every single one of them. She pursed her lips. It was a lot to take in, though after this run-in with real vampires, Carrie couldn't say she was surprised.

"What about mermaids?" She asked after a long while, half-joking as she looked up at him with a wayward smirk. "Are they real?"

2/23/2017 #22

(Okies! I'll be here.)

"Mermaids are real," He confirmed with a grin and a chuckle. "But they're nothing like Ariel. They're nasty things. I'll tell you more about them after you get some food and some rest." He glanced over at her with a soft smile.

She was taking this well. He was glad.

2/23/2017 #23

"Okay," Carrie answered without too much argument. She was in too much shock to be surprised about all of this. Maybe after some food and some sleep she would be able to feel surprised. But she was in shock, and she was shivering, and she couldn't focus on the gravity of what he told her.

She leaned forward a little, moving closer to the heated vent, holding her hands out to warm herself in an attempt to stop the shivering. When they got back to his hotel room, she told herself, she'd be able to have a warm shower and put some clean, warm clothes on.

"I was so sure," she murmured, her voice hushed. "Before you found me, I was so sure I was going to die there. I was just giving up, when you shone your flashlight in my eyes."

2/23/2017 #24

When he parked at the hotel and heard her gentle, quiet words, a frown crossed his handsome features. He looked over at her before he turned the car off, looking at her. He reached over slowly, giving her time to run if she wanted to, and took her small hands in his much larger ones.

"I know it scared the fuck out of you, Carrie." He said softly. "My first time dealing with all of this shit..." he blew out a breath. "It was rough too. But you're here." He gave her hands a squeeze. "You made it, you're alive. And you have to try your best to pick up the pieces and move on. I know it sucks, and right now you probably don't understand the gravity of everything, but you made it through."

2/23/2017 #25

"I know," Carrie agreed, nodding a little as he took her hands. She didn't hesitate to lace her fingers through his, squeezing the warm flesh. Her hands were still freezing. They'd been bound over her head for days. The circulation hadn't come entirely back into them, though luckily she wouldn't have any sort of permanent damage.

"Look, I'm just glad to be alive right now," she confessed, looking up at him with a hesitant little smile. "I know I don't seem as... worried as I should be. But I will eventually. Like I said, I'm just... taking things one thing at a time."

"I think I just need to get in the shower," she added, biting her plump lower lip. "I feel... dirty in more ways than one. And I know that came out wrong, but that's how I feel, and I need to feel clean before I can think about anything else. Is that.. going to be all right?"

2/23/2017 #26

"Of course that's alright, Carrie." Josh assured softly. He got out of the car and headed over to her door, opening it for her and helping her out. "I may kill monsters, but I'm certainly not one." He chuckled. "After the fucked up shit you've been through recently, you more than deserve a nice shower and some clean clothes."

He pulled out his room key and led her inside, constantly glancing down to check on her and make sure that she was alright. He had just met the little spitfire of a blonde, but he didn't care. He needed to protect her and take care of her.

Because of how late it was, Josh was thankful that the hotel lobby wasn't full of people. He knew Carrie's appearance would draw stares and questions, both of which he didn't want to deal with right now.

He led her into the elevator and pushed the button for their room floor, waiting paitently for the doors to close.

2/23/2017 #27

Carrie kept her arms crossed protectively over herself while they walked through the lobby. Even though she wore a sweatshirt, she still felt... exposed. By the time they got into the elevator she was squirming a little, and she backed herself into the corner of the elevator, biting her full lower lip before shooting him a nervous look. There weren't too any people around, but the concierge was there behind the front desk, taking in her soot-streaked and bloody appearance and raising a rather snooty, questioning brow.

She wrapped her arms around her body, shivering a little as the elevator came, thankful for the isolated space of the elevator as they stepped inside.

"So... you're not from around here?" She asked, trying to make quiet conversation as the elevator made its way slowly upward. He was staying in a hotel, so she had to deduce that much. Either way, she was glad he was the one that found her. He seemed... kind. Protective. Just what she needed right now.

2/23/2017 #28

"No," he smiled a bit at her question, glancing down at her. "I grew up in West Virginia." He said. "Some shit went down with the supernatural," he flinched. "And I left." His gaze was faraway as he looked at the door. "Didn't have anything to go back to, so I ran as far as I could get. "

He shook his head, clearing his throat.

"I've been traveling around since. Trying to save as many people as I can."

2/23/2017 #29

"You don't have to tell me," Carrie promised, reaching for his hand and giving it a gentle squeeze. "not now, anyway."

The elevator halted and the doors opened. Carrie shot him a tired smile and stepped out just ahead of him, letting the sleeves of her sweater fall down to conceal her hands.

"Which way to your room?" She asked, showing just how willing she was to change the subject if he didn't want to discuss his past. She had just been through a rather serious scenario, after all, such heavy conversation wasn't good for her anyway.

2/23/2017 #30
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