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So many strange things were happening tonight. When Finn watched a woman, that looked almost like a zombie, walk past with the other woman he'd seen mostly naked earlier on, he watched wide eyed.

Cassie led Carrie to her car. She got in and started it up, waiting until Carrie was inside before she drove off. She stared straight ahead with that glazed, blissful expression as she drove.

4/18/2017 #241

Carrie sat in silence as Cassie drove. She had to wonder if it was safe for Cassie to drive like this. She seemed to be doing an okay job, though, so Carrie didn't push her luck. Her heart was fluttering in her chest as she sat there.

She knew how wrong this was. But she was so angry at Cassie for saying something like that to her, saying that Josh didn't want her there. Maybe he didn't. But it wasn't for the reason she implied it was.

4/18/2017 #242

Slowly but surely, Cassie came to a stop beside a large park.

It was completely empty, other than two forms. One, the much larger one, was laid out on the ground. The form hovering over him was tall and lanky, his hands moving frantically over the body next to him.

4/18/2017 #243

"Josh!" Carrie cried, jumping out of the car and dashing across the grass.

"What's happening?" She insisted softly. She could feel the trauma, the stress through the bond. Something had happened. Something was wrong. She didn't care who the other person was. She needed Josh to be okay.

4/18/2017 #244

Josh looked up at her blearily. His eyes were wide, his face and entire body sweaty. His hair was mussed, dirt on his face and his body, his clothes ripped. He shook slightly. When his eyes focused on Carrie, he smiled slightly, shakily.


He croaked, reaching for her.

The man leaning over him sighed roughly and looked up at her. "He was poisoned."

4/18/2017 #245

"Oh my g-g.." Carrie gushed with relief when she realized that Josh's eyes were still open, that he was still alive. She wasn't too late.

"Poisoned?" She asked, her voice hoarse, uncertain. "How- I thought... how?"

She didn't care who he was or how he knew her name, but he knew Josh and he knew what had happened. Maybe he had even been there. She dropped to her knees beside Josh, stroking her cool hand over his forehead. He was burning up.

"Tell me how to help him," she insisted, looking over him with pain in her eyes.

4/18/2017 #246

"Dead man's blood." The man explained. "Usually it doesn't have an effect on humans. It has a devastating effect on vamps, though." He sighed roughly as he looked down at Josh. "The bastard must've laced it with something."

When she asked of how to help him, he gave a slight smile.

"Just... be here for him."

4/20/2017 #247

"What do you mean?" Carrie demanded, scooting closer.

"I don't understand. Who laced it with something? Why was Josh taking dead man's blood?" She cupped the sides of Josh's face, looking down at him, smoothing his hair back from where it stuck to his forehead. She shot the other man a fiery glare when he spoke up again.

"You're speaking in riddles," she snapped. "What do you mean 'just be here for him?' He's dying," she insisted. "He needs help. If you're not going to try to save him, then I'm taking him to the hospital. You said he'd been poisoned. So they'll be able to do something. They'll be able to save him."

4/20/2017 #248
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